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  1. So on October 1st, YouTube TV will drop the FOX RSNs.
  2. Apparently TVI/TVI24 in Portugal got some new graphics, music, and set last Sunday. And Pedro Mourinho is with TVI as well (formally worked for SIC).
  3. ESPN updated the scorebug/graphics for their CFB coverage
  4. Scripps announced that they reached an agreement with Dish Network today.
  5. As of Thrusday. NFL Network and NFL RedZone is officially on YouTube TV. RedZone is on a add-on bundle called "Sports Plus" that's for $10.99/month.
  6. And it appears that the new set and graphics made its debut today.
  7. So WPRI/WNAC showed a sneak peak of the said new set, with a rebrand and new graphics. They're launching a 4pm on September 9th. They'll be called "12 News Now", and it sounds like that they're gonna drop Newsforce in favor of Aerial. https://www.wpri.com/on-air/wpri-12-launches-12-news-now/
  8. Today Kyle Martino has announced on Instagram that the 2019-2020 Premier League season will be his last covering of NBC Sports' coverage of the Premier League.
  9. And still have their current theme going strong as well.
  10. WCCB still haven't upgraded their set for 2 decades now.
  11. AaronQ

    Out & About

    Something you don't see every day. Someone base jumped over at an apartment complex over in Cleveland and crashed into the WOIO/WUAB studios hanging for dear life. The person has a broken leg and the incident happened Sunday at 2am. Disclaimer: The video of the incident is pretty graphic. https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/08/09/man-breaks-leg-after-base-jumping-off-apartment-roof-crashing-into-news-station/
  12. And to kick off CBS' coverage of the UEFA Champions League today, they used Sir Patrick Stewart for the opening intro.
  13. My condolences to FOX8 Cleveland and Dick Goodard's family and friends during this difficult time.
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