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  1. You guys tease them for a new, but "dated" look, but I guarantee you station employees are ecstatic to have gotten something brand new at all.
  2. MidwestTV

    The "3" Thread

    It's not unlikely the WKYC rebrand was many months in the making and it was going to be easier to see it to fruition than completely scrap everything. They likely had spent good money to see the rebrand through. Go out with a bang and see if this one sticks.
  3. I thought it sounded completely different. A bit more aggressive and energetic. Their biggest customer is still Scripps, right?
  4. Before they expanded it was always interesting how widely used the "Action News" brand was in Scripps. I always wondered how so many of them came to use it.
  5. MidwestTV

    The "3" Thread

    It seems like a weird cross of the Tonight Show and View. If Jay is the only host, what is Hollie doing there? She's in the entire show. I give them props for creating something unique with the open and show title. "Lunch Break" isn't a bad name for a midday show at all. The glare on the monitor array needs to be fixed ASAP. Although it's only the first show and changes will have to be made, it still seems doomed to fail.
  6. While I understand wanting a uniform look across all of your platforms, it is slightly disappointing that they lack their own individuality now (kind of like the Borg). That said, it's a clean look and certainly much better than the mess that's CNBC.
  7. Aerial is the new iNERGY in terms of widespread mass pickup by local TV. I'm sick of it.
  8. I never realized they took so much damage during that earthquake.
  9. The current get up was ok, but never spectacular. It was weird always having a nighttime skyline during the middle of the day. It was fine for the time, but lacked the versatility of the other 3.
  10. MidwestTV

    The "3" Thread

    An American attempt at being European. If you feel the need to air a package about how your new look will work, it's probably too complicated. Or you think your viewers are total idiots. As a nitpick: you can have a logo that emphasizes the "all encompass" of WKYC and seem a little more inspired than that.
  11. You know this looks like a more toned down and industrial look of the more recent Nexstar looks (see: KSNW, KSNT). Or maybe like a retro revitalization idea of WGN. I wonder if it's so ugly it's almost iconic. We look back at some logos of the 70s on here with design horror. It's so...humble...that it's nearly contemporary. Also, kudos to the station for posting such a long and elaborate timelapse. It really gave a sense of the scale and time of the production. Too many of these time lapses are seemingly under 1 minute with a few pictures taken every 6 hours.
  12. WHAS has an entire podcast series on mysterious unsolved murders in a community in their viewing area.
  13. MidwestTV

    The "3" Thread

    Slow your roll there partner.
  14. No. They want to, but I don't suspect they will. These guys aren't necessarily broke. Deb has plenty of money sources.
  15. CBS lost the feed of the Chiefs-Jaguars game Sunday due to a "power outage" that affected half the stadium. CBS originally said they were going to switch viewers to a more competitive game, implying the KC-JAX game was too boring. Then, SEVERAL minutes later, they said their truck took a "power hit" and they were working to get it back, while showing other games and updating (I use that word loosely) fans on the status of the KC-JAX game. There was never, to my knowledge, an official explanation of what happened nor an apology.
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