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  1. dabx

    At the FCC

    If WJLP lost the affiliation, MeTv would be lost in nothern/central NJ
  2. Mission is mentioned (along with Nexstar) on paid advertising blocks
  3. Hey WPIX - that Mr G piece with the campers was filmed pre-pandemic and was shown then - you are not fooling as being something current - you can’t fool us
  4. Curious Kori is not around today - Threadway did the afternoon - you would think the main anchor would be on tonight
  5. Saw something last week that a reporter from News 12 Bronx was joining WPIX. Forgot the name. It seems that Narmeen Choudry replacement was planned way before the announcement.
  6. Didn't Narmeen Choudry have some kind dispute with a cameraman?
  7. I am currently watching the show and I realize that my previous comments were really petty. All involved did a great job. Very informative - it just looked low budget - but I rather this than flash and fluff
  8. I just saw a preview of the WPIX mayor candidate forum. Was this shot in an old 70's porn set? This is the #1 Market type production? Hey Nexstar throw a couple of bucks for an alternate set - even a pair of drapes will do.
  9. Would it be a bad idea if Nexstar were to take the best of Banfield and air it on their broadcast stations? It could be just one hour on the weekend. During the program they would promote NewsNation and where it can be found within the local broadcast market - I picked Banfield because it is not a time sensitive content program
  10. WPIX starting one hour sports program starting 11PM Sunday - WPIX Sports Nation
  11. One programming idea that CNN had in the beginning: Point/Counter Point - with one main rule - each side must fact based - no BS -
  12. dabx

    At the FCC

    Question: If a station moves from a VHF to a UHF, are the station owners eligible for a UHF discount? Is their cap space lowered?
  13. if they report the Republican point of view without the bat-shit crazy stories, then ok
  14. If I were Nexstar, I wouldn't screw with the WGN morning news - they have a strong following and they do very well. Until the channel gets a following established and produces a proper news formatted show, why not do a 'Newsy' type fill ins with contributions from Nexstar affiliates? Go live with breaking news with the affiliates until the News Nation kicks in to pick up the coverage. One thing that News Nation does is that they claim they have 5500 journalist - local journalist from their stations - which they never use.
  15. From the Washington Post: “Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Trump — or else face termination.” TV next?

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