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  1. It’s probably just easier to move CBS (and the intellectual property to KYES/5. They may not have been able to purchase KTVA, as it’s top 4, and IIRC, KYES was purchased as a failing station... (Unless more rules have changed - I haven’t kept track of what they are today - vs. yesterday...) As for Spectrum bait, The auctions are over... ??? I’m sure Gray made GCI an offer they couldn’t refuse for the non-license assets... I could see them keeping 2 newsrooms/newscasts - one focused on Anchorage, and the other focused on Statewide content, particularly Southeast, as there is no local TV coverage in the area... Jim
  2. Gate keeping is key... If Sinclair had broadcast it, even with the fact checking element, I’m pretty sure that bits and piece s would have shown up in political ads (one way or another), and/or, the story would have been edited down and passed through the internet as fact, since it appeared on ABC7 or Fox45 (most likely with a station bug in the corner for “credibility”...
  3. Or KWTX in Waco - I remember during the 80s heading back to College Station from Dallas, there would be folks parked at rest stops along I-35 “tailgating” with a TV to watch the Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon when the Cowboys didn’t sell out....
  4. I like the PGH feel to the graphics, but would swap the black and blue on weather - black title bar and blue background for numbers, charts and graphics. Possibly a different shade of blue would work better? J
  5. I haven’t been on a United (Ex Continental) flight with DirecTV Service in a couple of years, but the WCBS, WNBC and WNYW feeds had local news (current Southwest flightS use Dish and have local news on all 3). Unfortunately, no WABC onboard... J
  6. I believe it was NBC Primary at that time, based on both the news theme (which included the NBC sonic logo in it), as well as NBC programming (Tonight Show) - but I think this timeframe was close to the network switch, as there weren’t any network identifying promotions, but just generic slides for the network programs, and the Open didn’t include the earlier video with the shots including the Proud N logo J
  7. Watching the SpaceX launch coverage, the two anchors appeared close together (raising the social distancing question in my mind), but using an angle shot, you could see Plexiglas between them. From the head on shot, it was barely visible, but you could see the reflections from the side. Could this Realistically work on a local news set? That being said, recently watching a WCAV/CBS19 newscast from Charlottesville, VA, all of the talent was in studio - with lots of packages, each from a different reported doing a live standup before and after... Jim
  8. It looks like the 11am newscast is using the CBSN branding, according to on-line listings... I guess they’re trying to get folks familiar with CBSN DFW, yet keeping the CBS11 branding for most newscasts. Jim
  9. I forgot about that - after NJN News shut down, it sort of left my consciousness... I haven’t seen it lately, but don’t they have more long format pieces/segments, like PBS NewsHour? News12 is still there, but it’s cable only for specific systems (though it did just join Verizon Fios). To me, New Jersey is definitely underserved in local TV News. J
  10. IIRC, many years ago (early/mid 90s), that area had a series of translators that carried a plethora of markets: KOBF, KREZ (KREX satellite at the time), ABC (can’t remember if it was KOAT or KJCT), The Denver stations as well as the Salt Lake stations, plus CBC North and a few cable-ish channels (ARTS, C-SPAN, Satellite News Channel), but not the biggies (CNN, USA, ESPN, etc.) There was an FCC list posted, but I’m not sure how usable it is now, especially with affiliation swaps, sub-channels, and stations going dark (or being new). The main intent is to ensure that viewers get relevant news to their community - Morgantown being in the Pittsburgh market is a good example - state news from WV isn’t covered on the PGH stations, but is relevant to folks in Morgantown. Unfortunately, New Jersey and Delaware are screwed - there aren’t effectively any local newscasts based in those states (now that WMGM and WHYY no longer provide local news to those areas)....
  11. I wouldn’t call these rip-offs. They’re numbers in a specific font - that’s the same as saying WJLA’s circle 7 logo is a rip-off of WABC, KABC, KGO, WLS’s logo, since WJLA isn’t an ABC owned and operated station... A rip-off isn’t using the same package as another unrelated station. A rip-off is trying to create a similar looking package (usually on the cheap), but not pulling it off well. For example, this KALB newscast open (not sure if it was used on air or not): https://youtu.be/dLlFpX68s68 at duplicating the WNBC’s 2010 open: https://youtu.be/5Mk0FFM8nrE IMHO is a distinct ripoff... Jim
  12. Especially since WDVM has DC area-specific newscasts (I-270 News for the Montgomery County/Frederick corridor and NoVa News for the Northern Virginia area - although that newscast will cover a swath from Winchester down to Alexandria...). WDVM, though, appears to specifically not cover DC... J
  13. It appears to be LaCrosse, WI (based on the sticker barely visible). J
  14. My thoughts... - How many fonts can they use on one set of graphics? Pick one and stick with it (I know “First Alert”is a logo, and the Sea Witch graphic is themed - no issues there...) Header is one, hour by hour is different, and the 7+3 day forecast is yet a third - As for the station name “Coast TV” - that’s what I’d expect from a My Network TV or independent running local paid advertising for tourists, not an NBC affiliate owned and operated by a fairly respected small market broadcaster... NBC DelMarVa or NBC/WRDE 31 (IMHO, there’s no stigma in an all UHF market for using channel numbers...) - and having a logo that looks like it was created in PowerPoint... Draper, please fix this travesty! i’ve said my peace! J
  15. My parents (70s) have their routine (Dallas): TV is never on before noon Noon is CNN Off mid-afternoon 4pm - CBS11 5pm - WFAA8 5:30 - ABC World New Tonight 6pm - Jeopardy (TXA21) 6:30 - Wheel of Fortune (CBS11) Prime time varies, but usually the TV is off at 7 - unless Dad goes upstairs for a Ranger’s Game; Mom stays downstairs reading, knitting or possibly watching something previously recorded. 10pm - CBS11 News 10:35 - Colbert They complain about the cost, but when I suggest a cheaper package - that shuts down the conversation... Because they might want to watch HBO or Showtime or VOD or... Whereas I’ve become television’s worst nightmare: someone in their 50s who doesn’t watch TV...
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