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  1. I believe it’s produced out of New York City.
  2. Ah, yes, the "Proud N 2.0."
  3. I'd like the logo better with the white border as well. Yet, I must be honest: I love the new logo typeface. I did my take on what the current logo should've looked like.
  4. Don't get me wrong, but I must be honest: I love game shows, newscasts and soap operas.
  5. To be honest, I doubt that Paramount and CBS News & Stations would remove the channel numbers from most CBS O&Os' newscast titles.
  6. As of last morning, the Fox 13 Morning News is now Good Day Seattle. I must confess: I love the new title.
  7. DonDonP1

    In Memoriam

    My condolences to the Angle family and to the Fox News family.
  8. If that's true, then I wish Jim Gardner the best of luck on his retirement at this year's end.
  9. Hello. Honestly, I doubt that all the Disney Channels across America and Canada would be closed down for good.
  10. I thought Fox 6 Milwaukee and Fox 13 Seattle did switch weather graphics.
  11. All the best to MJ and Matt.
  12. Opinion respected. I may be missing that iconic "Q13" branding, but am looking forward to a new era, come Friday. I have been calling Western Washington home for 23+ years. Gee, I missed Texas and Oklahoma.
  13. I have been fine with KCPQ being the only Fox O&O to have the Fox name in the general branding only. Now, I'm getting the hang of KCPQ and KZJO changing their respective brandings of Q13 Fox and Joe TV to Fox 13 and Fox 13+. I'll bet that the rebrand would begin on Friday at 4:30 a.m. Pacific. The station's website got updated this morning.
  14. Or just rename the merged company as either Warner Discovery or just plain Discovery for that matter?
  15. Well, I am glad that Disney is keeping the 20th Century brand and legacy alive for centuries to come. I wish Disney would have merged 20th and Touchstone Pictures into--get this--20th Century Touchstone.
  16. If the CBS Weekend News does indeed originate permanently from the DC newsroom, then Major Garrett may become the new permanent anchor of the Weekend News. Just saying.
  17. Nice. Yet, I still hope someone from Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in Oklahoma City would step in. Fingers crossed.
  18. Nice. I still hope someone from Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in OKC, would step in next.
  19. WHOO! So stoked! Good luck, Monique Ming Laven! Hopefully, KWTV in my native Oklahoma City would be next afterwards. Fingers crossed.
  20. Fascinating. I still hope Seattle's KIRO 7 would be next to have one of its anchors step in. Likewise, Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in my beautiful native Oklahoma City. Fingers crossed.
  21. Indeed it was. "The Mission" introduced me to the legendary John Williams.
  22. If that happens, then may I suggest that hour five would be stream exclusively on Peacock?
  23. Oh, right. Well, I do love ABC's current "Breaking News" theme the same way I love the one from 1991.
  24. <raising a bottle of water> To John. Thanks for all the hard work you did at WFAA and good luck on your retirement.
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