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  1. Tegna's value is $10 a share and they're furloughing workers because the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on everyone. Everyone is down. I'm not sure what that has to do with the board votes (of which Tegna employees get to vote in).
  2. Glass Lewis & Co was particularly scathing toward Kim ISS seemed skeptical of him too
  3. Meredith is cutting pay 15% to 60% of its workforce. The highest-paid employees will see cuts of 20%-40%.
  4. From the Tegnaverse today: https://www.tegna.com/tegna-applauds-iss-rejection-of-soohyung-kim-and-his-campaign-to-replace-leadership-of-tegna-board/ Quoted are a few paragraphs I found interesting. The presser has a lot more.
  5. It suits Louisville best of all given how many bridges cross the Ohio.
  6. Not too surprised. Internet connections (especially over wifi), producers and directors basically managing a show of nothing but remote live shots, user error, and other software/hardware problems beyond the talent's control, problems are bound to happen. Not to mention that a lot of TV stations evacuated personnel ASAP, so there hasn't been much time to note every bug and troubleshoot every problem before it happens.
  7. Tegna has been ferocious in getting its employees to work from home. Anyone that doesn't have to absolutely be in the building is going home. Many stations have had to shell some serious cash to make sure that happens.
  8. More specific details: One week furlough for news departments sometime in the next three months ND and technology heads taking 8% paycut for 3 months GMs and senior VPs taking 20% paycut for 3 months CEO and board taking 25% paycut for 3 months NO layoffs
  9. Furloughs are coming to Tegna. One week sometime in the next three months. Managerial positions are taking temporary pay cuts.
  10. Expanding news in KC. WDAF is adding a half hour at 5 p.m. Saturdays because of no sports, and KSHB is adding a 3 p.m. newscast. They recently made their 10 p.m. an hour too.
  11. Hmmm...suddenly have a desk big enough to comfortably sit 4 people doesn't seem like a bad idea, does it? Looking at you, Nexstar...
  12. Those ghost images do so much for the look. KSHB debuted the weather gfx. After seeing them on a 55" TV, I don't understand why everyone hates them so much. They looked pretty nice actually. Of note, KSHB has ditched WSI and picked up Baron. They used chimes on the 7-Day. News will transition in a few weeks. A gripe I now have with the look are the banners and lower thirds being semi-transparent. Just make it opaque.
  13. There's only one on-air job listed now. The rest are technical positions. Given how Tegna has extended their WFH policy until April 10th and are heavily encouraging people to not come to work, it shouldn't be a surprise that job interviews are on hold.
  14. Journalists and other broadcast employees are considered first responders by the Department of Homeland Security in order to relay critical information to the public, so shelter-in-place rules will be less stringent for them/us.
  15. I'm told KSHB will debut weather and traffic starting Thursday. News will follow several weeks later.
  16. I'd be more curious about health insurance and whether or not they'd refuse to cover some things because it goes against their morals.
  17. "I noticed you changed the color from purple to blue, so I'm hoping it's going to stay blue for every newscast." Oh that poor man. I can only imagine his horror when he woke up in the morning and when he saw that TalkBack using blue, purple and orange. Joking aside, I wonder what kind of changes Tegna might have made if they had this type of feed back in 2017/18. It makes one think if this is WNEP's sly knock at Tegna.
  18. I'm curious if Scripps will even bother repairing it. Also, I would think most stations would keep their chopper at an airport. Most TV stations are not favorable locations for a helipad.
  19. I just wish KFOR would change those archaic weather graphics.
  20. Pretty sudden retirement and evidently with little warning. He had made a few controversial comments the last week or so. Can't help but think if he was feeling the pressure. If not that, then some have pointed out he seemingly hasn't been all there lately, especially when signing off.
  21. I did some asking...sounds like the contract is up in April and they're shedding it. It'll leave KMBC as the only station in the market with a chopper.
  22. KCTV must have ended their sharing agreement. The other side of that chopper will have KSHB's logo, and there's footage from their chopper from within the last week. What's most frustrating is how painfully SD the camera is.
  23. Your list mentions KCTV discontinued their chopper in January 2020. They shared it with KSHB (it's really their chopper). Did that agreement end?
  24. 2-3 years? Scripps has decided to only stick with this look for that long? Could also just be generic speak; current look lasted 7 nearly 8 years for some.

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