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  1. Bill Shine explicitly smacks of "career rehabilitation" on his end. I can't judge many of these FNC/FBN producers that NN poached, but this is not going to help FNC as they further calcify into a cable talk network. For all we know they'll actually do a professional and quality job, which would be a welcome move.
  2. This is what I’m curious about. For all intents and purposes WSJV is nothing more than a transmitter and a satellite dish, but it is a full power signal. Given Gray’s fascination with LPTVs to help circumvent market regs, I can’t help but think that they’ll do a license swap with Weigel, moving WSJV and their IP over to the low-power 57, while Weigel gets WBND onto the full-power 28. But again, WSJV is not like any of the other Quincy stations in conflict with Gray, it’s nothing more than a transmitter now. What had been WSJV is now a WSBT sub.
  3. It might not be that far-fetched to see Cunningham reorganized into an Inyo-like group without the Smith family's involvement whatsoever. Inyo is operating the Ion stations Scripps cannot legally own as turnkey Ion affiliates, carrying the diginets on Scripps's behalf with next to no overhead and getting a nice revenue stream to boot. Why can't Sinclair do the same here? Cunningham clears all of Sinclair's diginets and gets a revenue stream, and Sinclair doesn't have to worry about any legal headaches, just to host their master controls (no main studios needed, either!).
  4. Out of curiosity, when did the networks call for Reagan in 1984 and GHWB in 1988–before the 270 mark or when it was actually reached? Those two races really weren’t close, especially 1984...
  5. Between WOIO's lone syndication strips being WoF and J! and WUAB having a ghastly amount of paid programming on the weekends (not like WOIO is any better, but at least THEY have CBS fare) it's truly sad.
  6. I'm actually pretty happy to see them do something with WUAB on the weekends, but their repo of the Gaylord-era 43 logo kinda hits the uncanny valley, ngl
  7. Texas may not be called for a few days if it is really as close as people are thinking it is.
  8. Considering the already high volume of turnout already, I’d have to assume that most news organizations won’t call any race unless the returns are totally inexorable, or if there’s a substantial amount of absentees/mail-ins already counted. Maybe the coverage goes to 2am EDT, but there’s nothing to gain by going beyond that and being on-air in limbo rolling into the following morning... unless something extraordinary happens overnight because 2020. Personally, it might be a case where the races aren’t exactly called for days even if it’s already pretty clear by 2am EDT... not becau
  9. There are several people I know their respective deadnames towards, but I would never say them. But that’s out of simple courtesy and respect to them, it’s the bare minimum of effort one can take. (And ngl, I kinda cringe seeing genders in quotation marks, it might not be intentional, but that just feels really off to me. No direct offense towards anyone, please understand!) If this conflicting issue of identifying-vs.-actual legal status hasn’t been addressed yet in the AP Stylebook, it probably should behoove them to consider as such, regardless of the pushback that would undoubt
  10. WOIO's original studios on Shaker Square were clearly not big enough to support a news department, so they *had* to move anyway. What I’ve never totally understood is why WUAB abandoned their longtime home on Day Drive in the process. My impression was that it seen as more important to put 19/43 downtown alongside WKYC (then still at the old East Ohio Gas Building) and WEWS (at Euclid and East 30th) but Day Drive could have housed both stations accordingly. Maybe Steven J. Cannell wanted to simply sell the land? Parma did redevelop that area and the former Parmatown Mall nearby.
