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  1. I saw the breaking variant of their L3s this morning at a glance and thought for some reason someone at work had changed the TV to CNN. Imitation is the best form of flattery (though I do prefer the CBS take). Still, you'd think someone from CBS would look at it in ideation in say "let's try to not look exactly like CNN."
  2. Kind of has a European feel too it. The sunrise element is very out of place in a wide shot though - is that built in to the wall? I'm a bit disappointed to see them move out of 3C. The set still worked very well and has aged nicely.
  3. Good catch. A month later their Youtube is still the same. Seems like a pretty big oversight by the digital team. Makes me wonder if those news headline uploads are some template that automatically publishes like that. Still, an oversight to not fix that.
  4. At the same time, that reporter standup seems way over-saturated.
  5. Honestly looks better than what WGN News is using.
  6. This is bad production 101. How can anyone working in market #1 see this and think it's a good look? If you don't want her standing on a box because you don't want to see the box, either give them stools or cover the desk. The height differential also gives off a power disparity with the man towering over the woman.
  7. News Director Chris Gregg is leaving Tegna's WVEC to join WHAS in Louisville.
  8. I think te biggest problem is it's a 100% flat look next to elements that aren't flat. See the example of the WNT logo. The text has subtle gradients that give it depth while the black pearl doesn't. It looks better on the GMA look where everything is flat.
  9. Makes me wonder if this is what WLBT will be getting.
  10. Is that a giant flask on the floor in front of those columns? Oh, no, it's just a light. Bet the anchors weren't happy about that.
  11. What? I disagreed with your perspective and shared why I thought it's a fine look. It's called having a difference of opinion and explaining why I thought otherwise. I even agreed with you that it could benefit from a couple of localized elements.
  12. I disagree. Compared to what they had for the past decade it's a massive upgrade. It's a clean, fresh, cool look. Could they have included more scenic elements like palm tree silhouettes in those big blue walls? Sure, it would have added some flavor to it, and more accent colors would make things 'pop' a bit more, but it isn't an awful look. What I like the lease is the big tile. I think it works for WPB. The wavy patterns on those blue walls is probably a giveaway. --- I wonder if this is the start of another wave of Scripps studio upgrades.
  13. WTVJ looks very very nice. Disappointed to hear they canned the custom theme, it worked very well.
  14. Because of how staged it is lol. A picture would have sufficed.
  15. Gray's WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi has started a studio renovation. From what I've been told they're completely gutting the studio and starting over. It's not expected to be done until the end of the year. https://www.facebook.com/PatrickEllisWx/posts/362222315259093

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