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  1. There’s a good reason why WCBS, WBBM, and KCBS are all in last place in their respective markers. All are a complete and utter clown show. On the other hand, we can clearly see why all the former Westinghouse stations like KYW, KPIX, KDKA, WBZ, and WJZ are all the better performing CBS O&Os based on their handing of the new CBS I&O graphics rollouts.
  2. Also, would WWJ dare go to the call letter box, following KDKA, WBZ, etc? I didn’t think so a month ago but now, I don’t know.
  3. Don’t know about you but I think WKBD going independent is going to benefit the station. Not only can CBS News Detroit expand which will only mean more advertising revenue for the station, WKBD can go back to its roots, which is to do OTA live sports again. I for one am excited. Looks like CBS is putting a lot of money into WWJ which only helps its sister station.
  4. I still feel WMYD will pick up CW programming.
  5. If they cancel Superman and Lois, which happens to be a great show, than I’m done with the CW.
  6. I also think they dumped MNTV because they are a bad network. I can see them affiliating with the CW. As for sports, Ch 20 can work around the CW schedule as they don’t offer nearly as much network programming.
  7. In Detroit, I really do think the CW will end up on Channel 20. I doubt it goes to 38. I also think we are going to see sports OTA again on WKBD 50. Furthermore, I do think we are going to see live newscasts again on Ch 50.
  8. All I’m going to say is the newsroom format WWJ uses is looking better and better. Stations like KCBS and WBBM are just a hot mess. My goodness!!!
  9. Hate it! Hate it! Nothing authentic about what WBBM did at all. KDKA, KYW, WCCO, and WWJ are all authentic! WBBM is just a mess.
  10. It’s all good. Can’t say what the exact numbers are, but again, I’m going by what I was told from someone who actually works there and is a well known on the air personality. The fact that they expanded so quickly is what’s most surprising, especially to the local competitors. This isn’t even all that I’ve heard but from the looks of it, CBS is heavily invested in Detroit news. Agreed!!!
  11. I suggest you contact the powers that be. Just relaying information.
  12. Recently talked with some with the station and the ratings for WWJ are improving each week. Though it’s obviously in 4th place, the fact that ratings are growing each week and growing this fast is a great sign for things to come. This is what happens when you have a great product on the air. Keep up the good work, CBS News Detroit.
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fox-news-dominion-voting-systems-lawsuit-settlement/
  14. A call letter box? That’s a surprise!!!
  15. I’ve tried to like it, but I think it’s time for CBS to do away with this format all together, and just let the CW/Indy stations do an expansion of CBS News “Name Market” at 9 or 10pm. It looks bad. especially here in the Detroit market, where our local CW station hasn’t had a live 10 pm newscast in years.
  16. Agreed!! This is why I believe WBBM could go the same route that WWJ did, at least with the branding.
  17. WOIO always seemed to be the step child of 3, 5, and 8. It’s much better now than it was in the 90s and 00s, but they always seem to be a step behind.
  18. Not sure when the weekend newscasts are going to debut but wouldn’t be shocked if it’s May or June.
  19. On the flip side, it’s some of the same viewers who have issues in embracing change when it’s needed I think they will just go with CBS Chicago/CBS News Chicago. WBBM doesn’t seem to be as traditional as WCCO, KDKA, or WBZ.
  20. Channel references really don’t matter anymore in this digital age. This why stations like KDKA, WBZ, WCCO, KCBS, KCNC, and WWJ are all doing away with them. Don’t be shocked if WBBM soon follows suit.
  21. So far, I like KDKA and WBZ’s openings the most.
  22. Question is, will WBBM follow WWJ, KCNC, and KCBS (somewhat) in going with the CBS Chicago/CBS News Chicago name?? Don’t be surprised if the CBS 2 name is officially retired in name and in logo. Speaking of WCCO…
  23. WBBM could be right after WCCO. Either WBBM will go the WCBS route, or they will go with the WWJ route and just call themselves CBS News Chicago/CBS Chicago, with no logo box at all.
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