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  1. I heard or read somewhere that if it weren't for the close-by fire department, their old building wouldn't have survived the multiple fires that have broke out over the years. Most or all of them occurred after the Channel 48 blaze. Somewhere downtown seems likely..... unless there is a possibility of leasing any space near the U.S. Space and Rocket Center somewhere. Wherever they ultimately go, their home aWAAY from home activities will never be the same. I would guess it would feel like working in a grand resort when compared to where they are now. All in all, this is something
  2. Promising news for WAAY-TV 31 serving Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley region. Allen Media recently launched the station’s private network of three radars, and now appears they are getting ready for an “impending facility relocation.” This is according to a Chief Engineer job ad linked below. This thread may be a good place for anyone to document any developments over the coming months as more information pops up. Channel 31 was once a ratings powerhouse, but fell sharply in the mid to late 90’s, as their competitors made major investments in news and weather. The local ow
  3. Hey @TServo2049@Samantha wonder Samatha if you could move these replies and the initial videos or a part of this into the discovered/identifying composers thread? I didn't want to help accidentially steer off this thread in the wrong way haha. I agree with you TServo. I can hear the 4-note motif in KSL 1989 as well. The place where I hear similiarities is the melody in places between the image song and Non-Stop USA News on the NMSA montage. Otherwise, the older news themes have that Tuesday sound... for sure! Just a thought, but it's always possible Non-Stop created the vocal campaign initiall
  4. @TServo2049@newsteam13 The WAFF/KUSA vocal campaigns brought back a memory. I have not heard this one in years. KLTV in Texas used the same vocals. KLTV.... East Texas... USA... We're Proud of You (or) Proud of You. Heard it on a non-stop vocal campaign sampler years ago. Gets confusing here - maybe the vocal campaign preceded, by several years, the news package commission for KUSA in 1995? You can hear melody similarities on the nmsa USA NEWS montage - around :30-:54 and definitely around 1:25 and a few other places. I personally believe the news package was created well before
  5. Sure seems like it... it's almost as if they decided to use a heavier drum mix of the cut as a transitional theme leading up to the rebrand. It's a lot more in your face soundiing compared to the normal newswire cuts.
  6. @WWUpdate@Spring Rubber The theme appears to be a custom "newswire" cut and mixout variation originally made for a series of promos with the tagline: Committed to Chicago. You can make out the newswire audio logo towards the end for a sports promo in the first commerical break at 9:42 and in the morning show tease during the second comm. break at 16:26 in the 1997 clip above. Here's another mix variation of it for a 1995 "Commited to Chicago" news promo. There may be more promos on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPtEVcnZ_sM
  7. Awesome find @Samantha over the KSLA Theme. I known for some time that it came from Dallas, just didn't know who. Jake also composed and produced tracks for TM Century. Sometime in the late 90s/early 2000's, TM formed a TV music division called "Jake and The Boys", so there could be a few other unknown themes out there that he was a part of.
  8. It's been a while! So glad to be back on TVNewsTalk and hope to contribute occasionally on this thread that I started ages ago. Someone once asked about the KTAL 1997 THEME, so here's a clean 60 second copy inside my shared TVNT dropbox folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qaae8xleopm5u0i/AACWvWssd11wXNjJOYO2fIUza?dl=0 This may be of interest to you @T.L. Hughes Theme title is "Newsworthy" - - it has about 5 lengths and was produced by Backtraxx, a buyout collection which supplemented a bunch of looping video backgrounds on DVD, all which later merged into wh
  9. This isn't really a discovered news package composer...... more like a potentially discovered musical influence that shaped some themes. Have to wonder if this song released in July of 1983 influenced one the main themes of Gari's News Channel and a theme in Gilmer's Image IV package? I also remember a sound-alike version on one of the first Megatrax CD's! I always thought the inspiration came from Flashdance, not this dude. Start from the beginning and notice the 8 second mark. EDIT: just noticed the ending starting at 3:46 is also a dead giveaway and sounds close to the tag of News C
  10. I'm glad that it came to mind so quick.
  11. EDIT: It's Aircraft as I predicted. Disc 1 - Title: The Motivating Factor http://portal.aircraftmusiclibrary.com/main/?searchtext=volume[=ACL001]&0 If you were talking about the open, I'm 99.9% sure that's an Aircraft Production library track.... most likely found somewhere in the first 10 discs -
  12. Yes they have... def kudos! Thank goodness that clanky, marching-band music pack is gone! It's about damn time! da....da da da.. dum dum....da da dum! Bad thing was they only seemed to use 2 cuts of it. Ugggh!
  13. Compared to Tuesday, agree that it's better. Hopefully NXT they will get rid of the "live shot" transition graphic with the clapping music when going into tragedies and other serious news. Maybe today they will get that right.
  14. Lol I'm chilled dude, unless I'm dealing with Mardek1995. anyhooo, they used that cheeky-ass clapping cue going into a shooting story, so far at the top of two newscasts today. They probably did it at 6pm and will repeat it at 10. That's 4 times. It's a common-sense mistake. In addition, the fast graphic transitions into the related-story live shots used the clapping as well. Does someone NOT think.... gee this cue doesn't work with death, shootings and serious news? And WWL isn't the first TEGNA station to make the blunder. Another station went into the Parkland shooting intro at the t
  15. These days, WVUE and WDSU are kicking tail, so between those two... my pick is FOX 8. Raycom hasn't screwed around with the operation too much, since the Benson family still has a sizeable stake in the ownership. If anything, the anchor shuffling that Raycom did has turned out to be a plus. Take WWL's loss of talent, changes so often to their identity and now g-unit beats, claps and chants.... it will be interesting to see what happens next over the next few rating periods.

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