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  1. I mean this is the same station that put someone like Sukanya Krishnan on air every AM for 15 years, I don’t trust them to pick talent wisely.
  2. I often feel bad for late night news when the NFL broadcast pushes the news into the next morning but who is going to complain about extra football especially if it’s a particularly good game (as one might be if it’s ending an hour late)?
  3. Kala is still at Pix? What does she do now?
  4. ^ That’s exactly my concern too.
  5. I don’t like the consolidation of studios in such a vast footprint as Rockefeller Center but NN utilizes Studio 1A rather well. Even better than Today.
  6. That’s interesting, I wonder what spurred the move.
  7. Fair enough. My family has watched GMA for as long as I can remember and the quality today is nothing to write home about despite having one of the strongest anchors (George!) at the helm. However I have to say comparing anything with Gayle King to the great days of Jane and Bryant is an insult! /s
  8. I don’t want to belabor the point further but just what does intelligent mean in morning TV? I certainly don’t feel any smarter having watched CBS over any other program lol. They hosts singers, actors, chefs, social media stars too - just without the flashiness. I’ve seen a viral video or two be shared on the show for a “cute” moment. Lipstick on a pig if you ask me.
  9. Wow. RIP to Allison. Had she been sick at all recently and I missed it?
  10. Looks like they added a glass extension to the new desk. I preferred the way it looked initially.
  11. No offense to you but I really wish people would come off of this “smart” stuff especially when using it to ridicule the other shows. The first hour of each network morning show is full of news and investigative reporting, yes it descends into crap at 8 a.m. but CBS second hour isn’t exactly what it’s first hour is either. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.
  12. I guess the difference is in the branding of the shows - Fox & Friends doesn’t advertise themselves as being in Rockefeller Center although their building technically is. GMA has been the morning show of Times Square for 20+ years, it’s a core piece of their identity.
  13. Their morning program featuring Charles Kuralt and Diane Sawyer in the 80s topped Today for second place for a brief period. Their program in 1998 topped GMA for a second place finish one week during GMA’s failed McRee/Newman experiment. I don’t think CTM ever notched a full week out of 3rd place but did have a few days at #2 and even #1 after the Super Bowl iirc.
  14. Wow - did CTM ever use a soft set area with couches and chairs like they did this morning? I can see the show gravitating more and more towards The Early Show than CTM and let’s be honest that format just works for American morning television.
  15. It wasn’t too bad but I’m struggling to understand the differentiating point is for moving to TS, changing the name, adding Nate, etc. Doesn’t seem like anything today made the show necessarily stronger or more attractive than what we just watched Friday. Viewership is likely to reflect that.

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