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  1. I mean it’s likely who he always was even during his GDNY days. People don’t just suddenly become racist morons, they just stop trying to hide their true feelings.
  2. I think one of Sam’s primary asks was to work 4 days a week. He’s mentioned the importance of it a number of times because his significant other is based in Florida (or at least was when he returned).
  3. It’s also remarkable how much the personalities bloom when they jump to KTLA. Who would have know that Chris Schuable was as funny. Henry DiCarlo is a completely different personality than his days on CBS 2.
  4. I’ve loved Ilona from her first day at channel 13 In 2004 or 2005. She’s one of the best.
  5. Elex Michaelson at KTTV comes to mind (although his style is LA through and through) especially since KTTV isn’t particularly strong.
  6. Thanks for this, I had to make sure sure I wasn’t crazy and misremembering her send-off. Although I don’t remember if her comments were live or pre-recorded, the farewell was pretty nice considering the circumstances. I don’t understand when WABC became the bad guy in their split as many are suggesting here.
  7. Disagree with this. The morning spot at WABC is deeply coveted and would be the pinnacle of most broadcast careers. I would bet that the 11pm, 6pm and morning show are the most important broadcast. Who should they have displaced on those shows to make her the evening anchor?
  8. I wonder if WNYW would consider adding an 11pm newscast like many Fox O&O stations do.
  9. Great choice. Have they named an 11pm anchor?
  10. KTRK has also recently started doing the same.
  11. KTRK has also recently started doing the same.
  12. Tom Koch singed off today from the show he’s anchored for nearly 40 years (minus the 2 years when he was replaced) and the show has been #1 for virtually the entire time (minus the 2 years where he was replaced). The mayor officially declared today as “Tom Koch Day.” Heartfelt send off for one of Houston’s finest!
  13. KTRK has been running promos declaring a familiar spot for the station - most watched sign-on to sign-off (for English stations).
  14. KTLA’s newsroom shot demonstrates this really well. Right over the presenter’s shoulder you can see each of the local competitors programming.
  15. Im both shocked that they finally let her go and that she lasted as long as she did. Was she only anchoring at 10 pm these days as the FTV article states?

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