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  1. I doubt it. Tegna is very dedicated to the T18 look. This seems like a one-off for WXIA because they wanted something different. A few stations might decide they want it, but I don't expect it to become a group-wide thing.
  2. C Clarity isn't so bad if stations don't use the a capella cuts of it. C Clarity's biggest failing is its lack of versatility and range. You don't have many options of music to use. I'm still not a fan of the anchor reading the open where a professional VO normally would. It lacks authority and sounds too casual. Also, who decided an anchor 2-shot with a lonely spiral staircase going to nowhere in between them was a good look? From that angle at least it looks like space they didn't know what to do with so they stuck a staircase there. I do like how they incorporated it
  3. KLKN in Lincoln used to be a type of exclusive restaurant that was (I believe) tailored toward men.
  4. It's petty is what it is. Someone at WTAE probably thinking they were being clever. Digital director, ND, or GM should have seen that and had it taken down immediately, not let it sit up for 24+ hours or however long it was.
  5. Yes, but with far more radical changes than what ABC is trying to pass this off as.
  6. It's a black circle with three letters in it. It isn't really that special of a logo, but I guess of course they're going to try and sell the change as new! fresh! and innovative!. There, I said it. Get back to me when NBC or CBS tries to change up the peacock or eye.
  7. Wow, that's really nice. I agree that not doing anything to the floor was a weird choice.
  8. KING has hired WHAS's Julie Wolfe as news director. https://www.king5.com/article/news/community/julie-wolfe-named-king-5-news-director/281-27c12106-2565-48d4-9f0f-eab0f948bd9c
  9. This alone is enough reason to demolish it. That was a rough phase of architecture.
  10. You're watching ABC 58/68.2/17.2/40.2 News at 5...Coverage You Can Count On.
  11. Feels like a toned down version of Meredith's look.
  12. I still laugh at how dramatic stations are about unveiling some new digs. "This will revolutionize how we give you the news." "This thing represents a surfboard." "Our on air look didn't match the quality of our on air product." Those are made up paraphrases of course, but you get the point. The new studio does look very nice.
  13. Looks more like they slowed the video to match the music.
  14. It takes ~6 minutes to complete a full scan of all levels depending on what mode the radar is in. New technology within the last 10 years allows for radar to be set into various different modes that will provide updates for the lowest levels in as little as 2 or 3 minutes. I'm just playing semantics, I understand your point.
  15. Then he needs to also declare it on Tegna employees who get to vote for board members.

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