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  1. Watching the CBS News app on Apple TV, I had the Bay Area feed on about 7:45pm ET. The intro to the 5pm newscast had “CBS News Bay Area, powered by KPIX” in the intro. take it for what it’s worth… (Also 2 minutes into the newscast, the commercial playback automation kicked in, and I got 5-6 local-to-me ads, obliterating the first story…)
  2. Several of the NBC stations used this package on their “Nonstop” channels - All 3 in California, WCAU and WRC did definitely - not sure if the others did, but WNBC did use graphics similar to NBC Nightly News for New York Nightly News on 4.2/New York Nonstop. (And I can’t remember if KXAS did either…)
  3. My 2¢: Use of a corner (and even strategic use, based on the actual studio) can let a station have 2 separate sets in a space that may have originally been designed for 1. Plus, depending on the set design, use of a corner can make the studio seem bigger on air than it is (all in the sight lines and layout…). A lot of work has been done to optimize these set designs, and while we may not like the sameness between markets, most folks watching don’t even know that the same set KATC has may be being used at WMAR or KXLF… Jim
  4. I was a bit surprised with WJZ in Baltimore moved CBS Evening news up a half hour - they’ve had the 6pm news hour for years, even before they even had a 5pm newscast (and 2 & 11 did…) Granted, they did add a 7pm half hour…
  5. KRLD/1080 is on an HD-2 in Dallas (which sucks if my rental car doesn't support HD when I'm visiting; I get a lot of electrical interference in the McKinney area which adds a buzz and hum to most AM stations (probably due to the Raytheon facility not too far away...). It would be nice to get them on a clean FM signal...
  6. I'm sure getting Aaron back on the air at WRC was part of it (he's much more recognizable locally than Vicky Nguyen), but the promos are basically saying they're starting with the "News that Matters from around the world" at 3 leading to the "News that Matters on your street" at 4 (I don't recall if they actually used "News that Matters", but that's the general gist) - I'm surprised they're not promoting the non-stop news lineup from 3 until 7:30 (yet...)
  7. I have some WCNC clips from 1994, but they got purged by Vimeo - will have to hunt them down and re-post... Jim
  8. One month in to the new season, and WRC 4 Washington DC is already futzing with its schedule: Dateline and NBC News Daily have switched places (Dateline now at noon and NBC News Daily now at 3pm). Access and Kelly kept their 2022-23 season timeslots (1pm and 2pm, respectively), so far... Jim
  9. IIRC, when they started up CBSN Baltimore, The anchors would say something like “You’re watching Eyewitness News on WJZ TV and streaming on CBSN Baltimore online”. Of course it could all have been in a dream… Jim
  10. This varies depending on the platform, the market and where you’re watching it from. I can run CBS News app on Apple TV, Pluto TV, and my laptop (web) from the same house and get different commercials of different lengths. I have noticed if I watch CBS DFW from Dallas (parents house), I get more ads (and local ones at that), vs. watching it in DC (fewer and more national, but sometimes a random DC Local), specially since CBS doesn’t have an O&O in DC… I have no problem with calling the service “CBS News Los Angeles” (look back to the 60s at WMAQ’s news was produced by NBC News Chicago), but I would treat it with a “You’re watching CBS News Los Angeles on CBS 2 and online.” - and only include the “location” (OTA, Streaming, App-specific) as appropriate. Jim
  11. I’m in the “Scripps News” camp… To me, Newsy sounds a bit hokey for what it is. I’m definitely not complaining about the content, but not a fan of the name. Jim
  12. Here’s the link to the original KCBS full newscast- and the date is July 8, 1991, not April 4 (the Christopher Commission started in April 1991, and there’s no way they’d have everything wrapped up in a couple of days…) https://archive.org/details/kcbs-070891-11pm
  13. Just catching up, but if you include Newschannel 8, I mean WJLA 24/7 (which is broadcast OTA on WIAV 58.3 - albeit ATSC 3.0), there’s constant local news from 11am until Midnight, and if you throw in Good Day DC, it’s straight through from 4am until Midnight… (all without cable TV!). (I’m not sure if LA has that full coverage, but they’re close…) I’m not sure, though of WJLA 24/7’s current live vs. taped in the afternoon, though they were replaying the WJLA 12pm newshour at 1, live from 2-3, then repeating from 3-4. lately, though, I’ve seen some live between 3&4 on the TV at work… Jim
