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  1. Has it really been 8 years?
  2. Ah yes, they can have a partner station with WOI and really lock up the luscious and highly sought after Iowa corn.
  3. The Scripps V3 look was designed in After Effects. Someone had videos of corporate instructional videos on how to use the look in AE. I'm not sure about Tegna.
  4. This is rich. If he's not trying to criticize local journalists, why is he specifically calling out the local stations? If his beef is with the networks, then he should have mentioned the networks. Additionally, he probably has no idea how local news works if he thinks local media entities have any power or resources to really dig in to national politics like the networks do. All local stations do is re-air what comes from the big guys. Oh, and he's probably not sorry.
  5. I'd be fascinated to learn the whole story behind this. The description provided a little backstory.
  6. Nope, at least nothing significant...they're still on that old dated thing from like, 2000 or something.
  7. What's interesting to me is KCTV will have had 3 different looks in the last 4 years. Quite a lot of change considering how long looks are kept nowadays.
  8. Gross, is this some Meredith genricization? Here's the old 5 for reference that they've had for like, 20 years. Oh, and of course people are calling the new logo "China/Communist approved."
  9. Please don't give me this nightmare. Efficiency. It's far easier to man severe weather coverage from the station. Plus, if the power goes down at meteorologist's home, well.... Locals will still know the region much better. I also feel they would better keep the audience attention too.
  10. I'm really surprised they don't do this.
  11. It is. Can confirm WAVE has ditched their custom look of a year after the upgrade. Apparently there's still some customization with it (mainly weather it looks like), otherwise it's the standard Gray look. Don't think they're too happy about it.
  12. I personally don't believe they should answer, just for the sake of their job. Some companies (read: all industries) do not take kindly to disparaging comments about it.
  13. People are failing to realize this is intended to be a very niche operation looking to serve highly under-covered communities and demographics or communities/demographics that are often portrayed in a negative light by the existing networks. If you're a minority, hearing there's a planned news network whose goal is to exclusively cover minorities like you and bring attention to things that are often overlooked is pretty exciting. Yes, it'll be hard to get up and going and keep going, but the fact the effort is being made at all is commendable. The U.S. has a huge history of minority news opera
  14. There are also many stations that simply do not care about COVID safety precautions.
  15. Did WNT just update their open? looks different, but I haven't seen their open in quite a while.

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