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  1. You're kidding right? Do you think Byron comes in at 5:45, gets dressed and jumps on the air? No he is preparing his forecast way before he gets on the air - and he is working till 11:00 - five hours normally on the air, ?? prepping Also, that Nexstar job link, it was posted 21 days ago
  2. It is kind of weird that they would keep her bio up saying she left WPIX - maybe not the building? Nexstar?
  3. I really have to laugh at some of these comments on how WPIX staff was treated 5 - 10 years ago. Today there is are entirely different owners, management that had nothing to do with the past, so assume that anything that is done today is based on prior experiences is wrong - Regardless of what may think, this is a business and if the talent, or product, is not making money, they have the right to change it. I see positive things here - I see that they are trying to improve things - and get rid of any garbage that the inept owners and management team left. And lets forget Jim Watkin
  4. My guess there is some contract negotiations going on with the current or outside people - that is why nothing announced - I think Betty is staying
  5. Reporter and fill in anchor
  6. Betty has expressed about the morning grind, but based on what KTLA is doing, I can see WPIX expanding into afternoon, so might fill the afternoons with Vanessa. As for Kala, I think her leaving the anchor spot was more about the pandemic and her family. I expect more news soon. I did see that they added a reporter. Also an expansion on weekends? - again I think anything goes including evenings
  7. WPIX is starting a 4pm newscast - no mention who the anchors are
  8. dabx

    At the FCC

    If WJLP lost the affiliation, MeTv would be lost in nothern/central NJ
  9. Mission is mentioned (along with Nexstar) on paid advertising blocks
  10. Hey WPIX - that Mr G piece with the campers was filmed pre-pandemic and was shown then - you are not fooling as being something current - you can’t fool us
  11. Curious Kori is not around today - Threadway did the afternoon - you would think the main anchor would be on tonight
  12. Saw something last week that a reporter from News 12 Bronx was joining WPIX. Forgot the name. It seems that Narmeen Choudry replacement was planned way before the announcement.
  13. Didn't Narmeen Choudry have some kind dispute with a cameraman?
  14. I am currently watching the show and I realize that my previous comments were really petty. All involved did a great job. Very informative - it just looked low budget - but I rather this than flash and fluff
  15. I just saw a preview of the WPIX mayor candidate forum. Was this shot in an old 70's porn set? This is the #1 Market type production? Hey Nexstar throw a couple of bucks for an alternate set - even a pair of drapes will do.

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