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  1. Possibly? As the years have gone by it seems like Scripps stations have been allowed some form of individual creative freedom because the look certainly isn't has cohesive as it once was. To entertain you, it makes me wonder if they're considering pulling a Nexstar and having a unique look for each affiliate. I suggest that because, again, that topical is reminiscent of World News Tonight.
  2. But...tickers are inherently flat...and the "whole mess" on the left is something that would probably be called "layers." You can have layers of something and it still be flat. The light is effectively lip gloss. If you think that's "about as non-flat as you can get," then what does that make WPTV's 2009 look? 5D?
  3. Apparently, Apollo approached Tegna about a sale of some sort (either buying or selling to Tegna) and Tegna has been shrugging them off. Apollo is being persistent. https://www.wsj.com/articles/apollo-approached-tegna-about-a-sale-earlier-this-year-11565985568 It's the WSJ so there may be a paywall. Tegna's stock surged 11% in the last 4 minutes of trading Friday after the news was made public.
  4. Yes, and the triangle 7 works quite symbolically when if you think of it as a representation of Colorado's mountains.
  5. Across between Tegna and Hearst would be nice. How have none of you noticed the resemblance to World News Tonight? That's what I first thought of.
  6. That newsroom looks claustrophobic.
  7. Not just the text, but some of the animations are clunky as well. I'm specifically talking about the end of the open when their logos pop forward and begin to spin back. There are a couple awkward pauses that don't need to be there. It just doesn't look completely finished.
  8. KLKN has announced a new general manager. Kern Dant will replace Roger Moody who has been with the station since 1997 (KLKN signed on in 1996) and is a member of the Nebraska Broadcasters Hall of Famw. Kern Dant's father was the first GM in '96. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/237671/kern-dant-named-general-manager-of-klkn/ The Standard Media sale, by the way, is expected to be completed early September.
  9. Lubbock seems like too small a market to have that kind of in-house lifestyle program, and that talent bump was way too long. Cool, I see them...oh, I still see them.
  10. "Now" seems to be a recent branding strategy by Gray. KOLN in Lincoln is 10/11 NOW. That's a bit...redundant. Or are they saying 16 News is now live whereas before it was pre-recorded?
  11. Choircast? That was a choice and it was a bad one.
  12. Apparently KSHB has lost its ND, GM, and EP within the span of about two months.
  13. The studio looks phenomenal lit up like that. The open is probably the worst thing of all. Repeating shots showing nothing but the logo is small market. It's also uninspiring. The first couple seconds with the eye were promising, then...nothing.
  14. That's a really nice building. Pity the newsroom doesn't have windows to the outside.
  15. This was only a rehearsal, remember. The desk has TV monitors so it's likely they just didn't switch the logo out for the proper one. I agree that the weather center is barren. That step off to the right, is that the working area off screen? Regardless, there is more than enough room there to have added another TV or two. The wall with the Eyewitness News logo...man...there was so much potential there. It just doesn't work. Honestly, my biggest gripe is the echo. Is this because it's a rehearsal, or is the studio not sound proof? If it's the latter it needs fixed asap.
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