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  1. Off topic from the mic but despite her speaking time only being about 10 seconds of that clip, Dari still managed to stumble over every other word.
  2. What are you even talking about? Everything you’re saying is entirely speculative and should be put into the speculation thread rather than stated here as fact. Racial disparities are present in American media but when you have an issue with it you can engage in respectful discourse and in an appropriate setting - you CANNOT use terms like “latinize” or refer to an “hermano” connection without understanding the microaggression in those statements. One of the more unqualified broadcasters is a lead anchor of the top rated morning program in this country resulting in diminished roles for the oth
  3. It’s hard to find what’s offensive about his comment unless you’re a fanatic of those ditzy combative home remodel shows. Maybe Cheryl is
  4. Also just as a reminder there is a speculation thread available for these things.
  5. Could see this tension from a mile away. At the time of the 2014 negotiation, GMA was the flagship brand gaining steam while WNT was falling behind. I’ve grown to really admire George on GMA but honestly he and David Muir are better suited for each other’s programs than their own. David to me seems to be playing the role of serious anchor but it’s hardly believable. Besides that point, George is just a better breaking news anchor than David seems to be. I don’t like this development but David is pulling 10M viewers a night, he can ask for whatever he wants. I personally can’t see h
  6. Deborah and Bryant did not make a good pairing at all and NBC certainly did her no favors with the shitty transition of very clearly pushing Jane out in favor of a 10 years younger carbon copy.
  7. Liberte announced it at the end of yesterday’s morning news. She’ll stay with the station for LA Unscripted.
  8. Right - number 2 for the Monday after the Super Bowl and in third for the rest of the week.
  9. This time it’s no joke...CTM tops Today on the morning after the Super Bowl.
  10. Who has been filling in since her departure?
  11. Just for clarity this is the modified desk.
  12. The desk is back this morning with some modifications. I don’t absolutely hate it.
  13. CBS This Morning beat NBC’s Today for the first time ever... On Saturday. Still pretty impressive imo.
  14. Tom Koch is an institution in Houston morning tv, he’s literally been there forever. I don’t live there anymore but born and raised in Houston and that is a huge loss for the station / city!
  15. I believe it was his consolation prize for not being given the WNT anchor role after Diane Sawyer left. He was heavily rumored to want the position and reluctantly made the move to GMA in 2009 as part of his ascension to the anchor chair. George handles breaking coverage absolutely brilliantly - he’s always calm and commanding, David doesn’t have that ability in my opinion. Further, we’ve all witnessed a bit of a shift at ABC in the mid-late 2010s in which GMA became ABC’s priority. Obviously that’s changed back with the commanding performance of WNT in the last 2 years, so maybe David takes t
  16. Funny that this was mentioned and for the first time in a long time Amy and David anchored tonight’s show.
  17. George, Martha Raddatz, and (more recently) Jonathan Karl have rotated This Week hosting duties for several years now. Love George but it’s ridiculous for him to host GMA daily, This Week twice a month and then also lead all breaking news events. Martha and Jon are certainly capable of handling This Week.
  18. Even if his health were not a factor, in what works is Llamas a suitable replacement for Brokaw?
  19. Obviously we don’t know what his ambitions and desires are, but I have to agree with your cautious warning. The weekend anchor role at ABC is a pretty big deal, not sure that NBC at this point can offer him more than that. As the Variety article mentioned, maybe he’s attracted to the wide range of NBCU assets he can be featured on but is a spot on MSNBC better than Weekend anchor and chief national correspondent? Ahhhh the Sam Champion / Josh Elliott departure saga, crazy to think that was already 7 years ago. Elliott demanded to replace George as terms for him staying. Didn’t work
  20. Big loss for ABC, though I’m not a huge fan of Tom or his delivery. WNT weekends is about as good as it can get for him at ABC because he’s been woeful at best when filling in on GMA. Strongly disagree with whoever suggested he replace Strahan. There are a roster of much better fits in that role than Llamas. I wonder where he lands at NBC?
  21. ^ if you think about it GMA, Today and The Early Show each had heavy wood toned sets back then. Today, the sets are much more modern looking because that’s what’s in. Times change. I personally liked when the set was flipped with the windows behind home base. The show could use a retooling certainly but I’m not sure all the criticisms are fair. GMA is really good at what it does and keep in mind that since it’s inception in 1975 it was always geared to be the more informal / entertainment geared morning option. For the first 20 years they anchored from a living room set and was hosted by actor
  22. A lot of these criticisms are not unique to GMA only, most modern day morning television has become a glorified infomercial all across the globe. The first 45 mins of the show is really still quite great and packed with load of news though. The set is atrocious and I’d really like to see Michael dumped from the program. Times Square is prime real estate but it’s hardly been used since they introduced the indoor studio audience upstairs.

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