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  1. interesting, as KRBC (also in the Abilene market) used the theme in the mid 90s... Jim
  2. OK - I have to call you on this one... The Eyes of Texas ran for over 30 years (1969-1999, original run; repeats through the 2000s) - definitely not short lived. Growing up in Houston in the 70s: Saturday Night at 6:30pm on Channel 2 - that was appointment TV! While it was the original, its primary "competitor", 4 Country Reporter/8 Country Reporter/Texas Country Reporter - out of Dallas - is still going strong closing in on 50 years on the air (1972-present), still producing new episodes each year. You don't see many shows like these two much now.
  3. Not much left pre-2000 - but I still have some tapes and discs to go through, so who knows... (Now is when I wish I had just flat out recorded full newscasts on my travels - I never went anywhere without either a Betamax (or 2), S-VHS deck and/or 8mm recorders...).
  4. This clears out everything I have digitized on the computer through 1992. Enjoy! WTVJ (Miami, FL) December 31, 1988 11:00pm Newscast repeat from the night of switching from CBS to NBC. Lots of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" promos... https://vimeo.com/527541034 WKTV (Utica, NY) October 20, 1991 6:00pm https://vimeo.com/522611254 WBNG (Binghamton, NT) October 20, 1991 11:00pm (Short Newscast) https://vimeo.com/529540745 WVUE (New Orleans) April 3, 1992 6:00pm https://vimeo.com/522613208 WXXV (Gulfport/Biloxi) April 3, 1992 9
  5. More mid-90s Goodness: https://vimeo.com/channels/1672797 Spokane, WA: KXLY Denver: KCNC, KMGH Lubbock: KCBD, KAMC Jim
  6. They used to - it was KAVU/25/NBC and KXIX/KVCT/19/ABC, then KVCT went off the air and KAVU migrated toward ABC and when KVCT came back on the air, they were Fox. IIRC, they had KPRC, KUHT, KRIV and KHTV from Houston; KMOL, KENS and KWEX from San Antonio, and not sure from Corpus. Currently the only out of market stations are KENS, KUHT and KLRN... (Hint: zap2it.com is your friend...) Jim
  7. I've not had anything pulled so far... But I've been with them for years, back when they were trying to be an alternative to YouTube. Now that their focus has changed to industry professionals - I'm thinking they're looking for certain types of material, and so far, my content hasn't raised any flags. It's also very easy to fly under the radar, if you're not promoting things (I have video linking turned off, etc.). That being said, I also have everything I've uploaded saved in multiple places, so if necessary, it can be positioned elsewhere if needed. Finally, at some poi
  8. More updates on my Non-YouTube Page. I plan to add some more tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy! 2021 Videos on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/channels/1672797) 2005 Lubbock, TX: KCBD, KLBK, KAMC, and KJTV 2006 Columbus, OH: WWHO Jim
  9. ... waiting for Sinclair to build one or more regional "News Hubs" with multiple studios to be able to provide simultaneous newscasts with one set of infrastructure for the group of stations... Each would have its own set of anchors (not the NewsCentral idea), but those same anchors can server multiple stations across time zones... Taking their existing "shared news operations" up a notch... Jim
  10. It could also be a case of ATSC 3.0 prep... Plus they pretty much have guaranteed carriage of NBC/CBS/ABC/Fox stations, CW in general, but if there's a diginet that they want to force cable/satellite coverage on... Hmmm....
  11. I wonder if that was the plan all along, as Nexstar kept the CBS 4 branding on the station, even though it was on 23.2...
  12. Glad to see that I'm not the only crazy person out there! If YouTube starts giving you trouble, you may consider what I did - a Vimeo (or other hosting provider) account. I pay for the "Plus" account, which lets me upload 5GB/week - I paid about $60 for the year with an on-line coupon at the time. 5 GB/week covers 12-13 newscasts, which I convert to mp4 and sit at about 400MB for a 30 minute program - it's a good balance of compression and quality. From there I usually post 10 newscasts/week (and am building up a reserve for when I'm out of town and can't upload...). The best p
  13. Not sure, but WDVM (formerly WHAG) has added the "25" back into promotions - not part of the logo or the newscast name (yet), but I suspect it's to re-emphasize the channel number, as more people cut the cord, plus WDVM is being introduced OTA into the DC market proper via both a transmitter relocation as well as being added as "guest" subchannel on WFDC (which has WDCA as a channel-share)... Jim
  14. More updates on my Non-YouTube Page: (I apologize for the delay - I've been out of town for a week - just got some more stuff uploaded - will be doing a large update soon...) 2021 Videos on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/channels/1672797) 1991 WHEC and WOKR from Rochester, NY 1991 WAKA, WSFA, and WHOA from Montgomery/Selma, AL Jim
  15. Speaking of Newscasts... https://vimeo.com/channels/1672797/ A cable newscast grouping... TXCN (2001), NY1 (2003), News 12 Long Island (1998), TV2 Allentown (2003), and... Before Spectrum News Rochester, before Time Warner Cable News Rochester, before Your News Now (YNN) Rochester, before RNews, and even before GRC9News, it's the original... WGRC News 5 Rochester The 10 O'Clock Report Jim

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