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  1. As for why CBS O&Os are struggling, I just think many of them lost their identity.
  2. This is why I think WWJ needs to follow the KDKA model. KDKA and KPIX are among the better performing CBS O&O. Though WWJ has come. Long way in gaining an audience, they need to fix a couple more things. The biggest thing is finding a sports anchor and do it soon. They are able to get by for now but they will definitely need one by the NFL Draft. The hey also need the hire an anchor to replace Terrence Friday on the noon and 4 pm newscasts. Do that and they are good to go. I think their newscasts have improved since KPIX came to help them months ago but again, they need more people. Hiring Troy Bridges from Orlando was a huge step in the right direction.
  3. I feel CBS getting the rights to Big Ten football will help its O&O in Detroit, WWJ, Michigan football is a huge ratings draw and you know CBS will show Michigan as much as possible.
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/detroit/news/troy-bridges/ they just hired a new meteorologist. I presume this is for weekend mornings. Don’t know much about him so we shall see. They need to hire a new sports anchor like yesterday. They haven’t had one in two months.
  5. Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of CBS News Detroit.
  6. It’s all good. WWJ seems to be making some changes behind the scenes and are hiring more people. One of the anchors who just left (Jeff Skversky) said the station’s numbers were lot better than what was expected. The info I got definitely backs that up. They are definitely looking for a new sports anchor.
  7. Inside info. This info came from someone at CBS. As for Ronnie leaving, can’t get into that. Sorry.
  8. Actually, their ratings are still climbing. They beat WXYZ in some major demographics. I would stay away from certain boards who all they do is complain and quite frankly, don’t know what they are talking about. Jeff Skversky had to go imo. He wasn’t that good if an anchor and he was becoming a cancer in the newsroom. This and moving Terrence Friday to evenings is one if the main reasons why the evening newscasts have drastically improved.
  9. Anyone notice how the evening newscasts have drastically improved since Jeff Skversky left?
  10. Showing anchors do the VO and a person in the woods, along with shots of the Detroit skyline. Copy of KCNC and KYW.
  11. Better quality of the 11pm opening! Overall, it’s ok. IMG_4603.mov
  12. IMG_4595.mov IMG_4599.mov
  13. WWJ updated its news opening this morning. Looks like KCNC
  14. Um, Adell dropped CW. He did it by choice!! He needs to stop!
  15. WMYD should’ve been chosen from day one. They are a much better option for CW. Also, never do business with Kevin Adell. The man is a pariah!!
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