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  1. Some of you have impossibly high standards lol. It really isn't a bad look at all. I like the cool feeling of it, it's almost like a relief from the heat and humidity of the south. What I will say is that it seems very bottom heavy with lighting. The top third is noticeably darker than the bottom third and the shadows seem a lot more pronounced. Small accent lighting could've helped add depth.
  2. They said the quiet part out loud. Surprised this didn't get posted, but Deb McDermott sent a letter to all of Tegna saying no jobs would be cut. In the article they went on to say Like, that's fine and all and I'm glad to see it, but how does that really benefit Jane and John Doe living in Nowhereville, USA? Great! This mega-media company is ran by minorities and women. How does that help them when it comes to local news?
  3. It's still a fairly dark set, but talent does pop better. That desk feels crammed into that corner, but maybe that's because the metal logo is so huge. I still feel that stair case corner is wasted potential - thrown in because they didn't know what to do there. It's mysteriously dark.
  4. I love cake, but all these recent departures has made me tired of them. Last goodbye cake we had was barely touched.
  5. Seems like The Tank or stations has been given some creative runway lately, but I don't understand why there need to be special supers just for talent.
  6. Who starts a timelapse when the thing is 90% built and they're only making final adjustments? Anyway, it looks good given what a small space they have. Crazy to me that the green screen is hidden behind a sliding wall.
  7. Way too much dead space in that 7-day. Too much emphasis on the accessory text and not enough on the actual temperatures. Either all of those boxes should be filled all the time or made much smaller. The eye is drawn to the emptiness.
  8. Goodness, there are college operations that have a better presentation.
  9. As others have said, many stations have really let up on the idea of sweeps, but the more old-fashioned, traditional NDs/GMs (some who really aren't that old!) hold fast to it. I know of a shop whose GM bans vacation in the one or two weeks before, during, and after sweeps.
  10. Easy. Budget. Stations only get so much money every year, and there's a queue for big projects like that.
  11. His post says Lexington his home and he's coming back again for a second stint. He's probably buying.
  12. Good set for sure, very awkwardly rehearsed and scripted reveal.
  13. That logo is definitely an upgrade.
  14. It's still far better than that worn out look KLKN is stuck with...
  15. Some changes at WHAS. They've killed their morning brand of "Wake Up" and reverted to "Good Morning Kentuckiana" which is what they were for like 30 years before changing in 2019. They've also returned to two anchor newscasts at 4 and 5:30 pm, something else that was abandoned several years ago. The updated open has also been rolled out.
  16. I don't know if it's so much Allen was rejected as it was he stopped trying when the option of owning the Broncos came up.
  17. Where have you been? Standard had been the front runner for months.
  18. I grew up on the (I believe?) Giant Octopus early 00s NBC look. They had one or two variations of this look. the WDTN variant
  19. I like the use of a circle in the score bug. Outside of CBS, circular elements seem like they lost favor. Nor do I mind the score bug's size and position (though maybe I'd prefer it a little smaller). Play clock could maybe be a little bigger or at least bold. Big fan of the new peacock wipe. Touchdown graphic is certainly much less obnoxious than FOX or CBS. Oh, the animation for a flag in the bug is flashy. I like that. Again to the bug. There's a subtle detail in the down-and-distance showing the direction the team is going.
  20. Interesting. Now that you mention it I can see it in the broad, long support elements.
  21. Here are some screenshots from a KSHB newscast in 1998. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdQvSV8H01s I can't be certain, but it looks as if this set was the framework for their new set that debuted sometime in the early 00s, possibly 2003 when they adopted the Action News branding. The frames are very similar.
  22. I really like it (at least the opens). It's a toned-down version of a look they've had for basically 20 years. Much simpler but still has the style and action.
  23. Gross. The WDRB package is a few years old now. I've never found it that special.
  24. Of course the employees are the victims. They get no say in the matter and will likely end up having to work harder assuming S/A comes in and slashes as many people as possible. Unless Standard/Apollo gives raises across the board and pours money into each station for resources and development, the only people that really come away from this are the execs.
  25. Tegna is back on Dish, conveniently after reports of their sale becoming more imminent. https://deadline.com/2022/02/tegna-stock-jumps-on-report-of-new-sale-talks-as-station-group-seals-carriage-deal-with-dish-ending-4-month-blackout-1234926787/
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