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  1. Nope. The cap will never be eliminated, or will it be expanded. Odds are high that the UHF Discount is a goner if but to remove one of the few things Pai actually enacted (which itself was a political response to Tom Wheeler scrubbing it the first time). Heck, a case could be made that Sinclair's mishandling of their attempted purchase of Tribune did in Pai's plans for further dereg, and if HE couldn't get it done...
  2. If the CW Plus (which I would assume is also being sold) is used as a fulcrum for replacement affiliations on .2s, then it's their call. But forcing NewsNation onto the CW creates more problems than it solves. Is it enough? Remember that Nexstar isn't in every market.
  3. And anger all the affiliates owned by Sinclair, Gray, Scripps and Hearst? Yeah good luck decimating the affiliate base trying to push a proprietary news service that practically no one is watching.
  4. Plus Circle is one of the better diginets out there, mostly thanks to the Ryman-WSM connections.
  5. Thing is, Shep is hosting a specialty show on a business channel that’s running up against one of MSNBC’s star opinion hosts (Joy Reid). I doubt there were any expectations for his show in the first place, certainly nothing like NewsNation had. Nexstar may have no choice but to sell off the transponder space. What do you do with a channel that just blew up their prior identity and is slowly shedding their non-news program inventory? They can’t just snap a finger and go back to WGN America. I think what’s striking here is how Perry and Sean Compton are totally repeating the mistakes that doomed Al Jazeera America five years ago, when the lessons were blatantly obvious in this Broadcasting & Cable op-ed:
  6. The Pax TV—i—ION metamorphosis is very interesting to look at in retrospect. You could argue that Pax TV was a diginet 25 years ahead of its time with a lineup heavy on reruns (albeit with a few new productions) and in which the affiliates all but carried the core schedule with no deviations whatsoever. Problem was, Pax TV was a money loser from the get-go, so much so that they turned to NBC for a capital investment that wound up with NBC suing Paxson a few years later for a redemption of their investment (and vice versa) with an NBCU board member succeeding Bud Paxson as chairman. Indeed, i had a programming deal with WBTV for a number of sitcom reruns but it clearly didn’t last long at all, as the lineup became nearly subsumed by infomercials near the end of the 2000s. Rebadging as ION and focusing on procedural reruns has given them an identity they never had prior, and it now adds a piece to the overall pie of genre channels that Scripps/Katz aims to offer.
  7. It may take a year or two but I gotta believe that the ION stations—both Scripps-owned and Inyo-owned—will ultimately follow the same subchannel mux, with any co-owned stations that use the parent station’s spectrum filling in any gaps. For example, WDLI 17.1 as CourtTV transmits over WVPX’s spectrum, which has a 23.3 subchannel missing (but RF wise is over a 22.9 subchannel). But definitely, Doozy and Defy look to be in-house replacements for HSN and QVC. And for those ION outlets with only one of those shopping channels currently, they can carve out 480p subchannel space to accommodate.
  8. The likeliest outcome does not involve the mass selling of stations, but is twofold: 1.) The holding company for the RSNs goes bankrupt and taken over by creditors who can resolve debts. In fact, that happened with Comcast’s ill-fated Houston RSN. If Sinclair were to offload their stake now, they would be getting hosed big-time. 2.) Sinclair winds up like Granite, but in too big to fail mode. (Actually, a better comparison would be iHeart and Cumulus when they entered Chapter 11. You’ll note that there was never a fire sale of stations for either radio operator but it killed off whatever M&A mindset existed for the radio industry.) But indeed, there are multiple stations that Sinclair can cut to the bone like Granite did to WKBW. Sure, a white knight investor like Byron Allen could swoop in, but only if the Smith family is stripped of control of the company. But by then, would it be worth it for Byron?
  9. Some of the Scripps-owned ION stations did dump QVC in early January, including WPXN and KPXN. So it’s starting to look like the bulk of the HSN and QVC contracts run out at or near July 1.
  10. It should be noted that the Scripps/Katz networks and ION are all genre channels: Newsy -> all-news, no frills Grit -> westerns Laff -> sitcoms Bounce -> African American-focused Court TV -> trial coverage and analysis Court TV Mystery -> reality crime ION -> procedurals/drama Doozy -> the “true reality” A&E library Defy -> the “true reality” History library The purchase of ION Media was for the OTA clearances (and with Inyo as a de facto shell for Scripps without the need for SSAs/JSAs). ION is destined to become the flagship Scripps/Katz brand, assuredly with more acquired rerun programming and less reliance on day-long marathons of the same shows, but the genre won’t change.
