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  1. I love the new name and a new audio logo as well. I did my faithful recreation of the new Audacy audio logo.
  2. I am so digging the new graphics. Loving, that is.
  3. Hello. Personally, I am totally fine on whether or not Jeopardy! and the Wheel of Fortune would move from ABC O&Os to Fox O&Os in 2023. If that happens, then both shows may move from Seattle's KOMO 4--the ABC affiliate owned by Sinclair--to the Fox-owned KCPQ 13.
  4. That is also why Seattle's KOMO 4--owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group--stuck with the Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, eh?
  5. Yep. It is indeed remaining where it is.
  6. So glad that Les is back at 30 Rock after over half a year at his home studio. 11/15 UPDATE: Les Holt returned to anchoring Nightly from his home studio as of last Thursday. 11/10/2020 UPDATE: Les Holt continues to use his home studio to anchor breaking news coverage--just like he did recently--and NIghtly News: Kids Edition.
  7. Hello. I was about to state this: maybe the MyNetworkTV O&Os would carry that speech. The same may go for MyNetworkTV affilaites that are sister stations to Fox affilaites and owned by different companies other than Fox itself. Then again, you may be right. Seattle's Joe TV, KZJO 22, was among the MyNetworkTV O&Os to carry Fox News' coverage of the final POTUS debate. UPDATE: Fox is carrying the speech right now. MyNetworkTV stations are carrying regular programming.
  8. Hello. Someday, I plan to do a fan-made resynch/rescore vid on what should have been.
  9. Hello. Simple: Q13 Fox, like WTXF Fox 29 in Philadelphia, is using the main theme from the OSI package for the opening title sequence only.
  10. Thank you! As do I. Thank you, Fox, for keeping the Q13 brand alive and well and for making Q13 the only Fox O&O to have the Fox name in its general branding and only that.
  11. Well, the wait is over: Q13 Fox Seattle has officially changed its on-air graphics and theme music to the ones used by the rest of the Fox Television Stations Group. It debuted at the start of the Q13 Weekend News at 9 p.m. on Joe TV and I am loving it! Also, Q13 Fox is remaining the only Fox O&O to incorporate the Fox name in its general branding, but not the news branding. That I love as well.eral branding, but not the news branding. That I love as well. Oh, and in addition to using Stephen Arnold's "Beyond," Q13 used a main cut from OSI's "Fox Affiliate News Theme" for the "This is Q13
  12. Oh, right. Teen Kids News may remain on KONG as well until that deal expires. That show used to air on Q13 Fox and KSTW CW 11 before that.
  13. Apparently, Extra may not move from Seattle's KONG to Q13 Fox, KCPQ, but it might either next fall or the fall after next. Fingers crossed. Correct me if I am wrong.
  14. And may go WNBC by keeping the "Q13 News" branding instead of reverting its newscast title, making Q13 the only Fox O&O to have the Fox name in general branding only. After all, the Q13 branding has been well-known for nearly four decades. If Fox decides to change Q13's news branding to "Q13 Fox Seattle News" in addition to adding the "Seattle" part to the general branding, then that is fine by me.
  15. Well, I am glad that Disney is keeping the 20th Century brand and legacy alive for centuries to come. I wish Disney would have merged 20th and Touchstone Pictures into--get this--20th Century Touchstone.
  16. Hello. Fascinating. What will happen to the Wheel of Fortune? Would that move to WDAF Fox 4 as well or remain where it is--on KSHB 41?

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