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  1. WHOO! So stoked! Good luck, Monique Ming Laven! Hopefully, KWTV in my native Oklahoma City would be next afterwards. Fingers crossed.
  2. Fascinating. I still hope Seattle's KIRO 7 would be next to have one of its anchors step in. Likewise, Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in my beautiful native Oklahoma City. Fingers crossed.
  3. XFL discontinued for good again? Man, oh, man.
  4. Indeed it was. "The Mission" introduced me to the legendary John Williams.
  5. He did. Recently, he anchored the breaking news coverage of the presser and the Nightly News from his home studio as well.
  6. I agree with you on KCPQ's general branding change to "Fox 13" and the news branding change to the "Fox 13 News." The last time KCPQ was not branded as "Q13" was during the 1979-80 television season.
  7. If that happens, then may I suggest that hour five would be stream exclusively on Peacock?
  8. Seattle's KIRO 7 no longer airs regular sport segments on the weeknight newscasts, either, just on the weekend evening newscasts.
  9. Wow, my dream of Seattle being a Fox O&O market is now a reality!
  10. Could that set up double as a breaking news desk or what? I am curious.
  11. Yesterday, 20th Century Studios updated its website and its social media profile pic. I hope 20th would change its URL from foxmovies.com to 20CS.com. Fingers crossed. Attached is what 20th's on-screen logo would look like at the end of its logo sequence. Expect that new logo to be byline-free.
  12. Exactly. Oh, and Tom Llamas reported from either the Times Square Studios or the World News Tonight set or the breaking news desk. Correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Well, ABC aired coverage of President Trump's "victory" speech and it carried both the Breaking News and Special Report designations. Wow.
  14. And I thought red is a color of breaking news.
  15. Well, earilier this afternoon around 2:30 p.m. PST when ABC covered the final roll call vote in the impeachment trial, the words "special report" and "breaking news" were used in one same lower third. i wish all the pre- and unprecedented coverage would have used the "Breaking Story" designation, though.
  16. I thought those two two-word phrases are synonymus to each other, but do love that idea. NBC and CBS, please take notes.
  17. And Disney XD did not simulcast ABC's breaking news coverage during the first quarter; it returned to regular programming before first half ended.
  18. I am totally cool with the 20th Century Studios name. Yet, I wish Disney would have either merge 20th and the currently-inactive Touchstone Pictures into the new 20th Century Touchstone label or just fold Touchstone into 20th by integrating Touchstone's library into 20th's.
  19. Let's hope that Austin's KTBC Fox 7 would follow suit as well.
  20. Here in Seattle, KOMO 4, KIRO 7 and KCPQ 13 are carrying their live newscasts.
  21. Hello, everyone. On another thought, Judge Jerry will be seen Seattle: on Joe TV, KZJO 22, at Noon and 12:30 p.m., beginning on Monday. A week later, the new seasons of Maury and Steve Wilkos, also on Joe TV; that station will be Seattle's exclusive home for those shows.
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