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  1. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet or that there hasn't been a thread specifically about riots and the press. Lots of violence in Louisville last night. The most extreme was a police officer firing pepper balls at a WAVE crew on live television. WAVE issued a statement. WAVE also had a car spray painted. Speaking of cars, WLKY had one of their scompletely destroyed. WLKY also took damage from protestors/rioters themselves. WHAS took direct damage to their building. Windows to their front entrance were shattered, some parts spray painted, and tear gas even got into the building. In-building personnel were evacuated their stations to take shelter. Crews quickly worked to secure the building. Longtime anchor Doug Proffitt had a brief commentary on the situation at the end of their special report around 1:30 a.m. EDT. I am not aware of any damage of violence being inflicted toward WDRB or Spectrum Kentucky.
  2. That mint color only has me thinking of mint ice cream. A subtle feature I noticed that was surely was intentional is there are 5 black lines that comprise the '1' and '0' adding up to 10.
  3. Is DBL being moved? I'd imagine a 4pm newscast would pull in better numbers than DBL.
  4. The "select people" is prioritizing who will be let back in the building first. Departments such as sales wouldn't be as important as allowing anchors or meteorologists or technical staff back in building first. The "never going to let some people back in" applies more to possibly allowing (emphasizing that) some people at a later date to permanently work from home. Should this happen would these people be forced to permanently stay home and work? Well, I can't see how that could be possible as for some having a physical office space is much more practical.
  5. Holy God some of you have become WAY too emotionally invested in this. I've said that before. If Scripps doesn't like how something looks, they can update it later. It's happened before and it will happen again. Am I the biggest fan of it? No. Do I think it's serviceable? Yes. A couple tweaks here and there and it honestly would be fine. My biggest beef above all is the weight of the font. Very very light for lower thirds as big as they are. Make it bold and it'll fill things out much more nicely. As @Weeterssaid, the average viewer really doesn't care. They're too concerned thinking they're being lied too anyway.
  6. Tegna CEO Dave Lougee released a 21 minute video to employees discussing the status of their COVID operations and answer employee questions. Personnel will be allowed back in building on a market-by-market basis, and even then only for select people. He doesn't foresee any future furloughs or change to employee benefits. He also hinted that some people may be allowed to work from home permanently, but that wouldn't be decided until a much later undetermined date. Give Tegna slack for what you want, but they have done an excellent job being transparent with their employees about what the company's philosophy and approach to this crisis is. That's certainly a lot more than some other companies have done or would ever do.
  7. Kudos to Scripps' CEO. He seemed pretty taken aback at the notion.
  8. That's all wonderful until someone critical loses power at their home and doesn't have a backup generator. Or someone doesn't have access to/can't afford high speed internet and the station won't foot the bill or reimburse the employee (that's happening now). Or someone suddenly loses internet for who knows how long, someone doesn't have the space at home, someone just doesn't have a suitable home to WFH at all...the list goes on. Chiefly, it is supremely easier to communicate when everyone is in the same building. This is all fine and dandy assuming everything works 100% of the time. This is just suits wondering how they can cut costs when - ironically - a lot of them will be retired in 5-10 years.
  9. The WTSP re-design is certainly a...choice. Sometimes what old really isn't new again. But if Tegna "has no branding game" because they have stations with a network logo attached to a channel number or call letters, then 90% of all stations in the country "has no branding game."
  10. ALL I want is for them to drop "Action News" and go with their generic 41 peacock logo. It is astronomically better looking.
  11. How is that a conflict of interest?
  12. Interesting. They're using the old look tonight. I wonder if they were test running it with the (I'm assuming) special live stream.
  13. While it wasn't explicitly mentioned in Tegna's furlough rules, all employees were told to not do ANYTHING work related during the furlough, not even answer an email, or else they will have been considered to have worked and their furlough will need to be moved, complicating the process. That extended to social media: don't post anything at all to your talent pages, work or otherwise. The only exception would be if a talent used their page as their personal social media page too, in which case they can post, just not anything pertaining to work. Also, the chief isn't always available to do severe weather coverage. There are other meteorologists who are more than capable of handling the situation, and it gives them great exposure.
  14. Tegna's value is $10 a share and they're furloughing workers because the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on everyone. Everyone is down. I'm not sure what that has to do with the board votes (of which Tegna employees get to vote in).
  15. Glass Lewis & Co was particularly scathing toward Kim ISS seemed skeptical of him too
  16. Meredith is cutting pay 15% to 60% of its workforce. The highest-paid employees will see cuts of 20%-40%.
  17. From the Tegnaverse today: https://www.tegna.com/tegna-applauds-iss-rejection-of-soohyung-kim-and-his-campaign-to-replace-leadership-of-tegna-board/ Quoted are a few paragraphs I found interesting. The presser has a lot more.
  18. It suits Louisville best of all given how many bridges cross the Ohio.
  19. Not too surprised. Internet connections (especially over wifi), producers and directors basically managing a show of nothing but remote live shots, user error, and other software/hardware problems beyond the talent's control, problems are bound to happen. Not to mention that a lot of TV stations evacuated personnel ASAP, so there hasn't been much time to note every bug and troubleshoot every problem before it happens.
  20. Tegna has been ferocious in getting its employees to work from home. Anyone that doesn't have to absolutely be in the building is going home. Many stations have had to shell some serious cash to make sure that happens.
  21. More specific details: One week furlough for news departments sometime in the next three months ND and technology heads taking 8% paycut for 3 months GMs and senior VPs taking 20% paycut for 3 months CEO and board taking 25% paycut for 3 months NO layoffs
  22. Furloughs are coming to Tegna. One week sometime in the next three months. Managerial positions are taking temporary pay cuts.
  23. Expanding news in KC. WDAF is adding a half hour at 5 p.m. Saturdays because of no sports, and KSHB is adding a 3 p.m. newscast. They recently made their 10 p.m. an hour too.
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