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  1. Me too. I switched to 7 during that era. Felt like they were on a shoestring budget.
  2. Does anyone know why they are anchoring NOT from the set beginning with the 4pm today? Are they updating the set?
  3. You’re insufferable.
  4. i called this back in February earlier in this thread. Go Chad!!!!!
  5. Interesting perspective on new ND choice: http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/3/7/ny-station-names-new-news-director
  6. Loving the doppler radar as the background for the set tonight. They need to change it up. So sick of the top of the rock cam!
  7. Ha! Please no! Kenny Plotnik should return to nyc and come to WNBC!
  8. Congrats to Susan. News 4 is a force in the city. It hadn't been in years and under Susan's leadership, it's become competitive again. I'm interested to see who takes Susan's place!
  9. "Even without an ND, WABC continues to lead the way in the ratings." Interesting. Wonder how the Olympics are affecting the numbers? Wonder if they are providing a nice bump to WNBC's 5 and 11 (which comes on at around 1130 during the Olympics)
  10. I interned at WABC when Kenny was News Director. Everyone looked up to him. He was good tough and tenacious leader WABC has gone downhill under Camille's leadership.
  11. In agreement here. Turned to WNBC coverage which was infinitely stronger.
  12. This will be the beginning of the end of WABC's news dominance in NYC. Mark my words.
  13. Did anyone see this? Hope Sade is okay. They may have mentioned this on air but I switched to 4 NY http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2017/10/17/ny-anchor-is-m-i-a
  14. Exactly. So miserable. and no I'm not Natalie's mother. I'm a former Eyewitness News watcher who switched because of Natalie.
  15. congrats Natalie! She's best thing to happen to News 4 in many years.
  16. Do we know if she is going to be paired with anyone?
  17. How did 4 New York do in the ratings? Obviously, Eyewitness News is number 1...but I do have to say WNBC's news product has increased in quality in past year.
  18. Are these "The news team you can trust" promos new? I'm just seeing them during the Oscars. It's seems odd and small market for the number one station in the number one market.
  19. fantastic news. She mentioned last night after Bruce's sports segment that she would be "racking up a ton of frequent flyer miles" which made me think she was going to in fact stay. Very good news. Love her!
  20. Congrats to Natalie. I love her. i think she is a young shining star at WNBC. She's just fantastic. And hot damn the new set is gorge.
  21. With NBC primetime doing much better than in previous years, I'll be curious to find out if that helps News 4 NY at 11 at all? Also does anyone know if they are in second place or third place at 11? I'm sick and tired of these general WABC quarterly press releases because they give no insight into any of the numbers.
  22. Love that! Love the whole look for WNBC. They are BACK IN THE GAME
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