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  1. Too bad. Robb was really good and fell right on in. WIS has had a big turnover of talent in the past 3/4 years. Management is running this powerhouse into the ground.
  2. I saw the story and it was very sad. Its good that he was brave enough to share his story with the viewers. But I still will say that don't think that the station didn't use this as apart of their sweeps. That what happens but at least it helps others by learning something about CTE. I hope that things don't get any worse. Like someone said earlier, he's only 67.
  3. I hope he's okay but I am kinda upset they are using this for sweeps. Like "omg I'm going to die so tune in tomorrow and watch." They could've easily ran the story today. I hate that aspect of this.
  4. Beth Troutman is leaving WCNC in Charlotte. FTVLive did a story about this around the holiday season where it was suggested that it was some tension between management and Beth. Best of luck to her. I know she's been through a lot personally during her tenure at WCNC that obviously gave her a new found outlook on life.
  5. Part of me get annoyed with Today because they act like Ann wasn't even apart of the show. She was there for 15 years I believe. That's why I can give two explicit about the show now. Its need a rejuvenation along with GMA (Get rid of Michael).
  6. Good. Once Sunny and Jenadiah came on, there was no need for Raven and her. Now the next person they need to get rid of/leave is Paula.
  7. Is Cheryl still a contributor on the 10 p.m. newscast. Like is she still in the opening.
  8. By February sweeps, Michael probably going to be moved off because GMA lost so much momentum. First the way he left Live was a big mess, and then when he got the full time gig, he didn't fit. Plus he cut both Amy and Lara time down and TJ Holmes.
  9. According to twitter, you are right!!!
  10. Wow. It makes sense why the did some minor upgrades to studio 57. They redid the floor and a new video wall.
  11. Well it was announced that Shiba Russell is becoming an evening anchor at WXIA. She is currently the morning anchor.
  12. OK. I don't blame the anchor for trying to leave. I'll be getting the hell out of dodge too.
  13. For real!! What station do you work for?
  14. Another Reporter is out at KRIV after voicing her personal feelings on the elections. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/houston-reporter-who-prayed-for-trump-to-win-out-at-station/181991
  15. What's going on with WEWS? It used to be a powerhouse but for the past 3 years, too many changes.
  16. I think they are talking about Dana Tyler.
  17. I'm so glad Stacey is back. She really paid her dues. I've been following her since WJW in Cleveland.
  18. Yeah, I know Sibila left on her own. But you can say no. You don't take something just because its offered to you. I'm happy for her star rising but from previous experience I personally wouldn't have bet on taking that job. I would have waited a couple more years.
  19. If I was Natalie, I wouldn't have taken this job. They haven't had a stable co-anchor there since 2012 when Sue left. Shiba, Sibila, and now Natalie.
  20. Well now there's a report that Billy is leaving NBC Today altogether. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/billy-bush-reportedly-out-at-today-and-negotiating-exit-from-show_us_57fd2fc4e4b07b9b8752c6d2?
  21. They are also reporting he's suspended until further notice. http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/09/media/billy-bush-nbc-today-show-donald-trump/index.html
  22. Billy did apologized. What's funny is they mentioned Nancy O'Dell which if they didn't mention her, I wouldn't have never thought Trump was talking about her. Nancy also responded and took the high road. This whole thing seem weird but it does explain why Nancy left Access Hollywood stating she didn't really get along with Billy so it made it easier to leave.
  23. Well it seem like Tamron let it slip on Today's Take that they too will like a live audience for the 3rd hour. I hate how both Today and GMA have become a carbon copy of each other. And is Al still a co-host of Today's Take or is he off/on location for Hurricane Matthews.
  24. WCAU finally announced that Erin Coleman is the new 5 p.m. co-anchor. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wcau-hires-5-pm-anchor/179119
  25. I can see Rhonda do the 4 and 6 and Kimberly the 5 and 11. How long has Rhonda been doing mornings anyway?
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