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  1. And it's today that it's Univision's first time airing a NFL game in Spanish.
  2. I don't live in Chicago, but I even know that Tom Skilling is a legend in not only in Chicago, but in this country. I give my congrats and best wishes on his retirement! He deserves it!
  3. Long time WSOC-TV Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson is gonna retire in late February after 27 years at Channel 9. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/chief-meteorologist-carolinas-steve-udelson-retiring-february/POA5ORFNQBESFNKCJYHYYRWDXI
  4. Damn.... That brought back memories of what happened last year when WBTV's helicopter crashed.... My thoughts are with everyone at 6abc and the family members of the 2 crew members.
  5. On Monday, RecordTV debut their new logo and rebrand. They're now just called "Record".
  6. ESPN announced that the great Barry Melrose has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and is stepping away from the network.
  7. And today on this day in 1953, RecordTV went on the air. Congrats to them on their 70th anniversary!
  8. In one week, RecordTV in Brazil is gonna turn 70 and earlier this month they revealed their 70th anniversary logo to commemorate it.
  9. And here's the opens, and they're using Guardian.
  10. WCNC Charlotte announced today that they hired WNCN anchor and reporter Nick Sturdivant as their evening news anchor. He'll be doing the 4pm newscast along with Jane Monreal and the weekend evening newscasts. https://www.wcnc.com/article/about-us/wcnc-charlotte-award-winning-journalist-nick-sturdivant/275-30efa6c8-04d0-4d8e-b908-cad1e2ca2bb1
  11. Apparently WBTV got the GrayOne graphics today along with the new logo.
  12. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    An update on Bob Barker.... He passed away from Alzheimer's.
  13. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    Some really sad news out from the Queen City. WBTV has announced that the great Steve Crump has sadly passed away after his battle with colon cancer. https://www.wbtv.com/2023/08/31/steve-crump-beloved-wbtv-reporter-nearly-40-years-dies-following-cancer-battle/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=wbtv
  14. The bankrupt Diamond Sports Group has sued Sinclair for fraudulently withdrawing as much as $1.5 billion according to Reuters yesterday. https://www.reuters.com/legal/sports-broadcaster-sues-parent-sinclair-alleging-15-billion-fraud-2023-08-16/
  15. Earlier tonight in Brazil, Rede Bandeirantes' main newscast "Jornal da Band" launched their new set and graphics. It's hosted by Adriana Araújo and Eduardo Oinegue
  16. Speaking of which. It got debuted back on Wednesday with new music as well.
  17. A familiar face at WBTV is back. It was announced yesterday that Dedrick Russell is back at the WBTV as their Executive Producer of Community Content.
  18. WBTV got a new metrologist.
  19. Here's some more elements of the graphics for the Stanley Cup Playoffs on TBS/TNT
  20. They incorporated the Stanley Cup on the scorebug, replay transition is different, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs logo is on the top left corner during replays instead of the "NHL on TNT/TBS" logo that's usually on the top right corner.
  21. Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs got started, there's some minor changes with the NHL on TNT/TBS' graphics
  22. According to a report from CNBC, NBC Sports is preparing for an aggressive bid to bring back the NBA. NBC wants to have have a package to include playoff games on the network and some regular season games on Peacock. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/13/nbc-sports-prepared-to-make-nba-bid.html
  23. He's been released from jail. https://twitter.com/NewsNation/status/1623523062766350337?t=s51zr2OS2gZNmLqYvkwoVQ&s=19
  24. Some sad news out of Brazil. Long time jornalist for TV Globo and the first black Brazilian TV journalist Glória Maria has passed away from her fight against cancer.
  25. 2023 giving us another final blow after Pelé's death yesterday.....
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