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  1. Um, Adell dropped CW. He did it by choice!! He needs to stop!
  2. WMYD should’ve been chosen from day one. They are a much better option for CW. Also, never do business with Kevin Adell. The man is a pariah!!
  3. Might not happen. FCC is watching this one closely.
  4. I really do think Adell is not a good businessman.
  5. The possibility of Jeff Skversky ending up at another Detroit station is getting higher.
  6. CBS News Detroit is now available on RokuTV.
  7. Rachelle Grahmn. She’s actually really good!!!
  8. Jeff Skversky might resurface at another Detroit station soon. Stay tuned!! As for 62, let’s just say Jeff Skversky is NOT liked there at all. All I will say for now.
  9. Ever since Terrence Friday replaced Jeff Skversky on the weekday evenings, the 5 and 6 pm newscasts have improved. Pacing is better, and the presentation is a lot more smooth. Terrence is a much better for than Jeff ever was.
  10. Weekend newscasts are not too bad.
  11. Not a failure. Ratings are improving. Still last place unfortunately but improving. The issue is the evenings and not the mornings. Looks like they are going to improve the Evenings. Jeff was a huge reason why the evenings overall was struggling. He was not only not connecting to Detroit viewers, he again, was not easy to get along with. Shaina, Ahmad, and Ronnie have all began to connect with Detroit viewers. Jeff never did for obvious reasons. This probably played a huge factor in his firing. Amyre has stated she doesn’t want to with behind the anchor desk. This is why her main role is behind the scenes. She’s only in the anchor desk when she has to fill in.
  12. He was fired the day he came back.
  13. Heard Jeff was difficult to deal with. He and Shaina didn’t seem to mesh well on the air and it showed. Unsure of the details but I think the station made the right move.
  14. Yep! As for the newscasts, evenings needs help but mornings are great. Jeff was ok but nothing special. I feel Terrence is better suited for evenings.
  15. I think it’s inevitable that Y&R fully goes to Paramount and the CBS O&Os and affiliates expand their noon newscasts to a full hour.
  16. Weekend newscast starts on October 7th. It looks like they are only going with the 11 pm newscast for now.
  17. It’s September 1st and my tv provider which is HuluTV, still offers the now independent station WKBD, instead of the new CW affiliate, WADL. Not sure if it’s because the switch just happened, but if WADL still isn’t offered on HuluTV when the provider is supposed to offer the CW affiliate in addition to the Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliate, then I’m going to know that WADL’s bad signal just might be the issue. Hopefully that’s solved very soon.
  18. They seem to be more focused on getting the WWJ weekend newscasts up and running. That seems to be the immediate focus right now.
  19. She’s on at 3 am on WKBD the last I checked. edited: it was pulled off the 3 am timeslot. My mistake!!!
  20. Drew Barrymore is moving to sister station WKBD, Detroit 50. ET has moved to Fox O&O and cross town rival WJBK, Fox 2. As for the 7pm hour, I highly suspect that the time slot will eventually be for the 7pm newscast.
  21. https://www.tvpassport.com/tv-listings/stations/cbs-wwj-detroit-mi/128/2023-09-11 Starting September 11th, CBS News Detroit at 9 am moves to a full hour and a rerun of CBS News Detroit at 11 pm replaces Entertainment Tonight at 1:37 am. Looks like Family Feud will be the only syndicated program left on WWJ.
  22. Interesting!!! It may also be they did not want to go through all the hassle and steps of preempting network programming and it was easier to just put it on 50. Also, 50 is still the CW and not officially an independent station yet. So the situation with WWJ/WKBD would naturally be different than that of its cross country sister stations. It is what it is.
  23. it was corporate who made thar decision, not the ND or the GM. They didn’t want CBS programming preempted so it went to 50. Given 50 is no longer the CW and is now independent, it makes sense. Remember, 62 is a network O&O so it makes sense. The others you mentioned are not network O&O stations. You have to go through a lot of steps to get network programming preempted when you are an O&O. 50 who is also CBS (well owned by CBS) did a great job.
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