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  1. MidwestTV

    WEVV New Graphics

    That OTS probably is surely going to be fixed ASAP. How does that even happen?
  2. MidwestTV

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    2011 isn't necessarily THAT bad if it was designed well and aged well. The desk could stand to be replaced, though. I didn't realize it was that old. As for sets that need replacing, I vote all Citadel stations (KLKN, WLNE, SNN). Those things were pretty sterile and cheap when they launched like 7 years ago.
  3. MidwestTV

    WIVB New Set, Graphics and Music.

    The ticker behind the main anchor desk is distracting, at least on that solo shot. My eyes were immediately drawn to it and it was hard to look away.
  4. MidwestTV

    Out & About

    KSHB reported on this case, to their credit.
  5. MidwestTV

    Gray 2019

    Gray seems to have unveiled a new look. I'm unable to get screengrabs at the moment, but videos of the new package are on KOLN's website. I think their live stream replays old newscasts too. https://www.1011now.com/livestream The new look has several elements from the last one, but is much more polished and simpler. Weather got a gigantic upgrade.
  6. MidwestTV

    New WDIO Set & Logo

    I actually like the open. One of the first things I noticed, however, was the background of the TV. It looks like they didn't finish bringing the faux-rock across to the other side. Those plain white slabs are so stark.
  7. MidwestTV

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    I mean......NOW I see it, but it's almost certain the thought of 9/11 never once crossed the minds of the creators. But again, the fix to this problem is simple; just add the slightest bit of serif to the tip of the 1s. Problem solved.
  8. MidwestTV

    KDVR studio renovation

    KDVR meteorologist Jessica Lebel posted this on facebook: An April debut is quite a long ways off, so they either have something big planned or are needing to gut the thing to its bare walls.
  9. MidwestTV

    KLRT FOX 16

    It seems a bit hodgepodge and thrown together. That corner getup isn't the cleanest execution of that style. It looks like they were going for an illusion of depth but it workout. Also seems like an FX design given the textured faux-rock wall with the mood lighting on it.
  10. MidwestTV

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    The faux window pane in the weather center is dreadfully useless
  11. MidwestTV

    WPEC getting new set?

    do they do the news from the weather center or something? that desk is always there. or is it the whole set? i'm so confused.
  12. MidwestTV

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    I think it might be a bit better if there was the slightest serif on it, but are we just going to ignore that slogan? "Where Atlanta Speaks"? What?
  13. MidwestTV

    WMAZ new studio

    If we're talking about weird things a station is next door to, KLKN is across the street from an adult novelty store.
  14. MidwestTV

    What’s wrong with this theme???

    How long did that dual studio format last?
  15. MidwestTV

    WBBH New Look

    The Rock: just when you think it's about to die, someone resurrects it.

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