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  1. I visited their studio once as a student at Texas Tech. This is a huge upgrade for them, automatically the best in the market and probably anywhere in the western half of the state.
  2. Why did Matt Lauer's victims speak to NBC correspondents about their complaints, the very network that covered up the alleged perpetrator for years? FNC is just about the only network that's interested in entertaining Megyn Kelly at the moment. After watching the interview, I don't think it was appropriate to spend 20 minutes bashing NBC, she sounded scorned. However, I don't view her efforts to call out the network as disingenuous. She covered the topic heavily while she was at NBC. Ultimately after reading the statement I think Megyn is genuine and accurate in her request to have the network investigated. Her and Gretchen Carlson along with others have signed the request so I don't see how this is an example of her advocacy being 'questionable' while others aren't challenged. She is the center of a major motion film coming out regarding this topic, this is hardly a '15 minutes of fame' grab imo. Nonetheless, this is probably better discussed in the dedicated NBC News sexual harassment forum rather than the dedicated Today Show forum.
  3. The last one who should be telling anyone that, really? Megyn, like many other journalist, has her degree in law but has practiced journalism from the start of her career. I'm not absolving her of having said some asinine things, but to act as if she wasn't at one point and time one of the most respected reporters out of the cesspool that is FNC is silly. All of that aside - if the meaning of this entire movement is to bring justice to the victims, how do you justify supporting the other victims while telling Megyn Kelly that she is advocating them for ulterior motives? You don't like her and that's fair but you can't pick and choose which victims you deem as being worthy of grace.
  4. Oh wow. Amy Robach did leave NBC in 2012 and move to ABC. She was also much more of a rising star at that time compared to Natalie who was more entrenched as a Today personality already.
  5. Not sure who the affair is in reference to but the harassment piece is undoubtedly Ann Curry. It's been noted and confirmed by her in the past exactly what is stated in that portion. Matt and the EP at the time continuously harassed her during the off-screen moments of the show - poking fun at her clothes, her on-air delivery, etc. Matt was a huge ass, he deserves everything that comes his way. Natalie Morales was heavily rumored to be having an affair with Matt but that always sounded like tabloid gossip.
  6. Let's not act as if Megyn Kelly was not a fully-respected journalist, one of FNC's best. For whatever reason as soon as she jumped to NBC everyone hated her from both sides. It makes no sense to me. Furthermore, I'm not saying that she doesn't have ulterior motives but it's cynical as hell to think she (who has been an alleged victim of sexual harassment from a boss) would be calling for an investigation of NBC. She's not the only one who has advocated and call for this, why is she the only one being deemed disingenuous?
  7. NBC News released a long memo calling Ronan Farrow a liar today. How can the company with so much money and stature remain so stupid when it comes to these public issues? The statement today comes off as incredibly sleazy and it's clear that they knew the full extent of the allegations against Matt Lauer well before they took action on it.
  8. Geez. What market is this?
  9. NBC won’t get anywhere far with the defense and deflect approach they’re taking. The email they reference from Lack almost comes off as if he believes he’s the victim here.
  10. George Stephanopulos is coming up on 10 years as anchor of GMA. On Dec 14, he will have been part of the show for as long as Diane Sawyer was and just 2 years short of David Hartman’s run. He’s been part of the most successful period in the show’s history. Not at all what I expected when announced back in 2009.
  11. I remember hearing rumors and jokes about this very type of behavior from Matt in the mid-2000s. Of course at the time they were all unfounded but where there is smoke there is likely fire so that leads me to believe that several of his colleagues were aware of his behavior. Hell Ann Curry even stated that she supported a former colleague who confided in her about Lauer's sexual harassment. I get the feeling that Katie Couric was well aware too with how tight lipped she's been about it all other than a few PC statements.
  12. Wow. There was a formal complaint made that he had raped someone in his office in 2001, but it happened again in 2014? Hope Matthew Lauer rots. I can't believe that Meredith Vieira is being cited as the one who urged the victim to report this. They were very close to one another and it's refreshing to see one of these TV personalities can still put morals ahead of entertainment.
  13. Is Tamron Hall also a replay or is that the actual time slot they have her in!?
  14. I wasn't suggesting that they should or expecting that they would, I simply asked what the network's power is to mandate that both hours be carried. Seems like CBS was able to force their affiliates to carry CTM in its entirety several years ago after a decade of preemptions for The Early Show so I was just curious what the network's rights are to do that.
  15. What is the extent of the network's power to require a mandate on carrying the 2 hours together? I guess if affiliates don't want to do it then ABC can't force them to?
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