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  1. Something I've always wondered but never asked...why were any choppers, outside of emergency choppers, allowed it the air? Was it because they were local news and they got it ok? I would've thought they'd try to ground ALL aircraft in NYC.
  2. You 1000% missed the sarcasm.
  3. "Flying transportation machine flew into a building in New York City? Nah, not a big deal. I doubt people would be interested in that. Not like the city would still be sensitive to the idea of flying machines flying into buildings or anything. Carry on (but let me know if someone dies)."
  4. I wonder if they saw all the flack their Midwest colleagues have been getting and were trying to do whatever they could to avoid it.
  5. Is that really a bad thing though. After all, it's Enforcer.
  6. Looks almost like a malnourished KCTV logo.
  7. Just curious...does anyone have numbers for West Palm Beach?
  8. Will FSN be required to run Boris? I see it now. "Halftime with Boris."
  9. Now that KLKN and WLNE have been sold, I'd imagine Standard Media would want to do a complete overhaul of their looks. When past Citadel stations were sold, their studios were quickly tossed.
  10. Is this new for Atlanta? It reminds me a lot of early-2000s KCTV during their "Live. Late-breaking. Investigative." days. They frequently had overly dramatic confrontations like this.
  11. That's what you call a competitive market. Bet those newsrooms are fun to work in (slight sarcasm).
  12. I miss the original big desk.
  13. KSNB is the NBC affiliate for Lincoln, at least on Spectrum. However, they don't send crews to cover Lincoln news as they can just pull it from KOLN. KOLN/KGIN is definitely #1 (thanks to having a far longer history and two transmitters), with NTV usually #2. KLKN is generally third, with KSNB a distant fourth. Part of KLKN's problem is that there are two ABC affiliates within the same market. If NTV was a satellite or a bureau, KLKN might actually be #1. They're just at an unfair advantage because KOLN/GIN has two transmitters and can reach the distant rural areas.
  14. SNN is Lombardo's personal project (some call it a hobby at this point). He's at SNN a lot and recently moved them to a new building. He's keeping SNN until he dies. She'll surely want to make changes at both stations. KLKN has been last or close to last almost its entire existence, so she'll surely want to overhaul the news department (metaphorically and literally).
  15. I don't see the problem. Workplaces with animals are generally happier, less-stressed environments.
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