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  1. It appears WWBT has done away with the NBC logo as well. https://youtu.be/BaKNE-vKjuU?si=rxsDSX2t58JPNjtJ
  2. What exactly did he say to get staffers so upset?
  3. Enough time has passed since the Curry ouster. That's still a hard moment to re-watch and they never regained that number one slot like they hoped.
  4. After 7 years, Jonathan Martin has decided to leave KRIV Fox 26 Houston. Best of luck to him.
  5. It was strange to see Eva off this weekend but was in this morning as a featured correspondent. On Wikipedia it has her as a past host and only Janae and Will are the only host.
  6. I read the report and now I’m more confused and concerned as to why was this allowed to go on for so long unchecked. There’s been a few time his ratings were subpar so why not get rid of him then? This seems like a set up to an ouster.
  7. That looks way better and makes sense!
  8. WOW...There has to be more to it because how swiftly they got rid of Amy and TJ, they cannot possibly allowed this to go on and he's still on the air?
  9. Kim dropped the ball on 2 scandals. This one and Whoopi’s. In both cases, the talent was able to host their show the day after the mishap. In both cases, all should have been off their shows the following day. Technically Amy and TJ scandal was dying down until they “suspended” them. That caused the story to get even more ridiculous. Another point I would like to mention is…the focus was only on TJ from the beginning and not Amy. It was best that ABC got rid of them both because the optics and backlashed ABC would have gotten if they let TJ go and kept Amy would’ve have been worse. However, this is the perfect opportunity for CNN, hell even CBS to try and scoop them up.
  10. So are they using KCAL for all newscasts and not KCBS? I just seen a clip on YouTube of Pat Harvey on KCAL at 6. https://youtu.be/oyyoAGYJC2k
  11. Maybe it’s me not liking change but I feel like this wasn’t the best route to take. Hopefully they prove me wrong. But this seem like a fail.
  12. So KCAL Morning News will be the main morning newscast? Wow that’s crazy to see for a city like LA. The CBS affiliate will not have a morning newscast dedicated solely for that channel.
  13. The promotion on this newscast has been confusing. Will this also air on KCBS during the morning slot as well? Meaning will this be the only newscast for both KCBS and KCAL?
  14. Daily Mail is reporting Amy and TJ Holmes are romantically involved. link: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11478421/GMA-hosts-Amy-Robach-T-J-Holmes-seen-looking-cozy-NYC-secret-romance-revealed.html
  15. Speaking of the morning show…here’s the two new additions added.
  16. Rudabeh Shahbazi and Kalyna Astrinos will be joining KCAL TV in December. According to Kalyna, she’ll be anchoring the 4:00 - 4:30 A.M. news on KCAL and will serve as the Traffic anchor and entertainment contributor for the CBS News Los Angeles Morning news (4 A.M. to 11 A.M.)
  17. I wonder why they decided to change the base to something that resembles the CTM desk?
  18. Cheryl Burton celebrates 30 years at ABC 7 News! Congratulations to her.
  19. I wonder way the Saturday morning show is using the old desk this morning?
  20. Susan Koeppen and Kimberly Gill were excellent hires when they came on board back in 2011ish? So is Kim Gable and Kristen the lead female anchors in the evening now?
  21. Could this also signal the end of CBS The Talk? It’s been a couple of speculations that the show is trash and heading towards cancellation …even Andy Cohen (whose late night talk show is also on its last leg) had cohost Jerry O’Connell saying that Jerry is pulling the most weight and carrying The Talk.
  22. I was just about to say the same…this will go either very well or very bad. If it goes south, within a year they will scramble to implement the 10 pm hour back. I could see most stations moving their news an hour earlier or a syndicated show in that slot. This is going to be very interesting indeed though.
  23. Is this actually happening or there’s still speculation?
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