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  1. Today is Gary Lezak's last day at KSHB. https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/goodbye-gary-kansas-city-celebrates-retirement-of-gary-lezak
  2. Not sure about Tayag, but Myers was a father of four.
  3. This has a lot of standard Tegna elements: broad white walls with a wooden band in the middle, layered walls behind the anchor desk, no identifying station/city features on set, and a blank white weather center desk with accent lighting.
  4. That's a clean look. Very nice for Maine and a small market, I bet they're happy.
  5. The Anti-News Desk in Corner League on here is going to love it.
  6. Sounds like she had an opportunity to do specific storytelling she wasn't going to be able to do in Cincy. Also, Tegna is one of the most LGBT friendly media companies out there. It's also overall just not a bad company to work for.
  7. Meteorologist Ian Cassette posted a photo to his Facebook story simply captioned "makeover time!" Not sure if it's a minor refresh or a whole overhaul.
  8. When was this used? Starting at 1:40.
  9. I think it looks fine, but some shine on the wall and column elements would give it a bit more of that big market, HD zeal. That's why it feels dated already. The weather center monitor wall is solid white, which feels a bit lifeless and corporate, and there's no branding on that desk. But this is also Lafayette, LA, we're talking about. Perfectly suitable, and I bet the talent are thrilled to have something so new.
  10. Same goes for them saying the merger is great for local TV because it's going to have more women and minorities working for it than anyone. Those are all perfectly good things to strive for, but I don't see how it's relevant. I've yet to see them show any type of plan for how they'll invest in these stations that would make them news gathering or local programming juggernauts. They seem the FCC is more 'woke' than it actually is (which probably isn't a lot).
  11. What weird parallels CNN and CBS have had lately. First was the CBSTM graphics which is heavily inspired by CNN, now CNN seemingly taking inspiration from CBS's morning show. The latter might be reading into it a bit, but it's still two very interesting "coincidences" with them.
  12. Having been familiar with the Wichita market for decades, it's a pretty refreshing change and modernizes them quite a bit.
  13. Maybe now sales/marketing/creative service will get an idea of how hectic and busy the newsroom is when they go off sell or order stuff the newsroom must do before asking anyone "downstairs" if the logistics will work.
  14. There's been news flying under the radar here on this sale. Nothing really earth-shattering. Sept. 13: Tegna stock whips around on report about Sohn being seated at FCC Sept. 24: This article *speculates* whether economic conditions make the deal worthwhile Sept. 30: Regulator seeks more documents in Standard General's $5.4 billion Tegna deal Oct. 3 (yesterday): Tegna gains amid report FCC review of sale said to be going 'smoothly'
  15. These photos from Trevor Birchett give a better idea of the layout.
  16. Another Tegna station. Curious if this will be as uninspired and sterile as KXTV.
  17. Kudos to them trying to not look as cookie cutter and uninspired as the other Tegna looks. Tegna really struggles with studio creativity. They're all so sterile.
  18. I didn't need to be reminded about this trauma today.
  19. Love how dynamic the desk is, but those are some weird shadows in "Chicago." I wonder if they'll try to fix that. Makes it look like a blown up low quality jpg.
  20. Big upgrade. Not so claustrophobic. Confused as to why the desk is NBC Chicago when there's NBC 5 everywhere else, unless they decided to use the studio for more generic NBC News stuff.
  21. Side note, but I like how they stylized the '7' in 75.
  22. It's an in house look? That changes how I see it some. There are some pretty good elements here, but I reckon they struggled in designing what exactly an idea like "coastal" might be (or whatever the theme they had in mind was). I give them credit for the effort because it certainly isn't bad.
  23. Not sure why those 'i's need to be yellow, but otherwise it looks good. Nice work on spicing up the Scripps look too.
  24. They do have a history of knee-jerking (Ann Curry), but there has been VERY vocal disdain for Chuck Todd online all year. It seems like every Sunday he's trending on twitter and it's never anything good. Granted, it's Twitter, and the people who are fans of NBC/MSNBC are ideologically to the left much like the company. Biggest criticisms of Todd I've seen is that he's moved too far right or, as an attempt to not seem like a left-leaning shill, he's tried (unsuccessfully) to play Devil's advocate or be more "neutral." I think he got too big for his britches as time went on. He might have been an ok choice initially as a replacement, but I think it's clearly time to move on. It's the same situation with Andrea Mitchell.
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