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  1. I asked someone who's familiar with the situation. It came as a total shock to the WJMN employees. They had about a day and a half's notice. Nexstar apparently didn't want to pay whatever fees CBS was wanting, but Lilly/WZMQ was, so away CBS went. There hasn't really been discussion about what the long-term future is since this is all so fresh. Seems like a really small market to have such a dispute, but here we are.
  2. WFAA will be the first Tegna station in a while to debut a new set won't they? Wonder if it'll show us the next generation of cookie cutters for Tegna.
  3. The green is unnecessary. Drop it (from everything) and everything is better.
  4. Getting off topic so I'll close with this, it's unfortunate if that's the case. Coaching/feedback can help that, but some news directors just don't do that.
  5. The news anchor seem dead inside. He doesn't smile at all. Sports anchor had the most life out of any of them. Leading into weather it's mentioned that she's sick and at home not feeling well. I noticed on the sports ticker the #BuffaloStrong still uses the circle 7. I wonder how long that will last.
  6. Any station will brag that they're #1.
  7. What? You mean this board is having a major overreaction to something before it launches? Impossible. I agree with you. Personally, I like the name. Will it work? That remains to be seen, but such a big rebrand isn't cheap. They'll either stick with it for as long as possible or it'll fail and they silently dump it.
  8. I was thinking Seahawks.
  9. I'm told it'll launch Tuesday (12/14).
  10. That open is radically different - I haven't seen that before. Looks good and adds a bit of excitement.
  11. This is correct. It's only on full screen gfx. Minor changes, but they're definitely improvements. Bigger elements, more depth, color gradients, and some updated animations. It isn't as flat as it was.
  12. I actually really like this version. The white variant with video underneath seems to add more...depth? Not sure what it is, but I think it looks better.
  13. I haven't seen anything, but oftentimes companies don't like to admit that they paid out whatever money was necessary. I'm curious to know how much money stations are losing from being unable to run local ads.
  14. It's ironic. They allowed themselves to be canned because they didn't get microchipped the shot, but the way the environment currently is some will have trouble getting jobs elsewhere (TV or not) because...the vaccine is required.
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