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  1. Every 2019 Univision station ID except for O&O stations


  2. JonMon1219 has uploaded a completion of all the 2019 news opens for the Entraivision owned Univision stations. Includes one for KBZO which I believe doesn't even have a local news department, but it's nice that Entravision made one just incase they decided to do such a thing...Unless I'm wrong. Please enjoy. I also asked him if he's going to do the same thing for the Univision O&Os. I'll let you guys know about that.
  3. Cursed image! In all seriousness, it's nice for WABC to have Sam back. Takes me back when WABC didn't had an ABC logo stuck on the circle 7.
  4. If anyone happens to have the news open of KMEX using the new news package, let me know.
  5. Looks just like the WNYW one. Now where's the one with the 1991 KRIV news theme?
  6. WLTV--I mean WAMI-TV presents Noticias 23 en UniMas montage from the 5PM newscast. As you may have notice, for the Unimas newscast, they doing the news in the main newsroom. If it goes well enough, other Univision O&Os may follow.
  7. With KMEX finally opting in with the new 2019 graphics, you think the 2013 graphics phase out saga is over? ... ... ...Nope, not at all. There's actually one last Univision O&O that's still using the 2013 graphics, and that's Cleveland, OH's WQHS Univision 61...although they only do minute long newscasts. https://www.facebook.com/univisioncleveland/videos/2251961208454286/
  8. WLTV Noticias Univision 23 morning news with 2019 graphics
  9. Too lazy to screencap or record, but KDTV Noticias 14 has switched to the 2019 Univision graphics package. That only leaves KMEX as the last Univision O&O to utilize the 2013 graphics package. If you want to be very technical, it's Univision's weather division, Ventana Al Tiempo that is the last that will utilize the 2013-2019 graphics.
  10. KAKW Noticias Univision 62 first newscast with the 2019 Univision graphics package WUVG Noticias 34 full newscast with the 2019 Univision graphics package
  11. KLUZ Noticias Univision Nuevo Mexico 2019 opens
  12. For those that are fans of the RudeHoney graphics package used by Univision affiliates back around 2001-2006, I have a very special treat to show you! A graphics demo reel from 2000! Note some of the differences between the demo and final. Some of the opens are even blank! Please enjoy!
  13. All the Univision O&Os are currently using the previous weather graphics because the new ones haven't been added to the 2019 graphics package.
  14. KUVS begins use of the 2019 graphics package. KMEX and KDTV have yet to make the switch.
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