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  1. Amarillo is a “fresh out” market - kiddos right out of college. I had a couple of college mates who started there right out of school (and then moved up and out after a year or two) - especially on the weekend, where crews are very thin. i’d just chalk it up to lack of experience. J
  2. Which brings the question: with them using a “classic” font (Franklin Gothic - or one of its derivatives), are we going to start seeing more? i personally am a big fan of Univers Condensed Bold Oblique in newscasts (like WBZ was using in Nov. ’92), though in HD, you could easily use the non-bolded variant.
  3. But also using the slogan/theme for nearly 30 years! (1978-2006) J
  4. Glenwood Springs (and thus KREG) is in the Denver market - 1.438% on the cap Dkenver provides,but it’s a VHF station (so no discount), and assuming Nexstar is somewhat close, selling off this station could provide cap space for several smaller markets (easily 3 sub-50 markets without any discounts).... J
  5. KXAN’s C.O.P.S. program preceded the Fox show by several years - airing in the 1am hour, there was no confusion between the two...
  6. Watching WCBS at noon on my flight to Dallas, they mentioned 3 people leaving... J
  7. How? Other than the 12 being inside the circle (negative space), I see little resemblance. if you follow that logic, then KTVU’s logo is a ripoff of any logo inside a circle prior to 1975.... J
  8. I was listen8ng the CBSEN tonight on the drive to my parents on KRLD-AM radio (they run the audio at 7:30pm CT), and listening to the open, I could almost hear Jeff Glor saying “This is the CBS Evening News. I’m Jeff Glor. Tonight... Awww, forget about it. I don’t care anymore; management doesn’t care anymore. Let’s just sit here and watch the sunset for the next half hour.” J
  9. I like it. It has the elements of the original theme, and builds them up through each segment. Ending in essentially the essence of original theme at the end. I haven’t heard enough of the rest of the sonic branding for an overall assessment - just the billboard... It would interesting to see if there would be any classic TV themes that could be redone as a ~1 minute billboard to start the news, ending in the main theme, then directly to the anchors... Now for a couple of comments for the people who don’t like it: - TPTB at NPR like it, so it will be around for a while - Contrary to news reports saying that “the theme hasn’t changed in nearly 40 years”, seem to forget the ~2005 refresh going from the more classical (trumpet flourish and French horns) to more modern (guitars and synthesizers) - It’s not a theme like we’d see in a TV Newscast open- it’s essentially a musical bed for the intro to the program, and each section is a “cue” for the next intro (stations can build their own intros mixing national and local talent/stories), ending with a “sonic brand” - Bob Edwards is never going to return to hosting Morning Edition... Jim
  10. Like WPEC’s “The 1-2 Turn To: TV-12”... Of course, you’ll never guess what news themes and identity package they were using... J
  11. My quick thoughts: - I never expected Nexstar to divest WDVM or WDCW - if anything, you may see some of the existing WDVM newscasts carried on WDCW - since the have 2 newscasts targeted at the main capitol area (I-270 News targeted at Montgomery County and the Frederick area, and the NoVA News, targeted at Northern Virginia), which are only available if you have cable (since WDVM’s signal doesn’t overlap into the DC area...) - WPTV could move CW programming from 8-10pm to 9-11pm and run news at 8pm, or even a 7:30pm newscast (I see that CBS4 does 7pm news) - WPIX to Scripps will be good for the station. - I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a couple of swaps after the dust settles. - I’m a little sad to see WPMT going to TEGNA; I don’t see TEGNA as a Fox-only station in a market (it was weird to me when they picked up KIDY/KXVA in the Belo purchase). Let the consolidation of broadcast TV continue... I’m just waiting for the FCC to eliminate the caps, and then we’ll have a TEGNA, a Scripps, a Sinclair, and Nexstar station in each market (possibly excepting where the O&Os decide they want to keep stations...). Sound familiar (O Canada!)? J
  12. As for WSIL, they used a font/logotype that other stations used - KHTV/39 in Houston used a similar (of not the same) 3 in their 39 logo. Back in the day, your options were more limited, mostly, since you didn’t have millions of fonts to chose from - and everything was edited by hand, be it using something like ChartPak rub-on letters or film/pictures from a typesetter to create ads. As for WPSD and WKMG, they both use the “Local #” branding, possibly from the same creative design agency, but the fonts and obliqueness of the graphic are distinctly different. For a better example, compare WCBS, WBBM and KCBS’s logos, or any of the numerous ABC Circle-7 logos...
  13. Sorry this is a bit late, but they’ve been doing this on and off in recent times (IIRC, they did it about a year ago, the stopped). The also rebroadcast KGWN.2’s Northern Colorado News 5 (from the folks in Little Rock) years ago. J
  14. I was playing a little catch up and ran across this clip: Very interesting... What’s wrong with their theme??? J
  15. IIRC, KDFI early on in the 84-85 timeframe also used Texas 27. I’ll see if I can find videotape thereof... Jim
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