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  1. In the U.S. alone, WBD owns or operates 49 cable networks: * CNN * HLN * CNN en Español * CNN International * TBS * TNT * TruTV * Turner Classic Movies * Cartoon Network/Adult Swim * Boomerang (English and Spanish) * Discovery Channel * Discovery en Español * TLC * Animal Planet * Travel Channel * Food Network * Cooking Channel * HGTV * Hogar de HGTV * Destination America * Investigation Discovery * Oprah Winfrey Network (95% with Harpo Productions) * American Heroes Channel * Discovery Life * Science Channel * Motor Trend * Magnolia Network (JV with Chip and Joanna Gaines; operated by Home Box Office, Inc.) * Discovery Family (60% with Hasbro) * Discovery Familia * AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh * AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain * AT&T SportsNet Southwest * Root Sports Northwest (40% with Baseball Club of Seattle, LP) * MLB Network (16.67% with Major League Baseball, NBC Sports Group, Charter Communications and Cox Communications) * NBA TV (operated by WBD, owned by the NBA) * HBO * HBO2 * HBO Signature * HBO Family * HBO Comedy * HBO Zone * HBO Latino * Cinemax * MoreMax * ActionMax * ThrillerMax * MovieMax * Cinemáx (Spanish-language simulcast of main Cinemax channel) * 5StarMax * OuterMax
  2. Weekend Express won’t be getting a proper farewell; HLN has chosen to air reruns of Forensic Files in its timeslot this weekend, so the layoffs of the Weekend Express on-air and production teams were effective immediately upon the layoff announcement. I’m guessing the CNN This Morning simulcast won’t include its weekend editions once the simulcast begins. I’m surprised the morning editions of CNN Newsroom weren’t included as a simulcast as well, which suggests the required minimum amount of news programming stipulated in HLN’s carriage deals must be around 15 hours per week (the total number of hours that CNNTM runs during the work week, accounting for its three-hour runtime).
  3. The first night had a few bumps with the production control equipment. During the 5:30 p.m. newscast, there was about ten seconds of black screen between the open and the cut to the main set as well as a few issues with cueing between different studio shots. These issues were avoided during the 10:00, however they popped up again during the OK Sports Blitz (which is simulcast on KOTV, so Tulsa viewers got to see the TD issues as well): cutting to Dean Blevins in-studio seconds before the cue with no intro sequence, and being unable to cut to John Holcomb’s segments at the KOTV studios in Tulsa, a Thunder game report and other video packages during the opening segment (at least they cut Dean’s mic at the times Holcomb was supposed to appear, but you could see him getting a little impatient with the technical issues). A technical difficulties slide was shown in place of Segment B, and they had to fall back on KOTV’s PCR (with Blevins MIA and Holcomb mostly solo) for the rest of the program.
  4. It was announced during the Saturday morning newscast, that said newscast will be the last to originate from the Kelley Ave. studio. Tulsa sister station KOTV will produce the Saturday 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. and Sunday morning newscasts this weekend, before production moves to the downtown studio beginning with the 5:30 p.m. newscast Sunday night. (This is clearly a different tack from what KFOR did when it moved to its current studio in 2017, when it produced its Friday newscasts from the old 444 E. Britton building and produced its Saturday newscasts from the newer studio the next day; though in that case, the current KFOR/KAUT building was built next to the old one, making a more seamless transition of news production between the studios possible, whereas KWTV/KSBI is moving several miles across town.)
  5. Like the KWCH post, this doesn’t really have to do with graphics (since the station is still using the Quincy package for now), but WPTA brought back the legacy “21 Alive” branding on Monday (October 17) after a six-year run under the “ABC 21” moniker. The logo introduced with the Quincy package was modified to replace the WPTA calls with the “ALIVE” moniker and to remove the ABC Circle logo.
  6. Paramount still owns 12.5% of The CW, so they still have a limited interest in the network. It’s not responsible for the day-to-day management of the network, since Nexstar acquired 75% of the equity previously held by Paramount and WBD, but CBSNS could negotiate to keep the CW affiliation on WUPA and its other CW stations once their contracts come up. (Further to that point, CBSNS still has a few affiliates of MyNetworkTV, which is owned by Fox, in its portfolio.)
