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  1. I mostly agree but there are optics around the “family” and “wholesomeness” of morning TV that an apparent marital affair would likely not play well in. For me, I like TJ and Amy as a duo but not sure the dating dynamics would go well on a national network morning program. How do the dynamics shift while they’re a couple, how do they shift in the event that they’re no longer a couple?
  2. They would have had to be separated considering how public they’re being in a number of those photos right? They’re literally smiling at cameras in one of the photos as they left TJ’s apartment apparently. Not sure how GMA will handle this but hard to see them being the future of the show in the way I also thought they’d be.
  3. Michelle Charlesworth filling in on 5PM news. I’ve never seen her on after the mornings or noon show.
  4. I strongly disagree. WABC’s on-air look is awful - very disjointed and clunky although the color scheme isn’t terrible. I remember being shocked when I learned here that the package wasn’t built in-house. Their graphics package and set are arguably the worst in the market to me.
  5. The no-tie look is awkward because the female news anchor still dresses rather formal.
  6. Our house was frustrated to the say the least, especially once it was evident that the storm was losing steam for a tornado to materialize. I don’t think KHOU, or any station when this happens, should get flack for doing their job of keeping people safe. Josh Allem has had a number of clutch plays in his career, fans missing the latest one won’t hurt.
  7. Terrell is a strong choice that I hadn’t considered much. I’d like it to be Ravi, unless WLS has taken the route of other ABC O&Os and are prioritizing stability of their weekend PM anchors (Torres/Bookman in NY, Abrahams in Houston).
  8. The quality of FS1’s feed is pretty bad. Fox getting a lack of flack for their coverage so far.
  9. Similarly to the way advertisers have pulled out because of Elon’s verification strategy, I think it makes perfect sense for media outlets to step away until things are formalized and clear. It poses a significant reputational risks.
  10. Yeah I’m not liking the 2 shot for the exact reasons you mentioned, it’s the one letdown of an otherwise amazing set.
  11. Easily one of the best sets in the nation. It really shines at night with the nighttime backdrop to compliment the warm tones of the set. I’m genuinely impressed.
  12. They’ve been running a promo for this upcoming week that used a different graphic on the video wall behind Robin’s chair. Has anyone seen them use that video screen for anything other than as part of the other two pieces to the left and right?
  13. It’s really a shame that George Stephanopoulos isn’t part of ABC’s political coverage anymore. He’s easily the network’s strongest, most experienced and connected political anchor.
  14. I wonder if they’re preparing TV3 for election night? GMA weekend coming from Times Square the last few week where it should always be in my opinion.
  15. And really I bet that was more Lori’s request. Wasn’t she aiming for an evening spot at channel 7?
  16. Wasn’t American Morning’s slogan “the most news in the morning”? Seems akin to their promise to provide all the news needed in 10-15 minutes.
  17. My theory has always been that Fox 5 evenings competes well enough with PIX11 that there isn’t an emphasis on investing there. Everything about the 5,6 and 10pm lacks inspiration. Aren’t they one of the few Fox owned stations that have never invested in an 11pm addition to the 10pm? It’s probably not entirely fair but they simply do not seem to take their evening side serious.
  18. He and Dari together were abysmal.
  19. Haha damn, often gets salty? I don’t mean to be snippy but fair.
  20. That’s not how the “rules” read to me and I’m not changing my post. Enjoy your day.
  21. Explain it then. How is Today in LA or Good Day any different than “Nightbeat” being used as a title for a certain newscast? Maybe I’m confused but those morning titles are only used for those specific broadcast and typically don’t include the time (6am, 7am, etc) and don’t use the station’s general branding (it’s not “NBC 4 News Today in LA,” it’s simply Today in LA).
  22. I’m a fan of the morning block titles “Today in LA, NY” and Good Day on Fox.
  23. Thoughts on Lynette’s settling in at Today in LA? I’m happy for her but KNBC is such a different product than KTLA. A little more boring if you will. It’s a very stiff and corporate newscast. I like what Lynette brings but it’s odd seeing her be the less buttoned up one on a show compared to the cast she worked with at KTLA. In time things will gel better.
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