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  1. Hell, Nexstar has never fully integrated graphics packages on the legacy MG stations (and I’m not even counting the infamous MG crescent that some logos may never remove). That being said, both Nexstar and Tribune have very good graphics departments, and it’s interesting to note that both companies have made their own take on the CBS O&O graphics pack. I fully expect both departments to join forces.
  2. I'd have no idea. Hagerstown is just too close to DC, far away from every other market and too small of a city to sustain a separate market designation that's not in the upper 100s.
  3. If anything, having Hagerstown be lumped in with the Washington, DC market hurt then-WHAG, as it gave NBC full motive to disaffiliate from the station. (It would have happened anyway, as seen in Elko, NV and Atlantic City, but this was without a doubt.) Nexstar would probably make sure that the markets aren't separated, as they can say that WHAG is a news-intensive independent in a top-10 market, even as that claim stretches the truth to its' limits. WDVM isn't WGN-TV, nor is it KRON, for goodness sakes. WDCW could farm out their news to WUSA or WRC, and it would fare better than
  4. What the what? You're living under the assumption that there is a unified opposition to M&As of any sort by Democrats. That is not the case. And even then, they don't control the Senate or the FCC. They have the power to initiate a House hearing with Perry Sook, but what good would that do? Yeah, he's a Republican and a businessman, and he wants further dereg. Big freaking deal. He doesn't impose his personal or political beliefs directly onto the stations he owns, and they don't overtly editorialize for one political party or set of beliefs. An "ugly dogfight" with Nexstar is not goi
  5. Plus they have a very strong cluster in Chicago (SheFM, The Drive and The Mix). Hubbard is even more stingy in radio than they are with TV, and their CEO Ginny Morris has publicly stated their intentions to continue as such. She's the anti-Lew Dickey. Pair that with Hubbard's recent purchase of Alpha Media's West Palm Beach cluster, and that bodes well for WGN.
  6. Nexstar doesn’t own radio stations. They never have. Unless they want to be like Sinclair (who kept KOMO/KVI/KPLZ) or TEGNA (who kept KFMB A/F) as an M&A tag-along, WGN 720 is going to go for a pretty penny, either to iHeart, Hubbard or Cumulus. In a way, that would be rather fitting to see the former home market for Tribune — which once boasted the Chicago Tribune, WGN 720, channel 9, SuperStation WGN/WGN-A, CLTV and the Cubs — being almost entirely broken up.
  7. To piggyback on that, did Sinclair ever mandate a standard graphics switching system for their stations? I remember seeing that the lack of one was partially the reason why the Glass/Curves look had such an uneven and prolonged rollout.
  8. Does ABC insist on reverse compensation for their affiliates like CBS/CW does?
  9. Look, what concerns Disney more? Revenue from TV O&Os or box office from the Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe and Pixar franchises? Buying more TV stations isn't necessary when applied to the overall picture, Disney thinks in a totally different manner than most companies do, Sinclair included. ABC exists as a content delivery source for Disney-owned product. The O&Os are what they are, and have been owned by the company (either through ABC or CapCities) for decades. They aren't going to sell those stations until they no longer can be sustainable, and at this point, it will be
  10. The kerning looks to be the same when compared to the "17" in WNCN's logo. Which is fine for that logo, but 2 does not equal 7.
  11. I would at least hope that there's nothing left with the old Ellis-era "JTV 12 News" logo...
  12. Good Karma usually outsources their website responsibilities to ESPN, but that's because, until now, all of their stations outside of Beaver Dam were ESPN Radio affiliates. I'd have no idea what they even intend to do with WTMJ.
  13. If I were Craig Karmizan, I'd arrange for the Green Bay Packers to be on BOTH 620-103.3 and 94.5. Shared AM and FM flagships occur almost everywhere, especially in the Cleveland market, where (for now) Craig's WKNR/850 is a nominal co-flagship of the Browns alongside Entercom's WKRK/92.3 and WNCX/98.5, and iHeart has Indians and Cavs games simulcast on WTAM/1100-106.9 and WMMS/100.7. Side note, WTMJ will be celebrating their 90th year as Packers flagship next year. That's not a typo. They've carried the games on-air in some fashion since 1929.
  14. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! KILL IT!!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!1!!!!eleventy!!!!
  15. Can’t wait for all the “when will WLEX get the Scripps graphics?” and “will Scripps replace the 2012 graphics now?” threads to emerge Seriously, though, it’s a smart deal and outside of KVOA, a totally clean deal.
  16. Can you retroactively insert a morality clause in the event there was never one included?
  17. Megyn has 69,000,000 reasons never to work again. She got more than the last laugh.
  18. Forcing Megyn on MSNBC would have made things infinitely worse. Best to cut your losses.
  19. And she keeps all that money. Literally laughing all the way to the bank. Played to perfection. Someone within the higher-ups at NBC has to be thrown overboard for this. If it's not Andy Lack, it's gonna be someone.
  20. The funny thing is, those “bad men” that Megyn threw under the bus also were the same ones who stood by her and never gave into Trump’s demands for her removal (after she asked pointed questions at him as a debate moderator). And it’s pretty simple as to why; she got ratings and revenue for the network, the flap with Trump never put her show in danger of cancellation, and actually raised her profile enough for NBC to lure her away. And given the prime 25-54 demo fights between Fox and MSNBC in primetime, it’s not a stretch to see Fox welcoming back Megyn as if nothing had ever happened. S
  21. And because of her inartful nature, the cynic in me starts thinking that she's trying to sabotage her own show. She couldn't and can't be that tone-deaf, FFS.
  22. Methinks Megyn and NBC are trying to figure out their exit strategy to get her off Today and out of her contract. If not this, it’s gonna be real soon. I’m not altogether worried for Megyn; Fox would hire her back in a heartbeat.
  23. KUSI is basically what would have happened if Weird Al’s “U62” existed in the present day. A scrappy locally-owned indie with nothing to lose, headed by... eccentric... personalities all larger than life. Mark Malthus’ style fits KUSI perfectly and he has a loyal following; that’s why he was there and will likely remain after this. Are they the market leader? Hardly, but their newscasts have a loyal, devoted following and cable carriage helps a lot.

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