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  1. Cox Media Group is Apollo Global Management wearing Groucho Marx glasses. It is no longer an Atlanta-based outfit. It is cheaply run out of New York with the Cox family having minimal input. Already Apollo is planning on dumping the radio stations for a mere pittance. With all due respect, Soo is using quotes from random strangers no one has ever heard from as "proof" of his track record. It's not helping him in any way and the deal is dying on the vine. I'd take a complaint which you conveniently dismiss as "a press release by Dish" with more seriousness than anything that comes out of Soo's mouth or his sycophants. Try dealing non-stop with people who coined the insipid phrase "Tegnaitis" and rooting for Apollo/Standard General to buy out Tegna because they have an irrational hatred of Dave Lougee... to hell with how many people will be canned as a result... and maybe, just maybe, for once you might be able to see why I'm a tad coarse.
  2. It's made more complicated by Investigation Discovery having a much better brand and name awareness despite a smaller nationwide cable footprint. Plus—per Stelter—the simulcast of CNN This Morning is explicitly due to carriage contracts with cable companies that require HLN air a bare minimum of news programming. Stelter’s background working for CNN makes him very unlikely to simply make up an urban legend.
  3. That montage all but encapsulated Stelter's piece in the Atlantic. The channel in it's original format was not only rendered obsolete, the truly ugly parts that came thereafter (Nancy Grace and her obsession with Casey Anthony) ultimately and irrevocably destroyed HLN's reputation en route to becoming a true crime rerun library channel. Meade's show felt increasingly out of place and to be blunt, I'm shocked it lasted as long as it did. Because HLN was already a zombie network and had been for years. Even with Meade, it had no identity, no direction, and honestly, no purpose to even exist as a cable channel.
  4. As a good friend of mine is wont to say, "don't ask because they just might answer".
  5. Sinclair gave an effort. Standard General and Apollo not only haven't, they've repeatedly insisted that they don't have to do a thing. If it was Sinclair buying Tegna, they'd pull the shell game, divest a minimum of stations, and it would have been approved by September. Because unlike Soo Kim, David Smith actually knows how to close a deal.
  6. Brian was badly—and I mean BADLY—miscast in his on-air role at CNN, but his written reporting and nightly online newsletter were highly, highly respected, @HulkieD often referred to the newsletter as indispensable. Hopefully he has a recurring role at the Atlantic.
  7. Sinclair at least tried to give an effort, even if it was disingenuous and back-handed (and in the case of WGN-TV, terminally fucking stupid). All Soo Kim has done is whine and cry and play the victim and make ridiculous and baseless accusations of racism among opponents of the deal. He's so brittle, it makes you wonder how in the wide wide world of sports he literally destroyed Media General and LIN and offloaded that unholy mess to Nexstar for a king's ransom.
  8. It misses the point. Apollo Global Management (which is the real name for "Cox Media Group") is a private equity firm that is allegedly not supposed to be exerting any control in the business dealings of Tegna or Standard General; they are only supposed to be providing financing and nothing more. It's what Soo and Deb have been repeatedly bleating about for months and months to their apologists (or is that Apollogists?). Shit like this makes it obvious in the court of public opinion that Apollo merely wants to run "Standard General" or "Community News" (or whatever in the hell Soo wanted to call the byproduct of this failed transaction) as a puppet company, owning three stations in Atlanta and four in Jacksonville. It's unethical, grimy as fuck, and lends credibility to Graham's already legitimate protest of the deal. There's a reason why the FCC and DOJ are literally sitting on the deal at this point and letting the clock run out.
  9. CNN+ never should have been launched in the first place. It was doomed when the architect and highest-profile backer (Zucker) was forced out, and felt like it was given the green light in spite of the incoming Discovery team. It didn’t really have much to distinguish itself from CNN, it wasn’t a redo of Headline News… just a bunch of wayward niche fare. Given the crippling debt load that AT&T inflicted on WBD, the shutdown of CNN+ in retrospect should have been a warning sign for us all.
  10. If you want to remake and streamline the O&Os to be synonymous and harmonious with the network, it’s the way to go. As it stands, the CBS O&Os are a weird mix of totally different logos and branding conventions, with some legacy brands and call letters shared by unrelated radio stations. Only WCCO-TV at this point holds any promotional or marketing connection to it’s former sibling at AM 830. WBZ-TV has minimal to no relationship with AM 1030, an iHeart station. KYW-AM has an extensive news and weather partnership with WCAU, not KYW-TV.
  11. I declared this transaction completely and utterly doomed months ago in TNC and even then, I didn't expect for Apollo and Standard General to take their goddam masks off while the deal is (deservedly) languishing in the FCC and DOJ. https://www.nexttv.com/news/dish-says-cox-wants-deal-to-include-standard-media-tegna-stations-in-blackout-talks If you wanted a company - make it two companies! - that makes Sinclair look normal and ethical, may I present to you Apollo-Cox and Standard General. I call it... Apollostandarditis.
  12. The “KCAL9 News” brand is clearly being retired. Obviously the station will still be KCAL9 outside of news, but the news operation is going to be renamed “CBS News Los Angeles” across both stations.
  13. Maybe they’re doing all sorts of rehearsals and the like behind-the-scenes. Assuredly a lengthy series of mock newscasts to try to iron out any bugs and glitches and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. You can’t just flip a switch and instantly have a round-the-clock news service right off the bat.
