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  1. MorningNews

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    That is correct. I think Lee has been there since the 90s and was the weekend weathercaster until he replaced Sam Champion when he went to GMA. Jeff has been there for easily 10 years now and Amy is the most recent addition.
  2. MorningNews

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Maybe he'll move to Good Day with longtime friend Lori Stokes.
  3. MorningNews

    KHOU's new building

    Len Cannon provides a tour of the new unfinished digs. This is going to be so nice, a huge upgrade for KHOU. http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2019/02/new-khou-11-studio-newsroom-5718-Westheimer.html?m=1
  4. KDFW needs a whole new building as well. Everything about their location screams dump.
  5. MorningNews

    KTLA Adding 11am News

    Sports anchor David Pingalore is anchoring with Lynette on the weekend show for the second weekend in a row. He gets along really well with the team, I'm hoping he's permanent.
  6. MorningNews

    KHOU's new building

    Who’s to say that shot wasn’t a story that was covered about DFW? It mentions that they covered thousands of stories so it very easily could be a legitimate Dallas story that they’ve included in their coverage for the year. I don’t think they were trying to deceive.
  7. MorningNews

    KPRC Houston Life New Set

    Is it no longer broadcast from the Galleria?
  8. MorningNews

    Random WGN thread

    Hahaha, what the hell was I thinking.
  9. MorningNews

    Random WGN thread

    Streaming the WGN Morning News for a change today and surprised to hear the N-word going out over air several times during a Dean Reynolds entertainment segment. They played video of a young girl describing her frustration with Justin Bieber's marriage and repeatedly using the N-word without censorship. Complete facepalm and back to KTLA's morning offering I go.
  10. MorningNews

    CBS This Morning

    I wasn't aware of any speculation that she may be leaving.
  11. MorningNews

    CBS News Head David Rhodes Out.

    Is it not working? What is considered working? The show is still profitable and even when it was doing better they were still in the same spot they're in now. The same spot they were in during the many changes under TES. Good Morning America and Today have kept the same format for the better part of 20 years now and the shows haven't made drastic changes simply because of ratings. CNN's New Day is similar to what was suggested earlier and they haven't managed to move the needle much. Such a drastic change in format rarely ever works out so yes that is a terrible idea to blow things up.
  12. MorningNews

    CBS News Head David Rhodes Out.

    Yes first things first, blow up the popular concept that was working perfectly just a year ago. That makes the most sense.
  13. MorningNews

    Out & About

    This is the best news. I’m so proud of Travis, I remember when he started years ago as the weekend AM meteorologist. Congratulations to both he and Elita.
  14. MorningNews

    KTLA's Chris Burrous dead at 43

    Though Schauble is the lesser of my favorite Chris’ at KTLA, I had that same thought watching him anchor this morning. He and Lynette have incredible chemistry as well, but I doubt KTLA would want to tinker with the widely successful Early Edition. On Saturday’s memorial program station President Jason Ball said we won’t truly understand the brilliance that was Burrous until it comes time to find a worthy replacement. There was simply no other like him.

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