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  1. Just read that the cable news channels in Canada are going to be offered free to cable subscribers - good idea imo
  2. WCBS Newsradio is no longer part of the CBS family - all CBS radio stations were sold years ago
  3. I can understand ABC reluctance to air the story. They are charging s high profile person and implicated high profile friends of hideous crimes - ABC would inundated with lawsuits coming from everywhere. After all, they are an entertainment company, not the FBI. what should have been done is to turn this info to the FBI and let them handle it. is it more important to hold on this information so that the story can be an ‘exclusive’ news story or releasing this information to the FBI and saving future victims? I understand her frustration, the story would have been a big boost in her career, but she is a reporter for an entertainment company and not in law enforcement
  4. Tribune was a Chicago based company and always favored its Chicago based properties. I have been around for a while, WGN were doing in studio and remote broadcasts in color years before WPIX did, WGN became a superstation way before WPIX did. WGN eventually went to their own separate broadcast facility which gave WGN the space to produce programming while WPIX has a small studio that is in an office building for the last 71 years. WPIX was always a step child and Tribune has always done things cheaply.
  5. If PIX did want him to leave WCBS radio, he was probably offered the weekday evening position to maybe replace Mr. G
  6. From the website NEW YORK, September 16, 2019 – PIX11 today announced Meteorologist Stacy-Ann Gooden will join PIX11 News, where she will deliver the weather on the Saturday and Sunday editions of the PIX 11 News at 5pm and10pm and report for other broadcasts and platforms. She joins the station in September and will report to Vickie Burns, VP of News and Content. Gooden comes to PIX11 with a deep history in the market, most recently at NY1 where she was the Meteorologist for Mornings on 1. Previously, Gooden worked at News 12 Networks where she served as the evening weather anchor for Brooklyn and the Bronx. While at News 12, Gooden was honored with a NY Press Club award for her coverage of Superstorm Sandy. She has also held weather anchor positions at CBS This Morning Saturday, NBC Weather Plus, RNN/Verizon Fios and WNYW, where she served as Traffic Authority. “We’re delighted to welcome Stacy-Ann to the PIX11 family. I’ve watched her grow in the market over several years. She’s now a familiar face to New York viewers. Her experience and warm personality are a terrific fit to expand our weather team,” said Burns. Said Gooden, “I’m so excited to join the WPIX family. It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of “New York’s Very Own.” I can’t wait to begin this new journey and I look forward to growing with their extraordinary weather team.” Prior to her work in television, Gooden competed in the Miss Universe system, both in her native Jamaica and in the US, where she was the second runner-up in the Miss USA preliminaries in New York. Gooden holds a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University and is certified in Meteorology by the Mississippi State Geoscience Program. When she’s not chasing storms, Gooden enjoys spending time with her husband and two children who are often featured in her parenting blog, Weather Anchor Mama: Teaching Children to Weather the Storm. Maybe they are thinking about a weekend morning newscast since the E/I rule has changed - KWGN is starting a new weekend newscast moving E/I to later in the afternoon
  7. The Tribune Media website has announced that Stacy-Ann Gooden will be joining PIX11 News as a weekend Meteorologist on the evening newscasts.
  8. To clarify; WCBS-TV and WCBS-AM-FM radio are not owned by same parent company - that is why WPIX uses WCBS 880 traffic reporter
  9. h I understand your point. My point was that if the viewership is less during the summer, ii is down across all stations, even WPIX. With whatever the total viewership is, they saw the stronger numbers
  10. So what you are saying is that the people who watch the other stations went on vacation, or maybe they went to pix for the news
  11. Jerry Barmash is not credible at all. His inside Pix contacts almost never right. Dam Mannarino leaving never happened. I can understand some of his criticisms in the past, but the station is finally showing improvement. What the Zell cronies did to this station was criminal. If he was a true reporter, he would write the station is finally showing promise and not an not his opinion.that the number reported are bogus. His reports have the feel of a jilted lover.
  12. The real question did Anna Gilligan think if it was inappropriate. The cameraperson, the director, and Rosanna thought it was. HR is probably having their heads turned by upper management since he is making money for the station. In any other office, if she was to complain to HR, it would cause big problems for him. HR's usually have zero tolerance on these matters
  13. Something to ponder about the WPIX 5 and 10pm newscast: it is the only newscast that I have seen where the female anchor is on the left side, Once you realize it, it seems weird
  14. Question: is there any notice from the station that Marysol was fired? I find it very confusing that they announced on the morning program that she had the day off. Why would someone say that if she was fired? The only logical conclusion that would make sense is that she was never fired by the station. What might of happened is that she might be pissed about the demotion and walked out. This is the only scenerio i can think of that would make pieces fit
  15. Wait a minute folks - they had a rating of near zero during the 4 - 6 period. WPIX had every right to make changes - they are not making money with this lineup - everybody is acting like they dumped people from a highly rated popular show. Were they only one at fault here - probaby no, but with a rating of zero they didn't help
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