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  1. Erik Estrada? Does this mean Cool Cat is coming to the CW?
  2. Well, the inverse of BBS completely taking over CTV comes to mind right away.
  3. There's one thing that glares significantly over this sale, beyond this totally cringe-inducing passage from COO Tom Carter: @sanewsguyasked this on Discord this morning... where's Perry? Arguably the biggest day in the history of the company—and less than two weeks after his tenure as CEO was extended by four years—and he was nowhere to be seen. I can't imagine the CEO of one of the country's largest pure-play television chains going AWOL the day of their highest-profile transaction, let alone a CEO so totally tied in with the company that he's almost universally known as Uncle Perry.
  4. Forcing any NewsNation product onto the CW is a non-starter and would implode the affiliate base.
  5. If I’m at Scripps, Sinclair and Gray, I’m taking a good look at exercising whatever sale-related clauses exist in my CW affiliate contracts.
  6. The other difference is that UPN and WB existed in an era where smartphones and OTT streaming services didn't exist.
  7. Paramount and Warners still hold minority stakes and will continue to supply programming, and unless something drastic happens, the existing streaming deal with Netflix will be unchanged. The biggest change has already happened with the mass cancellation of shows (but that may have more to do with Zaslav at WBD than anything else). If Nexstar was smart they'd keep the network as-is with other production companies producing content for them. If they can stave off the losses and turn something close to a profit, it could work. But the CW has never made money and has always operated as a loss leader and that was even when the younger demo-strategy still WORKED.
  8. It goes back to the cost-benefit analysis. What is to be gained by making WGN or KRON an affiliate of a network that no longer can reach its' target demo due to mere obsolescence? The mere fact your average CW affiliate has a daytime lineup with hours and hours of courtroom schlock, "Trash TV" Maury reruns and Steve Wilkos, spillover newscasts from a senior duop partner and barely anything else is rather telling.
  9. What is there to be gained from yanking the affiliations off of WCIU, WPSG, KBCW, WCCB or WISH? What is the return on investment for alienating the massive groups that own those stations right off the bat? What benefits stations like KRON, WGN, WPHL, WJZY and WTTV that already have established brands (and in the case of WGN and WTTV, willingly gave up the CW for their own self-interests) to disrupt their programming with CW fare? Just because Nexstar is buying majority control of what is still for all intents and purposes a three-way partnership does not mean they are going to be doing things to it or to the affiliate base "just because they can" The CW targets a demographic that is least likely to watch OTA TV. It might have still worked in 2006 but that's 16 years and 12 models of iPhones ago.
  10. @Georgie56posted this in the Discord but KCNC recently updated their Twitter profile, without a single 4 in sight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what will happen next.
  11. Easy money on Standard General’s legal counsel being that bad. Soo simply thought he could buy Tegna out of sheer hatred for Dave Lougee, and the details didn’t matter.
  12. Their public statements have been this mix of playing the victim card and tepid deflections (“It’s not true! Proof? Bro. Trust me!”), it’s stunning how unprofessional Soo and Deb have been throughout this process. I’m employing Occam’s Razor for this analysis, and with the level of opposition, FCC scrutiny and Standard General in amateur hour mode, this deal needs to set up an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian.
  13. Again, the problem is that KDKA, KYW, WBZ and WCCO have to share those call letter brands with unrelated radio stations. Most people really wouldn’t care if the call letter brands were retired. They aren’t nerds like us and get easily confused between the two. If that wasn’t the case (and CBS had forced the radio stations to change their calls en masse in 2017, as what Sinclair made Lotus do when they bought KOMO radio) then a case could be made for keeping the call sign brands in the TV group.
  14. It’s only a matter of if anyone at Tegna has the good sense to call off the deal before the FCC rejects it out of hand. The one thing you do not want to do is lie to the FCC, and withholding the info about Apollo having a substantial financial stake in the buyout (because Soo can’t afford the company on his own) reaches that level of impropriety. This deal is deader than dead.
  15. The goal is brand unification. CBS already has an open position for Group Creative Director which explicitly states that they will “work closely with CBS Stations, CBS News and CBS Marketing to unify our brands.“ Group W hasn’t existed for nearly 26 years. Legacy is one thing but not if it’s holding back the evolution of the station group/rebuild of the network news division. Moreover, outside of KPIX and WJZ-TV, the Group W TV stations never fully owned those recognizable brands. They were always shared with radio and now mean totally different things to different people since CBS sold off the radio unit. (Nevermind that KYW-TV was never a “market leader” in any sense of the word.)
  16. WCCO, KDKA, WJZ and KYW share their identities with wholly unrelated radio stations. John Q. Public has no clue about KDKA not having any tie to it’s onetime TV sister, so of course the TV station got all sorts of flack when Wendy Bell’s career imploded at the radio station. Or that KYW radio is now co-located with, and operated alongside, WCAU. Call sign brand equity doesn’t mean as much as you think it does when it’s been split both ways for decades. How much do vehicle wraps cost? Something instituted by prior management (the GM that instituted the gaudy black-and-gold look left months ago) always can be reversed through a simple Paramount Global budget line item.
  17. WSBK doesn’t have to compete against anyone at 8pm. The 10pm hour is up against WHDH and (in theory) WFXT. Why not experiment at 10pm and eventually merge the two newscasts as a 8–11pm primetime news block?
  18. Everything is pointing to CBS using these DFW-hub produced newscasts as what will subsume all the existing brands. (NewscastStudio isn’t exactly a reliable source, tbh, I could barely read what Michael Hill wrote.) Outside of WCCO, KCNC, WJZ and KDKA, the CBS O&Os are laggards. WFOR, KYW-TV and WBBM have nothing to lose by becoming CBS News Miami, CBS News Philadelphia and CBS News Chicago, respectively. Ditch the current number and call letter brands and Enforcer, too. Besides, it’s all but confirmed that WWJ-TV will be rebranding as CBS Detroit/CBS News Detroit when their news operation launches.
  19. This looks more and more like Paramount and Warner Bros. jointly shutting down the CW and selling the remains to Nexstar (satellite uplinks, whatever remains of an affiliate base).
  20. I’m sure the affiliates owned by Scripps, Gray, CBS, Sinclair, Hearst, Sunbeam and Tegna would be delighted at that. /sarc
  21. The tightening credit market and unfavorable interest rates are what will doom this deal. The shareholders vote was symbolic and pretty pointless. Stubborn Raccoon Index for Standard General/Apollo’s purchase of Tegna is at or near 12%.
  22. The goal here is to remake CBS News as a collective of the O&Os, so unified branding on all platforms is a necessity.
  23. Paramount Global is not the former CBS Corporation. They’re sinking money into developing newscasts for their CW outlets based at KXTA, which I would consider as core. There is no reason why Paramount will sell those stations when no buyer exists. Nexstar can’t take them and is too stubborn a company to unload dead weight. The CW is losing a majority of their scripted fare this off-season as Paramount and Warners are cutting their losses. It’s being killed off in plain sight. Perry’s buying a stripped-down frame of a car, which is enough of a mistake to begin with. But he should know a thing or two about mistakes: he launched NewsNation.
  24. It depends on how badly Daystar needs the money. After Harold Camping's 2012 apocalypse prediction failed, Family Radio had several of their 92-108 FMs (inc. Newark, Philly-Trenton and Annapolis) reassigned as commercial in order to get quick cash. Daystar might be well advised to do the same.
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