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  1. Legendary Toronto Blue Jays PBP Buck Martinez announced on a press release from Sportsnet that he'll step away from the booth due to being diagnosed with cancer and start the process of treatment within the coming weeks.
  2. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    Longtime NFL insider John Clayton has sadly passed away today at the age of 67 after a brief illness.
  3. Yesterday the NHL unveil their rebrand and new logo for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. https://secure.nhl.com/stanleycupbranding/
  4. Yeah....Brazil have their own ways.
  5. So while CBS got their new Special Report graphics. In Brazil, both TV Globo and TV Band recently launched their new breaking news intros.
  6. Apparently there's the shorter version of CBS News' new Special Report open.
  7. It's noteworthy that it applies to Telemundo as well.
  8. The TNF logo looks like the logo from freaking Rocket League.
  9. AaronQ

    In Memoriam

    Sad news from the NFL world. The great John Madden has passed away earlier today at the age of 85.
  10. Last week Grupo Bandeirantes in Brazil hired long time former RecordTV journalist and anchor of "Jornal da Record" Adriana Ara├║jo. She'll make her debut to the Band's family of networks next year. https://www.band.uol.com.br/entretenimento/adriana-araujo-e-a-mais-nova-contratada-do-grupo-bandeirantes-de-comunicacao-16465714
  11. The colors give me some Seattle Sounders vibes.
  12. And WBTV got their successor for their next Chief Meteorologist when Eric Thomas retire. Congrats to Al Conklin on becoming the next chief!
  13. Yesterday NBC reached a 6-year extension deal with the Premier League. Reports say that the contract extension is worth over $2.6 billion.
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