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  1. KDCU Noticias Univision Kansas a las Diez full newscast from April 2020.
  2. KUVN Noticias 23, full newscast from 2008.
  3. A full newscast of KORO Noticias 28 from 2009.
  4. News clip of WSCV Noticiero 51 from the mid to late 1990s featuring...Ambrosio Hernandez! I'm sharing this because...there isn't enough Spanish news clips being shared here.
  5. KAKW Noticias 62 Univision news clip from 2006.
  6. WNJU Noticiero 47 news open from 1991(?)
  7. The infamous OJ Simpson White Bronco chase as seen on Noticiero Telemundo back in 1994 via WNJU. Also includes some clips from WNYW, Noticiero Univision and WXTV Noticias 41.
  8. WGBO-TV/Univision promos from December 1999, Univision's first year of their famous "White Space" image idents and show promo end cards.
  9. For those that want to see the commercials and promos from WLTV in 1988 without the Sabado Gigante, here's a version of that right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp_WGwtjbQ8
  10. Here's a WABC Eyewitness News story focusing on the Cat in the Hat Ballon accident from 1997. Note the snippet of the 1997-1999 news open with Norman Rose doing the voice over instead of Mike Lewis.
  11. It's Mr. "You're Watching NBC 4, The Tri-State News Channel". Now he's the voice of New York's official TV station for WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I guess the reason for why Mr. Chapin is now the new voice for WABC is that Charlie van Dyke is getting old.
  12. For those that wanted to see the news open of WGBO Noticias 66 with the original 1996-2001 look instead of the secondary one, then here ya go! WCIU Informacion 26 news clip from the 1990s
  13. Another clip of WXTV Noticias 41. 11PM newscast from December 31st, 1992 with Denisse Oller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUZTUwwuR9A
  14. Fun fact: MTV made a program that aired on Telemundo in the early 1990s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_foDT4O2x8
  15. Here's another clip of WNJU's Informador 47 from 1990. Featuring Jorge L. Ramos with a mustache! Opening and top stories.
  16. WNJU Noticiero 47 newscast (1st half) from 1994 with Mari Santana and Jorge L. Ramos.
  17. Here's (I think) the second half of an airing of Sabado Gigante from Christmas Eve 1988 via Univision affiliate station WLTV 23. There's lots of rare WLTV stuff in this video as well! Timestamp bonus: WLTV 23 "Golden Transmitter" station ID used from 1988-1989.
  18. Here's a full newscast of WUVC's Noticias 40 pulled from their official Facebook page:
  19. The 1988 Blue Set, the one I remember when I was little.
  20. Besides Diana, how about we talk about their famous blue set?
  21. Can't wait to see Scripps destroying and butcher one of NYC's most iconic television stations. It's not going to be pretty imo.
  22. WXTV Noticias 41 11PM partial newscast from December 1993 featuring the legendary Rafael Pineda.
  23. Here's something you don't see: newscast from a Univision station without the Univision. This is Sinclair Broadcasting's Noticias Noroeste.
  24. WNJU Informador 47 (1990) If anyone knows anything about the news theme of WNJU Informador from 1990, let me know.
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