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  1. Maybe it's fair enough for Nine to move Deborah Knight on from Today, but personally I see no reason why she should be moved on from her current position as the 2nd in-line presenter of Nine's (mostly) top rating Sydney 6pm news. Although it's fairly clear that neither Georgie Gardner or Deborah Knight are likely to ever become the main presenter of Nine News Sydney anyway, since Peter Overton is currently 53 and seems like he has at least another decade (I would probably say 15 or perhaps even 20 years, given that Peter Hitchener is still presenting the Melbourne 6pm bulletin at 73 years of age) of broadcasting ahead of him.
  2. I'd imagine that most if not all usage of station campaigns and news themes from US networks on Australian TV would've been licenced and above board though, since the graphical elements in Nine's original "Still The One" promo are basically the same as ABC's but with a different logo. Similar deal with Seven's versions of the NBC Idents & Launch Campaigns during the 1980s, etc. In my personal opinion, the Cool Hand Luke-derived news theme currently used on Nine News here in Australia doesn't really work with their rather flashy graphics or sets. I also have my doubts that Americans would really enjoy listening to the versions of The Mission which Seven News introduced only a few years ago.
  3. Just so you know, that last clip from Channel Nine Perth (with the Saturday night News Closer & Lineup/ID) is most likely to be from January 27, 2007.
  4. ...and with the debut of the new ABC News NSW set, here's some snapshots of it: While I personally think the new set looks good overall (especially for the variety of camera angles which had been missing in recent months), the still entirely SD production doesn't really do it justice. Also, the lighting could be improved a bit IMO.
  5. The new ABC News NSW set will be launching on Sunday night. In the meantime, ABC Sydney has posted a clip to social media showing a brief preview of the new set with Juanita Phillips. Looks pretty good judging by that preview, but of course my final verdict will be reserved until we see it in action!
  6. ABC News New South Wales will soon be launching a new set, after using their previous one for five years: No word yet on whether or not they're going HD, with ABC News being the last local TV news service in Sydney to be produced entirely in widescreen SD.
  7. That's more of a refreshed set than a completely new one though. Here's a few images of the set I captured in March 2017 (note that the desk & weather screen remains the same, while at least two of the three presenters are no longer at Prime7) while on a trip in the viewing area:
  8. The new set for 10 News First Sydney is a much needed improvement, with the previous set's core elements having floated around in some form or another for about seven or eight years (so pretty much the oldest in the market, possibly even lasted longer than Nine's 2009-17 set) with several modifications during that time. I believe the old desk was originally built for the ultimately shortlived Ten Evening News in 2011, while the three plasmas had been in use since at least late 2012 IIRC. Also since Studio 10 and other programs uses the same studio space at Pyrmont as the news these days, something with a bit more versatility was needed. Still hoping to see more elements of the bulletin airing in native HD (I know, it's absolutely embarrassing just how behind Australian TV is in HD news services and major channels in HD generally, but that's another story) before overly long though! Right now 10 News First is ahead of the ABC's entirely SD 7pm bulletin for NSW but are well behind Seven & especially Nine on the HD front...although sadly, Sydney is actually one of the better markets in this regard!
  9. Yeah, Southern Cross News Tasmania was supposed to become Seven News Tasmania in July but because the network didn't like that, the local affiliate had to do a compromise. In other news, former Seven newsreader of two decades Chris Bath will be presenting the weekend edtions of 10 News First in 2019, while continuing to host "Evenings" on ABC Local Radio stations in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Needless to say, Media Spy has been whipped into a frenzy over the news of a popular anchor returning to TV news on a regular basis. Since leaving Seven News Sydney in mid-2015, Bath's appearances on Australian TV have mainly been restricted to fill-in positions (perhaps most notably during 2017, ABC News NSW & The Sunday Project) and more recently, being the main star of the ABC's 2018 Invictus Games coverage when that event was held in Sydney during October. One suggestion made there was that Bathie might make a great presenter of 2019 Federal Election Coverage (if 10 News First does more than just updates), but I personally still think Ten would be much more likely to build on Lisa Wilkinson's experience of presenting election coverage for Nine in the past by making her the main star of any 10 News First coverage.
