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  1. Apparently they did use an alternate open for Friday’s 6pm news which removed the talent open similarly to 5 and 11pm.
  2. Is that the same desk as KXAN?
  3. Very small and slightly ridiculous nitpick but I really wish they’d do a Friday alternate 6pm open that features Sam and similarly one featuring Ryan for Sundays. It’s always annoyed me that Sam is in the talent open morning and noon talent opens on Fridays despite technically having that day off every week.
  4. One has to wonder about Whit Johnson and Eva Pilgrim. Are the weekend editions of GMA more notable jobs than GMA3? During Amy and TJ I’d say yes, in whatever it becomes the answer is likely no.
  5. Not trying to challenge your opinion but I’ve never really understood this take considering the alternatives are the equally sensational Today Show and to a lesser extent, a CBS program.
  6. What’s unfortunate about it for anyone but NBC? Michael’s promotion to GMA was a directive by Robin IIRC and an attempt to assemble a more dynamic cast after the departure of Sam and Josh and the failed experiments of Tony Reali and Jesse Palmer. At one point the lineup was Robin, George, Amy, Lara and Ginger which while each incredibly strong in their own regards is not a particularly dynamic ensemble. ABC has somehow made the Michael appointment work really well. He’s still by far the weakest of the ensemble but somehow it works. Robin and George have also become a classic duo. Amy was a perfect fit for the show as well and TJ made a lot of sense too. Losing those two and Cecilia is going to be a tall task to rebuild.
  7. Lara has been presenting the play of the day several times of the last few weeks even with Michael there. It’s the first time they’ve had her appear regularly in the first hour in several years.
  8. Amy and TJ are free to love one another to the ends of time. However there are consequences for so brazenly flaunting adultery with your other married colleague while you both are public figures on a program that prides itself as a family-centric broadcast. No one is judging them for being together, it’s the way they went about disclosing it. It really shouldn’t be this difficult of a concept to grasp, I’m starting to believe some are intentionally missing the point.
  9. What a shame. I loved Amy on GMA. Her and TJ are complete morons for this. Ratings haven’t slipped in their absence. I don’t see any indication that ABC wouldn’t just continue GMA3 with new faces. Rhiannon and Demarco are a formidable pairing.
  10. Yeah they ended the distance between anchors sometime last year but I have yet to see weather, traffic or sports anchors join them at the desk since before the pandemic. Very good to see!
  11. Does this include weather and sports anchors? Haven’t had a chance to watch in several weeks.
  12. Those are significant losses for the network. I’m hoping Amy stays on but I’d also like to see them elevate Rachel Scott, Will Reeve, Gio Benitez profiles. I enjoy each of them as fill-ins as well as Whit and Janai.
  13. Why is it so inconceivable that GMA and their brand of family-friendly wholesomeness (whether the show has become a joke or not as of late) would want to distance themselves from a rather un-family friendly scandal? It’s not even a debate on their morals or judgement as two consenting adults, it’s about assessing a reputational risk for the show’s brand. As a reminder, your employer likely has certain standards that you must abide by or risk discipline. Some of these may not be objectively immoral or criminal, but still pose a reputational / branding risk. Think about how many times we’ve seen people be fired for their social posts or an unflattering viral video.
  14. Cecilia and Linsey Davis have seemingly been splitting Robin / Michael fill-in duties in the absence of Amy and TJ. Lara is still on daily but is limited strictly to the second hour unless she’s presenting a report like today’s AO report at 7:16. Avoiding speculation, it feels less and less likely that Amy and TJ return right? They’ve been sidelined entirely and off-air for a substantial amount of time that their return would cause an entire new flood of attention for ABC, despite my opinion that benching them temporarily was definitely the right call.
  15. Did not see that one coming at all. She seemed to be in the running, along with Amy, for ascension to Robin’s chair once that eventually opens up. Her latest ABC contract made her the Friday co-anchor as Robin doesn’t work on Fridays. Good for her and CBS.
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