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  1. I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t believe any of the Dallas-Fort Worth stations use choppers.
  2. The value of just doing a traditional newscast without the gimmicks is super lost on these stations now days. I do like Dan Haggerty though.
  3. I don't hate this idea at all. KTLA's entertainment reporter seems to think Shep Smith might be hired as the marquee name to lead the newscast.
  4. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2020/01/chauncy-glover-6.30pm-newscast.html?m=1 KTRK 3 PM anchor Chauncy Glover adds 6:30 PM duties to his plate replacing/displacing Eric Barajas. Eric could shift to the 6 PM newscast bringing his total to 4, 6 and 10. Which would move Art Rascon off of 6 and leave him with 11 AM and Live at Five.
  5. Watched Bombshell tonight. It’s incredibly jarring how truly disgusting Roger Ailes and the culture he built and enabled truly was. The defenders and enablers of this behavior are absolutely disgusting as well.
  6. Saw this one coming honestly. They demoted her to weekend evenings either right before or after she began maternity leave.
  7. Saw this one coming honestly. They demoted her to weekend evenings either right before or after she began maternity leave.
  8. I’m curious about this as well. Does anyone have BTS details on this change?
  9. The Sunday Today show used to originate from Washington DC and featured a young Katherine Couric and Al Roker as substitutes (at least).
  10. True but I would think the changes under Charles Gibson were a little more than a refresh. At some point his studio was heavily wood paneled with no view of the newsroom until Diane Sawyer took over and a modern newsroom look debuted.
  11. That’s exciting. The current WNT set has been around since 2010 iirc with some refreshes here and there. Doesn’t seem that outrageous to me that they’d do a major overhaul especially when the move is 4 years away. That’s an eternity in television.
  12. You could always DVR and watch it later, back in my morning tv obsessed youth I would record GMA and Today and watch when I got home from school lol. I rarely make the effort to turn the shows on today because the content is so mind numbing.
  13. Any caps? I’d love to see how This Week utilizes the GMA set.
  14. IIRC the weekend shows were moved back to the 66th St studios because of the costs to rent out Times Square.
  15. You’re misunderstanding, which seems to be a theme for you. I asked a question about why it doesn’t make sense for Bill to hand off the 6 pm to David so that he isn’t anchoring a 1.5 hour show. And you’re response was to lecture the entire forum on the intricacies of channel 7’s off camera schedules and build sympathy for “long work days.” You’re tone and frustration is stemmed from a suggestion that Shirleen and Ken could anchor the mornings and noon newscasts to allow for greater parity in their evening news schedules? I’m in the craphole known as NYC more often than I’d ever like to be so nice assumption there on your part, again.
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