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  1. Thing is, Shep is hosting a specialty show on a business channel that’s running up against one of MSNBC’s star opinion hosts (Joy Reid). I doubt there were any expectations for his show in the first place, certainly nothing like NewsNation had. Nexstar may have no choice but to sell off the transponder space. What do you do with a channel that just blew up their prior identity and is slowly shedding their non-news program inventory? They can’t just snap a finger and go back to WGN America. I think what’s striking here is how Perry and Sean Compton are totally repeating the
  2. The Pax TV—i—ION metamorphosis is very interesting to look at in retrospect. You could argue that Pax TV was a diginet 25 years ahead of its time with a lineup heavy on reruns (albeit with a few new productions) and in which the affiliates all but carried the core schedule with no deviations whatsoever. Problem was, Pax TV was a money loser from the get-go, so much so that they turned to NBC for a capital investment that wound up with NBC suing Paxson a few years later for a redemption of their investment (and vice versa) with an NBCU board member succeeding Bud Paxson as chairman
  3. It may take a year or two but I gotta believe that the ION stations—both Scripps-owned and Inyo-owned—will ultimately follow the same subchannel mux, with any co-owned stations that use the parent station’s spectrum filling in any gaps. For example, WDLI 17.1 as CourtTV transmits over WVPX’s spectrum, which has a 23.3 subchannel missing (but RF wise is over a 22.9 subchannel). But definitely, Doozy and Defy look to be in-house replacements for HSN and QVC. And for those ION outlets with only one of those shopping channels currently, they can carve out 480p subchannel space to accom
  4. The likeliest outcome does not involve the mass selling of stations, but is twofold: 1.) The holding company for the RSNs goes bankrupt and taken over by creditors who can resolve debts. In fact, that happened with Comcast’s ill-fated Houston RSN. If Sinclair were to offload their stake now, they would be getting hosed big-time. 2.) Sinclair winds up like Granite, but in too big to fail mode. (Actually, a better comparison would be iHeart and Cumulus when they entered Chapter 11. You’ll note that there was never a fire sale of stations for either radio operator but it k
  5. Some of the Scripps-owned ION stations did dump QVC in early January, including WPXN and KPXN. So it’s starting to look like the bulk of the HSN and QVC contracts run out at or near July 1.
  6. It should be noted that the Scripps/Katz networks and ION are all genre channels: Newsy -> all-news, no frills Grit -> westerns Laff -> sitcoms Bounce -> African American-focused Court TV -> trial coverage and analysis Court TV Mystery -> reality crime ION -> procedurals/drama Doozy -> the “true reality” A&E library Defy -> the “true reality” History library The purchase of ION Media was for the OTA clearances (and with Inyo as a de facto shell for Scripps without the need for SSAs/JSAs). ION is destined
  7. Bill Shine explicitly smacks of "career rehabilitation" on his end. I can't judge many of these FNC/FBN producers that NN poached, but this is not going to help FNC as they further calcify into a cable talk network. For all we know they'll actually do a professional and quality job, which would be a welcome move.
  8. This is what I’m curious about. For all intents and purposes WSJV is nothing more than a transmitter and a satellite dish, but it is a full power signal. Given Gray’s fascination with LPTVs to help circumvent market regs, I can’t help but think that they’ll do a license swap with Weigel, moving WSJV and their IP over to the low-power 57, while Weigel gets WBND onto the full-power 28. But again, WSJV is not like any of the other Quincy stations in conflict with Gray, it’s nothing more than a transmitter now. What had been WSJV is now a WSBT sub.
  9. It might not be that far-fetched to see Cunningham reorganized into an Inyo-like group without the Smith family's involvement whatsoever. Inyo is operating the Ion stations Scripps cannot legally own as turnkey Ion affiliates, carrying the diginets on Scripps's behalf with next to no overhead and getting a nice revenue stream to boot. Why can't Sinclair do the same here? Cunningham clears all of Sinclair's diginets and gets a revenue stream, and Sinclair doesn't have to worry about any legal headaches, just to host their master controls (no main studios needed, either!).
  10. Out of curiosity, when did the networks call for Reagan in 1984 and GHWB in 1988–before the 270 mark or when it was actually reached? Those two races really weren’t close, especially 1984...
  11. Between WOIO's lone syndication strips being WoF and J! and WUAB having a ghastly amount of paid programming on the weekends (not like WOIO is any better, but at least THEY have CBS fare) it's truly sad.
  12. I'm actually pretty happy to see them do something with WUAB on the weekends, but their repo of the Gaylord-era 43 logo kinda hits the uncanny valley, ngl
  13. Texas may not be called for a few days if it is really as close as people are thinking it is.
  14. Considering the already high volume of turnout already, I’d have to assume that most news organizations won’t call any race unless the returns are totally inexorable, or if there’s a substantial amount of absentees/mail-ins already counted. Maybe the coverage goes to 2am EDT, but there’s nothing to gain by going beyond that and being on-air in limbo rolling into the following morning... unless something extraordinary happens overnight because 2020. Personally, it might be a case where the races aren’t exactly called for days even if it’s already pretty clear by 2am EDT... not becau

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