  14. Pretty much this, it’ll likely be a mishmash of things until something permanent can finally be rolled out. WWJ is going to be the interesting one here, given they never really used the 2016 pack to any sort of degree prior.
  15. Full disclosure: I was the one who alerted Weeters and the TNC mod team to the original problem. My opinion on this was pretty much the same as yours, and I did make that known to Weeters and the TNC mods. The general consensus made was to give Jim a chance to defend himself, remove the post from that third-party server, and apologize. Even with my opinion, I was notified of their plans and supported it, feeling it was fair and equitable, as no other evidence of such behavior existed. Weeters was to have been presented this plan as soon as he was available later that afternoon. As a former TNC mod, I can 100% tell you that decisions like these are consensus-driven, even some of the most challenging and difficult ones. The notions made by some on other places of “power hungry mods” could not be any further from the truth. The ban taken here, as Weeters noted in the OP, was a communication breakdown he fully owns up to and created a domino effect which worked by design, but also was completely unintentional. Thus explaining the subsequent reversal. Things like that can absolutely be fixed and I have confidence it can happen.
  16. Since my prior post, repeated rebuttals by me (under my real life name) to claims made on Jim's post, and false and misleading claims made by commenters were deleted and removed by him. He has also claimed that Weeters and I (coyly using "Myron Falwell" to refer to me, like he wanted to be ominous or something) "feel the need to keep this going to provide drama in their quiet lives". Unfortunately Jim's status as a deeply unreliable narrator in all aspects of the situation here does not help his cause in any way. Not a single person here wants to "provide drama", and the fact he willfully chose to burn all bridges and slam the door in any/all attempts for an apology, is itself very disappointing and sad.
  17. The thing is, this isn’t and wasn’t drama. It was a simple communication failure, and things like that can be fixed. Jim is more than willing to come back on here and on TNC to provide a goodbye message. That he opted to do what he did with his message on YouTube yesterday is actually fairly hurtful and, like Weeters said, hides the real reason of why he was under scrutiny in the first place. Having people comment about “power tripping mods” and “toxicity” in comments to Jim’s post, along with relitigating problems in TVNT from 2007, is insulting to me. I am a former TNC mod and left of my own volition because of significant burnout (I also temporarily left the server but will return when I am ready). I wasn’t really meant to be a mod and some of the choices we had to make, or struggled to make, during my 14 months as one weighed on me a lot. The mods here and in TNC deserve to be left alone in this dispute.
  18. WSB is owned by a New York private equity firm (to call it a "hometown company" is extremely generous bordering on Truthiness, Cox Media ceased being "an Atlanta company" when the Cox family sold out due the Theranos scandal), which doesn't care about investing into it and ultimately wants to sell it to the highest bidder. Private equity is the worst type of ownership because they want to make back their money, everything else be damned. The only thing WSB has going for it is Rusted Dial Syndrome.
  19. Who’d buy them? Nexstar is grossly over the cap that, even if they tried to play the Mission route, it wouldn’t exactly work like they would want it to. The charade of selling WPIX to Scripps was set up in a way that Mission could buy them, this OTOH would be grossly flagrant and highly visible (as opposed to Mission shadow buying a station for Nexstar to create a duop in the middle of nowhere in market #179). Plus this is no longer an environment receptive to M&As as the Federal Reserve keeps hiking the prime interest rate. If anything, CBS can use KSTW and WTOG to force Apollo to sell them KIRO and Tegna to sell them WTSP.
  20. Once the deal closes, WUPA is no longer a CW O&O, regardless of how much a stake they might still have in the CW for now. The network could sign to remain on stations like WKBD and WPCW (or even KBHK) but does Paramount have much of any real desire to be involved with the network beyond the 2024–25 season? Plus WSBK and WBFS disaffiliated from MyTV a few weeks ago and now function as indies.
  21. CBS sold WUPA to Viacom the First in 1994 after it was no longer needed. The station became a UPN O&O, then a CW O&O under CBS Corp. control. Now that CBS is giving up their ownership stake in the CW, they have zero incentive to have WUPA be an affiliate of a network they will have no stake or involvement in and every incentive to take the affiliation in-house.
  22. Looks more like a transitional phase upon which the "WCCO" name is slowly retired in favor of "CBS News Minnesota". I dare say even the name "The 4 on WCCO" is transitional. KCNC may be getting the "CBS News NOW" graphics next week out of necessity alone. It's not like that station is stuck with running on the 2016 look when they rebrand.
  23. Technically the first EWN station was what is now WKYC and they dropped it in 1965 when the FCC ordered the asset swap reversal between NBC and Westinghouse. I know common interpretation has KYW “moving” back to Philadelphia but that was borne out of Westinghouse wanting to erase any connection to NBC ownership of 3 and 1060 as soon as possible. By stark contrast, NBC tried to play off the “KY” name with WKYC and acknowledged Westinghouse’s prior ownership in Cleveland.
  24. And WWJ-TV has gone all-in as "CBS Detroit" (h/t @DetroitTVNews)
  25. That’s the point. One company is controlled by private equity. The other is not. They still have the offices but Cox ceased being a “local company” with the Apollo buyout, it merely became the equivalent of a subsidiary.
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