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  1. It appears that Noticias Telemundo got some new graphics and music today.
  2. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    My thoughts are with WBTV, Jason Myers' family, and Chip Tayag's family during this difficult time. This is a tragic day in the Queen City and in the TV news world.
  3. And the Charlotte Observer confirmed that it's WBTV's helicopter that's crashed.
  4. It appears that it's WBTV's helicopter, but no word has come out from WBTV themselves or the other Charlotte stations. https://twitter.com/JoshuAguirre/status/1595104221422145537?t=p_uyZ3zXRFIIVbnqUeE2_g&s=19
  5. Here's Telemundo's graphics. Edit: And the intro. Theme song is still the same. https://youtu.be/9c3fDvX6Tqk
  6. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    Altitude Sports and the Colorado Avalanche announced that the long time color commentator for the Avs and NHL legend Peter McNab has sadly passed away at the age of 70.
  7. If anyone hasn't noticed yet, ESPN made some changes to the font on their scorebug.
  8. NHL on TNT's Anson Carter became part-owner of the Arizona Coyotes' ECHL affiliate Atlanta Gladiators. https://www.nhl.com/news/anson-carter-becomes-part-owner-of-echl-team-atlanta-gladiators/c-336506654
  9. Ray Ferraro announced on Twitter that he's leaving TSN, but is staying with ESPN.
  10. ESPN got a new rebrand for their ESPN+ NHL out-of-market games called "NHL Power Play on ESPN+" https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2022/10/espn-launches-nhl-power-play-new-brand-for-1050-out-of-market-games/
  11. RecordTV's 24 hour news channels "Record News" got a updated logo. https://youtu.be/F6QskCuALNk
  12. Yeah hearing Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on ESPN is really weird.
  13. This is how CTV News and Global News in Canada announced the death of the Queen.
  14. Dennis Eckersley is gonna retire from NESN at the end of the season according to the Boston Globe.
  15. Since we're 5 days away from the new Premier League season, 3 days ago Rebecca Lowe announced that she signed a 6 year extension with NBC. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgjxpfCgUCe/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  16. Axios Charlotte announced today that they're launching a news partnership with WBTV https://charlotte.axios.com/298849/axios-and-wbtv-news-team-up/
  17. Today in Brazil. RedeTV! News got some new graphics and set.
  18. Legendary Toronto Blue Jays PBP Buck Martinez announced on a press release from Sportsnet that he'll step away from the booth due to being diagnosed with cancer and start the process of treatment within the coming weeks.
  19. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    Longtime NFL insider John Clayton has sadly passed away today at the age of 67 after a brief illness.
  20. Yesterday the NHL unveil their rebrand and new logo for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. https://secure.nhl.com/stanleycupbranding/
  21. Yeah....Brazil have their own ways.
  22. So while CBS got their new Special Report graphics. In Brazil, both TV Globo and TV Band recently launched their new breaking news intros.
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