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  1. One thing I want Jeff to do is get a haircut. I know that seems like nothing to worry about but he need a new look. He just looks like a man trying hard to keep his 90s look.
  2. Do you mean the Time Square Studio? I didn’t get a chance to watch this morning.
  3. I've been thinking and saying this a while now. Both Matt and Al were there 20+ years and its time to slowly phase them out. They've were good bit now you can see both are not as passionate as they once were.
  4. I said the same thing. If he wanted to go that route then he could've brought up Gurvir indiscretions with her time at WTTG on Fox 5 DC ( when she anchored with her current husband ex wife who she was previously having an affair.) Now that's a story but not what he wrote. I wished he had a comment section but he seems the kind that doesn't take to well to criticism (dish it but can't necessarily take it).
  5. I totally forgot about the 10 p.m. newscast. If that's the case then Rick & Monica does 5, 6 and 11 and Brian & Sharrie does the 4, 5:30 and 10.
  6. Well I can see Rick and Monica remaining at 5 and adding 11 and Brian and Sharrie adding the 6.
  7. I'm trying to find a better word but Damn! That's crazy!
  8. What happen to the anchor she replaced? Did they not renew her contract?
  9. I understand the way they felt. I know she was afraid but everyone was. If we were required to work and she just didn't show up, that's not fair to the other people.
  10. Wow! Do you know more details on this.
  11. Well if I'm being honest, I do not really care for GMA Weekend on ABC WNT set that much either however it's on the opposite side of the studio creating its own unique space. All I was saying is that I prefer they had a stand alone set but CBS and any other station going to do whatever they want and I can chose to watch or not.
  12. Wow, i didn't recognize home with his pre grey hair hahaha
  13. I know Sonaa Gnatt (retired from WCNC) and Bill Weir (CNN) but who is the co-anchor... Larry P???
  14. I think a rotation of Anchors would be fine. Shake it up a bit like the National did (CBC I think??). Or try the two anchor format again since they are in CTM studio. What they need to do is, give the show a stand alone studio to because this one studio thing feels like they are poor and giving up. Plus it seems like they don't want Norah O'Donnell off CTM so they need to find a respectable person in that slot. They may never be number one again but they need something a little different and permanent.
  15. Jedediah Bila announced she's leaving The View, effective immediately!
  16. The later seems the most likely situation.
  17. This can also back fire like it did at a station I worked at. The weekend anchor was basically poised for an evening position for 4 and 6 but the station found someone else that they liked better. This caused a lot of animosity towards the anchor and station and when she left, she dissed the station in an interview at her new station. That's why nothing is set in stone. (P.S.: I'm not going to give any personal information on the anchor and station for personal reasons)
  18. ABC in general been criticized hard this week so hopefully things are not that bad. David must've had something more pressing than just a vacation.
  19. Anything from KABC I like. Their graphics were always better executed than WABC's. KABC 2000:
  20. Greta just tweeted and said she's "OUT" at MSNBC!
  21. I was saying last month when I was in NY, that the set could used a refresh. I am kinda excited to what it would look like but I feel like it's going to be another KCBS/KOVR clone.
  22. Can you give us a hint as to who's leaving. And I'm wonder the anchor leaving KNTV.
  23. This had to have happened on Tuesday. He was posting WIS weather updates until Wednesday. A complete 360 of riding bikes and a "Cashmeousside" to find out how the weather is. He also responded to someone and said he may be heading back to Indianapolis. I'm wondering what happened to cause this. It's just too strange.
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