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  1. Damn there is literally no competition for channel 7 in Chicago. 2 points over the closest competitor? I mean CBS and Fox combined were still nearly 2 full points behind channel 7. That is complete domination. Are the other stations anywhere near WLS in other time slots?
  2. Oh how could I forget that Tony Reali experiment that lasted all of 2 days? It’s crazy to think about what’s changed in the last 5 years. I would really like to see TJ Holmes step into a much larger role with the show. He’s got much more of the gravitas and charisma that Michael just doesn’t have. He also plays really well off of whoever he’s on set no matter who they are.
  3. Not to pile on, but Michael was only slightly better as the host of Live! He still stumbled over every other word and seemed completely caught off guard when his focus had to shift back to reading the prompter.
  4. I think there's a little more to it than the competition shake ups, GMA and Today are virtually the same levels of trash. Both shows feel so rushed with an abundance of gimmicks and bad content. Today just has better production value. Completely agree on Michael Strahan being a terribly under-qualified host for this show. It is painful watching him conduct an interview, I think the last time I watched he was interviewing a kidnapping victim and it was awful. He and Lara are virtually interchangeable so I'm not sure why they insist on keeping them both around. I'm hoping for a major overhaul of the program in the next few years.
  5. Yep they have found something that resonates with the audience for sure but the product is so horrible. GMA is a shell of its former self in the worst way.
  6. How she manages to land jobs is beyond me. One of the worst anchors I've seen in a big market.
  7. It's rumored that she and WFAA agreed to part ways after a small spat with her coworkers which led her to post some trash talk on social media (that was swiftly deleted). Seems odd that she would leave without something lined up, seems odd that WFAA would remove her when a growth in their viewership correlates to her arrival on the DFW airwaves. Who knows what the truth is.
  8. Matt Lauer was very clearly a pompous ass after Katie left and it was very apparent on the air. I had no idea however that he was a serial predator.
  9. Absolutely crazy, where does Georgie and Deb go from here?
  10. WNT last Wednesday was viewed by 9.2 million viewers figures that haven't been seen since almost 10 years ago. WNT has hit that mark several times throughout 2019.
  11. This one is interesting, it does seem like Amy was venting more so than trying to make a formal complaint about the network trying to prevent a story. What the hell is ProjectVeritas?
  12. I'd also be curious to see what the viewership figures around the city were. Many people I know here simply turned away from KXAS to any other station in town providing information. I'm sure NFL still dominated but it seems like most people were more interested in finding news about the storm than the football game.
  13. I didn't realize that KTVT also dropped the ball. Have they also released an explanation as to what happened? My theory is that KXAS opted to stick with a division rivalry game for the hometown team. Not an excuse at all but that at least explains what the hell they were thinking.
  14. Since I've moved to DFW, I've noticed that WFAA's breaking news coverage is underwhelming at best. KDFW is this town's news leader without a doubt, and KTVT has very solid coverage as well. Just a little weird at how bad WFAA is compared to how strong I've always heard the station was. Also I wonder would KXAS would have cut away from the game if it had been anyone other than Dallas playing a division rival? I'd like to hope that that's the only reason they stuck with the game despite it being a negligent decision.
  15. Shepard Smith would be a great choice, he or Ann Curry.
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