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  1. Nexstar isn't coming in and changing anything to that studio. Tribune/KDVR just shelled tens of thousands of dollars to BDI to build it from the ground up. It'll be around for years. You really think Nexstar will come in, scrap it, and spend tens of thousands of more dollars to make them look like everyone else?
  2. I mostly agree. The problem is the brick and white framing. Replace the brick with something more blocky and more mountain-like and the look is improved. The main problem is the white framing.
  3. Tearing up the background live on air was cute lol
  4. FTVLive saying the station "decided to part ways" with the two is a stretch at best (but what else is new for him?). They have three kids that are all like, under the age of 5. They both worked primetime in TV news. How they ever had time to be with their kids is a mystery to me. Good for them though focusing on their children. I'm sure it was tough working their schedule with such young children.
  5. Ahhh yes! Metro Sports. Those were the days.
  6. Wouldn't be surprising. A show with a hodgepodge of ideas that just wasn't that good.
  7. Good look, but the first 30 seconds of that newscast is enough to make me want to change the channel. Shaky camera and the anchors seem a bit unsure of themselves. Plus, holding tablets looks d u m b. At least you can fold papers.
  8. Oh man, I wish they had brought back that 19 typeface for a second life.
  9. A lot of you guys aren't naming truly interesting newscast titles. "NewsChannel __", "Eyewitness News," "Action News," "News __ at __" are all very generic and widely used.
  10. What do you mean "somehow"? Also can't help but laugh at the comment on the article Whoever the Bradleys are. But come on man, it's St. Joseph lol, not Kansas City.
  11. As you command. Both of these are unique for the simple reason of Louisiana's extensive French cultural influence. While the name is lost on a non-Frencher like me, it might make sense to the locals as there is surely some rudimentary French in casual conversation throughout the state. While the translation of KLFY's sounds...odd...I'd be satisfied with it if the region or some other element is referred to colloquially as the "pass-key" region or something. KALB's "Jambalaya" makes literally zero sense for an apparent hard-news show. Cooking or a lifestyle show? Perfect. But hard news and weather? Ehhhh. This would be brilliant as a general station slogan and not a specific newscast. It's limiting confining it to a newscast and not the entire brand. "2une In to 2," or "2une In To WBRZ." It's arguably a better play on than channel 4 stations that use "Working Fo(u)r You." Heck, "2une In To 2" has the added bonus of saying the word "to/two/tu(ne)" three times in 4 words, hammering home the point that they are channel 2. TUne in TO TWO. It'd be even better if they were channel 22: "TUne in TO-TWO" (Tune in 2-2).
  12. Pretty sure ABC put a mandate out a few years ago that the ABC be as prominent as possible or have certain dimensions relative to everything else in a logo
  13. There is WAY too much going on. Even just looking at screen caps my eyes are darting everywhere trying to take everything in and process it. The video walls are completely lost with everything going on around them. Even the gfx are lost in the busy carnival house-like mess of the studio. Was somebody tripping on LSD when they designed it? It probably looked better on paper than in execution.
  14. The newsroom flows seamlessly into the studio portion, but I never realized how large that studio portion was. I bet it'll be a nightmare once they start hammering/drilling/etc because the only thing dividing the two are those black curtains. As for those windows, part of me kind of hopes they don't. It always aged pretty well. The control room is behind those windows and I feel they'd like to keep that scenery.
  15. What is "inventive" about that? It's yellow and white boxes with black text inside of it. You can go into PowerPoint and re-create that look in less than 2 minutes. At least something like WSB's forces you to actually take the time to work, be detailed, think things through, and take your time. Nothing about this is "inventive" and certainly not "futuristic." Sure, it's clean and simple and not distracting, but it's hardly inventive.
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