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  1. Stretch the Helvetica out and slap on some Old Bay and that’s WJZ-worthy lol
  2. Might as well. Disney can't have them, and the list of buyers is not entirely palatable. I'm puzzled as to why Fox would sell them ... then buy them back. Wouldn't it make more sense to restructure the initial deal to remove the RSNs in the first place?
  3. Michigan J. Frog was the only one who had legal authority to say "WB" as "Dubya-Bee" or "Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Bee." Everyone else had to make do. In all seriousness, the lack of a teleprompter really shows here, and it's so painful.
  4. They still own KRON, and it’s even more of a laggard in market #8.
  5. First thing that came to mind was Block owning WLIO in Lima, Ohio (NBC DT1/Fox DT2) and multiple low-power signals (class A WOHL, which directly simulcasts low-powered ABC/WLQP and CBS/WLMO). Yes, the combined intellectual unit is locally owned and effectively competes against stations in Toledo, Columbus and Dayton, but still.
  6. WTOL is a solid station that’s in the “if it ain’t broke” category. Tegna is inevitably going to do their thing, but within the lines of how they run WKYC to the east, which is still a solid #2 in Cleveland. I may be one of a few that doesn’t mind the whole Tegna image package. The random coloring and “NXT” gimmick I can absolutely do without, but I like the overall concept.
  7. Yup, the SSA for WUPW will be transferred over to Tegna. WTOL is the #1 station in a two-station market and will continue to be even when the C Clarity/*clap clap*/NXT stuff arrives.
  8. How long will Dispatch hold out? KFMB is proof that Tegna will take radio with TV, and WBNS-FM is a revenue monster.
  9. WKYC airs The Drs. at 2:05AM instead of the Hoda/Kathie Lee rerun NBC normally feeds lol. That show has to be contractually tied to Phil McGraw’s show, and he wants it to continue on for as long as possible. There’s no other reason I can think of.
  10. John B. Wells is also recognized for his radio imaging work, mostly for rock stations (WEBN in Cincinnati being the most notable example; WMMS in Cleveland also used him in the late 90s/early 2000s). He most recently has been a weekend talk radio host on the Coast to Coast AM franchise before branching out onto a late-night talk show of his own (he was actually fired from C2C for being too political on the paranormal-themed show).
  11. Funny you should ask, that kinda/sorta was how Steve Jobs returned to the company lol
  12. And isn’t KB the only station out of the group with an outsourced master control (dating back to the latter days under Granite)?
  13. ...and with WJW in ownership limbo right now, it's a dogfight between them and WNYW as to which set will last longer.
  14. When Gray merges with Raycom, they'll get WALB, their original flagship built and signed on by the company, back in the fold.
  15. Both WSWG and WSST (a YooToo affiliate) are rimshots that depend on cable carriage. I'd be surprised if Gray doesn't retain WSWG's IP and place it on an WALB sub, with WSWG going with H&I or something similar.
  16. The current Tegna’s only experience with an RSN was when Gannett operated SportsTime Ohio, but that was only for the first 2-3 years of that RSNs existence and was controlled by the Cleveland Indians Baseball Company anyway (who wound up selling the RSN to Fox as it just didn’t work for them). Nexstar would be taking on a ton of debt to get Tribune. If they did that and decided to get the RSNs it would totally cripple the company. Perry Sook can’t be that stupid.
  17. Not when virtually all professional sports franchises in the United States depend on revenue from those play-by-play TV contracts in order to play players’ salaries. Why do you think your cable bill is that high? It’s in part because of RSNs demanding that money so they, in turn, can pay the sports teams the contract money to carry the games. They are total loss leaders, but someone is going to buy them. It just won’t be a terrestrial broadcast chain. Simple as that.
  18. That would rule out any OTA broadcast conglomerate, because there is no reason whatsoever why Tegna, Nexstar or Hearst would want them or could afford them.
  19. Okay, Tegna, Hearst and Nexstar are not buying these RSNs. Let’s put a stop to that immediately. Those RSNs are too expensive and loss leaders with all of the local play-by-play contracts they command... it would be utterly foolish for any of those chains to think of buying them. (That Hearst has a 20% stake in ESPN is a non sequiter.) Money talks. And wasn’t it a year ago that the Speculatron was going nuts over rumors of an Apple-Disney merger?
  20. Yeah, Sinclair owns Stadium and the Tennis Channel, but they are also in a lot of legal and financial shit right now. And why would Amazon or Google want the RSNs? Unless it’s solely as a launchpad to create a non-linear platform for all those networks (which would result in a major boon for them; see what happened when Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post) that’s like an automobile company in 1918 buying up the last remaining horse-and-buggy manufacturers. Google could use them as an exclusive linchpin for YouTubeTV and rewrite the rules on content delivery. Thing is, someone has t
  21. If I’m not mistaken, WOIO actually commissioned one of the generations of Enforcer (which replaced PNP, of all things). Warner/Chappel owns the package - along with Eyewitness News - through Gari.
  22. I didn’t say it was a clean situation lol. Mob + long-term economic depression = a mess.
  23. Youngstown is - not joking - half the size it was about 40 years ago, but it’s voter base is so chaotic and politically unpredictable. (Hell, they supported Traficant’s toupee, I mean, Traficant, for decades...) Political ad spending in a market like that has got to be ridiculous.
  24. Considering how utterly abysmal KABC 790’s ratings have been over the past decade (a mediocre AM-only signal in a really big market where talk stations struggle in), it almost sounds like Cumulus is slow-auditioning Edwards and Lucey to re-team with Jillian.
  25. CBS ... when they got the construction permit for what would have been KMOX-TV 11, then sold that to the Koplars after successfully purchasing the market’s existing CBS affiliate, KWK-TV 4.

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