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  1. John Muller is off the 10PM weeknight PIX11 News at Ten. Corey Chambers succeeds him. Tamsen Fadal remains as co-anchor. No other changes apparent.
  2. Andrea Grymes is very good. And I think she would do well in a non-Morning timeslot. However, replacing Cindy Hsu would be a huge mistake. There were probably people who similarly questioned whether Tamsen Fadal transition from Morning and to anchor 10PM, and Fadal has proven herself capable of that role. However, as has been discussed before, WCBS-TV needs to slow down anchor rotation and build an atmosphere of consistency with the audience. They have operated consistently recently, and they shouldn't change now. I think the one weak spot for WCBS-TV is weekday mornings. It seems that CBS treats that more as a trial and error timeslot. Perhaps they feel they cannot effectively compete against the existing competition, but I think there is room to build a more robust news broadcast there. I don't think the Chris Wragge-Mary Calvi team is a stong viewer draw.
  3. Lori Stokes presents well as an anchor and is an asset to the EWN morning team. She flubs words on occasion, but it isn't anything overly significant. It has been said that she has a very good agent (most major market on-air talent have agents), and her contracts are carefully negotiated to her benefit. She earns a very good salary, is not required to report from the field, has limited fill-in requirements, and paid benefits and vacations. None of this would be possible without the overall positive revenue generated by the station in AM drive. I do not think she is unwell or that anything is wrong. She is probably just taking some more time off.
  4. I was going to guess WNJU Linden, the New York market Telemundo affiliate. In fact, none of the Hispanic networks provided State of the Union live coverage this year. I do not know if they aired it later. But even if they did, it demonstrated the general perception amongst the mainstream media that this year's address to both houses of congress and the nation wasn't really all that relevant. Definitely horrible. Without coverage from WPIX, viewers in the New York market who wanted to watch the SOTU only had to choose from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, or PBS. If they had cable, they could also choose from C-SPAN, CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC
  5. Hey, and Merry Christmas to the TVNT group here! For someone who hasn't taken a seat at the anchor desk in years, Stacey Sager hit nothing but home runs this morning. News delivery was perfect, the witty banter with coanchors was just right, and she honed in with the precise mixture of personality and professionalism required for the situation. Following today's stint, WABC-TV would be foolish to not contemplate putting her on the anchor desk more often. This newscast was MUCH more enjoyable than those in years past with Ms. Glassberg. Those lacked the harmony that was obviously present this morning. No unusual highlights. Pretty much the same Christmas morning newscast that WABC-TV has produced since 2001. The top story covered in all half-hours except for the 6:30AM was the hours-old multiple shooting at an Irvington, New Jersey strip club which resulted in three fatalities. On the lighter side, Bill Ritter brought back his usual humorous quip that "Goldberg, Sager, and Ritter" might sound more like an accounting or law firm, but that they were just WABC-TV news anchors. And there were the usual viewer letters praising the newscast and its anchors, advocating for peace in the world and toward each other, remembering deceased or ill relatives, and letters of praise from Bob Iger and other ABC News brass. There was also a letter from the Queen of England.
  6. Um... Rob Nelson just departed the ABC News national network in order to join WABC-TV's local Eyewitness News. I definitely think we are seeing the start of something big for him at WABC-TV. He has carefully honed his skills over his career and is very much lead anchor material.
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