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  1. Are you all watching the same show that I am? The reporting is in depth and layered and smart. They have great chemistry and the set is stunning.
  2. I completely agree with you. With that said, we know WABC is # 1 at 5,6 and 11. Do you have a sense as to how the rest of the stations fare in those time slots? I would think WNBC would at least be competitive at 11. Day you know? Thank you!
  3. Would give anything to see these ratings! Wish they were made public!
  4. Wow. I was under the impression the numbers were rising with him and Natalie but of course it’s a personal decision. Big loss for WNBC.
  5. Me too. I switched to 7 during that era. Felt like they were on a shoestring budget.
  6. Does anyone know why they are anchoring NOT from the set beginning with the 4pm today? Are they updating the set?
  7. i called this back in February earlier in this thread. Go Chad!!!!!
  8. Interesting perspective on new ND choice: http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/3/7/ny-station-names-new-news-director
  9. Loving the doppler radar as the background for the set tonight. They need to change it up. So sick of the top of the rock cam!
  10. Ha! Please no! Kenny Plotnik should return to nyc and come to WNBC!
  11. Congrats to Susan. News 4 is a force in the city. It hadn't been in years and under Susan's leadership, it's become competitive again. I'm interested to see who takes Susan's place!
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