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  1. Erin Little has sued KCTV/Gray for gender and age discrimination. She hasn't been on air in almost a year. https://news.yahoo.com/meteorologist-erin-little-sues-kctv5-000941077.html
  2. The look of them is very out of place, but I don't mind the concept.
  3. I wasn't aware Park Place went out of business. They designed many of the current Scripps looks.
  4. A lot of that work would still hold up today if updated for HD
  5. From my third-hand understanding (from someone who had a conversation with someone who works within Scripps and is likely more informed on the matter than any of us), these changes will vary on a market-by-market basis. That includes small markets. I couldn't imagine Scripps totally doing away with anchors in their largest markets.
  6. Changes to Scripps' smaller market stations include eliminating some anchor positions, beefing up heavily on MMJs (including, apparently, giving substantial raises on the order of $20k+), eliminating the chief meteorologist title and placing all meteorologists under the purview of the assistant news director.
  7. I swear some people here are never impressed lol I like it a lot. It's different and has some confidence to it. Some elements could use work. The wooden element feels out of place, and that top bar sticks out of place as it doesn't seem to do much to connect the wings.
  8. The L3s might be my biggest beef, mainly because they're trying to squeeze full sentences into them. Just because you have the space for a complete sentence doesn't mean that you should cram it in there. If the text starts to squeeze, it's too much. Adding in that box on the far left to denote what the segment/story type is only adds to the clutter.
  9. The only thing I dislike is still how the top stories are all "breaking news." A fad ABC started that I won't forgive. If everything is breaking news, nothing is.
  10. Super interesting how the open has the live time and temp baked into it. Look closely and you'll see it said 3:59 and 61°. It even has a glimpse of the forecast. That has to be a first.
  11. Changes like this aren't made lightly so NBC must be feeling pretty confident with themselves. You gotta give them credit for adapting to the times (heavy digital focus) and trying something new. It's not a bad logo. Hearkens back to the old NBC 'N' of the 70s. I might have preferred the diagonal ends be sharp rather than squared off. Also interesting that they've kept the white border on the peacock after ditching it everywhere else.
  12. This is a good example of "if you need auxiliary elements to explain the main element, the main element is too complicated." I get what they were going for and credit them for shaking it up, but some things work best in their simplest, classic form. It's just too busy.
  13. "As I’ve written here before, Standard General may not be the best broadcaster to run the Tegna stations, but it has demonstrated over the past decade that it is a capable and respectable one." This was comical and I nearly laughed out loud. Almost a contradiction in terms. They have done barely anything with the stations they DO own. Poor pay, few resources while adding more work (such as KLKN in Lincoln, NE producing a newscast for...Cape Girardeau , MO?), old equipment, and poor ratings (pretty sure KLKN and WLNE are both last place). I'm curious to know where they've shown they're "capable and respectable."
  14. They're optional, and from I hear, developed by WMAZ itself. Perplexingly, the weather package has been left alone by the graphics hub since the 2018 look came out. The only minor change was a refresh of some weather icons last year. Only the news (and maybe even sports) aspects of the Tegna standard pack have had any type of update. All of the recent weather design changes you've been seeing are from the stations themselves. WMAZ was simply very vocal about it. WMAZ, KSDK, WHAS, WCNC, even KWES are some examples of stations that modified their weather banners by themselves. Hell, KWES totally bucked the standard Tegna 7-Day for a more traditional one at least 18 months ago without a peep. Tegna seems to have relaxed quite a bit about rigid adherence to the look. Those new giant L3s from last year? Optional apparently. The only things that were really required were the new full screens and opens.
  15. In his second message to the company today, Dave Lougee criticized the FCC for not acting on a vote. However, he also said that the decision to sell off WFAA, KVUE, and KHOU was not the original Tegna board's idea and implied they didn't want to lose those stations. He also said that Tegna is not for sale and has no plans to put itself up for sale, but if someone came along asking to buy they would listen. The most interesting thing: starting in July, all regular hourly employees will start making $20/hr, meaning the company minimum wage will be $20/hr. Not certain, but that might make them the highest paying hourly wage in the business. Nexstar is $15 and Gray is $18.
  16. Gerard Gebaily announced this afternoon that weather is being all but cut from NewsNation newscasts and that his position as lead forecaster has been eliminated in a "cost saving" measure.
  17. Dave Lougee sent an email to employees today saying, among other things, that they were the ones who decided to not pursue it anymore, that the company will keep operating as it has been, and thanked employees for their patience over the past 18 months and for helping the company post record results in 2022. He said he'd share more information tomorrow. Naturally, employees aren't going to see any of those record results or any hundreds of millions they'll get from the termination clause. It also means stations went through months and months of hiring freezes because of "the sale" and an "uncertain economy" for literally nothing.
  18. Congressional Republicans are asking the FCC IG to investigate the FCC's handling of the deal. I also discovered there's an entire website making the case for why the deal should happen. What I found funny was the part where they say under their leadership there's been an increase of 40,000 hours of local news...which I'm assuming is from the past 20 years under companies that no longer exist. They certainly haven't added that much news to the four stations they currently own.
  19. It ain't over yet. The FCC seems to be giving it one last chance to make its case. Standard has made a last minute effort to sate the FCC and get them to approve the deal by Monday, May 22, when it officially dies. The Seeking Alpha article links to a response from Standard General about the FCC's concerns. Among other things is Standard making its depositions to the DOJ public, waive its rights to apply after-acquired retransmission rights, and memorandums of understandings with the various Tegna unions and civil rights groups. Most interesting to me is they're now promising to not layoff anyone for at least three years instead of two, and supposedly will give all stations +20% budgets within three years of closing. From the release: The clock is still ticking, but it's inching closer and closer to midnight.
  20. Well done. Clean, well-lit, plenty of space. The accessory plants are a unique touch and adds a bit of life (literally) to it.
  21. It doesn't feel finished. This is one of those instances were more gloss and shine would help, and color gradients. The glassy city shots looks ok, but the abrupt appearance of the logo at the end doesn't work like how they wanted it to. Also, that stark yellow for the midday open
  22. "“If it could happen to us it could, happen to anybody,” Kim said." It did. To Sinclair when trying to buy Tribune. Not the exact same with a hearing involved, but it isn't the first time a deal has died. "“I think that control over news is something that U,S, citizens should not allow the government to have." But that's not what the FCC is doing? They're not telling any local station what news to cover and how. If they were, they would've stopped that Sinclair "this is a threat to our democracy" crap from a several years back. "Sometimes — against the advice of his lawyers and lobbyists..." So he's a headache not just to the FCC, but even to his own lawyers and lobbyists. Sounds like a bad client. I wonder if those folks are almost glad the deal will die so they don't have to deal with him anymore.
  23. It would be quite the calamity if, in the end, Tegna ended up buying the Standard General shops for cheap. Just a fun thought - not trying to dive into Speclatron.
  24. Dominion still got a lot, but I bet Fox was really sweating at the idea of having their talent testify in court under oath.
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