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  1. AaronQ

    Out & About

    Former WPRI/WNAC reporter Caroline Goggin is heading up to Boston to work with WHDH 7 News. Her last day at WPRI 12/FOX Providence was on Friday.
  2. Add WJHG and KCRG to the list
  3. AaronQ

    Out & About

    So a quick update, yesterday was Ryan Kruger's last day at WXIA 11 Alive.
  4. Also worth noting that he occasionally does commentary for NBC's NHL coverage as well.
  5. AaronQ

    Out & About

    Some movements in Atlanta: WSB-TV meteorologist Katie Walls is heading to Charlotte to work for Spectrum News, and her husband, reporter Ryan Kruger of WXIA is leaving as well to explore options in the Queen City. Edit: Katie Walls' last day at WSB-TV is on June 21st. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-meteorologist-katie-walls-leaving-wsb-for-spectrum-news-north-carolina/YOTQu3Sc0RSF6MFoeXlHcM/
  6. AaronQ

    Out & About

    Erica Bryant just made the announcement during the 6pm newscast after the weather forecast.
  7. All of the Charlotte stations has done a pretty good job on covering the events in the city.
  8. Next up on the list of local stations doing the CBS Weekend News is KOIN 6 of Portland, OR. And the host is Jeff Gianola. https://www.koin.com/news/jeff-gianola-hosting-cbs-weekend-news-from-koin-6-studios/
  9. Not yet, still on the old Raycom graphics.
  10. If that happened, it'll be a big game changer for the Charlotte market.
  11. IIRC Nexstar uses a different platform for their mobile news apps as opposed to what FOX Television Stations is using.
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