  11. Bill Shine explicitly smacks of "career rehabilitation" on his end. I can't judge many of these FNC/FBN producers that NN poached, but this is not going to help FNC as they further calcify into a cable talk network. For all we know they'll actually do a professional and quality job, which would be a welcome move.
  12. This is what I’m curious about. For all intents and purposes WSJV is nothing more than a transmitter and a satellite dish, but it is a full power signal. Given Gray’s fascination with LPTVs to help circumvent market regs, I can’t help but think that they’ll do a license swap with Weigel, moving WSJV and their IP over to the low-power 57, while Weigel gets WBND onto the full-power 28. But again, WSJV is not like any of the other Quincy stations in conflict with Gray, it’s nothing more than a transmitter now. What had been WSJV is now a WSBT sub.
  13. It might not be that far-fetched to see Cunningham reorganized into an Inyo-like group without the Smith family's involvement whatsoever. Inyo is operating the Ion stations Scripps cannot legally own as turnkey Ion affiliates, carrying the diginets on Scripps's behalf with next to no overhead and getting a nice revenue stream to boot. Why can't Sinclair do the same here? Cunningham clears all of Sinclair's diginets and gets a revenue stream, and Sinclair doesn't have to worry about any legal headaches, just to host their master controls (no main studios needed, either!).
  14. Out of curiosity, when did the networks call for Reagan in 1984 and GHWB in 1988–before the 270 mark or when it was actually reached? Those two races really weren’t close, especially 1984...
  15. Between WOIO's lone syndication strips being WoF and J! and WUAB having a ghastly amount of paid programming on the weekends (not like WOIO is any better, but at least THEY have CBS fare) it's truly sad.
  16. I'm actually pretty happy to see them do something with WUAB on the weekends, but their repo of the Gaylord-era 43 logo kinda hits the uncanny valley, ngl
  17. Texas may not be called for a few days if it is really as close as people are thinking it is.
  18. Considering the already high volume of turnout already, I’d have to assume that most news organizations won’t call any race unless the returns are totally inexorable, or if there’s a substantial amount of absentees/mail-ins already counted. Maybe the coverage goes to 2am EDT, but there’s nothing to gain by going beyond that and being on-air in limbo rolling into the following morning... unless something extraordinary happens overnight because 2020. Personally, it might be a case where the races aren’t exactly called for days even if it’s already pretty clear by 2am EDT... not because of residue from 2016, but residue from the 2018 Arizona senate race, which got upended entirely once mail-ins were finally counted and Kyrsten Sinema took the lead. Does that happen everywhere? Who knows at this rate.
  19. There are several people I know their respective deadnames towards, but I would never say them. But that’s out of simple courtesy and respect to them, it’s the bare minimum of effort one can take. (And ngl, I kinda cringe seeing genders in quotation marks, it might not be intentional, but that just feels really off to me. No direct offense towards anyone, please understand!) If this conflicting issue of identifying-vs.-actual legal status hasn’t been addressed yet in the AP Stylebook, it probably should behoove them to consider as such, regardless of the pushback that would undoubtedly follow. It’s folly to assume that such a discussion—no matter how much the discomfort towards some—is avoidable. Especially if you’re dealing with stories that might be picked up on a national/global wire service. This is an issue where there was a failure to double-check the identity by only going through one source, in this case, the police. The sooner we confront this issue and address it properly, the better off we’ll all be in the long run.
  20. WOIO's original studios on Shaker Square were clearly not big enough to support a news department, so they *had* to move anyway. What I’ve never totally understood is why WUAB abandoned their longtime home on Day Drive in the process. My impression was that it seen as more important to put 19/43 downtown alongside WKYC (then still at the old East Ohio Gas Building) and WEWS (at Euclid and East 30th) but Day Drive could have housed both stations accordingly. Maybe Steven J. Cannell wanted to simply sell the land? Parma did redevelop that area and the former Parmatown Mall nearby. Fun note: from 1975 up to 1990, Reserve Square housed studios for WWWE 1100 and WDOK 102.1, I want to say in the same area 19/43 calls home now.
  21. There's two ways Gray could go with WOHZ. One would be as a fill-in translator for WOIO/WUAB, but I'm not sure where they'd put it... up north to Lorain or Huron? Remember that WOIO/WUAB has a pretty good translator in Akron, so it wouldn't be needed there. Leaving it in Mansfield seems a bit... weird, as it IS a border market between Cleveland and Columbus (and to some extent, even Toledo to the northwest). The second possibility is... relaunching WOHZ as a semi-satellite of WOIO for Ashland/Mansfield, relaying almost all of WOIO's programming except for a Mansfield-area newscast or two (and it's not THAT ridiculous a concept when you realize that 1) WMFD has thrived with a Mid-Ohio news department and Sunbeam-level program inventory for 30 years, and 2) Raycom built and signed on WMBF from almost nothing 14 years ago). Because WOIO (RF 10) and WBNS (PSIP 10) have to avoid signal overlap by any means necessary, there's a small gap in OTA CBS availability between the two signal contours that Gray could exploit to an advantage.
