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  1. Some companies are more conservative in their spending regularly with little bloating so when crisis hit they are able to weather the storms.
  2. People aren’t watching at 6:30, but they’re going to watch for an hour at 10? I don’t see that happening. The “CBSEN” will likely be around until the end of time but I do believe it will look vastly different over the next few years and likely be a CBSN production in the not so distant future. CBSTM is likely to see a another change sooner than later. Since Norah has taken over, the gaps between her and #1, #2 have widened. David Muir is being watched by 4 million more people than her every night. That’s just insane.
  3. I don’t want to speculate on something as sensitive as this but I would have to imagine that layoffs are pending for ABC too. Disney announced that they’d have to enact some form of restructuring after having to completely shut down their parks for 2 months. The parent companies for NBC and CBS have already announced plans, so I’d guess ABC will too at some point. This pandemic is touching every single corner of our world and economy. It’s crazy
  4. It looks nice enough for what they're doing today and the customization of the set for different themes is nice but overall I'm still not a fan of it. Incredibly massive space with little depth or substance and I can't see how it'll be used regularly outside of special coverage. I do not like it.
  5. He should take a cue from the guy who slapped the reporter’s ass a few months ago. Didn’t they arrest and charge him with battery sexual assault?
  6. I’m honestly surprised this many people watch whatever CBS is doing at 6:30 to have noticed this.
  7. Yep this was a national error as it played just as above on KXAS in Dallas Saturday night.
  8. Good Morning America is moving closer to some form of normalcy. George, Amy and Michael anchored together in the studio for the first time in months Friday. Dan, Eva and Whit are anchoring in the TS studio together for the first time in nearly 2 months.
  9. I don’t necessarily understand why companies wouldn’t be advertising. We have seen unprecedented spikes in consumption of goods and services. Outside of public venues or the energy industry, I’m curious to understand why other industries are reducing advertising. Probably just a reaction to a global recession?
  10. The plot thickens with a possible investigation into Lack and NBC’s blatant mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations.
  11. This statement is not grounded in reality by any means and I’m a staunch defender of Fox News anchors like Bret Baier, Martha McCallum and Chris Wallace. Even the more newsier formats on Fox have a right slant. Nothing against that but let’s be real here. There is non-partisan research dedicated to the entire phenomenon of FNC’s approach to news including their visual elements and the disproportionate level of conservatives invited to appear on the network. I enjoy FNC’s programming but every hour of programming on the network has a conservative slant because it’s in the DNA. CNN and MSNBC have aggressively moved to the left over the last decade but FNC has been firmly to the right for much longer than that.
  12. It’s been promoted on Good Morning America and WNT. GMA often pitches it at the end of the program although not as much since the start of COVID-19.
  13. Could get interesting Noah Oppenheim seemed to be the natural successor but this moves sounds like he will be on the way out next.
  14. I know it’s a competitive industry but in a city with about 6-7 news options, being a solid and steady #2 isn’t reason to change. The industry is so obsessed with who is first but in saturated markets, #2 is not a bad place to be at all.
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