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  1. There’s some clarity but then not really. Why Erica Simon and not one of the 4 anchors you already have in the afternoon block? Melanie, Elissa, Mayra and Briana are all right there and instead you’re bringing in a 5th anchor. I’m not understanding management at KTRK. The weekend evenings slots are the only ones that make sense, everything else from mornings to night are in chaos. Travis is advertised as part of the 10pm team but it’s anyone guess what they’re doing up there these days. Nearly every time I’ve been home to see 13 there’s an anchor / weather person out of place and on another newscast than the one they’re formally assigned.
  2. That isn’t a bad idea but channel 7 is such a traditional station in every sense that I can’t see them experimenting with their wildly popular morning program. Especially when they have a deep and talented bench ready to go.
  3. KTRK’s anchor line up is ridiculously chaotic and all over the place. Erica Simon is moving to 10pm M-F but Gina and Erik don’t seem to be moving off the 10pm show.
  4. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve not once seen this discourse around Shirleen in the decade she’s been at WABC yet suddenly everyone’s had a negative opinion of her just days after we learned she was called an offensive term. FWIW, Ken and Shirleen seemed to have a great on and off air relationship. I never got a sense that she was cold to him or vice versa.
  5. Mike Marza hopefully. Michelle has been around for a long time but she’s easily the station’s least strongest anchor (trying to be kind).
  6. I have to imagine that whatever he said warranted WABC’s decision. Were it not, they likely wouldn’t have moved this quick to remove a key part of their highly successful morning show.
  7. This is fair. I was thinking more in the sense that none of the morning departures of recent memory have been as amicable as Diana Williams, Bill Beutel’s and other departures. Granted those were retirements vs defections.
  8. The morning slot has seen the most overturn of any timeslots at channel 7, which actually speaks to the station’s strengths. Steve, Lori, Bill and now Ken have each left the morning show a bit unceremoniously.
  9. I’m 99% confident it’s Ken Rosato. Michelle and Mike have been on the morning show with Shirleen this week with no mention of filling in (which they’re typically pedantic about) and the talent opens have been scraped from 4:30, 5,5:30,6am blocks. Thought that was weird but didn’t think twice about it. Wonder what the story to this is.
  10. I like these moves a lot. Eva and Demarco have been great on GMA3 and Gio works really well with Whit and Janai. ABC got this right.
  11. CNN deserves to continue failing miserably. They've been on this re-identification thing for 10+ years now and not once have they considered going back to what made them a household name.
  12. Also, WABC does weird pairings from time to time based on anchor availability for any given reason. I’ve seen days where Shirleen wasn’t on the morning news but anchored noon because of an appointment or speaking engagement. I’ve also seen instances where Bill was off the early evenings for an event but anchored the 11pm.
  13. They’ve done it the last several years with Becky Quick serving as the moderator of the meeting.
  14. Janai Norman announced baby #3 for her on this morning’s show. While nothing has been made official yet the trios social media posts seem to suggest that Whit, Janai and Gio are the weekend team. Feels like a strong bet that Eva will be the new GMA3 anchor.
  15. Nothing has been announced officially but Eva seems to be their choice to replace Amy. They’ve had her with a roster of alternates the last 5-6 weeks including Demarco Morgan, Gio and Phil Lipof. Im really enjoying Rebecca Jarvis sitting in for Robin. Linsey has not been a strong fit.
  16. Looks to me like Poppy is thanking the guest for being on the show and Don says “can we move on?” which is when Vivek laughs and Poppy has a visibly disturbed expression. Hardly civil if I’ve got that right. I’m celebrating Don’s dismissal as well. That video is exactly what he does, makes every single story about himself. Good riddance.
  17. I shared a year or two ago about his comments on a civilian complaint on an NYPD arrest and his “by the way” editorialization about what cops are morally supposed and not supposed to do as he tossed to the reporter. Not a NYPD loyalist personally but should the person presenting the “news” really be voicing whether the incident was appropriate or not when an investigation is ongoing? Considering the heightened level of civilian / police relations across the nation, it just feels like he would be a bit more careful in his delivery. Again, there’s a distinction between happy talk and what Bill seems to be doing a lot more frequently recently.
  18. I can’t tell if you’re serious or joking?
  19. What Ken Rosato and Michelle Charlesworth do is much more aligned with happy talk than what Bill often provides. I’m as big an anti-former president as it gets, but there’s still a level of journalistic integrity that should be involved when reporting on political matters big and small.
  20. Sandra and Joe are an exceptional duo (potentially the station’s strongest?) Their roles as the weekend PM pairing for 20 years is intentional, it’s made them staples. For me, Bill’s delivery is a bit of a train wreck at times. He diverts from the script nearly every story and he’s not great at ad-libbing which makes it even more obvious when he’s doing it. Finally, his editorial contributions on every story is borderline unprofessional for a top market anchor.
  21. I agree entirely. It was nice to see professional and consistent delivery over the breaking coverage from Joe that Bill would not have been able to replicate. Liz and David at 4 Joe and Sandra at 5, 11pm Liz and Joe at 6
  22. This mandate couldn’t come quick enough for WABC. Easily the worst on-air presentation of any O&O.
  23. Robin, Michael and Ginger all seemingly rotate affiliate “talk backs.” I’m not sure how they divide them up but Robin usually does the WABC segment and when I lived in the central timezone Michael, Ginger would do the KTRK segment.
  24. Although she does seem to be a leading candidate at this point. She’s been filling in for 3-4 weeks at this point as rumors heat up that a decision is near.
  25. How often does Natalie Morales fill in on CBS Mornings?
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