  22. There was a small remembrance for Dick earlier today (9/18), Kim Goddard scattered some of her dad's ashes by a tree in front of the WJW studios. Roosevelt Leftwiche's report is in the below link: https://fox8.com/news/special-remembrance-held-to-honor-the-life-and-legacy-of-clevelands-own-dick-goddard/
  23. There are a few things that everyone needs to keep in mind. 1. NewsNation does not have the benefit of "star power", a big-time name personality with automatic recognition a la Shepard Smith. Really, Dean Reynolds (CBS) and Rob Nelson (World News Now) are the only air talent with previous name recognition. It's both a good thing (less salary and less worry about ratings right away to justify the salary) and bad (the lack of a big draw that results in people tuning in out of curiosity). But sometimes... generic is good? Look at “no-frills” supermarkets like Aldi and compare them to Kroger. 2. WGNA is a network that is now in a transition mode. The west coast feed only came about when the channel finally rid itself of the last few vestiges of anything Chicago beside the name. But what has been the purpose for WGNA since 2013? They had something going with original scripted programming until the Sinclair takeover attempt killed those plans, since then it had been programmed with blocks of procedural reruns and a few sitcoms. I'm not sure NewsNation benefits from having Last Man Standing as a lead-in, nor is it really necessary to run Blue Bloods episodes on a loop during the daytime. (That’s what Ion is for lmao.) The intent is clear that WGNA will shed the remainder of their rerun inventory and replace it with more news and information programming, thus making the west coast feed unnecessary. As to when that happens? Well, it should have been this past Tuesday, but I have no idea if contractural agreements with satellite distributors are causing or resulting in a hold-up. 3. Perry’s stance on “news, not bias” sounds somewhat kitschy (if it’s repeated endlessly for brand reinforcement), but it’s clearly with purpose and with merit. He’s basically going the total opposite direction that Sinclair had gone with their “must runs” and overt focusing on news from a partisan lens, and is doing it on purpose. Case in point, a memo he sent to his stations in early June during the initial protests over George Floyd’s murder that called for them to not go down the path of “endless adrenaline shots of conflict.” It’s more than being fair, it’s about de-escalating alongside objectiveness. And I’m gonna be blunt, the cable nets did a ton to escalate that unrest because they had no reason to be dispassionate. They were playing to their audience. 4. It’s about the advertising. Nexstar is able to get blue-chip advertisers for NewsNation that are not going to buy with Fox News primetime (for obvious reasons) and/or MSNBC. In that sense, they’re already better off than they had been with previous entertainment fare, plus they can keep the money outright instead of paying the entertainment programming distributors. Shedding that inventory has helped allay the cost of building out the operation, and they’ve been very forthright about that. Ratings may initially be down now but it’s making more money with a totally different audience to boot. 5. One thing that is kind of striking is how Nexstar hasn’t slacked off on the presentation of NewsNation one bit. There would have been so many ways this could have gone sideways—either from a reporting/anchoring perspective or from a visual perspective—and they didn’t. Perry Sook and Jen Lyons’ commitment to this is deeply visible as it wasn’t pushed back drastically or abandoned due to covid, and it’s obvious he sees something good in this for the industry, not just his conglomerate. I kinda joked that Perry’s running this effort as if Nexstar is the successor to Tribune, not a company that merely acquired Tribune. 6. The biggest flaws are totally out of the hands of anyone in Chicago, the technical aspects, the online distribution of the program post-September, and the overall state of WGNA. Nexstar’s gonna have to learn the hard way about the benefits of OTT streaming for all of their stations and for NewsNation. Expansion of the news production is inevitable as syndication contracts run out. That west coast feed is problematic. And then there’s the channel name itself and how that factors into this overall evolution. All that being said, this program wasn’t built for ratings right off the bat. And that’s the point. Ted Turner wanted to think big with CNN and Headline News because news gathering meant and means a lot. This program does think big and should be allowed to do so. I hope it succeeds, even if their definition of “success” is much different from other applications of the word.
  24. Yes, Art Modell cut Brian Wagner after the honeymoon ended. Her first return to WJW was possible at the tail end of Brian's career. WKYC AFAIK never clear Cover to Cover as they already had been sold to Multimedia.
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