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  1. Talent opens for the weekend morning shows debuted this morning featuring Michelle, Pedro and Dani. The only ones I’ve not seen at this point are the weekday morning opens.
  2. I would doubt it. Hasn’t the JKL hour been fairly successful for ABC? Seems like they’d want to find a suitable replacement than abandoning it.
  3. I’m all about a mandate if it prevents stations from the on-air presentation WABC had in place for a long time.
  4. Yeah the new ABC O&O mandate has an element like this for bugs. I actually like it, it’s pretty utilitarian.
  5. Been a steady and successful career for her since her GMA days.
  6. According to Houston blogger Mike McGuff a desk will be featured on all newscasts but 6 and 10pm.
  7. Yeah pretty damn bad. No desk?
  8. It was always trending this way. Although no NBC or CBS is going to be a lot of football missed.
  9. No, he’s been off Friday nights the last year or so I believe. Sade usually anchors solo on Friday nights with Mike joining her occasionally.
  10. Marza filled in at 11pm a few weeks ago. Sandra is doing 5 and 11pm as Sade’s fill in, with Lauren anchoring at noon. I’d guess David will join Sandra on Fridays at 11pm until Sade returns. Pedro Rivera debuted on the weekend morning news today.
  11. I haven’t watched with any regularity in a few years but part of the morning news was simulcast on one of the radio stations at one point at least. I believe it was the 5 or 6am hour only.
  12. What exactly did they do with that column back in the day? It’s always been there but I don’t remember all of these attempts to disguise it before. The techniques they’ve tried the last few iterations have all been somewhat distracting.
  13. The small details matter! I’m very pleased to see that WABC is using an alternate talent intro for Friday 6pm shows that feature Sam Ryan instead of Ryan Field.
  14. WABC might be one of the most sensational and flashy local news stations I’ve seen outside of the Sunbeam operations. It’s not a bad thing or a knock, the format and style fits WABC perfectly.
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