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  1. I’m fully expecting CBS to hold auditions for Norah’s replacement if they’re not somehow the #1 newscast starting today.
  2. What a f4cking idiot. How do these anchors still not realize that they shouldn’t say things like this when they’re mic’d whether they think they’re live or not?
  3. WFAA’s morning news featuring Demetria has managed to beat longtime front runner Fox 4 Good Day several days in the last few weeks and been in a virtual tie the others. That’s a huge switch from several years ago when the show was in the ratings gutter.
  4. Good Morning America broadcasted their second Summer Pop Up broadcast in Houston, TX on Wednesday. Robin and George were not there but Michael, Ginger and Lara anchored the pop up broadcast.
  5. Dan Rather took the CBSEN from #1 to #3 in a matter of 1 year when he joined the program. He remained the anchor for 25 years. 18 months to change viewing trends of 30+ years is ridiculous. Norah won’t make a difference either.
  6. Just seems to me that when Today does these obnoxious features anyway they spare no chance to include the “family.” In one of the videos I saw, Meredith is shown leading a surprise guest onto the plaza.
  7. Today catching a ton of flack for their 25th anniversary of Studio 1A celebration that completely excluded any mention of Matt Lauer for obvious reason and Ann Curry, for less obvious reasons. Today can’t help but bungle things like this every single time. They are unrivaled when it comes to talent transitions. This is also a reminder how horribly Ann Curry was treated by the network.
  8. I’ve got not dog in this fight but Katie and Matt literally referred to the 9/11 attacks as breaking news right before taking a brief commercial break and called it that as soon as they came back from the break.
  9. GMA is FINALLY doing something they haven’t done in nearly a decade, and something that the morning shows used to do quite a bit - taking the show on the road. This summer they’ll broadcast “pop-up” shows from cities selected by viewers. They kicked off today with a pretty good show in Philadelphia. This is the first time I can recall GMA doing this with an entire set constructed to travel like Today has done before.
  10. It also mentions that the Washington, DC move will take place in the fall.
  11. Not surprising at all. KTLA is consistently one of the absolute best news products in the entire country.
  12. I agree for the most part but honestly it’s pretty negligent for a morning news program to just neglect the traffic updates.
  13. I wouldn’t bet on it. Sam was on GMA for 7 years after his WABC stint and the show was still a distant second behind Today with little viewer growth. One DMA doesn’t have an impact on a national broadcast.
  14. Not to worry, Jeff could be back in a prominent role soon (as he deserves) considering CBS is destined to shake up these two programs every 2 years on average.
  15. The Spanish speaking stations have been #1 and #3 for the last several years in Houston. KTRK still claims to be the city’s news leader, but Univision or Telemundo actually have higher viewership in the key news slots. Because KTRK doesn’t provide clarification, the Spanish speaking stations have to emphasize that they’re number one even ahead despite language. It makes perfect sense to me why they’d made this clarification.
  16. Not sure if you’re serious or not - but ask Megyn Kelly, Ann Curry and a host of other tv personalities why they stayed in a working environment that was toxic. It’s not an uncommon thing to happen in all types of careers.
  17. The context here though is that AM America was never a success. GMA was successful, Sam demanded more and GMA let him walk. In the end GMA is still thriving and Sam has up until now found himself as the primary fill-in weather anchor on GMA weekends.
  18. Good for Sam, it’s a nice homecoming...but I feel like I remember his GMA departure being slightly less amicable than some are leading on. Either way, it’s amazing to me how quickly that “dream team” fell apart and both of the departing members who thought they were the key to success have floundered, while GMA has maintained its status for the most part.
  19. This is exactly what WFAA does in Dallas.
  20. Is this supposed to be a complete relaunch of the show? The anchors keep referring to it as the launch of CTM and Gayle has said many times welcome to our new show - CTM. That’s really not typical for an anchor change.
  21. Yep Edward R Murrow, Walter Cronkite and not hardly a single thing since those 2 men some nearly 40 years ago. Yes dissolving the news division would be silly when the likes of Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes still do well, but I’m over the CBSTM and CBSEN experiments. It’s high time they realized that anchors and personalities will never overcome outdated formats/content.
  22. Robin and George are in their 10th year together. Savannah and Matt were at 6 years before he was fired. CTM/TES has had like 5 different teams in that time. They completely overhauled TES in 2008 only to completely overhaul it again in 2011 only to to do it again in 2012. Bets are they’re not far off from a complete revamp again. CBSTM is very unstable.
  23. I read a few weeks ago that Jeff has many allies inside and outside of the network, he’ll be fine. CBSEN will not be and in fact I’m sure 5 years from now we’ll be looking at a broadcast in even worse shape than it is now. And it’ll be exactly what CBS deserves. These changes to a format that is outdated by about 10 or so years will do nothing to help.
  24. Dan Rather was let go from CBS News for reporting “facts” that turned out to be forged and very obviously forged.
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