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  1. Question: Why do they have three anchors at one time - CNN overnight has only one anchor and does a good job - maybe they could expand their news coverage by using only one and then doubling up on big stories. IMO - weather is a waste unless it is a part of a major news story (hurricane) - regional weather forecast should be left up to the locals. NN should have spent their money producing straight no bs news instead of a 6 panel video screen
  2. First, I am not associated in any way with the television industry, I am just a consumer. But I know what it takes to run a business. When I read what Perry Sook told his staffers not to release any videos/reports to any news outlet before it runs on News Nation was a pure asinine decision. Did he not think that these news outlet would retaliate against News Nation and other Nexstar properties? Not sure if I would want this guy to run my company
  3. I've been watching this new news program over the week and here is my two cents When I heard the music, I thought the newscast would resemble like a the PBS hour or the networks evening news - it is not. I do no like idle banter between the anchors - just pass the story to the person and that's it. News should be presented in a no nonsense delivery. I know this does not fit with the new generation - but the new generation does not watch the news - don't try to please someone who is not watching. I don't care if the anchors like each other. Sunday night
  4. I agree that NewsNation should have an app, but apps are downloaded based on product recognition. When more people find the news nation product, they will look for the app. An app with no base product is hard to sell and in fact hard to know that the app even exists.
  5. I, for one, would welcome a newscast like this - the others (CNN,MSNBC,Fox) do nothing but rehash the same points over and over 24/7. How many times about the school, about the crowds, spending too much time on trivial BS and suspicions. I much rather watch a traditional network newscast without the so called experts on their opinions (which is usually all the same) As for their stations, I am sure the will eventually come up with a weekend type MTP type program. Give it time, it will need to grow - I hope that Nexstar a least give it the time to grow - WGN now has worthless programming,
  6. His first notable TV appearance was as an Ed McMahon type sidekick on the old Joey Bishop show in 1967 on ABC, competing with the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  7. What does Craig Treadway's answer of 'afraid not' mean? He is answering two separate questions with an ambiguous answer
  8. I watch CNN via the Apple-TV App for the last couple of months - Is it so hard to change a commercial every once in a while - Their Bill Weir ('I never seen anything like it) and the CNN World ('We're only getting started) are driving me nuts
  9. Just read that the cable news channels in Canada are going to be offered free to cable subscribers - good idea imo
  10. WCBS Newsradio is no longer part of the CBS family - all CBS radio stations were sold years ago
  11. I can understand ABC reluctance to air the story. They are charging s high profile person and implicated high profile friends of hideous crimes - ABC would inundated with lawsuits coming from everywhere. After all, they are an entertainment company, not the FBI. what should have been done is to turn this info to the FBI and let them handle it. is it more important to hold on this information so that the story can be an ‘exclusive’ news story or releasing this information to the FBI and saving future victims? I understand her frustration, the story would have been a big boost in
  12. Tribune was a Chicago based company and always favored its Chicago based properties. I have been around for a while, WGN were doing in studio and remote broadcasts in color years before WPIX did, WGN became a superstation way before WPIX did. WGN eventually went to their own separate broadcast facility which gave WGN the space to produce programming while WPIX has a small studio that is in an office building for the last 71 years. WPIX was always a step child and Tribune has always done things cheaply.
  13. If PIX did want him to leave WCBS radio, he was probably offered the weekday evening position to maybe replace Mr. G
  14. From the website NEW YORK, September 16, 2019 – PIX11 today announced Meteorologist Stacy-Ann Gooden will join PIX11 News, where she will deliver the weather on the Saturday and Sunday editions of the PIX 11 News at 5pm and10pm and report for other broadcasts and platforms. She joins the station in September and will report to Vickie Burns, VP of News and Content. Gooden comes to PIX11 with a deep history in the market, most recently at NY1 where she was the Meteorologist for Mornings on 1. Previously, Gooden worked at News 12 Networks where she served as the evening weather
  15. The Tribune Media website has announced that Stacy-Ann Gooden will be joining PIX11 News as a weekend Meteorologist on the evening newscasts.

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