  10. Not to take anything away from Sandra Sully but especially if the ratings most nights are anything to go by, I'd probably still say that Nine's Peter Overton (Sunday-Thursday) and Deborah Knight (Friday/Saturday, was co-presenter on Ten Sydney for 5-6 years until being replaced by Sandra Sully post-2011 Late News axing) are the true king and queen of Sydney TV news right now. Anyway, the general On-Air Presentation package of the new 10 is alright (for Australian TV the logo is bold and distinctive and who knows, maybe it even looks good enough to last 27 years!), but the presentation of the news could do with some tweaking and refining around the edges. The backdrop isn't great, while the "10 News First" brand is seriously flawed because the other networks do more. Retaining the four note signature was definitely the right thing to do music wise but I personally still prefer the 2013-18 version which for my liking, was probably the best news theme Ten, if not Australian TV has ever had. Personally I hope Ten...or 10 will eventually bring in new sets, as well as a level of HD production in every market that's at least on-par with that of Nine (the current Australian leader in HD-produced TV news), if not better.
  11. The Sydney market has had many legendary broadcasters on TV and radio over the years, some of which are still on the air today. But I think Brian Henderson was this city's best ever TV newsreader. His style of reading set the standard in the market that most others (particularly at Nine) emulated to some extent, including Nine News Sydney's current lead presenter Peter Overton. Another point of interest with that old bulletin is looking at the other presenters/reporters who had/are having very long Australian media careers, some of whom are still at Nine to this day!
  12. A bit of TV ratings news from my home market - Nine News is #1 in Sydney for their 8th year in a row: https://tvtonight.com.au/2018/07/nine-news-claims-2018-title-in-sydney.html Seven News have won 21 weeks and the 2018 ratings year in the Adelaide & Perth markets, but no press releases were issued by them for those victories (as far as I can tell anyway). Nine have currently won most weeks of the 2018 ratings year in Melbourne so far, but it won't be until (at least) Early August before we know a winner in that market. The Brisbane/South East Queensland market is currently very neck and neck between Seven and Nine, there won't be a known winner there until at least sometime in September. Although it does have to be said that Seven News did win the ratings in Melbourne from 2007-11ish when Nine was performing really badly nationwide. But aside from that, Peter Hitchener has been a ratings winner for most of the 20 years he's been reading the news on Nine Melbourne while Brian Naylor (RIP) was also a very popular newsreader for the same station in the market before then. The Sydney market is probably a bit more competitive historically (Ian Ross won five years for Seven, while Roger Climpson had some moderate success against Brian Henderson around 25 years ago) and currently, but otherwise mostly loyal to Nine. Somehow I can imagine Nine's current main Sydney news/sports combination of Peter Overton & Cameron Williams being on the air for another ten years, if not twenty.
  13. ....and I believe Today Tonight Perth still uses the same theme music that East Coast Editions of the program used from 1999 until the axing/hour long news expansion in 2014.
  14. If Georgie Gardner and/or Deborah Knight are chosen to be Karl's new co-host on Today, there could be flow-on effects to the presenting roster of Nine's top rating 6pm news bulletin in the Sydney market with Georgie and Deb being the 2nd (Friday & Saturdays, main Sunday to Thursday fill-in for Peter Overton) and 3rd (main fill-in for Friday/Saturday and whenever Pete & GG are unavailable) in-line newsreaders respectively.
  15. Towards the end of his time at Nine, Rob McKnight also presented a weekly web show called "9StreamLive" - now that was a good one too! In the case of Sydney and Melbourne I'd probably say that the competition between Seven and traditional market leader Nine has tightened considerably in the last 15 years or so, remembering that Seven News did actually outrate Nine News in both of Australia's two biggest cities for a few years in the mid-late 2000s and even up to the very start of the current decade.
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