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  1. There’s no way the ticker is moving that fast - Is the video sped up?
  2. It’s hard to disagree with much of anything that Wright said. This is an overreaction by Disney and reeks of egotism. Like others have said, synergies is a reality of every professional industry but ABC News goes way over the top.
  3. I can't remember clearly but wasn't Lori Stokes' departure also somewhat rough?
  4. The newscast that Mike will likely take over was already extremely popular and dominant with Rob as anchor so I’m not sure that’s it either.
  5. A seriously extreme overreaction. People leave the media industry in droves every single day, just like any industry. Doesn’t Channel 7 have one of the most experienced and long running news teams in NYC? That to me would indicate that they aren’t as bad as your conspiracy suggests.
  6. Is that a true story? That’s interesting to hear because it was such a minute detail that for whatever reason sticks out as a distinct point of difference between two of my favorite anchormen’s tenure on the show compared to David Muir.
  7. Ed Brandon stepped away for rehab due to a cocaine addiction.
  8. I just thought about this several weeks ago, I’m not sure when the last time I saw Muir standing in the studio. As you mentioned Peter and Charles used to open their show and present the Closer Look segment while standing.
  9. A 2 week newscast is surely a trial run right?
  10. I liked this set a lot but I think it’s too much for a daily news program. Hopefully a more toned down version of this is what we’ll see. Was this in the studio Tamron Hall films in?
  11. Love the theme but I think the FOX o&o graphics were better when this station was still under FOX.
  12. In fact, the KTLA Morning News us repeating the graphic today and boasting about how viral it went lol.
  13. Born and raised in Houston and even I admit they cheated bad. My family and everyone else in Houston seem delusional about it haha. It’s crazy Without a doubt my favorite morning tv program/cast.
  14. Doubtful. The morning show has been particularly vocal about this, Frank Buckley and others on the station have repeatedly referred to them as the “Cheating Astros” while reading copy of the story.
  15. I’d assume that she won’t be on for any of the evening newscasts?
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