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  1. The termination deal has been extended (again) until May. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3938830-tegna-gains-as-deal-termination-extended-three-months More likely than not the sale will be finalized by late spring.
  2. Good use of multiple colors at once.
  3. Did anyone else notice the graphics occasionally seemed to fail to render? There were a couple instances where the video feed was fine, but the animations got caught on themselves and froze momentarily.
  4. What did I say? I hope what Kento Ito says is true and somebody finally told Fox to tone it down.
  5. Kate Glover has been fired as news director at KCTV. She lasted a year. She's their...9th(?) news director in 13 years.
  6. If baseball and college basketball are any indication, I'm worried that a new score bug is going to be unnecessarily giant and take up a huge portion of the screen.
  7. Somebody tell them it's ok if the graphics are legible. Text is too small.
  8. Another example of why dropping the white fill doesn't make sense to me. The background is so dark that the purple and blue feathers (especially purple) are almost totally lost.
  9. This one slipped by, but KYTX (Tyler, TX - Tegna) unveiled a new studio. Like all Tegna studios, it's about as safe and sterile as possible. https://www.cbs19.tv/video/news/local/cbs19-unveils-2nd-new-studio/501-819fa90a-2e93-4712-9d12-8e14e203d537 Photos (from news director Mateo Gambo's LinkedIn)
  10. He's trying realllll hard to get public sentiment on his side. Maybe it's a smart move. It's also risky. If he keeps going public and making big promises like this, he'll have to deliver or look like a lying a$$. But I doubt many CEO's care about that...
  11. While I'm happy for them, it's probably going to be the same dated Tegna look they've been rolling out since 2017.
  12. So anyway if they made less negative space and maybe add some depth with subtle color gradients it would look more polished
  13. It's marketing. That's it. An attempt to make them look like they're way ahead of the game with weather. An argument can be made that they're beneficial in the sense that it's very visibly labeling a day as one to be aware of because inclement weather may be a problem.. There has been a push among meteorologists the last few years (in conjunction with NWS) for the public to be more "weather aware." The problems with out some TV stations do it, however, is it's often subjective and sometimes not even a decision made by the meteorologist. NDs will hear a forecast for rain on Tuesday and might decide it needs to be an "alert day" even though it's just plain, normal rain. No thunder, nothing severe. Hearst does this under "impact days" which is supposed to be super broad - weather that's different than dry and temperate. They also run the risk of being over used. Like breaking news, if every drop of rain is an alert day, nothing is an alert day. If you're in a market where more than one station does this, Station A might say Wednesday is a whatever day because of x forecast, but Station B might have nothing because it's nothing dangerous. "So how important is it?" a viewer might ask if they see multiple forecasts. Another big problem is that they have to be explained. Hearst stations have a label on their 7-day to explain what each impact icon is supposed to mean. I've had people ask me what they mean. If you have to explain it or the viewer is confused/distracted by it, it's too complicated and not serving a purpose.
  14. Unless this is unique to WMUR, Hearst appears to be updating its look. Less diagrid, more curves.
  15. If there was an updated C-Clarity that was composed like what we heard in the new WXIA open, it has the potential to be so good and such an improvement over what's being used now. I know some Tegna stations try to avoid the vocalizations as much as possible.
  16. Looks pretty good. I don't think it's the start of an overhaul company wide, but maybe another options for stations to use. It could also be custom to XIA. A lot of Tegna stations have deviated from the original look lately. Enforcement of T18 guidelines isn't as stringent as it was before.
  17. Not a fan of dropping the white fill. As very clearly seen in NBC's own promos, feathers get lost depending on the color scheme. Might've been better served to make the feathers bigger and lessen the negative space.
  18. I've heard that Gray is pretty much rejecting all capital budget requests for next year unless it's absolutely necessary or an emergency. Basically trying to build up a recession defense early.
  19. Today is Gary Lezak's last day at KSHB. https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/goodbye-gary-kansas-city-celebrates-retirement-of-gary-lezak
  20. Not sure about Tayag, but Myers was a father of four.
  21. This has a lot of standard Tegna elements: broad white walls with a wooden band in the middle, layered walls behind the anchor desk, no identifying station/city features on set, and a blank white weather center desk with accent lighting.
  22. That's a clean look. Very nice for Maine and a small market, I bet they're happy.
  23. The Anti-News Desk in Corner League on here is going to love it.
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