  11. There's two ways Gray could go with WOHZ. One would be as a fill-in translator for WOIO/WUAB, but I'm not sure where they'd put it... up north to Lorain or Huron? Remember that WOIO/WUAB has a pretty good translator in Akron, so it wouldn't be needed there. Leaving it in Mansfield seems a bit... weird, as it IS a border market between Cleveland and Columbus (and to some extent, even Toledo to the northwest). The second possibility is... relaunching WOHZ as a semi-satellite of WOIO for Ashland/Mansfield, relaying almost all of WOIO's programming except for a Mansfield-ar
  12. There was a small remembrance for Dick earlier today (9/18), Kim Goddard scattered some of her dad's ashes by a tree in front of the WJW studios. Roosevelt Leftwiche's report is in the below link: https://fox8.com/news/special-remembrance-held-to-honor-the-life-and-legacy-of-clevelands-own-dick-goddard/
  13. There are a few things that everyone needs to keep in mind. 1. NewsNation does not have the benefit of "star power", a big-time name personality with automatic recognition a la Shepard Smith. Really, Dean Reynolds (CBS) and Rob Nelson (World News Now) are the only air talent with previous name recognition. It's both a good thing (less salary and less worry about ratings right away to justify the salary) and bad (the lack of a big draw that results in people tuning in out of curiosity). But sometimes... generic is good? Look at “no-frills” supermarkets like Aldi and compare them to
  14. Yes, Art Modell cut Brian Wagner after the honeymoon ended. Her first return to WJW was possible at the tail end of Brian's career. WKYC AFAIK never clear Cover to Cover as they already had been sold to Multimedia.
  15. Probably the only way you could execute a rebrand in all this mess would be a soft launch. If the virus wasn't bad enough, it'll be all the ungodly amount of political adverts between now and the start of the November sweeps. So I kinda get why it's this low-key. I'm just gonna be super disappointed if they don't play off the WRTV calls to say "We aRe TV, and more!"
  16. Robin Swoboda's tribute to Dick Goddard. They genuinely had love and respect for each other. Virgil Dominic revealed in a Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com interview upon Dick's retirement that, when Robin announced her first departure in 1991, Dick went to Virgil and begged for a salary cut if that's what it would take to keep her in town. There was a true bond between that anchor team and it's presence is still felt at WJW to this day.
  17. Their news presentation is the visual equivalent of Sominex. They've got problems beyond a logo and positioner.
  18. Branding by the callsign could have worked in 2009. And what happened to David Kaye? He sounds like he's ready to sing the Anvilania National Anthem, he's that devoid of emotion.
  19. I'm sure he did. A part of me pictures him having checked up on all the chat forums and FTVLive (given that Scott Jones worked for him). Just that he kept it so shockingly simple and straightforward in his office, which spoke immeasurably about himself and the company... that there indeed was so much substance behind all that style. We just never realized it because he was that humble.
  20. Ed saw first-hand what happened when Mitchell Wolfson died in 1983. There was no corporate succession plan to be had in his will, and not only did Wometco get broken up, WTVJ—who Mitchell built from almost nothing in 1949—was sold to NBC and... well, you know the rest. It's very heartening to see that Ed's intentions all along—to have his kids take over the reins—is indeed being fulfilled. They have a tough act to follow but one helluva running start.
  21. The PD photo caption above the fold says it all: "Goddard had a great affection for animals, and for those who may take comfort in the Rainbow Bridge ... they know he most certainly has quite a welcoming at hand." Jeff Darcy's PD editorial cartoon tribute to Dick:
  22. What other person would get the street where their employer is located at named after them a good five years before they actually retired? Let alone a piece of legislation, the aforementioned "Goddard's Law" that reformed animal cruelty laws? I know "legend" gets tossed quite a bit, but Dick really and truly was a living legend. His co-workers, his competition and everyday viewers all knew it. His "final forecast" in November 2016 was a total formality—injuries from a fall he suffered at an APL telethon he emceed a few months earlier accelerated his frailities, and effectively forc
  23. I think it's safe to say that Stan Chambers has that nailed down, he was at KTLA from 1947 to 2010. In terms of radio and TV, Luther Masingill worked for WDEF (now WXCT) and WDEF-FM in one long continuous run from 1940 to 2014; this also included time at WDEF-TV when channel 12 was under common ownership. Bob Chase worked at WOWO Fort Wayne for nearly six decades but was the lead play-by-play man for Fort Wayne Komets hockey on WOWO from 1953 to 2016. That's Vin Scully territory. These should not diminish Dick's lengthy list of achievements and on-air tenure
  24. It's a rip-off of the 1970s-era Meredith "5".

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