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  1. Did they use a mini green screen as a faux-monitor in the weather center before?
  2. That's lit pretty dark. There needs to be more lighting in that negative space on either side of the vertical monitors. Also, there's too much negative space on either side of the vertical monitors.
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned the bug is completely opaque rather than semi-transparent. It looks much, much better that way. (personal opinion that their '3' logo is something KMTV should adopt)
  4. Home base is lit weird. The logo up top is poorly lit and that whole structural element almost seems CGI, probably because it's only lit from the bottm. The camera is crooked, too. Opening shot should have either been tighter from the start or wide then push in. Just my two cents, I'm not the director.
  5. Did they commission Aerial? I agree, I really don't like it. Almost anything is better than Aerial.
  6. Non-TV stations, so places like their corporate office.
  7. It means that market is likely about to die and probably not a fun palce to work. Another triopoly + 1 market. See: Topeka with Nexstar's KSNT/KTKA/KTMJ and Gray's WIBW.
  8. In another video message to employees, CEO David Lougee announced that work-from-home guidelines will remain in place until at least January 4, 2021. This means that employees who can work remotely and don't absolutely have to be in the building (i.e, sales, promotions, etc) will do so until next year. However, on-air talent may be allowed back in the building on a market-by-market basis depending on what the COVID numbers are in their respective locations. Some other notes include: -85% of employees completed the company survey -everyone will get a $100 UberEats gift card -non-TV station buildings will be modified with COVID in mind and then they'll be required to come back to work in January -people who want to keep the option to work form home after the January 4th date need to talk to their immediate leaders
  9. What a horrendously distracting severe weather set up.
  10. KCBD meteorologist Kelly Plasker has died. I have heard that she took her own life.
  11. Nice touch with the mountains in the background. Adds a bit more depth. A suitable color scheme for Colorado, really, given how cold it gets.
  12. What's equally bizarre is KPLC lost two transmitting towers at once last year: an old one set for decommission and the one being built to replace it. https://www.kplctv.com/story/2170789/kplcs-new-transmitting-tower-operational/
  13. They're all largely unchanged, just a few minor edits. Nothing radical.
  14. Really up to the individual stations if they want to bother downloading them. Not a hard-fast requirement. Mainly the tropical icons were updated along with a few other updates and a couple new ones.
  15. Updated icons had been in the works for months. They finally became available a couple weeks ago.
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