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  1. Interesting note, several episodes of Oddity Archive used content from FuzzyMemories (Ben Minnotte even directly credited the site himself in one episode, with special thanks to the site being given only in the credits of other episodes), even providing links to the excerpted videos in the closing credits of the particular episodes. I hope Ben doesn't use Chrome, because if he ever plans to use FuzzyMemories content in future OA episodes, trying to download them from that browser through the website's player to edit into the episodes would be difficult. Seriously, try to get the player on the FuzzyMemories website to load on Chrome and not wonder "What is the freakin' holdup?"
  2. Wow, WCAU and WBBM were behind the times, weren't they? It seems weird that any major market Big Three station would have held out on airing a morning newscast through the early 1990s. Many started theirs as early as the late '70s, but most stations in the top-50 markets had expanded local news into the morning slot at some point during the '80s.
  3. Not really sure, FTR, KAUT is carrying the network on 43.4. In that case, KAUT or Tribune (on its behalf) could have cut a deal to terminate the subchannel lease for Escape to allow it to place Court TV on 43.3, since the leasing arrangements that Katz/Scripps maintains created a network duplication issue between two full-power stations (KSBI, which carries the network on subchannel 52.5, being the other). Basically, Court TV is being run initially as a legal news channel. However, it would have made more sense to fill the 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET period with true crime series from the Court TV library that Katz/Scripps acquired from the former cable network version's owner, Turner/WarnerMedia, late last year. That's the basic reason why Court TV programs disappeared from Escape and Justice Network at the beginning of the year, after all, and possibly explains why Escape's original true crime programming disappeared as well, since it would seem that (unless they were cancelled outright) they would have been shifted to the new network.
  4. Walker Brown, whose video collection focuses on Oklahoma City content, has made a great find. This is a 35-minute-long commercial block from KAUT, during its first tenure as a commercial station, roughly a year-and-a-half after it became the market's original Fox affiliate. Featured are some promos and station IDs using a graphics package by John Christopher Burns and a movie wraparound segment featuring OKC horror legend Count Gregore (played by John Ferguson). Please note, I've tried to place embed code to insert the embed player for this post with no success as TVNT's layout appears to not support standard embed encoding.
  5. Well, "Indiana's Very Own" (which, to respond to who?cares' comment, isn't the same slogan WISH used - WISH's slogan was just "Indiana's Own") technically isn't original either, since it played off WGN's slogan and KTLA and WPIX used the "Very Own" nameplate as well. The "Your News Now" slogan seems like a play off the introduction spiel WTTV has used since shortly after its "in-house" newscasts began: "Your morning news/your news at [time] starts right now."
  6. The dual newscast in Dallas and Houston kinda seems little a like the setup that Telemundo used with some of its O&Os before the Comcast purchase caused the network to reinvest in its news departments. The reason for the differing airtimes for the early newscasts in all three cities is based on how Estrella structures its prime time lineup (which effectively runs from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. ET/PT, instead of starting it at 7:00). The three O&Os would, respectively, be covering up the entertainment news program En Vivo and reruns of the sketch comedy series LOL with those additions.
  7. Gray Television is now getting into the multicasting and expanding deeper into the OTT business. It's teaming up with Grand Ole Opry parent Opry Entertainment Group (whose parent, Ryman Hospitality Properties [as Gaylord Entertainment], launched The [original] Nashville Network [now the Paramount Network] in 1983) to launch a multiplatform network and VOD effort focusing on "artist-driven country lifestyle programming." https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/234281/gray-teams-with-grand-ole-opry-on-tv-network/
  8. I'm surprised that WGN didn't pursue reuniting with The CW. The whole reason they dumped the network in the first place was because they wanted to avoid the hassles of scheduling its sports events around CW network programs. WGN won't have much of a sports inventory by the fall with the Bulls and Blackhawks already off the schedule as of the end of the NBA and NHL regular seasons and the Cubs and White Sox to follow by the end of the Major League Baseball season. Unless WGN is cutting some sort of backroom deal with NBC Sports Chicago and the soon-to-launch Marquee Sports to keep at least some games involving all four teams (a la YES's agreement with WPIX and SportsNet LA's agreement with KTLA), this doesn't track.
  9. To the latter point, the format of Full Court Press seems to me quite similar to Matter of Fact based on how it was synopsized.
  10. I just saw the open to the 5:00 p.m. newscast on the station's live stream, and I'm getting vibes of the WGCL iteration of KPTV's graphics package, mixed with WOIO's original HD graphics. Also, when I heard the slogan, I thought "didn't WOIO use 'First. Fair. Everywhere.' before?," only to realize I confused it with "Honest. Fair. Everywhere."
  11. Kinda on the locally owned part. It should be noted that DuJuan McCoy has been involved in broadcasting for a while. His existing company, Bayou City Broadcasting, already owns WEVV, KADN and KLAF and once owned KXVA and KIDY before spinning those off to London Broadcasting. It does seem odd he would create a new company from scratch when he already has a small station group (unless its an arm of Bayou City). Plus, the sale hinges partly on whether Nexstar can get a top-4 waiver for WXIN and WTTV/WTTK, so this could be the start of a game of musical chairs in Indy.
  12. To a point. Of the twelve radio stations in St. Joseph, Eagle owns four and all but one of the others are owned by religious entities. As for GoldenShine's question about a company owning a newspaper and the lone television news operation in one market, the answer is no. The remaining markets that have newspaper and television properties owned by the same company are in markets where there is at least one other independently owned network station with a news department.
  13. It's legal primarily on the basis that FCC duopoly rules have tended to treat LPTVs differently than full-power stations. The top-four and former "eight-voices test" restrictions applied only to full-power outlets, while groups have been allowed to own multiple low-power stations in the same market, hence why NPG owns an effective triopoly in St. Joseph now and how Weigel is allowed to own a virtual LPTV triopoly in South Bend (which, ironically, was the reason why Schurz was effectively rebuffed by the FCC from acquiring WBND, WCWW and WMYS in 2009 as it would have created a broadcasting oligopoly in South Bend with WSBT). The question is, is it really legal on its face? It would be a monopoly since NPG also owns the city's lone daily newspaper (St. Joseph News-Press), in addition to the three LPTV outlets (KNPN, KNPG and KCJO) as well as a 24-hour news channel that was integrated into KNPN (News-Press NOW). That would suggest there are some antitrust issues involved here, given the market's size and the fact that the FCC's crossownership rules weren't intended to allow local media ownership to be concentrated in such a narrow manner. Also, the DOJ had problems with Sinclair trying to acquire Tribune because of the ownership conflicts Sinclair didn't really bother to try to address that got the group sued by Tribune when the deal fell apart. It's possible the DOJ would find problems here, too, given the consolidating of print and broadcast media outlets.
  14. The ABC logo appearing in KOCO's logo is slightly smaller than this. For WATE, it would have worked better if they placed the logo on the bottom right side of the "circle 6".
  15. I had to look up what Passe Partout means, turns out it's French for "Pass-key." Apparently, there was a French-language children's show in Canada by that title, too. Also, "MetroNews" (one utterance) was also used by WRBT/WVLA as its news title in the 1980s, during the tenure of its original news department. My guess, given that the KTTV program was a parody, they were probably going for a Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman thing for the title.
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