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  1. Two new sale transactions to note: * Scripps is buying KCDO-TV/Sterling, CO and its Denver translator KSBS-CD for $9.5 million. The deal would form a full-power duopoly with KMGH, and force the sale of KPXC under the concurring Ion deal. * Tegna is buying KMPX-TV/Decatur, TX from Estrella Media for $19 million. A very odd caveat included in the agreement is that Estrella was given an option to purchase WFAA, which would become KMPX's duopoly partner, an option I doubt would be exercised and doesn't make much sense to include.
  2. No, it's "Aerial". The signature is audible (but sped up a bit in the arrangement) at the end of that open cut, which may be from a new update of the package or an existing cut that's not normally used for opens.
  3. Not only that, but Gray holds part of an oligopoly on network affiliations. Between its two Lake Charles stations, it maintains affiliations with NBC, The CW (both via KPLC), Fox and ABC (both via KVHP). The CBS and MyNetworkTV affiliations are held by SagamoreHill (via KSWL-LD and KWWE-LD, respectively), which didn't invest in a news operation when they started them up. (A look at their website shows KSWL does carry weather forecast segments, though they seem to be outsourced.) Once KPLC's tower goes dark, Lake Charles residents without cable or satellite who are lucky to keep power for some time after landfall will have no real TV options to track the storm, unless they live close enough to receive stations from Lafayette or Beaumont (at least those that don't also lose transmitter power). This might be less of an issue if SagamoreHill gave KSWL a news department, or Raycom (pre-Gray purchase) didn't take over KVHP and National Communications sold it to a buyer that would invest in building out the small news operation that KVHP had before KPLC began managing the station. But even then, Laura's strong enough that it would likely render either scenario moot anyway in terms of the ability to stay on the air..
  4. KAUT, which doesn't even carry Circle (in fact, no one in Oklahoma City does), has carried Opry Live since May at 7:00 p.m. Saturdays. I assume Circle is syndicating it to other non-affiliates; when they were offering no-credit-card-needed free trials in the Spring, I noticed Sling TV offered the program on a repeating loop on Saturday nights on an event-only channel.
  5. TitanTV, TVPassport and the Zap2It guide on KTAL/KMSS/KSHV's website still show V45 Texarkana News on KSHV's schedule.
  6. I had to look up a few of the shows on that lineup 'cause I never heard of: * Nightwatch (apparently a first responder reality show on A&E); * Daily Flash (a morning show with the same format as the old morning version of The Daily Buzz, which I was surprised to find had been revived as a weekly program in 2017) and; * Business First AM (financial news program with basically the same format as First Business, featuring that show's last host, Angela Miles) Also, interesting, Through the Decades (the daily historical news and pop culture program on Decades, hosted by Bill Kurtis) is apparently being put in weekend syndication as an hour-long weekly. (WBNX is airing at 6:00am Saturdays this fall.)
  7. Its newscasts were still using the Tulsa's Channel 8 News moniker up until the graphics change. That KTUL decided to revert to NewsChannel 8 is interesting, since the NewsChannel brand (and news brands along those lines) has somehow been seen as outdated lately, but it sounds better than the old title.
  8. They're 35 years late on the draw for that, aren't they? That's about how long its been since they became an O&O through the CapCities/ABC merger, and WABC, KABC, WLS and KGO had been using the "Circle 7" pins even then.
  9. Also, while Fox News performs well in the ratings with right-wing pundits, it's increasingly becoming less profitable to run conservative commentary shows because of the toxicity tied to their content. Once Fox News decided to go down the rabbit hole of using racism as a propaganda and fear tactic, they've been losing sponsors left and right for their prime time shows. The only reason why they haven't changed course is because of the audience they're able to pull. For some reason though, Fox is not valuing revenue and trying to balance it with the audience: instead of being seen as necessary equals, audience trumps revenue for them. When any other network realizes its programming is unprofitable, they would dump the content that's not working in favor of something else. OANN likely is being passed by major advertisers for the same reason as well as for the bad reputation it gets for commentary that is absent logic and reason, to put it nicely. For CNBC to go down that route would end up resulting in the network not being able to, as one of its slogans says, "Profit from It" down the line.
  10. They're not the only ones. I saw a report on KWTV's noon news today, in which the reporter's mask appeared to have a sticker of the station's logo on the left side.
  11. Whether Shepard Smith identifies as Conservative is unclear, and considering he never really felt the need to succumb to the propaganda that Fox News put out on the regular, if he is, he's an old-school Republican (of the ilk who doesn't wade into that kind of thing) or more likely, he's an Independent. Oddly, not everyone who works as journalists at conservative media outlets actually is right-wing, even though you'd think it need to be a prerequisite; OAN[N] is an example, as discussed in a recent Politico article... and suffice it to say, many of the liberal and progressive employees who thought working at the network was a way to shortcut their elevation to larger-market TV stations are regretting working there. I also should add that CNBC has aired a straight newscast before with... Wait for it!... The News with Brian Williams, after MSNBC dumped it from its schedule in 2002. It ended two years later.
  12. The logo apparently was changed in May 2019, shortly after the Cordillera-Scripps purchase closed. Granted the old logo was dated (it screamed '70s), but they could have done better with the design of the logotype on the new one.
  13. NBC News correspondent Morgan Chesky has tested positive for COVID-19.
  14. Which would be quite ironic, considering that those stations are all owned by Gray Television, which owns KTBS rival KSLA. Also, when I stumbled upon the videos used for this particular thread, I wasn't familiar with KTBS 3 News Texarkana. Is it a reformatting of the 6:30 half-hour of its 6:00 p.m. newscast? Is it exclusive to the KTBS 24-Hour News channel? I couldn't find it in their listings. (It should be noted it would be the second Texarkana-focused newscast on one of the Shreveport stations, since KTAL - which is actually licensed to Texarkana, Texas - produces two half-hour weekday newscasts centered on the Arkansas/Texas border city for KSHV.)
  15. KTBS ditched their Giant Octopus graphics on Friday (July 3). Along with their new package, the station has switched from 360's "Breakthrough" to Stephen Arnold's "Guardian". It also ditched the rounded, gold background behind the call letters, although it still appears in the "Mega 3 Storm Team" logo. (Weather graphics have not been changed. carrying over the look from their previous package.)
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