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  1. KPTV has switched to the graphics: Interestingly, I noticed the WSMV/Meredith package looks basically like a derivative of the previous KPTV/WHNS/WGCL package that Hothaus also developed... to the point where it's a bit hard but also sort of easy at the same time to tell the difference.
  2. The deal is apparently tied to an agreement that will bring Nexstar-owned-and/or-operated ABC affiliates back to Hulu, which removed those stations back in October. This leaves Sling (for obvious reasons, given its parent company's issues with Nexstar), Philo and TVision as the only remaining vMVPDs that have yet to add WGN America. (AT&T TV was the first such provider to add the channel in October 2019.) BTW, why are the YTTV, Hulu and Fubo contracted to start in mid-January, instead of January 1 or sooner?
  3. Seems strange that CBSTVS elected to have WWJ be a 3.0 participant, but not have WKBD sign on a 3.0 signal as well.
  4. Or for that matter, like with Native Americans, serving groups that aren't represented much in television news reporting.
  5. Basically, it's the area that is otherwise known as Southeast Georgia, encompassing cities like Valdosta, Brunswick and Waycross and other areas on the northern regions of the Jacksonville and Tallahassee markets. There are some places within the Albany DMA that use the term as well.
  6. NewsNet has apparently started a video wire service for TV and radio stations, newspaper websites, and online publications. Honestly, if they realize that NewsNation isn't working on WGN America, I could see Nexstar eventually buying NewsNet, integrating their staffs (offering NewsNet staffers to relocate to Chicago to expand the NewsNation staff), and putting the network on Nexstar's stations and station websites (maybe even going the route of ABC News Live, NBC News Now and CBSN by inking deals with AVOD live streamers like Pluto TV, Xumo and Samsung TV Plus).
  7. Pluto TV is now making all ten CBS Local services available nationwide. Previously, users could only access CBSN New York and CBSN Los Angeles, while the other eight services were geolocked to their respective markets due to limited channel space allocated to Pluto's news tier. To make room for the Chicago, Bay Area, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, Denver, Minnesota and Pittsburgh services, Pluto created a dedicated "Local" tier, currently occupying channels 1021-1031 (with 1028 unused, given CBSTVS hasn't launched CBSN services in Baltimore, Sacramento and Miami yet). Unl
  8. KOKH weeknight anchor Wendy Suares revealed on Twitter that she and her husband have tested positive for COVID-19.
  9. In the latest expansion of Byron Allen's broadcast holdings, Allen Media Group has announced it is buying This TV and Light TV from MGM Television.
  10. I'd argue that the general logo needs some sprucing up; keep the boxed "3" but change the font or placement of the "NEWSCHANNEL" portion (or at least, condense the existing "NEWSCHANNEL" lettering).
  11. Looks like WKYT took a couple of cues from WNBC in the talent portion of the open.
  12. Tubi has added a live News 12 stream as part of a new "News on Tubi" section, a new FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channel offering that will also include NBC News Now, Black News Channel, WeatherNation TV, CBC News (the curated stream already available on Xumo), Bloomberg Television, Cheddar, fubo Sports Network, PeopleTV and content from parent network Fox Corporation (individual Fox Television Stations O&Os, NewsNOW from Fox and Fox Soul). Not explained is if the News 12 channel is a curated stream featuring content sourced from each of the News 12 Networks (B
  13. Tubi has added live news streams from the Fox Television Stations, NewsNOW from Fox and Fox Soul as part of a new "News on Tubi" section, a new FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channel offering that will also include NBC News Now, Black News Channel, WeatherNation TV, CBC News (the curated stream already available on Xumo), Bloomberg Television, Cheddar, fubo Sports Network, PeopleTV and News 12 New York (not sure if it's a curated feed of content from each of the News 12 Networks or a pure live stream of any of the channels). "News from Tubi" is only available on Tubi
  14. RBR+TVBR suggests it will launch by early 2021. As for timeslots, I'm guessing the existing 5:30 and 10:00 newscasts will stay, which leaves open if they'll add a morning show or expand their early evening news by 30 to 90 minutes.
  15. KAUT is also airing NewsNation from 7:00 to 8:00, in place of syndicated runs of Mom. I'm assuming other Nexstar stations that are independents or affiliated with MNTV (that delay the service's lineup until later in the evening) are running it, at least for the month of October.
  16. It looks like WHNT modeled its updated logo after KFOR's.
  17. Two new sale transactions to note: * Scripps is buying KCDO-TV/Sterling, CO and its Denver translator KSBS-CD for $9.5 million. The deal would form a full-power duopoly with KMGH, and force the sale of KPXC under the concurring Ion deal. * Tegna is buying KMPX-TV/Decatur, TX from Estrella Media for $19 million. A very odd caveat included in the agreement is that Estrella was given an option to purchase WFAA, which would become KMPX's duopoly partner, an option I doubt would be exercised and doesn't make much sense to include.
  18. No, it's "Aerial". The signature is audible (but sped up a bit in the arrangement) at the end of that open cut, which may be from a new update of the package or an existing cut that's not normally used for opens.
  19. Not only that, but Gray holds part of an oligopoly on network affiliations. Between its two Lake Charles stations, it maintains affiliations with NBC, The CW (both via KPLC), Fox and ABC (both via KVHP). The CBS and MyNetworkTV affiliations are held by SagamoreHill (via KSWL-LD and KWWE-LD, respectively), which didn't invest in a news operation when they started them up. (A look at their website shows KSWL does carry weather forecast segments, though they seem to be outsourced.) Once KPLC's tower goes dark, Lake Charles residents without cable or satellite who are lucky to keep pow
  20. KAUT, which doesn't even carry Circle (in fact, no one in Oklahoma City does), has carried Opry Live since May at 7:00 p.m. Saturdays. I assume Circle is syndicating it to other non-affiliates; when they were offering no-credit-card-needed free trials in the Spring, I noticed Sling TV offered the program on a repeating loop on Saturday nights on an event-only channel.
  21. TitanTV, TVPassport and the Zap2It guide on KTAL/KMSS/KSHV's website still show V45 Texarkana News on KSHV's schedule.
  22. I had to look up a few of the shows on that lineup 'cause I never heard of: * Nightwatch (apparently a first responder reality show on A&E); * Daily Flash (a morning show with the same format as the old morning version of The Daily Buzz, which I was surprised to find had been revived as a weekly program in 2017) and; * Business First AM (financial news program with basically the same format as First Business, featuring that show's last host, Angela Miles) Also, interesting, Through the Decades (the daily historical news and pop culture program on Decades, hosted
  23. Its newscasts were still using the Tulsa's Channel 8 News moniker up until the graphics change. That KTUL decided to revert to NewsChannel 8 is interesting, since the NewsChannel brand (and news brands along those lines) has somehow been seen as outdated lately, but it sounds better than the old title.
  24. They're 35 years late on the draw for that, aren't they? That's about how long its been since they became an O&O through the CapCities/ABC merger, and WABC, KABC, WLS and KGO had been using the "Circle 7" pins even then.
  25. Also, while Fox News performs well in the ratings with right-wing pundits, it's increasingly becoming less profitable to run conservative commentary shows because of the toxicity tied to their content. Once Fox News decided to go down the rabbit hole of using racism as a propaganda and fear tactic, they've been losing sponsors left and right for their prime time shows. The only reason why they haven't changed course is because of the audience they're able to pull. For some reason though, Fox is not valuing revenue and trying to balance it with the audience: instead of being seen as

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