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  1. AaronQ

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    With some heavy heart to announce that CBS News journalist Maria Mercader passed away Sunday due to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with her family and her colleagues at CBS News during this difficult time. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/remembering-maria-mercader-cbs-news-journalist-for-three-decades/
  2. YouTubeTV took off WMYT from their lineup today.
  3. WPRI 12/FOX Providence gave a behind the scenes on how they do social distancing and other measures they do to protect the crews at WPRI 12 and adapting them.
  4. And hockey sticks as well if you're in Canada.
  5. Sad news to report, because of pandemic, the 2020 XFL season has been canceled.
  6. It drew criticism from the Premier of the Prince Edward Islands province.
  7. TVN's 24 Horas got a new intro and music last week (and the music was based from the theme from 2005-2015)
  8. AaronQ

    Out & About

    I think only during this pandemic
  9. AaronQ

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    You know, I failed to mention that on WCNC, they cut "Charlotte Today" to 30 minutes and no live guests. Their midday newscast now starts at 11:30am.
  10. AaronQ

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    Since yesterday WSOC-TV distance themselves in their studio. Not sure if the other Charlotte stations does that though.
  11. This is WJZY's mic flag right now.
  12. The thing that gets me is that Raleigh have a Univision/UniMas station (WUVC/WTNC), but Charlotte doesn't. And the only way you get local Univision/UniMas in this city is if you get it through Spectrum.
  13. I don't know when it happened, but apparently WFXT updated their graphics.
  14. You know, I'm wondering if it'll spread to FOX's college football coverage.
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