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  1. Not a fan of Norah at all. Everything about her delivery is inauthentic and I look forward to who CBS pushes in next considering the whispers that Norah aggressively pursued the position over Glor. Outside of the coronavirus, her viewership is lower than Glor as well. WNT is a shell of its former self, I’m happy for its success but I’m not a fan of the format. Lester Holt and NN consistently produce the best national product at 6:30 p.m.
  2. Do they really need to announce it though? They run promos featuring Robach and her new show daily. At this point it doesn’t seem likely that they’re going to announce the “cancellation” of the old format when they’ve been heavily promoting the Robach edition since at least April or May.
  3. I wonder if this is a continuation of what we’ve seen across parts of the nation with stations opting to cut traffic reports in general.
  4. Consider me part of the camp who genuinely dislikes Ripa but with that said, we are in the middle of a pandemic with a lot of health and financial impacts. Is it possible that an elaborate in-studio tribute would have required the support of employees who are in furloughs or laid off at the moment? This isn’t an excuse but isn’t it largely believed that Regis and Kelly had a cold relationship towards the end of his run and even more after his departure in 2011? I seem to remember him responding to a question about their relationship in a somewhat negative way. He seemed at times to visibly display how little he thought of her (for reasons I agree with entirely). Nonetheless, I do think a stronger tribute sometime down the line will be appropriate for the man who literally built the show.
  5. Not seeing any confirmation from ABC yet.
  6. Sounds very CNNish.
  7. Goodness, 2020 has been tough. RIP to a Chicago and weather legend.
  8. Keke Palmer pretty much confirming that “Strahan, Sara and Keke” is no more. A comment on the post from Michael Strahan confirms it too.
  9. Whit Johnson read a statement about this dismissal this morning at around 7:35.
  10. Awesome. Looks like Barbara solved racism by just hiring people of color. Doesn’t matter that she marginalized those who tried to further racial equality at the network or used racial epithets to describe the work of the network’s biggest star.
  11. I can think of only a handful of instances when the network has interrupted prime-time TV for news. If anything, they usually provide brief bulletins during the commercial breaks.
  12. Based off of the success of WNT I definitely think the next anchor change for any of the newscasts will trend much younger than 50-60.
  13. The View is a leader among its category (daytime talk show) and is a staple of ABC’s early daytime lineup so I don’t think they’d mess with moving it around. An expanded GMA has been a top priority for the network in an attempt to grab more advertising dollars for the most watched morning program. I think that will remain a priority for them as a cheap alternative that guarantees a nice ROI over converting their primetime game shows into daily airings.
  14. The new format is just superior so this makes sense. And I still think it can have an element of fun so long as it maintains the news focus. Amy + TJ should lead the hour.
  15. Looks like the changes could be here to stay. ABC just promoted the woman responsible for the What You Need to Know program to the permanent EP for the hour. Doesn’t make much mention of the future of the show in terms of Michael, Sara and Keke. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cat-mckenzie-named-ep-of-gma3/446930/
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