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  1. Very interesting insight here into the Amy and TJ debacle. Kim is aiming to have successors named in due time.
  2. Easily the best set in the NYC market. I’m impressed how they were able to take KTLA’s design and New Yorkify it. The graphics look great as well. How long has John Muller been anchoring weekend mornings? He’s held nearly every single timeslot at the station by now but great to see him around nonetheless.
  3. Amy was officially the newsreader after Josh left. Her role changed to GMA fill-in and contributor at the same time she moved to 20/20. ABC removed her and Lara as official members of the show right around then IIRC.
  4. Yep. No newsreader for more than a few years now and I believe that happened once Michael joined the show full time. In fact, the official casts of the show is billed as Robin, George, Michael and Ginger for several years now.
  5. He filled in for Ginger about 2 weeks ago and just for a day. But yes outside of that he’s back on GMA for 8am segments - Robin’s transplant anniversary, Deals & Steals, etc.
  6. ABC adding a third on-air meteorologist. I wonder if we’ll see her take over weekend GMA from the revolving ABC O&O mets.
  7. Obviously there are reasons for it but seems amateurish to move into a space that’s not ready for primetime yet. The shots this morning were so awkward.
  8. It’s a legitimate question for sure. I have to imagine that people who still watch linear broadcast news are choosing to consider there are millions of ways to get your news these days. As you alluded to, with so many options available someone who is tuning into the network news has to be doing so by choice.
  9. I’m not trying to downplay any of the points made here but a lot of this is blaming ABC, NBC and CBS who have made adjustments to format based on what viewers respond to. The formats you’re longing for were optimal for a period 20 years in the past. The most egregious of the fast paced newscasts is dominating 6:30pm and has for some years. Technology has changed the world and information processes so much that the 2005 format for these broadcasts would be DOA. Hell, I love broadcast media and even I have to force myself to sit through Lester Holt or David Muir. The news they’re presenting has already been broken, disseminated and analyzed hours in advance by the time they take to the air. Times have changed, I’m not mad at any of these newscasts for evolving.
  10. I don’t hate it, don’t hate it all. I actually quite liked that. It’s similar to WNT with the flare of CBS Mornings’ Eye Opener. Doubt it moves the needle at all but I do like it. And the music continues to be one of the few bright spots about CBSEN.
  11. I thought KVUE was historically the market leader?
  12. It’s also just a rehash of the 6pm news with more ad breaks since there’s no sports report.
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