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  1. I thought the same thing. It would have made a lot of sense for them to do that.
  2. I was wondering if this is the first time that GMA had their entire team in LA to do the morning show after the Oscars. Correct me if I'm wrong but normally I always thought it was Robin and one more personality (most likely Lara) with the rest of the team in NY.
  3. Well if you watched WCNC, Ben Thompson was seen more frequently in the mornings and noon and he was a weekend anchor. So it seem to me that Ian contract was coming up and probably figured that his contract wasn't going to be renewed and got the hell out of dodge.
  4. Isn't this like the 2nd or 3rd time WINK knocked off graphics. I know before this package, they had copied NBC package (Look F) if I'm not mistaken.
  5. It'a about time Vanessa Echols got a promotion!!!! Congrats
  6. They should just make them the Sat/Sun anchors. It would make since because that was the reason Tom left WNBC because he said he had a "coveted" anchor job at ABC.
  7. Here is and of a WIS-TV of Columbia, SC newscast in 1975 A newscast from from 1986 Bloopers of WLTX newscast from '98-'99
  8. Today is the last day for Erika Hayes from WBTW/WFXB as the late evening anchor in Myrtle Beach/Florence. She is heading to WCNC in Charlotte to be an anchor/reporter. What a great talent and will be miss indeed. I wonder what newscast she will anchor (either the morning anchor position vacated by Kellie Patterson for over a year or the 5/11 p.m. newscasts that Dion Lim use to anchor)
  9. They have two new hires basically the same role (Kimberly Gill (reporter/anchor)). Are they adding a new 4p.m. show if they don't already have one or somebody major leaving.
  10. I think this is a good article and I hope NBC reads this. Get rid of the catalyst...http://www.medialifemagazine.com/how-to-fix-nbcs-struggling-today-show/ A few other ideas: Get rid of titles like co anchors and call them all presenters so everybody will feel equal on the show. Get rid off the fluff, today has had this formula for 15 years + and now its showing.
  11. I've been saying that too. I would do a complete overhaul. I would bring in Josh, Hoda, and even Dylan Dryer. I think thats a winning team and change the structure of the show a bit since they have been using the same formula for a while now.
  12. One of my Favorite people that I got the pleasure of knowing is leaving Pittsburgh to go to Detroit. It was announce that KDKA midday and early evening anchor Kimberly Gill has taken a reporting/ fill-in anchor position at WDIV. Her last day will be Nov. 7. It without a doubt that she will be missed in the Burgh, and I am kinda shocked of her accepting a reporting position but I guess being in a market 12 was part of her decision. http://ftvlive.com/todays-news/2014/10/29/pittsburgh-anchor-headed-to-motown
  13. I believe they are grooming Craig Melvin to replace Lester Holt in the future. Plus not to be all controversial, I highly doubt that they would have two black males on Weekend Today.
  14. I never watch Fox 5 when on my frequent visits too NY so I can't say if she good or not but I just notice a lot of people dislike her on here.
  15. Why is it that everybody hates Dari? (If you mind me asking)
  16. John Bachman is going to WAWS-WTEV. He's starting this fall.
  17. It was more of a red color not pink. I remember well because that's my home market.
  18. I really enjoyed Cecily Tynan this week on GMA. To me she has been one of the best fill-in they had in a while and they need to consider her for the weekend position. Even though they maybe leaning towards a man, Cecily has did an outstanding job and they do not need to overlook that (which I highly doubt).
  19. According to Lisa Remillard twitter, she is the weekend anchor at KUSI News is San Diego.
  20. Pretty Much Natalie and Tamron will be the main fill-ins with Erica and Hoda occasionally filling in. I was completely surprise more with the pregnancy and when she announced it on the show this morning it all made sense. I was saying to myself her mid section was getting a little pudgy but just thought she gained a few extra pounds. I do wonder if they are going to pull an Deborah/Katie situation. I know its not likely for them to replace Savannah with someone else (I truly think Tamron is gunning for that position) but with Today desperate to be number one again, they may do some more personality changes. Well that's me reaching but my team would be Tamron and Willie/David Gregory, with Natalie (news anchor), Sam Champion and Carson (orange room and entertainment). I think its time for Matt and even ole' Al to leave and bring in the new blood because I hate to say it Matt is the problem at Today but if they want to continue to be number two keep the show the way it is.
  21. According to TVNewser, it states that Tamron wants to be the co-host to the 3rd hour of Today in her contract renewal agreement.
  22. I believe NBC has some tricks up their sleeves and Tamron is apart of it. I think if she does become a permanent feature to the show, that would benefit NBC to become more competitive with GMA.
  23. I thought I was going to miss The Early Show as well (even though I hated the last year. David Friedmen messed the show up) but I really enjoy it. I can see CBS keeping this team for a while since the ratings are up dramatically from 2 years ago even though it hasn't overtaking Today in the ratings.
  24. It is easy to regain number one but NBC and Matt just don't want to let Matt go/leave. But why is Today so grieve stricken they are number 2. They was number for the 80's and the 90's until 1995. So it is good that someone for a while took that spot in my opinion.
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