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  1. Pretty big boneheaded f*ups for WSMV and Meredith... nice to see the consequences of those dumb moves showing up in the ratings and their bottomline. The damage is far from over...it's just getting started and doesn't even factor in the additional pain once DK shows up at WKRN/WTVF and the outcome of the lawsuits from former WSMV employees. Recovery will take a longtime (if ever) in a market like Nashville. They've simply made bad moves, lost other talented vet employees and then the lawsuits. Fun times ahead for that station... a station that was once known for it's rich legacy, stability, and deep trust with the community!
  2. This isn't really a discovered news package composer...... more like a potentially discovered musical influence that shaped some themes. Have to wonder if this song released in July of 1983 influenced one the main themes of Gari's News Channel and a theme in Gilmer's Image IV package? I also remember a sound-alike version on one of the first Megatrax CD's! I always thought the inspiration came from Flashdance, not this dude. Start from the beginning and notice the 8 second mark. EDIT: just noticed the ending starting at 3:46 is also a dead giveaway and sounds close to the tag of News Channel.
  3. I'm glad that it came to mind so quick.
  4. EDIT: It's Aircraft as I predicted. Disc 1 - Title: The Motivating Factor http://portal.aircraftmusiclibrary.com/main/?searchtext=volume[=ACL001]&0 If you were talking about the open, I'm 99.9% sure that's an Aircraft Production library track.... most likely found somewhere in the first 10 discs -
  5. Yes they have... def kudos! Thank goodness that clanky, marching-band music pack is gone! It's about damn time! da....da da da.. dum dum....da da dum! Bad thing was they only seemed to use 2 cuts of it. Ugggh!
  6. Compared to Tuesday, agree that it's better. Hopefully NXT they will get rid of the "live shot" transition graphic with the clapping music when going into tragedies and other serious news. Maybe today they will get that right.
  7. Lol I'm chilled dude, unless I'm dealing with Mardek1995. anyhooo, they used that cheeky-ass clapping cue going into a shooting story, so far at the top of two newscasts today. They probably did it at 6pm and will repeat it at 10. That's 4 times. It's a common-sense mistake. In addition, the fast graphic transitions into the related-story live shots used the clapping as well. Does someone NOT think.... gee this cue doesn't work with death, shootings and serious news? And WWL isn't the first TEGNA station to make the blunder. Another station went into the Parkland shooting intro at the top of their show using that silly cue. Ridiculous! My point earlier is that they've had plenty of time to think about transitions, music cues and the emotional tone/balance of the newscasts. Yes, quick enough to witness the trend down month to month. Sad! On the bright side, I think the morning show promo using the new music actually works pretty well. I'm hoping and thinking the new elements will fit the morning show better than anything else.
  8. These days, WVUE and WDSU are kicking tail, so between those two... my pick is FOX 8. Raycom hasn't screwed around with the operation too much, since the Benson family still has a sizeable stake in the ownership. If anything, the anchor shuffling that Raycom did has turned out to be a plus. Take WWL's loss of talent, changes so often to their identity and now g-unit beats, claps and chants.... it will be interesting to see what happens next over the next few rating periods.
  9. Yep yep... coooos, wheeews, ahhhs, and claps going into breaking news.... good job boneheads! Thankfully the story didn't involve any deaths this time, but I'm sure they'll coooo, wheeew, and clap into a tragic story in a matter of hours or a day or so. Bad music selections, blown out graphics (on a calibrated flatscreen), especially on the NXT graphics and the bottom ticker during weather needs bringing up. Can't hear the clap tracks on the weather stinger. Giving them one positive, the idents are well enough. They had time to rehearse, so no excuses over execution or the music selections. Hopefully this junk gets better or this legacy station will be further in the toilet before long.
  10. Clap Cooo Cooo Clap Ohhhh Ohhhh Clap Hmmmm Clap Ahhhhhhhhh Clap Claps.......It will be EXTREMELY interesting to watch how the NOLA market embraces WWL's mandated "change" with the new look, tone and musical branding. With WWL already dethroned from a 35 plus year streak of over-the-top dominance and now overall #2 and in a few places #3... this change is the dumbest mistake they can make and their hands are totally tied over the decision. I feel bad for a station, that just a handful of years ago, had ratings that equaled all of the other stations combined. The overall market might be easy-going, carefree, and have a "let the good times roll" attitude, but has always liked very traditional news that doesn't change/waver. Out of any market, the area didn't even embrace WGNO's TENGA'ish, campy/casual, "News With A Twist" style, even with its bar-backdrop and cajun-influenced music. Consistency, hard-hitting hometown news, and long-time talent is what kept WWL a powerhouse for so long. Many on this forum are quite aware of that, but obviously the suits have yet to understand their markets. Let's just go with our in-house consultant. Wooooo! Yeah, we'll go with what he says. I wonder if WWL will deliver some stories sitting on the studio floor next? WFAA, WWL and WVEC are just three examples of TEGNA stations that have not only lost their sense of identity, but what they have long stood for, and their legacy in general. Me thinks this coooo clap ohhhhh clap ahhhhhh coooo clap coooo coooo oooooooohhh cooooooo clap clap clap musical branding and cheeky approach will firmly place them in a #3 position over the long-term. Get ready to FINISH watching the slow, painful, derailment of WWL. I seriously hope I'm WRONG!
  11. The singer solo on the front part sounds like Wayne Nelson of Tuesday Productions to me. This must have been some sort of TV sales revenue generating campaign. Years ago, I saw a "Buy the Pinebelt First" spot for WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS with full vocals, so I'm guessing this campaign made its rounds during the late 80's and into the mid 90's across many smaller to mid-size markets. I remember that same logo/animation layout, so this was perhaps, a turn-key deal that involved music, animation and related material for a set price.
  12. Agree Raymie that it's a good one and awesome that you found another station using this one! It appears the close on WTOK's piece started about where the close ended on the KIMT video. I like how the close piece started, interesting open and cool sax bumper for weather. My guesses on the composers would be Peters? even though it wasn't in his montages? Tuesday or Silvertree? It doesn't sound like VTS to me, but the close piece reminds me of Tuesday in some way.... so there may not be many leads on this one.
  13. I was lost in a Youtube surfing time warp and stumbled upon a random anchor/reporter's channel. After going through a few of his videos, has has some rare footage of WTOK in Mississippi from 1990 with an unknown theme for their close. I've never heard it before, and to me, doesn't sound like generic production music. Also @Pine Belt Media will probably enjoy seeing Roslyn Anderson, who appears at the beginning of the video. Someone who has a channel should contact him to upload an open or full newscasts if he has any. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=wj-ZSnh5X6Y;m=5;s=25
  14. No doubt, she'll resurface soon after that pesky non-compete is done. Demetria is disputing how the "ending" of her career at Channel 4 really went down. It apparently ended with a letter being placed on her desk, according to this article: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/01/01/demetria-kalodimos-and-channel-4-split-after-33-years/970305001/
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