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  1. I want to thank you, Don Martin -- you've finally solved a huge frickin mystery neither me or @Samanthacould figure out -- the designer of the 90s "spaceship sets", so named because KNXV's Express set from when they began their news op in 1994 was dubbed the "spaceship" in the local press. Neither of us had been able to get any conclusive leads until you posted the name. I've attached pics of some of the spaceship sets Express did in the 90s (they also did at least one Canadian set, for Edmonton's CITV; other spaceshippy sets not seen here include KWGN. WIAT and WDAF). No, the Cleveland Television News sets definitely did have the highway bars. I'm wondering where WUAB's Express set was in the building; analyzing WOIO/WUAB footage of the time, I can't figure out if it was just off the newsroom where it couldn't be seen from the newsroom cameras, or if it was in a completely separate studio.
  2. This must be the latest intro with this look on YT. Anybody know when the TVbD look with the yellow and black 9 started? I'm pretty sure it was later that year.
  3. Guess this logo's been designed to go with the Altice logo (as the last one mimicked the old Optimum "ring"). I thought that WABC look (which really sucks) was done in-house (which would explain why).
  4. He doesn't seem to do local stuff. The only things he seems to do now are Adult Swim and his weekend radio show TimeWarp. He voiced Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite for years, plus both HBO and Showtime.
  5. I thought I was hearing things when I caught the tail-end of a topical on Friday morning. I thought maybe my usual morning "just got up" state was making me think I heard Chapin. I was wrong.
  6. Wait, they added an actual video screen there? I thought that was just an Accuweather-themed backdrop they occasionally superimpose stuff over.
  7. If Phoenix was Toronto, then KNXV would've been their equivalent to CityPulse -- a shocking, edgy, informal newscast that dedicated itself to deeper stories -- had the New World domino effect not screwed things up. As it was, they went downhill in two years and went through multiple campaigns and logos trying to find something that worked.
  8. Steve Kamer's the name. He's done some local news work, including KCAL; I believe he's also the voice of the YES Network too. Ironic, considering it was TVbD that created WOIO/WUAB's "Cleveland Television News" look in 1995-96:
  9. Should be noted BET had to leave this after Viacom bought them out since they were then co-owned with Showtime (resulting in BET Movies: Starz! 3 becoming Black Starz and eventually Starz inBlack). But here's something BET didn't sell to Viacom: their own PPV service, previously the independent Action PPV (BET took it over sometime in the late 90s):
  10. Sounds more like a revival of BayTV, a joint-venture of KRON and TCI/AT&T (it was shuttered just prior to AT&T Broadband being gobbled up by Comcast). But no one ever did the 24-Hour News format better than CityPulse.
  11. Firstly, Saban already tried a Captain Kangaroo reboot in the 90s, didn't last long in syndication and it then anchored a block on the ill-fated Fox Family. As for game shows, in this case, no. I want CBSTM to remain as it is-- low-key, news focused, I like it since it doesn't focus on features too much or be overtly political like cable news. I can't go back to GMA or Today now.
  12. I LOVE that standing ovation the CBS News crew gave Dan at the end. Combined with the Patterson Walz and Fox theme, it's beautiful. It's a shame they had to interrupt it with the plugs for their website and Wal-Mart, you'd think they could've left those out that night,
  13. Here's a real unusual find. Apparently, BET briefly owned a pay-per-view service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAJ6xG41wo0
  14. I guess she’s tired of getting drunk every morning.
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