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  1. Nor does every O&O excludes the "Fox" name from its newscasts. Unclear on whether or not Q13 would be the only Fox O&O to have the "Fox" name in its general branding, but not the news branding. Also, KTVU is the only Fox O&O that does not change its URL; its URL--ktvu.com--mentions the call sign as opposed to its station branding.
  2. Hello, Nelson. Q13 Fox has not launched its midday newscasts, yet. It might in the fall and would air at 11 a.m. rather than Noon. Maybe the change in on-air graphics and music would happen in time for either the News at 4 or the News at 5 or the two-hour primetime news on Joe TV. UPDATE: The change may happen at either 8 or 9 p.m. on Joe TV or 10 or 11 p.m. on Q13 Fox.
  3. OK, Q13 Fox updated its website. Unclear on when its new on-air graphics and music would debut. Yes, the Fox Corporation is keeping the Q13 branding alive and well. Unclear on when Fox would revert the station's newscast title from Q13 News to Q13 Fox News. Whether KZJO would be rebranded as Q13 Plus, that is unclear as well. https://www.q13fox.com/
  4. If the CBS Weekend News does indeed originate permanently from the DC newsroom, then Major Garrett may become the new permanent anchor of the Weekend News. Just saying.
  5. Nice. Yet, I still hope someone from Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in Oklahoma City would step in. Fingers crossed.
  6. Nice. I still hope someone from Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in OKC, would step in next.
  7. WHOO! So stoked! Good luck, Monique Ming Laven! Hopefully, KWTV in my native Oklahoma City would be next afterwards. Fingers crossed.
  8. Fascinating. I still hope Seattle's KIRO 7 would be next to have one of its anchors step in. Likewise, Oklahoma's Own News 9, KWTV in my beautiful native Oklahoma City. Fingers crossed.
  9. XFL discontinued for good again? Man, oh, man.
  10. Indeed it was. "The Mission" introduced me to the legendary John Williams.
  11. He did. Recently, he anchored the breaking news coverage of the presser and the Nightly News from his home studio as well.
  12. I agree with you on KCPQ's general branding change to "Fox 13" and the news branding change to the "Fox 13 News." The last time KCPQ was not branded as "Q13" was during the 1979-80 television season.
  13. If that happens, then may I suggest that hour five would be stream exclusively on Peacock?
  14. Seattle's KIRO 7 no longer airs regular sport segments on the weeknight newscasts, either, just on the weekend evening newscasts.
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