  7. Depends on what you consider “catching up,” KOCO is still using the 2013 ABC logo in graphics, its time/temp bug and most promos. They did start incorporating the 2021 version in mid-August in promos for its new 4:00 p.m. newscast; when that newscast debuted on August 22, the 2013 logo was still featured in the 4:00 open, though the talent bumpers introduced on all weekday newscasts that same day (the first time that KOCO had used regular talent bumps since it adopted the current diagrid package) do incorporate the 2021 ABC logo.
  8. KOLN/KGIN, KSNB and KNOP have all debuted new graphics. In the cases of KSNB and KNOP, both have switched to different flat variants of the “honeycomb” package. KOLN/KGIN: KSNB (note that the bottom-of-screen ID has KSNB’s city of license, York, listed where its callsign is supposed to be): KNOP:
  9. KWTV has promoted weekday morning anchor/reporter Colby Thelen to anchor its 5:00 p.m. newscast. He will take over that shift from Karl Torp, who will remain anchor of the station’s 4:00, 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts. (Torp has been anchoring the 5:00 p.m. newscast since Kelly Ogle, now only doing special projects reporting, dropped that shift in April 2021.) Thelen - who has anchored the 4:00 hour of News 9 This Morning since August 2020, along with reporting and fill-in anchoring duties on the 5:00-7:00 block and the 9:00 a.m. newscast - will move to the 5:00 broadcast this Summer, after returning from a special reporting assignment in Africa to highlight the Oklahoma City Zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts in Rwanda and Tanzania, set to air on KWTV soon.
  10. Fierce Video posted an analysis on The Weather Channel TV App: https://www.fiercevideo.com/video/sunshine-or-clouds-ahead-weather-channel-dtc-subscription-service
  11. If Bennett is tapped as her (co-)successor, that would be a pretty quick promotion for him, considering he just became anchor of the recently renamed PBS News Weekend when WETA took over responsibility for producing the Saturday and Sunday editions (from WNET) in early April. Nawaz, OTOH, has been acting as backup weeknight anchor for several years (at least since Gwen Ifill’s passing).
  12. TWC has quietly launched a new DTC streaming service (known simply as “The Weather Channel TV App”), which is structurally similar to its TV Everywhere app and offers a live linear feed of the channel as well as local weather information (the “My Weather” feature where this is accessible is somewhat similar to the TWC interactive weather apps on DirecTV and Dish) and on-demand content. It is available for $2.99/month or $29.99/year, after a seven-day trial. At launch, it is available mainly as a Smart TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Xfinity Flex devices. It’s not clear if this is a replacement for the planned Weather Channel Plus service announced last year.
  13. Jim Ramsey, longtime weather anchor and reporter at WGN-TV for 30 years from 1987 to 2017 (and whose career in Chicago began at WLS-TV years before), has died at the age of 69. As someone who watched him regularly growing up on the former WGN superstation feed, all I can say is… we’ll miss you, Jim.
  14. Actually, considering that TMZ regularly features quite a bit of coverage of the hip-hop industry on its two main syndicated shows, a version dedicated to hip-hop news makes sense.
  15. None of us know how Imagicomm is going to run the stations, so these wild speculations of IP asset transfers, using the stations as spectrum farms and news operation shutdowns are just that… speculatory. I’ll grant you, though, that an affiliate of INSP buying these stations is extremely unusual… then again, the LDS Church does own KSL and runs it as an NBC affiliate.
  16. HBO Max being available for free for HBO’s cable/satellite/IPTV/vMVPD subscribers, through a DirecTV-owned service or any other provider, most likely won’t change with the spin-off. (I get HBO Max access through HBO’s Hulu add-on [which can be added onto either of Hulu’s base VOD-only tiers as well as its live TV offering], but only use Max to watch non-HBO content; I have the Hulu add-on partly for the live East/West feeds of all seven linear HBO channels available on it, which have still yet to become available in any capacity on Max’s HBO portal.) Starz is the only other premium channel to have a hybrid TV Everywhere/direct-to-consumer streaming platform, interestingly (although HBO Max is technically more a hybrid of a premium channel streamer and a Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video-style general entertainment service), whereas Showtime and Epix still offer separate TVE and DTC services (Showtime Anytime and the Epix streaming service on the TVE side, and the Showtime streaming service and Epix Now on the DTC side).
