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  1. No shocker there. I think Fox Television Stations is about to make some changes at WJBK and make changes. WJBK is not the strong station it was in the early 2000s up until 2015. I think Fox is looking to get it back on track. I think this is about to be updated in a few weeks. I feel there are about to get rid of this opening.
  2. WJBK needs to upgrade its news open. It’s using the same one from 2018, while most of it’s sister stations all updated theirs.
  3. Funny that WEWS in Cleveland is still using the old logo, while it’s sister stations in Detroit (WXYZ) and Cincinnati (WCPO) are both now using the new ABC logo. Just strange. It’s an WEWS thing in my opinion, not a Scripps thing.
  4. They better not mess with the Circle 7 at WXYZ. If they do, yikes! The backlash would not be good at all.
  5. Looks like the 7 Action News logo is staying the same with the new WXYZ (Detroit) logo. Just a slight modification to fit the new ABC logo.
  6. It looks like the O&Os are kinda rebelling! Not surprising, since the new ABC logo is big. Former O&O WXYZ looks like it’s going all in, because they use the ABC logo to the right of the Circle 7, thus making it easier to implement. It’s closer to the version WXYZ used in the early 2000s for their general program promotions. The only concern is, will they change the Action News logo. My guess is, they are already working on that. I don’t think ABC affiliates WEWS (Cleveland), WCPO (Cincinnati) or WJLA (DC) have used the new ABC logo as of yet. Those three stations, two which are owned by Scripps, might be rebelling.
  7. WXYZ in Detroit is now beginning to use the new ABC logo.
  8. Looks like many of the Fox owned stations are getting rid of the search lights. I know Fox O&O WJBK is using them less and less. For some reason, WFLD refuses to let the search lights go. I say WJBK updated its news opening to its evening newscasts this fall.
  9. KCPQ might get the new graphics by the fall. WXMI by next year at least.
  10. WXMI debuted the new graphics tonight. Looks good!!!
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