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  1. I still didn’t see them show Matt at all. Even Ann seemed to be missing.
  2. I still didn’t see them show Matt at all. Even Ann seemed to be missing.
  3. I’m watching now and they said that they were the first female morning led anchor team and that’s wasn’t true lol! Diane and Robin were the first female morning anchor team.
  4. What's really funny is, the people that blame Cheryl should really go after management for Giangreco firing. Cheryl filed a complaint to HR which is well in her right to do so. She didn't like the comment, and frankly like I said about a year ago, we don't know what happened behind the scenes for this to transpire. It's unfortunate but Giangreco like many other is well on his way to finding his footing again on tv/radio. I wish people would move on. Once he was put on leave, I felt management used this opportunity to slash a salary for someone who frankly was on his last contract with the station anyway.
  5. CBS Local and The Enforcer sounds similar that many will not notice the change. Why is that when Stephen composed CBS Local and the Enforcer was composed by GARI?
  6. YouTube has all of CBS Moring Shows openings from 1961 to present day and a couple of things caught my eye… 1. I did not know Diane Sawyer was on the CBS morning program so long. I just thought she was there for like a year but from the video it seem she was a cohost for much longer. 2. Out of all the cohost of this program, I distinctly remember Rene Syler and Maggie Rodriguez taking them getting let go from the show the hardest. 3. I always said it was a huge mistake to fire Maggie and Harry to replace them with Erica and Chris. They were not that good and it was destined to fail. https://youtu.be/jTWV2lSeHvU
  7. My best bet on who will replace Sarah French in the evenings is Vanessa Ruffes. Vanessa anchors the 5:30 pm show and the nightside reporter.
  8. According to TVSpy, Trey Paul is out after 4 years with WPDE ABC 15. He was the Evening Anchor.
  9. Natalie Morales is officially leaving Today. https://www.today.com/popculture/natalie-morales-leaving-today-after-22-years-nbc-t232872?cid=sm_npd_td_fb_ma&fbclid=IwAR00uQ9slLvHOUvDTPh_S_i79yR4X2bbm1PLF7Emmic3N3OPRvAel1spW40 SN: this to me is more of her contract was up because she really wasn’t a mainstay of Today essentially for 4 years.
  10. Former WGN anchor Allison Payne has died. She was a staple on the evening newscasts for 2 decades. May she Rest In Peace.
  11. So I Craig at the desk when the show starts? If so this is giving off GMA/CBS Mornings vibes LOL!
  12. Tamica Lee just went live and to say that she’s stressed is an understatement. It’s really a scary and nerve racking situation they are in now. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTLiDaxikcp/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Well that was definitely a curve ball! Best of Luck to Anthony and welcome Nate.
  14. Well there is a video on their Facebook Page showing that they moved to a completely new area for this new set. It still a small area but it's a legit closed off spaced. And I agree, the set looks better on tv because of the tight shots. With this, WPDE has the oldest set yet again LOL.
  15. Here’s some pics…This is long overdue! They have been on the previous set since the launch of WMBF on August 8, 2008.
  16. When was the last time the Action News theme was recorded by a symphony? I heard it today and the audio did not sound that good and made it seem dated. SN: Lisa Thomas-Laury was stunning! https://youtu.be/ckYpooLAkT4
  17. Here’s a picture of the new studio. It’s massive! Jim Lokay has several pics on his page as well on FB
  18. This was an interesting read by FOX NEWS discussing the Today Show. The only thing I agree with was the Ann Curry situation. Ann Curry and Matt Lauer had zero chemistry together hosting Today but I was one of the few that dipped out Once Ann was canned. The optics of her being fired from her dream job and becoming the "Today Anchor At-Large" was not very becoming of America's Family LOL. The article discusses how ratings are the "lowest" it has ever been in 30 years. Reaching below 3 millions viewers. However, ratings are down as a whole on all Morning Shows. I believe part of the reason why the ratings are down because, the news is depressing, over sensationalized and they never really get down to the facts. I do think the Olympics might help some in the coming weeks. What are you all thoughts?
  19. I knew she would end up leaving especially after all the controversy. I wish her the best of luck at NBC Sports!
  20. It seemed like they just got a refresh in 2018! WMBF desperately needs an updated set…it’s almost 13 years since they gotten anything!
  21. You are correct that mornings are "deeply coveted and would be the pinnacle of most broadcast careers." But after roughly 17 years at waking up that early, it becomes taxing and draining. I didn't last 5 LOL! However, if there was an opportunity for her to have an evening shift, that would've been great. (I'm not saying really to displaced anyone but her at either 4 and 5 probably would have been nice. Also knowing people who know Lori personally, is one of the reasons why she left.
  22. Good for Lori! Hopefully this turns thing around for the Fox station. I WABC did her a disservice not promoting her to evenings which I felt she's was naturally suited for.
  23. Shiba Russell has a special announcement that she’ll share tomorrow
  24. Well this was pretty quiet because I don’t even remember hearing they are getting a new building. This is from Jim Lokay page.
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