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  1. My thoughts... - How many fonts can they use on one set of graphics? Pick one and stick with it (I know “First Alert”is a logo, and the Sea Witch graphic is themed - no issues there...) Header is one, hour by hour is different, and the 7+3 day forecast is yet a third - As for the station name “Coast TV” - that’s what I’d expect from a My Network TV or independent running local paid advertising for tourists, not an NBC affiliate owned and operated by a fairly respected small market broadcaster... NBC DelMarVa or NBC/WRDE 31 (IMHO, there’s no stigma in an all UHF market for using channel numbers...) - and having a logo that looks like it was created in PowerPoint... Draper, please fix this travesty! i’ve said my peace! J
  2. My parents (70s) have their routine (Dallas): TV is never on before noon Noon is CNN Off mid-afternoon 4pm - CBS11 5pm - WFAA8 5:30 - ABC World New Tonight 6pm - Jeopardy (TXA21) 6:30 - Wheel of Fortune (CBS11) Prime time varies, but usually the TV is off at 7 - unless Dad goes upstairs for a Ranger’s Game; Mom stays downstairs reading, knitting or possibly watching something previously recorded. 10pm - CBS11 News 10:35 - Colbert They complain about the cost, but when I suggest a cheaper package - that shuts down the conversation... Because they might want to watch HBO or Showtime or VOD or... Whereas I’ve become television’s worst nightmare: someone in their 50s who doesn’t watch TV...
  3. DABL? (Maybe I’m a little clueless today...)
  4. I’m not familiar with the radio business (save my NPR contributions), especially in Ohio. (Me) Seeing TEGNA as a TV owner, I could see at some point, if they decided to sell the radio stations, that the high paper value could work to their advantage (either in resale and/or tax liabilities...). J
  5. I personally like the graphics. I think a more traditional music package would puts them on par with the O&Os (as for content...) J I suspect if TEGNA is planning on selling the radio stations, this is a paper value for the radio stations to sell at a loss - and offset profits for tax purposes... J
  6. Amarillo is a “fresh out” market - kiddos right out of college. I had a couple of college mates who started there right out of school (and then moved up and out after a year or two) - especially on the weekend, where crews are very thin. i’d just chalk it up to lack of experience. J
  7. Which brings the question: with them using a “classic” font (Franklin Gothic - or one of its derivatives), are we going to start seeing more? i personally am a big fan of Univers Condensed Bold Oblique in newscasts (like WBZ was using in Nov. ’92), though in HD, you could easily use the non-bolded variant.
  8. But also using the slogan/theme for nearly 30 years! (1978-2006) J
  9. Glenwood Springs (and thus KREG) is in the Denver market - 1.438% on the cap Dkenver provides,but it’s a VHF station (so no discount), and assuming Nexstar is somewhat close, selling off this station could provide cap space for several smaller markets (easily 3 sub-50 markets without any discounts).... J
  10. KXAN’s C.O.P.S. program preceded the Fox show by several years - airing in the 1am hour, there was no confusion between the two...
  11. Watching WCBS at noon on my flight to Dallas, they mentioned 3 people leaving... J
  12. How? Other than the 12 being inside the circle (negative space), I see little resemblance. if you follow that logic, then KTVU’s logo is a ripoff of any logo inside a circle prior to 1975.... J
  13. I was listen8ng the CBSEN tonight on the drive to my parents on KRLD-AM radio (they run the audio at 7:30pm CT), and listening to the open, I could almost hear Jeff Glor saying “This is the CBS Evening News. I’m Jeff Glor. Tonight... Awww, forget about it. I don’t care anymore; management doesn’t care anymore. Let’s just sit here and watch the sunset for the next half hour.” J
  14. I like it. It has the elements of the original theme, and builds them up through each segment. Ending in essentially the essence of original theme at the end. I haven’t heard enough of the rest of the sonic branding for an overall assessment - just the billboard... It would interesting to see if there would be any classic TV themes that could be redone as a ~1 minute billboard to start the news, ending in the main theme, then directly to the anchors... Now for a couple of comments for the people who don’t like it: - TPTB at NPR like it, so it will be around for a while - Contrary to news reports saying that “the theme hasn’t changed in nearly 40 years”, seem to forget the ~2005 refresh going from the more classical (trumpet flourish and French horns) to more modern (guitars and synthesizers) - It’s not a theme like we’d see in a TV Newscast open- it’s essentially a musical bed for the intro to the program, and each section is a “cue” for the next intro (stations can build their own intros mixing national and local talent/stories), ending with a “sonic brand” - Bob Edwards is never going to return to hosting Morning Edition... Jim
  15. Like WPEC’s “The 1-2 Turn To: TV-12”... Of course, you’ll never guess what news themes and identity package they were using... J
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