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  1. Geez. What market is this?
  2. NBC won’t get anywhere far with the defense and deflect approach they’re taking. The email they reference from Lack almost comes off as if he believes he’s the victim here.
  3. George Stephanopulos is coming up on 10 years as anchor of GMA. On Dec 14, he will have been part of the show for as long as Diane Sawyer was and just 2 years short of David Hartman’s run. He’s been part of the most successful period in the show’s history. Not at all what I expected when announced back in 2009.
  4. I remember hearing rumors and jokes about this very type of behavior from Matt in the mid-2000s. Of course at the time they were all unfounded but where there is smoke there is likely fire so that leads me to believe that several of his colleagues were aware of his behavior. Hell Ann Curry even stated that she supported a former colleague who confided in her about Lauer's sexual harassment. I get the feeling that Katie Couric was well aware too with how tight lipped she's been about it all other than a few PC statements.
  5. Wow. There was a formal complaint made that he had raped someone in his office in 2001, but it happened again in 2014? Hope Matthew Lauer rots. I can't believe that Meredith Vieira is being cited as the one who urged the victim to report this. They were very close to one another and it's refreshing to see one of these TV personalities can still put morals ahead of entertainment.
  6. Is Tamron Hall also a replay or is that the actual time slot they have her in!?
  7. I wasn't suggesting that they should or expecting that they would, I simply asked what the network's power is to mandate that both hours be carried. Seems like CBS was able to force their affiliates to carry CTM in its entirety several years ago after a decade of preemptions for The Early Show so I was just curious what the network's rights are to do that.
  8. What is the extent of the network's power to require a mandate on carrying the 2 hours together? I guess if affiliates don't want to do it then ABC can't force them to?
  9. KTRK will be airing the full two hours of Saturday GMA in one block from 7-9 am. It'll be interesting to see how the weekend show adapts to an extended format considering the second hour GMA is heavily centered around entertainment, celebrity guests and a studio audience (things that are typically not available on the weekends). I know finances are an issue but the weekend show should really move back to Times Square, the cramped WNT studio their in is not a good look for morning TV.
  10. KTTV was struggling years before that happened. It probably didn’t help, but it certainly wasn’t the catalyst.
  11. I really enjoyed those look backs yesterday. I'm happy that GMA finally seems to be taking a page out of Today's playbook and celebrating their history with much fanfare! I read an old article (2006ish) about the identity of morning television. The 80s were big on travel, 90s were about the street side studios. I'd say the 2000s were big on concerts and 2010s was all about pop news and ensemble casts. I'm interested to see what the 2020s brings, I'm personally hoping to see the ensemble approach go away and the two-anchor format return. More substance and less pop news.
  12. Good Morning America is celebrating 20 years in Times Square with a party this morning. https://twitter.com/GMA/status/1174631719527485440?s=20
  13. ABC News commentator and anchor Cokie Roberts has died. https://abcnews.go.com/US/legendary-journalist-political-commentator-cokie-roberts-dies-75/story?id=65633507
  14. I finished the annual rewatch of Today's 9/11/01 coverage yesterday. That Katie and Matt were kept on air from 7 am - 12 pm is a testament to how respected they were as a duo who could juggle the fun parts of the program, but were also absolute pros at breaking news. Tom Brokaw joined them after about 1.5 hours and instead of letting him take over, Katie and Matt remained front and center. Especially when you consider that ABC and CBS cut away from their morning show teams within the first hour and their flagship anchors took over (Peter Jennings, Dan Rather). I've read before that Today was watched by 40 million Americans at the height of the attack coverage, not that that's anything to necessarily brag about. I'm not entirely sure if it's because the duo anchored during the coming of the technology age, but Katie and Matt might be the best team in Today's history. Additionally, YouTube is full of some really great world and national history network news coverage. I encourage everyone to check some of it out. I was in second grade during 9/11/01 and while I remember the day itself, I was too young to remember the context of the news other than the images. Haunting yet fascinating stuff.
  15. Of all the people who have come and gone from the show, I can't believe Al Roker has managed to somehow survive it all. To put it into perspective, he was named weatherman when Bryant and Katie were anchoring the show and that was more than 20 years ago.
  16. Fox 5 is dedicated to the all-female line up apparently.
  17. Do NYC stations still dedicate as much time and special coverage to 9/11? It led the KTLA Morning News this morning which I was happy to see considering in years past it's been a brief mention of the anniversary. A horrible day I will never ever forget for the rest of my entire life, even as a 1st grader with little understanding of what was unfolding at the time. My aunt who lives in Queens was on a train and witnessed the very beginning of the attacks. Such a haunting experience.
  18. If that's your argument then I agree. With sensitive subjects like this intricacy to detail and wording is important. In that same sense, I would alter your phrasing a bit because as of now it reads as if you're shaming the child for being promiscuous and defending the adult that cannot fight their urges to prey on youth.
  19. Didn't think I would ever see a day on TVNT where we had to have a discussion on if an adult (upwards of 60 years old) is responsible for sexually engaging with an underage child. A very matured adult focusing their love interest on an underage child is perverted and there's no room for debate on that.
  20. I considered that until looking at the evening broadcasts ratings and ABC WNN and NBC NN have remained steady or even gained viewers during a busy summer season. Additionally, Norah is down ~600,000 viewers compared to the same period last year despite a very busy news period. World News Tonight is flirting with 9 million viewers which is crazy for summer figures. Norah on the other hand is flirting with falling below 5 million. Her Nothing against Norah - I just don't think she's the right choice to lead the CBS EN. This broadcast is going on 30 years in 3rd place and while they haven't changed the outdated format/content of the show much, they have changed anchors 7 times over that same period.
  21. CBSEN with Norah continues to do terrible. While this was never an easy fix, certainly they expected her to at least stop the bleeding? Seems like she's clocked in a few 100,000 viewers down from Jeff Glor so far.
  22. A half-assed product will get, and deserves, a half-ass result. Enjoy the cellar, CBS 2.
  23. Completely agree. We as fans can identify the affiliates but when speaking with family and friends of all ages it's rare that someone knows what I mean when I say the "ABC channel" but know exactly what I'm referring to if I say "Channel 13." ABC 7 doesn't even sound right for WABC haha. WLS in Chicago is the only one that can pull it off. Does KABC use Eyewitness News, ABC 7 or Channel 7?
  24. That's right. In my head I lump the failed CBS Broadcast Center street studio with the Johnson/State, but you're right I completely forgot that period around the start of the decade where the 10 pm was doing really well. MAN how could I forget that awful morning show experiment "Monsters & Money in The Morning." Seems like not much has changed in nearly a decade. WLS on top, WMAQ and WGN following behind, and CBS and Fox are still trailing way behind. Although, I thought I read that Good Day Chicago was picking up steam and competing again? Either way, both stations are owned and operated in a major market so it's insane that they've been absolute doormats for so long.
  25. How is WBBM still doing so bad after all these years? The rock bottom days of Rob Johnson and Anne State seem so long ago that they’ve got to be somewhat better than 10 years ago right? How does WGN’s fairly new 10 pm offering fair among the competition?
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