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  1. That’s an anchor pair who must be high on the longevity list - I seem to recall them together at KCBD back in the early 90s… J
  2. I process the cable bills for work, and Comcast charges $18.95 per month as a “broadcast TV Fee” - this is on top of the package to get cable channels. It’s ludicrous! At home, I have an antenna in the attic and get both DC and Baltimore locals - more than I’d get with cable… Jim
  3. I have many of these from that timeframe (including WPTV”s “We’re not about to change”) - I’ll try and report them - will probably Setup a separate account… My favorite one is with Jay Leno, where he goes something like: “ NBC is moving to Channel 4. Past the video games on 3 and before the goofy station on 5.” Of course he probably had no idea that 5 was also an NBC station in the area… (My parents didn’t have cable at the time and 5 came in clearly at their place). Jim
  4. They could self identify as anything they wanted not in use in Detroit… Look at NBC10 Boston - a stones throw from longtime legacy NBC station (and one time O&O) WJAR… Looking at adjacent markets, 3 & 8 are “available” (i.e., not in use) for full power stations, though there is an LD on 3 in the Detroit market. (CBS could make an offer on that LD station to get the Channel 3 PSIP… (and position themselves nicely between Fox and NBC on the Dial…) I’ll stop here so that I’m not getting into Speculatron territory… J
  5. Technically wouldn’t be the first Fox affiliate on Channel 3: KYUS was briefly (1996-98) a Fox affiliate after the sale to Steven Marks… J
  6. I wonder if this may supersede the league packages? If you want to see the NBA, then this is your only option…. Too many unmentioned details.
  7. The 6:15-ish rejoin on WRC was still the Look N rejoin. The open was Look S. Can’t say what the close was, as automation clipped the “good bye”…
  8. WCBS air WoF when it first hit syndication, but quickly moved to WABC (I have an ad for it on WCBS from 83) - can’t speak for other markets, but KPRC had J! from the start, before it moved to KHOU, then KTRK… J
  9. Don‘t you realize it was recorded 10 years ago - they just re-run the same set each week… (LA and San Diego are the same way, too…) J
  10. Is the “Good Morning, Acadiana” theme gone too? If so, Boo! Jim
  11. I haven’t seen any big 3 stations cutting a late newscast short after a long sports overrun, but have seen some Fox stations cut the 1 hour newscast down to 30 minutes. Sometimes stations will pre-record the newscast… One situation I found weird was Lima, OH during the Olympics, where one company runs all big 4 networks… Fox had a 10pm newscast, but IIRC, the CBS and ABC (WOHL.1/.2) stations ran a slate stating that the normally simulcast newscast was not airing that night, but would air at 11:30 or midnight on WLIO/NBC…. I would either re-run the Fox newscast on the ABC/CBS stations, or do something live on the stations… (or something other than a slate…)
  12. IMHO, that’s not a bad implementation of the diagonal cursor idea. If you were to tighten up “BUFFALO” (and possibly use an oblique font - such as Univers Bold Oblique), and shorten the top on the 7 (a la KNSD’s 7). The key is getting everything to align on the diagonal… Jim
  13. I suspect they’re focusing on markets where on-line sports betting is permitted (as well as bandwidth). I wouldn’t think they’d need it on KLAS if the casinos wanted it on-screen at the casinos…. If the casinos want it on screens, they’ll find a way to get it on screens… Jim
  14. I’m thinking this is KLBK/13/Lubbock and not KELP for several reasons - References to the South Plains and the Panhandle of Texas - KLBK referenced the South Plains in one of their 90s opens, plus El Paso would be too far to be covering this area. - Mentions of delayed programming were for One Day At A Time, M*A*S*H, and Lou Grant, which are CBS programs, not ABC programs, as KELP would have carried. KLBK is a CBS affiliate. Jim
  15. WRC will get them in time for the Winter Olympics… Nobody seems to complain - everyone there’s focused on reporting the news… J
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