  17. Except not immediately, just after a transition period that would initially see them being bundled by default before Discovery+ is formally folded into HBO Max.
  18. TheSpeedKing really buried the lede here, though, as the Xandr agreement was disclosed as part of a hail-mary lawsuit filed by Herring Networks in the California Superior Court on March 7, seeking to keep OAN (and AWE) on DirecTV and keep both networks from ending up like RT America (which also relied on satellite for much of its pay TV distribution), which makes many “points” that likely won’t stand up in court. The suit, which seeks an injunction barring the removal and financial damages, claims that the removal "will result in damage to Herring exceeding $1 billion". ArsTechnica breaks it down: The major issues in the suit are the fact that it tries to link the separate carriage and advertising services agreements as one in the same (they’re not), claims any form of criticism against OAN’s content is in violation of the agreement (its doubtful that’s so, and is another example of right-wingers believing they should not be held accountable), and suggests that AT&T had no right to disclose when the contract would lapse (also doubtful, as most carriage contracts, like affiliation contracts with stations. usually have key terms like contract duration periods included in filings). As far as other providers being scared off from carrying OAN, the network’s reputation and legal issues may have had a bigger impact on expanding carriage than DirecTV deciding against renewing the agreement, given the Dominion Voting Systems suit puts its fate into uncertainty as it stands. The only impact I see a shutdown of OAN having is it being used by Herring as an out to avoid a possible court loss in the Dominion case. (A recent NYT article even points out that some First Amendment scholars see a judgement against OAN in that suit, among others involving right-wing outlets related to the false election rigging claims in the 2020 election, as a necessary line-drawing between protected speech and disinformation.)
  19. Apparently, the last time Gray renewed its Fox affiliation contracts was in September 2019, so how long that deal applies to WLUC’s “Fox UP” subchannel is key as to what point in time WJMN will get an opening to snag that affiliation.
  20. What about WLUC’s DT2 Fox affiliation? How long will it be before Gray has to go to the negotiating table for that? Considering WJMN pushed its late news to prime time, Fox would make more sense as a future partner.
  21. So, like another CBS station in the Midwest on channel 19 (during its Action News era), WZMQ elected to use separate logos: one for news and one serving as a general purpose logo (for syndicated and network programming, and for promotional use).
  22. Taking a look at the schedule, there is no Rewind TV programming on WJMN, just Antenna TV programs. ‘80s shows featured on the new lineup like Benson, Silver Spoons and Too Close for Comfort are all sourced from Antenna TV’s schedule; the network retained a much smaller inventory of post-‘70s series on its lineup after most of its other ‘80s and all of its ‘90s series moved over to Rewind when it launched in September.
  23. WJMN losing CBS is absolutely no indicator of Nexstar’s chances of buying The CW or a stake in it, or of Nexstar’s relationship with CBS anywhere else. There are a few questions I have about this: * 1) Even with the issues mrschimpf outlined, you would think Nexstar of all companies would have a lot more leverage to keep CBS on WJMN, while agreeing to address the technical issues that became such a bother. The fact that Nexstar lost CBS to a station with no history as a Big Three station (and which hasn’t been a major network affiliate since it lost Fox to WLUC-DT2 in 2009) is odd to say the least. * 2) Why did WZMQ decide to put CBS on its .2 instead of putting the network on its main channel and bumping MeTV programming to 19.2? Effectively, WZMQ will likely be the first subchannel-only Big Four affiliate to have a primary affiliation with a network that is commonly distributed via subchannels. * 3) Why the short notice? Unless the affiliation contract was already set to expire on January 21, common sense would be to at least wait until February 1, so that viewers could acclimated with the changes. That just causes viewer confusion for no reason.
  24. KCPQ has added a third evening news hour at 6:00 p.m. (The TVNewsCheck article about its launch implies it premiered Monday [January 17].) David Rose and Jamie Tompkins anchor the broadcast.
  25. Actually, Griffin Communications still uses Doc as the voice for KWTV and KOTV. I know KWTV hasn’t used anyone else to voice promos since they started contracting him c. 1995, and he’s been doing work for KOTV since the late 1980s when it was still owned by Belo. As far as WRCB dropping “Eyewitness News”, I think this leaves WBRE and KOB as the last NBC stations to use that moniker, right?
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