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  1. If you flipped the story around where Sinclair was doing this stuff to favor Democrat candidates and opinion within the local newscast produced by their stations, and hired Jon Favreau** to give mandatory nightly commentaries with no chance for a reply, there would be justifiable public indignation from Fox, Breitbart, et al, just like liberal groups and organizations are indignant at Sinclair right now. It’s inherently wrong and dishonest, regardless of the POV. **Nothing against Favreau, he’s the closest equivalent to Boris Epysteyn I could think of at the moment.
  2. Biggest knee-slapper line in that article: "A source said the move to taped programming after 3 p.m. is an attempt to focus on HLN’s strengths: News by day, mysteries and investigations by night." Forensics Files reruns clearly drew more of an audience than Crime and Justice, for sure, but the ratings for a show that ended a goddam decade ago and will never be revived because the narrator died are absolutely pathetic compared to the other news channels. If I wanted to watch Forensics Files reruns, I'd pull it up on Netflix or YouTube. I sure as hell wouldn't turn on HLN to see them i
  3. Multimedia did most of the initial heavy lifting with rebuilding WKYC, Gannett simply continued the process.
  4. Until Zucker and Jautz get the heave-ho, HLN will be the stillborn news network that is totally underutilized and never given any tools to be remotely successful, forever overshadowed by the three-ring circus that they turned CNN into. That’s the problem. It doesn’t matter who wants to give some sort of an effort when Zucker doesn’t want it to happen. That is dysfunction at its finest. At some point, those few talented people left over there will give up and flee Zucker’s ineptitude for greener pastures... and there will be nothing left but Forensic Files reruns.
  5. WTOL is one of those "if it ain't broke" stations; they'll impose the TEGNA style at 11/36... but to a much lesser extent, a la WKYC (another station they haven't and aren't going to run to the ground). Toledo is basically a two-station market. Excluding a brief period in the late 90s, TV24 has never been competitive.
  6. Ah, yes... “NXT on #HTownRush...” If I didn’t know any better, it looks like TEGNA is trying to save money by removing what they deem as unnecessary extra letters and spaces from words.
  7. So SE Cupp was moved to weekends on CNN and apparently no one noticed. Meanwhile, HLN replaced her show with ... even more Forensic Files, because of course they did. They just don’t want to try anymore lol
  8. The Dallas Police department is in enough of a mess as it is.
  9. Given how much WUAB has been treated as a doormat under Raycom, this is a very pleasant surprise. I didn't expect any acknowledgement of their 50th anniversary. Of course Ramona Robinson returned to 19/43 in 2012, Jack Marshall retired not long ago after a stint at WEWS, Sally Bernier does holiday relief duties at WJW alongside her husband Andre, Jeff Phelps is at WKRK 92.3 The Fan and Fox Sports Ohio, Ron Jantz left the business to work and teach at Lorain County Community College, Dan Deely is at WNWV The Wave, and RIP Gib Shanley.
  10. Everyone at Free Press may be in literal shock over how both parties have conducted themselves throughout this process, being up-front to the FCC and DOJ and stating that any/all divestitures will be 100% clean and without any shenanigans. There may be next to nothing for them to object to or comment on.
  11. That, and Russ Mitchell was given a lot of pull when he defected from CBS. WKYC has long effectively counter-programmed with Ellen and Dr. Phil, so much so there's absolutely no need for them to have local news at 4 and 5. Which is remarkable for a big four affiliate nowadays.
  12. Most of the younger generation has grown up around the internet. YouTube, MP3 players, the iPhone, Netflix... all game changers that have shaken up the entertainment industry and journalism to their cores. Think about how radically different the world is today as opposed to 1998. There are options today that would have been unfathomable, even as Matt Drudge was shaking up the journalism world with his news aggregation site that also broke news. Fox News will survive, but in order to do so, will need to adapt. Yes, there will be an eventual audience drop, but every outlet will be expe
  13. The content delivery landscape will be totally different by then. Fox News is already starting to seriously ramp up their streaming platform Fox Nation. CBS already has CBSN. NBC and ABC are starting to get into the game, too. The only thing that won't change is AM conservative talk radio, they're still stuck in 1988... and that will never change.
  14. Oooh ahhh **clap clap** Seriously, though, it could be worse. I'd say it's a few steps above soul-crushing generic.
  15. Roger Ailes set up Fox as a network that carved out a definitive niche and imaged themselves as THE news outlet for conservatives, regardless of the age demo. And it worked... so much so that there any competition in the conservative TV news field (OANN, NewsMaxTV) cannot logically compete. It just so happens that the majority of Fox's audience skews old, but at the same time, the vast majority of people with conservative viewpoints will be predisposed to watch Fox or access their digital properties. It's all about brand loyalty and cumulative audience.
  16. Only because Friends was the top-rated sitcom (and, for that matter, the top-rated show) on broadcast television at the time. It was totally unnecessary and a cheap marketing ploy that no other broadcast network has tried since. Who is in the White House right now? A 72-year old attention whore. Who runs CNN? An attention whore. Come on now. MSNBC and Fox are also guilty of overcoverage, for the obvious reasons... MSNBC is seen as having taken the anti-Trump bent (despite having quite a few conservatives as pundits and hosts, their prime-time lineup is st
  17. Trump and Zucker are kindred spirits. They both failed their way upward, both specialize in outrageous stunts for attention (Zucker with "supersized" episodes of Friends, doubling the length of Today, making a mockery of NBC's late night lineup, and just being at CNN ... and Trump simply by his very existing. I really wouldn't be surprised if Zucker and Trump have been collaborating on Trump's anti-CNN schtick. For someone with Zucker's mentality, he has to be relishing the free pub CNN gets every time. Who cares if Trump's supporters threaten the life of Jim Acosta when Acosta can milk t
  18. For supposed "ombudsmans," Brian Stelter and Howard Kurtz fail spectacularly at those job positions. Kurtz gets ratings simply because of inertia: Fox could put in that timeslot a tap-dancing seal and a poodle riding a unicycle with a carnival music loop playing throughout ... and the ratings would still trounce CNN. They should be promoted and identified as who they really are: opinion hosts.
  19. For some reason his show bombed on WEWS, to the point they flipped timeslots with it and a double run of Right this Minute (!). Oz has done well at WJW since they added him, however.
  20. To be fair, WEWS has struggled in some way or form since the late 90s, right around the time WKYC managed to free themselves of the negative connotation of “NBC’s farm team station” and being “the third station” in the market. But that’s part of the story. WEWS has had a litany of general managers and news directors since the late 1990s. Their new news director is the second straight one to come from KMGH. It took them a year to find a replacement for longtime anchor Ted Henry, and that replacement - Chris Flanagan - didn’t pan out. Then the station lost Oprah, Dr. Oz bombed badly and WoF
  21. It’s obvious Ernest wants to be the next Gene Scott and literally take the station into the grave with him. Even without the CW, it’s still a source of easy income, and he had to have foreseen that when he bought the license from Rex Humbard’s estate 35 years ago.
  22. It’s the toupee, it makes him 40 years younger. Oh wait.
  23. And this is the picture of Angely that they went with, which seems fitting. [spoiler=Don’t say I didn’t warn you...]
  24. That would be very much a Gray thing to do.

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