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  1. You are correct that mornings are "deeply coveted and would be the pinnacle of most broadcast careers." But after roughly 17 years at waking up that early, it becomes taxing and draining. I didn't last 5 LOL! However, if there was an opportunity for her to have an evening shift, that would've been great. (I'm not saying really to displaced anyone but her at either 4 and 5 probably would have been nice. Also knowing people who know Lori personally, is one of the reasons why she left.
  2. Good for Lori! Hopefully this turns thing around for the Fox station. I WABC did her a disservice not promoting her to evenings which I felt she's was naturally suited for.
  3. Shiba Russell has a special announcement that she’ll share tomorrow
  4. Well this was pretty quiet because I don’t even remember hearing they are getting a new building. This is from Jim Lokay page.
  5. Here’s a video https://youtu.be/-MS4G812uBo
  6. After 49 years of sporting the gap, Michael decided to get his teeth done and close it. I’m so surprised he did it!
  7. WOW that was fast. I just thought he would've been suspended a few days and then back to business as usual.
  8. That was my conclusion as well. Even though it was a "harmless" joke, there could have been some comments or actions taken place behind the scenes we are not privy to yet. Even if we disagree with the suspension, I would not go into attack mode on Cheryl. Technically it wasn't our business to began with.
  9. All I am going to say is that George should have saw this coming a while ago. Even if George was the better "serious" anchor, it wasn't realistic for him to continue being their "Chief Anchor," when David, (like him or not) is number 1 in the evening. It was rather confusing how he would come in late in the evening when David was already their whenever breaking news occurred. I could see the last few months David did not like taking a back seat during breaking news to George. Also, I do find it curious what rival network would he gone??? I would've advise him take a look at the c
  10. Well congratulations to her! I missed watching her on tv. I think CBS did her a disservice when they got rid of her in 2010. She was one of their better anchors on the now defunct The Early Show.
  11. Just a little fun fact via Twitter @RetroNewsNow
  12. Well good for them! I haven't watched Weekend Today since Shenielle Jones left. CBS This Morning Saturday is very enjoyable and informative to watch. Out of all the morning shows, I feel like they are thriving the most since they cut out all the entertainment/lifestyle section of the morning broadcast. If you watch the weekday counterparts, GMA and Today seems to be struggling to fill up their broadcast.
  13. Two excellent choices! Congrats to both!
  14. WPDE ABC 15 received the updated graphics this morning.

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