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  1. Here's Scott Jones' tribute to Ed. "The last of a generation" couldn't be more fitting or apt.
  2. For Ed, a weeklong tribute is more than worth it. He was THAT influential.
  3. Ed Ansin was in the same pedestal as Jerry Lee in Philadelphia and Saul Levine in LA; a lone wolf broadcaster who entered the stage in the early 1960s, outlasted in spite of the odds and lasted for decades. A lion has departed the stage. You'll never see anyone like Ed ever again, and more's the pity.
  4. Can we please not for at least 24 hours?
  5. I should do a mock WKYC logo and see if Scott uses that in the not-too-distant future.
  6. Except they were all re-signed to long-term affiliation pacts when the merger cleared last year. And Rupert is not controlling the company now. Lachlan and James do not possess the gravitas Rupert had.
  7. If Fox wanted ALL NFC markets, then WJZY would have been totally untouchable. As it was, Lachlan and James Murdoch learned the hard way that Perry Sook is a tough negotiator, and they paid dearly to get a station Rupert coveted in Q13 by giving up a station in a market Rupert coveted. Plus Nexstar made it clear that they ain't giving up WJW.
  8. I counted the weeknight replays of WJW's 10pm news at 1am and 3am (my god, whyyyyyy???) which totals up to 78 hours a week. Add New Day and it's at 83 hours a week.
  9. Cumulus wants to leave Chicago, but there are no takers for a dud in WLS 890, and iHeart, Entercom, Hubbard and EMF are at or near cap space with FMs. So forget about them. iHeart is not going to be stupid to buy WGN 720; unlike WOR, there's no threat of losing their conservatalk shows elsewhere, and there's nothing to trade with. There's little ROI for Hubbard; WGN is labor-intensive and their audience is aging dramatically. Nexstar is essentially stuck with 720 whether they like it or not.
  10. They already rerun the 10pm news at 1am and 3am and have seen their program inventory shrink quite a lot under Tribune. Already they have the most newscasts per week of any commercial station in North America. Let that sink in. Unless they drop the 7pm news or shrink the noon news by half an hour, they honestly don't need to do it. I would rather they not anyway.
  11. Has WBTS 15.1 actually replaced WYCN 8.1 as the primary NBC affiliate? For all intents and purposes, it has.
  12. How are they doing these estimates? By pulling numbers out of a hat?
  13. WJW doesn't offer an 11pm newscast so they don't win every timeslot. Fluff is a systemic issue and not confined to Tegna. WJW has to use a lot of fluff because of airing so much news all the time.
  14. Scott Jones in 1959: "This is Westinghouse"
  15. In that Cleveland.com article, it says that three people are in charge, not counting GM Micki. Jon Adkins (former producer/assistant at WJW) is the news director, while Denise Polverine is the digital content director (she had the same duties at Cleveland.com/The Plain Dealer). Adam Miller is basically the branding coordinator and is heading up the marketing team. They structured it in a way that the people who need to be in charge are in the right positions.
  16. Lol pretty much doing what he used to do at WJW. Somehow Mike Polk gets all the attention, while fellow hire Mark Naymik - who was brought aboard for the old political beat Tom Beres covered for decades - got almost overlooked.
  17. What works in WKYC's favor is that they've remained a strong station. This isn't a dog station like WTSP, WUSA or KNTV... WKYC has become a valiant competitor to WJW since the late 1990s and that hasn't waned. I'm from Cleveland. I've seen too many stations get boring McGraphics and get the same basic look. The 2007 Fox O&O package, the 2008 Gannett package, the 2009 Scripps package and the 2014 Raycom package were among the more boring visual looks possible... harmless, but boring. This is... audacious. It's easily the best look for a local TV station I've seen sin
  18. So a funny thing happened to Perry Sook's hopes of getting back WPIX in 2021. Sounds like Paid Off can appeal this, but time is fast running out unless the rubber stamp right of SCOTUS wants to give him an assist.
  19. They couldn't get an 11pm newscast to work under the original Viacom. WWJ is a station with an embarrassing channel number in a market where people are loyal to 2, 4 or 7... and a market that's suffered mightily economically, no less. They have little to no overhead, so it's still profitable.
  20. They've used the I-TEAM brand since the late 70s with Carl Monday.
  21. Unless Fox plans on a refresh/overhaul to their O&O graphics, or give WJW the same leeway that they (wisely) give KTVU, that would count as a downgrade for them now IMO. It's still better than WGHP, who opted for Din as the main typeface in an utterly ponderous way... Gotham just doesn't work with Din. At least Gotham meshes more with the typeface utilized for the original package. The opens are giving me a WJZ vibe.
  22. You’d think for kitchen purposes, they’d do that in Studio B (the New Day set). But it must make more sense logistically.
  23. I don't think they've had a VO open for the news since ditching the "WGHPiedmont" look in 1996. It also fits with Perry Sook's love of "Local." But I could have sworn WGHP has used this slogan for a year or two already.
  24. While I've been on the record applauding what WJW's art department was able to do with what they were limited to, Todd Meany explicitly says in the video that they'll also be debuting a new graphics package and music on Monday. Only the logo remains the same.
  25. Cleveland at its heart is still a rust-belt city with a steel mill heritage. I give BDI a lot of credit for a set design that feels unique and meant for the market, even if it is based off of the WGN-TV set.

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