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  1. Wasn’t local production of Detroit Now already switched over to 62/50? I’m not sure most people would be able to see the difference anyway. The timeline for buildout appears to be: add the 4pm, then the noon (and 7pm?) and then weekend evenings… then buildout weekday mornings, with weekend mornings as the last piece. Going by the original “40 hours a week” projection for CBS News Detroit simulcasts on 62, WWJ stands to have local news from 4:30–7am, 9–9:30am, noon—12:30pm, 4–6:30pm, 7–7:30pm and 11–11:35pm on weekdays, two hours on Saturday and Sunday morning and the 6 and 11 on weekends.
  2. Are we even sure that this is any part of the graphics package they’ll be using? It looks like an in-house mod of the logo just for that specific shot. There’s no L3 or bugs to speak of.
  3. Where are we drawing this conclusion? Because there's a gold ring around the transitional logo in that first picture that can be easily excised?
  4. KYW didn't use the EWN name from 1991 until 1998, reclaiming it two years after Group W ceased to exist.
  5. CBS News Detroit is basically a streaming operation that happens to have a transmitter tower to simulcast off of, and the stated goal is to be live from 4:30am to 11:35pm every day. Given the current buildout, they’ll already have a 3pm news running streaming-only for a few months until Phil’s show ends, at which point 62 can start simulcasting (and the reruns for next season are shunted off to WKBD?) Currently they have a 7pm streaming-only and that could be added to 62 in the coming weeks.
  6. This could be a one-off to audition talent or work out logistics, but WWJ just added a newscast for next Sunday night right after the Grammys… ATM there's no newscast scheduled for the following Sunday night@Samantha
  7. They might not be THAT quick—mornings feel like it’ll fall in place by May at the latest—but they’re building this out at a rather steady pace and experimenting with likely talent pairings.
  8. That’s currently streaming-only but the legal ID tag suggests it might be added very soon. Their 4pm news launches next Monday. With The Drew Barrymore Show’s modular setup, the other half will be moved to 9:30 a.m. Also I’m watching the stream and they’ve added Detroit Now on WKBD…
  9. They still have to launch a 4pm news; it’s possible this was a talent audition.
  10. Ol’ Scotty got it wrong on multiple fronts. Here’s the thing: it’s not about LIV at all. CBS has no reason to keep those stations affiliated with the CW, a network that they jettisoned their joint operating stake in and have already washed their hands of. But LIV gives them a readymade excuse as CBS is not going to want to be seen as being in bed with the Saudis (as @channel2noted to me, yes, Paramount has a joint venture with Qatar managing the remains of Miramax, but it’s all about the PR here, and Uncle Perry made a boo-boo). CBS launching an all-news streaming service on WWJ meant that they were always going to wind up doing the same in Atlanta and Seattle and make them in-house CBS O&Os (and possibly in Tampa had the Standard General takeover of TEGNA actually went through; thankfully that deal is dead and the station is expendable). Plus CBS already dumped MyNet on WBFS and WSBK and have the Now hybrid local-national franchises in primetime on their secondary stations. And the insane thing is, Nexstar is only thinking about how to turn a profit on an operation CBS and Warners lost a shocking amount of money on. They don’t care if it completely nukes the affiliate base, a parcel of land basically paid for the CW in the first place.
  11. “NewsNation, the cable news channel created from what had been WGN America prior to Nexstar’s acquisition of Tribune Media in 2019, was another area of focus during the call. Execs emphasized that it has been profitable since it launched in rebranded form in 2020. They also noted their plans to program it with 24 hours a day of news from Monday through Friday by the end of 2023 and then fully 24/7 news by the end of 2024.” That’s literally it in a nutshell. Regardless of how much Nexstar screws up The CW, it’s still going to make a profit as opposed to the prior business model. NewsNation has objectively failed in their original stated purpose as a news channel, and no one is watching, and yet they would be losing money continuing to have it as a ION-lite rerun farm that no one would be watching.
  12. Apples and oranges. Sinclair could not legally keep either the 33 or 40 of “ABC 33/40” and if they filed such a request to claim VC 33 or 40 in the present day, it would be rejected. And AGAIN, people have no trouble finding James Spann when there’s a tornado and he rolls up his sleeves.
  13. 4pm might not be far off at this rate, which would match up with their intended launch plans (after considerable revision). One thing I’m legitimately surprised about is WWJ running Entertainment Tonight at 1:35 a.m. … why not at 7:30 p.m.?? Amyre Sr. got her big break in 1975 as one of the first anchors for WGPR-TV’s Big City News, so it really does come full circle.
  14. These are diginets as opposed to cable. Thanks to the Ion/Inyo footprint, Scripps has a major OTA presence to exploit as well as getting them on every FAST/OTT/SVOD. tbh if they spin anything off in a few years, it’ll be the network affiliates. And they have no reason to even do that.
  15. I looked at WBMA’s channel lineup with @Weeterslast night. It’s devolved into an absurdly laughable mess since Sinclair twisted arms and bent reality to get the Allbritton deal finalized: Sinclair could make it so much easier on everyone and call the whole enterprise “WBMA ABC” or “ABC Birmingham” or “ABC 58” or “ABC Alabama”… and yet… and yet, people still find a way to watch James Spann on ABC 58/68.2/17.2/40.2… errr… “ABC 33/40” AND are doing so in a market historically dominated by 6 and 13 with a branding that’s been obsolete for nearly nine years. That’s what I mean when I debate the actual importance of channel number branding in the post-DTV switch and early OTT/SVOD eras.
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