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  1. The tightening credit market and unfavorable interest rates are what will doom this deal. The shareholders vote was symbolic and pretty pointless. Stubborn Raccoon Index for Standard General/Apollo’s purchase of Tegna is at or near 12%.
  2. The goal here is to remake CBS News as a collective of the O&Os, so unified branding on all platforms is a necessity.
  3. Paramount Global is not the former CBS Corporation. They’re sinking money into developing newscasts for their CW outlets based at KXTA, which I would consider as core. There is no reason why Paramount will sell those stations when no buyer exists. Nexstar can’t take them and is too stubborn a company to unload dead weight. The CW is losing a majority of their scripted fare this off-season as Paramount and Warners are cutting their losses. It’s being killed off in plain sight. Perry’s buying a stripped-down frame of a car, which is enough of a mistake to begin with. But he should know a thing or two about mistakes: he launched NewsNation.
  4. It depends on how badly Daystar needs the money. After Harold Camping's 2012 apocalypse prediction failed, Family Radio had several of their 92-108 FMs (inc. Newark, Philly-Trenton and Annapolis) reassigned as commercial in order to get quick cash. Daystar might be well advised to do the same.
  5. Hate to break it to everyone but "KDKA-TV 2" is already being deemphaized in favor of "CBS News Pittsburgh" and "CBS Pittsburgh". KDKA means radio, and Audacy has a rather sweet licensing deal with Paramount Global to continue using the call letters as a brand. Let them continue to use that name and lessen the confusion, like when people were complaining at KDKA-TV because of Wendy Bell flaming out at KDKA radio.
  6. Yeap, you’re right. They bought 92.7 from the Christian Voice of Central Ohio as a direct B1 replacement for 102.5. It’s WZVL that’s the class A which was built from the ground up.
  7. If WWLG was included I bet the whole kit-and-caboodle would have gone for $13M… $15M at the most. It’s being retained by the Litticks and I’d be surprised if Urban One doesn’t buy it outright very soon. Marquee only got channel 18, a graveyard class C AM with a FM xltr, and two small-ish class A FMs, one of which was built to outright replace 102.5. I’d say this was a generous offer.
  8. WHIZ’s relationship with NBC dates back to 1939, when the AM station—then owned by a Storer/Fort Industry affiliate—signed up with the network as its 180th station on the same day the WHIZ calls were adopted. So it goes back much, much further than the TV channel. This is not apropos of anything but to more accurately explain the length of WHIZ’s tenure with the peacock. WHIZ radio has never changed since the 1940s and may have been the last full affiliate of the original NBC Radio Network when Westwood One finally shut that down in 2004. And again… if there was financial incentive for NBC to force the collapse of Zanesville into the Columbus DMA, it would have happened at the same time as WHAG, WMGM and KENV getting disaffiliated. Heck, WLIO is safe because—along with getting all the other networks as subchannels—there’s no incentive for NBC to help a crummy Toledo affiliate that no one watches.
  9. Bloomberg TV produced and first-carried Charlie Rose’s PBS show for years, so there’s precedent.
  10. There isn’t a darn thing to suggest anything changes at WHIZ. Hell, Marquee isn’t into radio and they bought the companion three radio stations because the radio industry is no longer a buyer’s market and never will be again. I’d expect all three to remain “as-is”. Furthermore, there’s no real incentive to move the station or have NBC disaffiliate it. If there was it’d have been done long ago. I do see Marquee affiliating with CBS and/or ABC on subchannels. Definitely with ION. It’ll help shore up exclusivity in the market. (I don’t care for Nielsen being the one to define DMAs, and the system is far too political BUT it’s still the rules to be played by… and there’s not much to be gained by absorbing a tiny DMA 50 miles away from a larger market. Then again, that’s pretty much what NBC did in Elko NV…)
  11. If that one-size-fits-all Gray ticker wasn’t in the way, I’d be fine with the look; in fact, the WMC package looks like something that Raycom would have done back in the day.
  12. Amen, amen, amen! There should be a niche that Austin could fill and give KMSG something of value for the community. Even if it was a long-form newsmagazine I’d respect it.
  13. LOLOL at all the apologists and shills on here (and you know you are) for something that is in reality a non-factor in the Fresno market and never will be a factor. It’s almost like you want Austin to credit you as a “Consulting Producer” at the end of his newscast. I don’t think anyone at KFSN or KMPH is even aware this newscast even exists, let alone thinking it poses anything close to a “threat”.
  14. The bigger news is that Brad Edwards is now being tapped to be the lead anchor for CBS News Chicago, and that WBBM-TV will being producing newscasts exclusively for the SVOD, as it and the news department/OTA newscasts are merged into each other. I called my shot on the Discord last month and completely stand by my prediction now:
  15. The cold truth is that news is a public service, but broadcasting is a moneymaking profession. That’s why both have been at odds with each other since Edward R. Murrow interviewed celebrities on See It Now and chimpanzee J. Fred Muggs was a sidekick on Today. Look, maybe the program could improve. But there is no excuse in the world why that debut newscast should have made it to air in the first place. It set back whatever goals Austin wanted to meet, and needlessly so. Fresno is too big a market to have such a fiasco happen. Hell, Glendive and Alpena MI are too big a market.
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