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  1. Hello, everyone. On another thought, Judge Jerry will be seen Seattle: on Joe TV, KZJO 22, at Noon and 12:30 p.m., beginning on Monday. A week later, the new seasons of Maury and Steve Wilkos, also on Joe TV; that station will be Seattle's exclusive home for those shows.
  2. Hello. According to the Judge Jerry website, that show airs at 1 and 1:30 p.m. on KCOP My13.
  3. I myself thought the remerged company would be called "CBS Paramount," but my mind is already made up. I love the new official name. I love ViacomCBS.
  4. Speaking of Family Guy, Ron Jones composed a "Breaking News" cue for an episode of that show.
  5. Well, both 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios are parts of Disney Television Studios.
  6. Disney licensing the trademarks from Fox Corp., eh? At first, I thought on that. Then I thought it was the other way around.
  7. Well, I am glad that Disney plans to keep the 20th Century Fox brand, logo, fanfare, history and legacy alive for centuries to come. Unclear on whether or not Disney would upgrade the Disney Television Studios name by phasing out the ABC- and Fox-related television production labels.
  8. Oh, right. Well, I do love ABC's current "Breaking News" theme the same way I love the one from 1991.
  9. <raising a bottle of water> To John. Thanks for all the hard work you did at WFAA and good luck on your retirement.
  10. And the "Breaking News" theme?
  11. The Fox network itself, along with the Fox Sports Media Group and the Fox Television Stations, will remain part of the Fox Corporation as well; Fox Corp. will be spun off from Disney in March.
  12. Oh, right, of course. Fingers crossed.
  13. It is possible. I can imagine this: Fox Sports Regional Networks to revert name to Prime Sports.
  14. Wow! That new logo reminds me of the Phillips 66 logo.
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