  14. I disagree. Folks I talk to still say “Channel 2” or “Channel 4”, etc. in areas where the stations used the channel numbers, rather than CBS 2 or NBC 4. IMHO, the best way to roll this out would be to use the CBS News Chicago name for the newscast, but include something like this in the intro: You’re watching CBS News Chicago on Channel 2/CBS 2 and online at cbschicago.com. The folks watching OTA are still going to refer to it as the channel number, if that’s what they’ve been using their entire lives… J
  15. But historically in the Central/Mountain (and sometimes Pacific), it was National News at 5:30, followed by local news at 6 (or National at 5, local at 5:30 out west). If a station had a 5pm newscast (typically larger cities), it was more of a “Live at 5” program, featuring lighter news and features. J
  16. I’m guessing they’re bringing in either students or grads from Mississippi State’s program - I know in the past it’s been one of the best broadcast meteorology programs in the country. Jim
  17. What about localized versions of (classic) game shows? A game show could be designed such that the same questions/clues/puzzles could be used with the ground rules being that all all are taped at the same time/date. (Think a localized version of the $25,000 Pyramid or the British show Countdown (where each game is truly different and all depends on random draw made by the participants…) If there wasn’t dependence on secrecy of questions (e.g., Countdown) a portable set could be created that travels between locales for taping. Keep prizes small (two nights at downtown hotel with Dinner - or exchange between cities - a New York version has 2 nights at a DC hotel and vice versa. Or in the case of Countdown, a Teapot…) Just an idea…
  18. Alas, there will probably be less and less available, because, as you’ve noticed, stuff gets taken down all of the time on YouTube (and other hosting services). I’ve had stuff pulled off YouTube as well as a lot I posted on a paid account on Vimeo - all “here today, gone tomorrow”, with no explanation. I’ve given up on the commercial services after spending hours upon hours uploading, only to have stuff removed and accounts closed. I have been uploading to the internet archive, when I have time. Jim
  19. That’s an anchor pair who must be high on the longevity list - I seem to recall them together at KCBD back in the early 90s… J
  20. I process the cable bills for work, and Comcast charges $18.95 per month as a “broadcast TV Fee” - this is on top of the package to get cable channels. It’s ludicrous! At home, I have an antenna in the attic and get both DC and Baltimore locals - more than I’d get with cable… Jim
  21. I have many of these from that timeframe (including WPTV”s “We’re not about to change”) - I’ll try and report them - will probably Setup a separate account… My favorite one is with Jay Leno, where he goes something like: “ NBC is moving to Channel 4. Past the video games on 3 and before the goofy station on 5.” Of course he probably had no idea that 5 was also an NBC station in the area… (My parents didn’t have cable at the time and 5 came in clearly at their place). Jim
  22. They could self identify as anything they wanted not in use in Detroit… Look at NBC10 Boston - a stones throw from longtime legacy NBC station (and one time O&O) WJAR… Looking at adjacent markets, 3 & 8 are “available” (i.e., not in use) for full power stations, though there is an LD on 3 in the Detroit market. (CBS could make an offer on that LD station to get the Channel 3 PSIP… (and position themselves nicely between Fox and NBC on the Dial…) I’ll stop here so that I’m not getting into Speculatron territory… J
  23. Technically wouldn’t be the first Fox affiliate on Channel 3: KYUS was briefly (1996-98) a Fox affiliate after the sale to Steven Marks… J
  24. I wonder if this may supersede the league packages? If you want to see the NBA, then this is your only option…. Too many unmentioned details.
  25. The 6:15-ish rejoin on WRC was still the Look N rejoin. The open was Look S. Can’t say what the close was, as automation clipped the “good bye”…
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