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  1. Here's the intros of Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada
  2. Here's some graphics ESPN unveiled for the NHL.
  3. I'm just hopeful that there's a shot on goal counter on it.
  4. It appears that ESPN's NHL scorebug got leaked.
  5. And here's the formal first look of the NHL on TNT studio
  6. I just got an email from YouTube TV saying that they reached a deal with NBCU.
  7. Charlotte FC have found their play-by-play announcer for the English language broadcast.
  8. Meanwhile at ESPN. They're launching a new NHL studio show called "The Point" hosted by Buccigross. It'll debut on October 7th at 5pm on ESPN2
  9. Here's the intro and theme. And indeed there's a SOG counter!
  10. And here's the first look of the NHL on TNT set. I'll post some screenshots as the coverage goes on.
  11. A new addition to TNT. Former NHL ref Don Koharski will be joining in their preseason coverage tonight providing his view from the calls made by the NHL referees.
  12. And YouTube TV will lower their price if they take off the NBCU channels.
  13. On Thursday, September 30th, TNT will start off their NHL coverage with a preseason doubleheader starting with the Philadelphia Flyers heading to the TD Garden in Boston against the Boston Bruins at 7:30pm followed by the Vegas Golden Knights playing against the LA Kings at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, puck drop at 10pm. https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/media-release/2021-22NHLonTNTPreseason
  14. Also worth noting that Turner Sports released their broadcast schedule the same day ESPN released theirs as well. And there's TNT's logo of their NHL coverage.
  15. I noticed when I was watching CBS Sports' UEFA coverage on Wednesday that they moved the eye to the right.

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