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  1. What are they planning to show? A continuous loop of Windsor?
  2. My thoughts exactly. Michael did a campaign about 2 weeks ago on being proud of his gap and keeping it so I think this is an elaborate April Fools joke but either way he looks great with and without.
  3. Wonder Fox is studying a new format. GDLA has become heavily focused around Michaela P as well.
  4. She has also enraged a lot of Aussies with her frequent and unsolicited remarks against lockdowns due to virus while interviewing various leaders. Her most recent “wtf” moment came last month after doing an interview for a magazine feature in which she seemingly called TV executives egomaniacs and made references to working harder than mothers. That seems to have been the tipping point for 7.
  5. If he came back to finish out the show then I definitely feel that he was asked to step down..
  6. Anyone know how the rest of the show went once he stormed off? Did Charlotte move over from news to help Susanna out?
  7. Off topic from the mic but despite her speaking time only being about 10 seconds of that clip, Dari still managed to stumble over every other word.
  8. What are you even talking about? Everything you’re saying is entirely speculative and should be put into the speculation thread rather than stated here as fact. Racial disparities are present in American media but when you have an issue with it you can engage in respectful discourse and in an appropriate setting - you CANNOT use terms like “latinize” or refer to an “hermano” connection without understanding the microaggression in those statements. One of the more unqualified broadcasters is a lead anchor of the top rated morning program in this country resulting in diminished roles for the oth
  9. It’s hard to find what’s offensive about his comment unless you’re a fanatic of those ditzy combative home remodel shows. Maybe Cheryl is
  10. Also just as a reminder there is a speculation thread available for these things.
  11. Could see this tension from a mile away. At the time of the 2014 negotiation, GMA was the flagship brand gaining steam while WNT was falling behind. I’ve grown to really admire George on GMA but honestly he and David Muir are better suited for each other’s programs than their own. David to me seems to be playing the role of serious anchor but it’s hardly believable. Besides that point, George is just a better breaking news anchor than David seems to be. I don’t like this development but David is pulling 10M viewers a night, he can ask for whatever he wants. I personally can’t see h
  12. Deborah and Bryant did not make a good pairing at all and NBC certainly did her no favors with the shitty transition of very clearly pushing Jane out in favor of a 10 years younger carbon copy.
  13. Liberte announced it at the end of yesterday’s morning news. She’ll stay with the station for LA Unscripted.
  14. Right - number 2 for the Monday after the Super Bowl and in third for the rest of the week.

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