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  1. https://www.chicagoweathertalk.com/post/switching-channels From McGill regarding his switch from CBS 2 to FOX 32…
  2. Just goes to show how out of touch I’ve become with CBS 2’s constant musical chairs
  3. @24994J Thank you so much for linking this for me. You’re awesome! I appreciate it. Very interesting!
  4. Losing Bellis is a huge blow to WFLD. He was a constant in the weather department and really did a solid job. They were keeping stable for so long and now I feel like they’re starting to go backwards again. I would’ve cut Cody first. It’s no disrespect, I just feel like she talks to viewers like we’re kindergartners. Can someone provide more insight in regards to outsourcing to Fox Weather? I totally missed this?
  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one that found Irika’s lack of comment kind of cold. I surely would hope it was just that she couldn’t be reached. I found it kind of rude.
  6. Maybe not Sally, but definitely Tia. Everything she reports on, I cringe.
  7. Given that it’s in-depth interviews and talk stuff, Schulze and Ewing were probably chosen, as they are big into social justice. Ewing’s approach to reporting is one that I REFUSE to stand behind. Of course, I totally respect other people’s viewpoints and if they think otherwise!! This is just one I’ll definitely sit out and/or choose another channel.
  8. Tia Ewing and Roseanne Tellez have been filling in on GDC this week. I have to say, Scott and Anita are a strong pair/good match for mornings, but Tia and Roseanne have been pretty funny And lively for being fill-ins.
  9. Kristen Nicole is leaving WFLD to move to Kentucky to be with her son who splits time from Kentucky and Chicago. Her last day is May 31. They announced it on Fox 32 at 9 pm tonight. She plans to spend more time with her family, as she expects a third child.
  10. Dawn and Corey at 9 p.m. are a solid and authentic team! They have genuine chemistry and are strong, knowledgeable members of their field. The news is relevant, they’ve added some amazing talent (Rafer, etc.). Fox is definitely back. Props to Herndon too, bc he did a fantastic job while he was at WFLD.
  11. Linda Yu will be reunited with Sylvia Perez this Friday on GDC. 32 aired a promotional video on it. She will be taking about her future plans.
  12. Agreed! I’m not sure where they found her! But her delivery is cringing; and, she should not be the primary fill-in for Bill. I’d prefer Strehl.
  13. Agree, but like a little sister. I think she’s even a little worse.
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