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  1. To clarify; WCBS-TV and WCBS-AM-FM radio are not owned by same parent company - that is why WPIX uses WCBS 880 traffic reporter
  2. h I understand your point. My point was that if the viewership is less during the summer, ii is down across all stations, even WPIX. With whatever the total viewership is, they saw the stronger numbers
  3. So what you are saying is that the people who watch the other stations went on vacation, or maybe they went to pix for the news
  4. Jerry Barmash is not credible at all. His inside Pix contacts almost never right. Dam Mannarino leaving never happened. I can understand some of his criticisms in the past, but the station is finally showing improvement. What the Zell cronies did to this station was criminal. If he was a true reporter, he would write the station is finally showing promise and not an not his opinion.that the number reported are bogus. His reports have the feel of a jilted lover.
  5. The real question did Anna Gilligan think if it was inappropriate. The cameraperson, the director, and Rosanna thought it was. HR is probably having their heads turned by upper management since he is making money for the station. In any other office, if she was to complain to HR, it would cause big problems for him. HR's usually have zero tolerance on these matters
  6. Something to ponder about the WPIX 5 and 10pm newscast: it is the only newscast that I have seen where the female anchor is on the left side, Once you realize it, it seems weird
  7. Question: is there any notice from the station that Marysol was fired? I find it very confusing that they announced on the morning program that she had the day off. Why would someone say that if she was fired? The only logical conclusion that would make sense is that she was never fired by the station. What might of happened is that she might be pissed about the demotion and walked out. This is the only scenerio i can think of that would make pieces fit
  8. Wait a minute folks - they had a rating of near zero during the 4 - 6 period. WPIX had every right to make changes - they are not making money with this lineup - everybody is acting like they dumped people from a highly rated popular show. Were they only one at fault here - probaby no, but with a rating of zero they didn't help
  9. I would like to make some comments and suggestion on improving WPIX news telecasts. I want point out that I am not in the broadcasting business, but I do follow it as a hobby. The first thing they should do is make each broadcast more distinctive, visually and have anchors who fit genre of that broadcast (informal, light in the morning, stolid in the evening) The current set is fine for the morning newscast but it needs to be dressed up a little (too many blank walls, no interesting artifacts in the background - use logos, plants to dress up the area) A more professional anchor set should be built for the evening (no walking around, anchor desk that fits four and all news come from the desk (like the old Watkins/Tong setup) Again, the broadcasting should be low key, no bs chats between the anchors. Like in the old days, separate the hard news from the fluff (get a entertainment reporter for that - that could be gossip or movie reviews). Never mix the two within the broadcast, have segments. Second, my thoughts on some of the current personel: Scott Stanford - I like Scott a lot, but he was miscast as a evening anchor. One of his strong points, which was subdued as a evening anchor was his quick wit. Again I enjoy watching him Suki - Here is another free spirt that is being confined as an anchor - could be doing other things. Chris Knowles - I know he is a fill in, but he does comes up with some funny lines. Good Weatherman With that being said - indulge me with an idea for a new program: To complete against GDNY team of Scotto/ Kelly, how about a new Stanford/Suki/Knowels free form light news/gossip/comment hour. In my opinion Suki can be just as entertaining as Scotto and Stanford will outdo Kelly - I think it could be a fun hour - who knows what those three will say at any given time - in fact I bet it also make syndication.
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