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  1. One has to wonder if KDFW is taking the safe “don’t fix what’s not broke” approach. Either that or they’re planning a larger move (their currently facility in downtown Dallas is a dump).
  2. I thought Morgan had a slot on MSNBC at some point? She is extremely talented and I thought she was a much better fit with Peter in on Saturday Today than Kristen Welker. She has filled in occasionally on Sunday Today as well.
  3. Is Saturday Today formally relocated to DC? Last weekend they were in Studio 1A and obviously before the pandemic but introducing a brand new set almost seems like they’re staying put which makes sense when both hosts live there. Regardless, the set looks great but somewhat one dimensional.
  4. This is quite a bummer. Hoping that it’s neck issues as mentioned above and not something more ominous. I hope she finds comfort from the pain that she’s having and can hopefully make a return if and when she wants to.
  5. Looks nice but also very local news.
  6. MtP came from Chuck’s home today I believe. Didn’t someone mention here that they wouldn’t debut on the new set until inauguration week?
  7. I know for certain KTTV and WTTG did this as well. It used to be really neat to watch them while a live newscast was on and see the interesting things that would happen as soon as the broadcasts ended. I especially enjoyed watching the studio cams during the transitions from Fox 11 Morning News to GDLA since they used two different sets. Thanks for unlocking a really awesome memory!
  8. Sure Ginger did her first half hour weather hits from outside but other than that they typically don’t do much outside especially since introducing a studio audience on the second floor. About 1.5 years ago they reconfigured the set to eliminate the windows behind home base (on-air). Even the soft set is based in front of large monitor walls. And walking near the studio in Midtown they have only one window not plastered up to see inside the studio. If not for the “Live in Times Square” in the intro, one could be confused as to where the show is filmed.
  9. Could CTM be moving to Times Square? Talks are just that at this point but apparently CBS liked having the show broadcast from its Viacom studios in Times Square for the election. I say go for it since GMA hardly uses the exterior of Times Square in any form on camera anymore. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/cbs-this-morning-times-square-tv-news-1234848704/
  10. I enjoy them being on the ground floor but you’re right the set does clash and just seems like a hodge podge of pieces placed together. I don’t remember the older iterations of this very similar set being this bad though.
  11. GMA’s Christmas decorations on set look atrocious this year.
  12. The FNC set that Shep was on was ac actual newsroom as well correct?
  13. GMA3: What You Need to Know is performing stronger than I would have imagined. They averaged nearly 2 million viewers during election week and have been averaging around 1.7 million viewers regularly according to ABC.

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