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  1. As others have mentioned, weekends rarely have traffic issues because there's no rush hour. In Houston, I believe they play recorded traffic updates from the weekday-AM traffic reporter if there are expected closures or construction but that's about it. LA doesn't have weekend traffic reports either. What's more interesting to me is how many stations offer traffic reports during the afternoon shows. KTRK in Houston has had an on and off traffic reporter for the 4 and 5 pm news since 2003/2004 but I'm not sure if that's still a thing.
  2. Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend. The expansion to 4:30 a decade ago is already ridiculous enough.
  3. Woah, does KABC start morning news at 4 am?
  4. Are there rumors of news at 7? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else but here a few posts up
  5. I think it would be rather easy to drop the 6:30 news. While the news at 6 has always lead the market, the 6:30 news has always been behind Wheel of Fortune on KHOU and ET on KPRC.
  6. Eyewitness News at 6 pm is one of the highest rated newscasts in Texas. I don't see them removing it over a relatively new 3 pm newscast.
  7. It's really a shame that WBBM doesn't utilize the streetside studio at all anymore. It's initial iteration was beautiful. Does NBC 5 still have a streetside studio?
  8. I would say that LA traffic in the AM requires a dedicated anchor/reporter. Ginger Chan at KTLA is one of the best in the business and the show would be missing a huge key factor without her reports. When she isn't there typically Lynette Romero or Wendy Burch will fill-in for her.
  9. And Norah will be removed in another few years for reason X, Y, or Z. CBS’ daily news shows are unstable and have been for over a decade. That is not a recipe for success or resonance with viewers.
  10. Well isn't she being heralded by CBS' new leader to be the show's saving grace? It doesn't seem like it. Doesn't seem like the changes made at CTM are proving to be successful either. It's what the entire leadership of CBS deserves because for years they've made talent the scapegoat for lackluster viewership figures instead of addressing format, content and structure of their programs. The one time they took a risk with their programming (in recent memory for me) resulted in a string of the most successful years their morning show has ever had. Barring any odd changes at ABC or NBC, Norah's entire CBSEN tenure will see the show parked firmly in 3rd place.
  11. It's actually been about 30 years that the program has sat in 3rd place.
  12. No real ratings bump for CBSEN and that’s exactly what they deserve. I’m sure we won’t see much difference between Norah or the other 3 anchors before her but CBS will still make an anchor change in the next few years. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/evening-news-ratings-week-of-july-15-2/409476/
  13. It is getting repetitive but the absence of a regular traffic report in the prime morning rush hour is also quite ridiculous, especially for the largest city and TV market in the country. I'm confused as to how that negligence is being lost on anyone. Beyond that, is it ever a good thing to be so inconsistent? Cancel traffic reports out entirely instead of only when the traffic anchor is away. CBS 2 is easily the 4th or 5th rated morning news program in the city and this is an obvious example of them phoning it in. If this is their approach then, hell what's the point of doing the news at all? I mean everything they discuss is a rehash of the 11 pm news the night before and if it's not then it's typically stories that are already accessible through some means well before 4:30 a.m. Just cancel the entire 2.5 hour show because it's 2019 and is outdated morning news really THAT big of a deal?
  14. Haha not quite but a very common mistake. You’re thinking of Tony Perkins who replaced Spencer Christian as GMA Weather Anchor in 1999. Tony left GMA in 05/06 to return to Fox 5 DC and recently left that station as well. Spencer Christian was GMA’s Weather Anchor from the early 80s to 1999. He left to work for KGO and is still there. Here’s a photo of the two:
  15. Did you happen to actually read my comment or no? I'm not at all shocked by what she said, I'm shocked that she didn't realize that her mic was open and the broadcast was potentially going live. That's the equivalent of me sending political views or disparaging remarks via email at the office when I know the company monitors them. Her recklessness is what is shocking, not what she said.
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