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  1. Maybe not officially dubbed as one hour editions, I believe the evening newscasts were extended during the impeachment process of 45th. Also not a planned hour long edition but the evening shows remained on the air beyond 6:30pm covering the dramatic flight home from Walter Reed to the White House after the president’s Covid stay.
  2. It lacks any kind of personality. Looks like a night club you’d see on an early 2000s sitcom. 4/10.
  3. Super underwhelming to the say the least. The set looks like a damn spaceship. Fox 11 is so disjointed.
  4. Yep noticed this too, it was the last 2 minutes of the preceding Boston vs Bucks playoff game that had just aired. I partly thought I was having streaming issues but guess it was a WABC malfunction.
  5. Have we heard anything about Rob Marciano? I haven’t seen him on Weekend GMA in more than several weeks although he is appearing on Saturday and Sunday WNT.
  6. What does this even mean? I don’t see why she would be responsible and isn’t her desire to work on longer format programming? It’s not uncommon for the legislative branch to switch rule after the presidential election so I doubt she’s running from November.
  7. I would be quite disappointed if that is truly the finished product. The backdrop looks cheap and walking by the studio it looks even more makeshift than on screen.
  8. Very subtle updates to GMA’s first floor set including a new floating screen on the window that used to be homebase years ago.
  9. Any updates on the new set? Seems like it’s been well over 6 weeks…
  10. Am I missing something here? I can’t think of many (Disney+ might be the only one) that had immediate success out of the gate. Is there some behind the scenes drama that made them shut this thing down this quickly?
  11. Interesting. Not sure why I remember Sam leaving in 2012.
  12. 20 years of Robin on GMA celebrated this morning. Shouldn’t Ginger’s 10 year be coming up soon? I don’t remember seeing much of anything about George’s 10 years with the show in 2009.
  13. The decision to be the only station not carrying the presser looks pretty bad. It reminds me of their fail last summer when strong storms moved through the tristate area. Train stations were flooded and the MTA service completely suspended stranding passengers all across the city and WABC still went to Jimmy Kimmel Live lol. Their closing image was passengers stranded at Times Square station followed with “we’ll see you at 4:30am.” Sam Champion has to be reading this board because today he doubled down on his wardrobe. I don’t mind it personally but they have to be intentionally having him dress down right?
  14. FWIW, the TV was on during the 9am hour and Ken Rosato did break in twice to update the story before going to full wall-to-wall coverage. Didn’t seem like there was much to report on at the beginning as WNBC’s coverage was mostly centered around train delays for the first 30 mins.
  15. My issues are strictly with the news production, editorial and presentation. Outside of Bill Ritter and his old man rants, there’s not a single weak personality on channel 7 imo. Even Michelle can be difficult to watch present at times but is still a strong anchor.
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