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  1. That’s odd. Why would they not air it? I wasn’t aware that affiliates can choose to not air network programming.
  2. Is ABC going to be based out of the new TV3 studios for this year’s election coverage?
  3. It’s quite remarkable to me that ABC has dominated this election cycle. In 2016, I believe they were in second and even third at times for convention and debate coverage. This year they’ve been on top consistently.
  4. In the 80s ABC and CBS had no headlines or tease, they just jumped right in to the news with the first break coming at about 6-7 mins. I wonder if ABC is experimenting with some of that as some nights the A-block can run for 18 minutes or so.
  5. I’ve been watching more CNN over the last week with the crazy state of our nation at this time. Gotta say, the coverage is ridiculous no matter how deserved it might be. It’s become the trump news network and it’s beyond ridiculous how much time they dedicate to every single word he says.
  6. It’s likely that we’ll see George and David isolated for the next several days and possibly weeks after they came into contact with Chris Christie during this week’s debate coverage.
  7. It’s going to be interesting to see how networks handle the evening newscasts coming up at 6:30 (just about 15 mins from now). George is in place on ABC at this moment and I’d bet they keep him in place rather than swapping David in. Edited: really odd decision by ABC to cut from the special report and go to WNT with a full opening and packaged reports. NBC and CBS staying with their live special reports. Incredibly odd decision from ABC especially since the transportation of trump took place live in the 5-10 mins right before 6:30
  8. Yeah it wasn't so much about a ratings move for me, more focused around having a solid and capable team. I just found the team of Norah, John Dickerson and Gayle King to be the weaker ones on television that night. But yes, you are right. Scott Pelley was not able to move CBS from the basement but the show was stronger and popular under his leadership.
  9. I will say that the CBS debate coverage was particularly underwhelming from the line up to the presentation. Imagine the boost that someone like Shep Smith or Scott Pelley would give their operations right now. On top of that, as the news of the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis both ABC and NBC are on with special reports...CBS is staying with James Corden.
  10. Robin Roberts is back in the studio as of today. First time since March.
  11. Did CBS cut in at all? I turned over towards the end of coverage on ABC, NBC and CBS was airing The Talk so I assumed I was too late for their coverage.
  12. So is David’s role solely to anchor WNT AND 20/20? George led this morning coverage of RBG’s service and Tom Llamas is anchoring the Breyona Taylor special coverage this afternoon. Lester is on NBC.
  13. Nothing about this line up makes sense. Michaela is strong and popular in LA, but this move is the equivalent of if KTLA hired Dorothy Lucey or Steve Edwards. So much time has passed that it likely wouldn’t make a difference.
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