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  1. Tia Ewing and Roseanne Tellez have been filling in on GDC this week. I have to say, Scott and Anita are a strong pair/good match for mornings, but Tia and Roseanne have been pretty funny And lively for being fill-ins.
  2. Kristen Nicole is leaving WFLD to move to Kentucky to be with her son who splits time from Kentucky and Chicago. Her last day is May 31. They announced it on Fox 32 at 9 pm tonight. She plans to spend more time with her family, as she expects a third child.
  3. Dawn and Corey at 9 p.m. are a solid and authentic team! They have genuine chemistry and are strong, knowledgeable members of their field. The news is relevant, they’ve added some amazing talent (Rafer, etc.). Fox is definitely back. Props to Herndon too, bc he did a fantastic job while he was at WFLD.
  4. Linda Yu will be reunited with Sylvia Perez this Friday on GDC. 32 aired a promotional video on it. She will be taking about her future plans.
  5. Agreed! I’m not sure where they found her! But her delivery is cringing; and, she should not be the primary fill-in for Bill. I’d prefer Strehl.
  6. Agree, but like a little sister. I think she’s even a little worse.
  7. Whenever Kaitlin Cody does the weather, I cringe... she talks to viewers like they are 2 years old. Between the hand gestures and baby talk, cringe!
  8. Wait, nevermind! You just never see him, lol!
  9. I thought bill was already out? A couple months back?
  10. Honestly, it seems like they're testing people out by moving them around (I.e. Dawn and Corey Sunday through Thursday now; Sylvia and Rafer on Sat/Sun; Anita anchoring GDC, etc.). Which, I'm actually not complaining about. 32 taking its time to name permanent people demonstrates that they are trying/continuing to rebuild their product after years of chaos. Just my thoughts.. (:
  11. McPherrin, Hasbrouck and Bellis, as well as D. Turner on a Sunday night had me rethinking what day it was.
  12. I will say though... Jeff and Dawn have brought a consistency that hadn't been seen at 'FLD since 2008. Kudos to them for finally rebuilding consistency and a solid product!
  13. I get it's his hometown and all and the asst. news director title is there, but it seems like a major downgrade. That's more of an entry-level station.
  14. This is a tough one! Him and Dawn have really brought life back to the 9pm newscast after it having none for so long. They have a chemistry that makes watching easy. He has surely brought a ratings boost during a time that needed it. I hope Dawn lasts a long time. She's been a great person for the 9pm spot as well!
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