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  1. Breaking news: TV stations frequently have "all hands on deck" meetings. Breaking breaking news: Scott just likes looking for trouble and is still bitter about his failed TV career.
  2. I feel people have less of an issue with the change in format than they do with the titles of the newscasts. Some of these new ideas are rough, yes. Historically (probably) these shows don't seem to have a high success rate, but I blame that on there being a bunch of young Baby Boomer and old Gen Xer executives thinking they understand the younger generations more than they really do or abandoning an idea when it doesn't return immediate success. Plenty of young folk appreciate long-form, serious, investigative storytelling. The problem is local TV doesn't have time for it. And like many other things on the internet, this forum ignores successful new ideas/takes in favor of those that failed. What's an example of a station that radically changed a newscast and actually saw success from it? I don't know because I only ever hear about the failures. I'm rambling, but the point is... How will you know if an idea to shake up the status-quo will work if you never try it? News is like investment - every once in a while you have to take a risk. It'll either pay off brilliantly and you look like a genius, or it fails miserably (and embarrassingly) but at least you now know what doesn't work. One newscast will stand out from the rest and either viewers will like it or not. Finally, it IS possible to keep a traditional newscast but change how it looks or is presented. Something as subtle as changing the lightning can make a huge difference in a newscast's mood.
  3. Seems kind of messed up that Scripps has to pay for Cordillera's failings, but I guess they assume Scripps surely would have been aware of the state of the towers of the stations they were buying? And that two towers were bought without the FCC ever knowing? That or since there isn't a Cordillera to fine anymore...
  4. It's not bad by any means. Maybe a bit busy. It's certainly good for a corporate design, but certainly something a dedicated fabrication business could have touched up and streamlined some.
  5. I know the "Bardstown" podcast from WHAS/Vault Studios was one of the most listened and highest downloaded Apple podcasts for several weeks when it debuted. They can be popular if done properly and a topic of mass interest is found.
  6. I can see the headlines now..."Fox News TRAITOR Shepard Smith joins LIBERAL MSNBC in effort to take down President Trump!" Or "Not-So-Secret Fox News Democrat Shep Smith is Welcomed at MSNBC with Open Arms"
  7. Tegna appears to be working on a new website design. WVEC is one of the test stations. https://www.13newsnow.com https://www.13newsnow.com/article/about-us/13newsnow-new-website-design/291-012a334f-0db6-4721-9511-7b8952192584 Though the URLs could certainly still use work.
  8. Des Moines is hardly a "small market."
  9. Really that's what they've always been. Local TV was just slow to the gun about other media forms (podcasts, etc).
  10. Did they rebrand to ABC 15 Arizona at some point?
  11. KLKN has hired Mike Snuffer as their new ND. He comes from WSIL where he had been for 16 years before being let go early in 2019 after Quincy bought them.
  12. Hold up. The Now is still a thing? I thought it was killed.
  13. June Bacon-Bercey, the first female TV meteorologist (and of color) in the U.S. died. It seems she died in July last year, but the news was only just now made public. She was 90. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/june-bacon-bercey-americas-1st-female-tv-meteorologist-dies-at-90/655500
  14. Time to oil up the Speculatron!
  15. Ah, I see it's KAKE's turn to take care of KSAS. Seems like those Wichita stations rotate responsibility every what, five years?
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