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  1. What's this? A new flat design that TVNT isn't having a hemorrhage over? Mark the time and date! This is a fresh look based on the provided screen caps. Good work. Arguably what Scripps v3 should have been.
  2. Some of you are getting way too emotionally involved in this.
  3. I simply cannot imagine MCTYW surviving, not with out stringent Tegna is on it's look.
  4. It's a very fresh look. Parts of it give off a CNN vibe, but maybe that's because of the chrome. Large displays, sharp corners, brightly lit (although with so much blue it feels cold) with occasional round elements to change it up. It has European elements that have been given an American flare. As for the graphics. They're certainly improved. It's a flashy flat look that doesn't go overboard. It's energetic.
  5. I haven't seen anything "official" out of Louisville, but WHAS seems to be celebrating growth in some of its newscasts in a recruiting pitch (while also acknowledging their ratings fell off a cliff under old management?).
  6. The problem with the blue is that the hues are too similar and too dark. It borderline looks grey. The full screens are the worst offender. Making the banner white would make a WORLD of difference.
  7. Methinks Scripps might have realized they weren't equipped to tackle a project of this size on their own (but that's assuming everything discussed here is true).
  8. Didn't someone say the corporate creative dude was recently fired or on his way out? Or that someone was pushing it out when it wasn't ready? What I'm taking away from this is Scripps was in over their heads trying to do this themselves and didn't have the talent or experience necessary to make something memorable. They got what they paid (or rather, didn't pay) for. Lesson learned. Which is another thing that makes me laugh. RederOn look was fantastic, but too time consuming? Ok, go back to RenderOn and ask them to make something else, but simplify it and reduce render times while still looking well thought out and inspired.
  9. I guess Standard has decided to try and make a footprint in ultra-small markets with low power and low quality stations to try and improve them. Then again, for an upstart company like Standard, small is probably the way to go. Providence and Little Rock will be their largest markets. I'm most surprised about their foray into radio.
  10. It might be time to make an individual thread for Standard Media. They just bought nine TV stations. WGBC (Fox/NBC Meridian, MS) WHPM (Fox, Hattiesburg, MS) WNBJ (NBC/CW Jackson, TN) WPBI (Fox/NBC Lafayette, IN) WPBY (ABC Lafayette, IN) WYD WJKP (MyNetwork Corning, NY) KJNB/KNJE (Fox/CBS Jonesboro, AR)
  11. WAVE is what I'd envision a Tegna V3 or Scripps V3 update would have looked like. The L3s are very reminiscent of Tegna.
  12. Something that might help is if the L3 text was bold (like the temperature) instead of narrow. It's a big bar with relatively tiny text. Or, design the L3 similar to the 'coming up' box, which is two different shades of blue and layered. That makes a huge difference. I also hope the lack of music underneath the 'breaking news' slate was accidental and not intentional. It loses all sense of urgency.
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