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  1. Chris Hayes started on Weekend mornings! I honestly think MSNBC is finding the right formula to balance news and opinion. CNN tries to balance but fails every time. FOX doesn't hide their bias but they hit a ceiling. There are only so many pro-trump viewers to capture. Personally, I use to watch CNN during the day and go to MSNBC in primetime but now I stick with MSNBC all day. I think the "MSNBC Live" branding, as opposed to individual shows, with a variety of anchors has really pushed the news side above CNN. Exactly. NBC has no certain future now with Megyn Kelly. How much longer can Sunday Night last? Ratings are terrible and after SNF, it is highly doubtful it will return.
  2. I don't necessarily think it is because of perceived conservative politics because Nicolle Wallace seems to be holding her own. She always runs behind Cavuto on Fox but either beats or is close behind Tapper on CNN in both the Demo and Total Viewers. I think the Fox News stigma hurt Greta more than anything. Whereas Wallace and Hugh Hewitt weren't thrown into their own shows but rather were slowly introduced to MSNBC viewers over time through the campaign and on the 11th Hour.
  3. But, on another note. When looking through the Vimeo page, is it normal to have graphics such as the one below made up for the death of a monarch in another country? Seems odd. [MEDIA=vimeo]197236802[/MEDIA]
  4. I agree. The graphics aren't great, they aren't bad. Typical CBS.
  5. It appears that Nightly News has an updated look. They have kept the same music but with a new open. Not sure if new graphics are coming but I imagine they are.
  6. My source is my guide and my DVR on Xfinity. Guess it is wrong. But, why would that appear, obviously that was sent to Comcast for some reason.
  7. Did anyone notice that at 9:30 tonight, it is scheduled to be an ABC 7 Newsbrief? Is this permanent for the summer during Sunday Fun and Games? Is ABC going to fill that half hour between match game and the news?
  8. Something new to MSNBC primetime tonight, a news ticker with the current time. For as long as I can remember, MSNBC has not used a ticker during primetime. This is more of a switch to news based during political primetime shows.
  9. Brian Williams has taken to the anchor desk at MSNBC.
  10. So this was posted on Kate Sullivan's Facebook page earlier... I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone for your kind words, love, and support in the past 24 hours. I was suddenly let go from CBS 2 yesterday and now no longer work there. As I said to my boss when he told me the news, I have nothing but supreme gratitude for five beautiful, difficult, fascinating, and challenging years in Chicago. God works…in mysterious ways. Always. Be. Kind. ‪#‎Onward‬ ‪#‎Trueworth‬‪#‎Faith‬
  11. Currently, there is a weather update from the new Weather Center on the website.
  12. The new graphics are nice but I wish there was an updated open like KNBC's with music other than 360's. I guess I will survive with this...
  13. Damn. I was hoping for the 360 music to go and be replaced by Tower V.5 or a newer version. Don't get me wrong, I like the 360 music but Tower is just pure WMAQ!
  14. So...here is the official word from WLS regarding Cheryl Scott. http://abc7chicago.com/careers/meteorolgoist-cheryl-scott-joins-abc7-chicago-weather-team/437359/
  15. Back in the studio at 5. Nothing new on the graphics side of things yet.
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