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  1. They were able to air Good Day OK and the 11:00 a.m. newscast today (Friday), with the L-bar ticker appearing mostly as normal but still with no L3s in the main frame. It appears, though, that KOKH is using a third-party media player (possibly WMP?) not connected to its graphics system to run main/franchise opens and news video. During the 11:00 a.m. newscast, I noticed a playback bar at the bottom of the screen whenever they ran an open or news footage.
  2. Within Sinclair’s Oklahoma City duopoly, the effects of the ransomware attack on KOKH/KOCB seem to effect each station programming-wise in different ways. KOKH still has been running only a portion of its 7 1/2-hour news schedule (preempting Good Day OK and the 11:00 a.m. newscast, with The National Desk replacing the midday show Tuesday and Wednesday and TBD programming filling that hour today [Thursday], while still running their 5:00, 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. news and airing repeats of Living Oklahoma), but syndicated programs aren’t affected as much. (Admittedly, I haven’t watched KOKH’s progra
  3. So during Stargirl and Supergirl, KOCB seemed to be having issues with local commercial break inserts hanging (i.e., abruptly pausing at the end of the last commercial of each longer local break and staying paused for about a minute) at the points where the station is supposed to immediately dump back to the CW network feed. Is any other Sinclair station experiencing this particular issue?
  4. The Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Media and Broadband has begun debate on a bill (HR 4208, an amendment to Section 331 of the Communications Act called the ‘‘Section 331 Obligation 5 Clarification Act’’) that would, in principle, force Fox to adhere WWOR to commitments to offer at least 14 hours of New Jersey-focused local news programming per week (seven of which have to be scheduled between 6:00 p.m. and midnight ET), maintain a broadcast studio in Secaucus (WWOR has been run out of WNYW’s Fox Television Center facility in Manhattan since FTS sold the since-demo
  5. There may be a technical issue with some of Newsy’s INYO Broadcast Holdings-owned affiliates. KOPX 62.7, the network’s Oklahoma City affiliate, is transmitting Newsy’s audio feed but is showing a black screen at the moment, instead of the network’s video feed. I don’t know if any other INYO stations have this issue on their Newsy subchannels.
  6. Production ceased in February, an announcement made only about three months into its national run.
  7. Changes in Oklahoma City: KFOR (NBC): * No changes to its weekday syndicated lineup; the only change to its weekday schedule overall is the addition of a rebroadcast of Oklahoma’s News 4 at 10:00 at 12:35 a.m. (replacing A Little Late with Lilly Singh, as NBC has turned over that show’s 1:35 a.m. ET slot back to its stations; it’s the first time that KFOR has run a late-night rebroadcast of its 10:00 news, and the first time any of the market’s Big Three affiliates - not counting KWTV’s News 9 Now subchannel - has aired a rebroadcast of its late news, since Channel 4 was under
  8. How, though? You’d think KTBY (a Fox affiliate) would be in the Top 4. (I doubt KATN was the one not in the Top 4 at the time Gray acquired KYES, if so, an ABC affiliate being beaten by both a Fox affiliate and a MNT affiliate in the ratings is pretty embarrassing for KATN and ABC.) A MyNetworkTV affiliate that’s a Top 4 station just doesn’t sound right… and if it’s true in regards to KYES, it definitely doesn’t help Gray’s case for getting the fine successfully appealed.
  9. The odd part is that neither Locast nor Aereo isn’t the first instance in which companies used loopholes in copyright law (or what they thought were loopholes) to deliver broadcast stations without express permission from local broadcasters. The superstations (except for TBS, which was uplinked with Ted Turner’s assistance) were uplinked by satellite distributors such as United Video and Eastern Microwave using a loophole included in the 1976 Copyright Act that, in essence, allowed independent stations to be distributed via compulsory license without seeking permission from the originating sta
  10. The KOKH newscast from 1999 is pretty much a white whale, as nothing from the “News Matrix”/Fox 1999-2000 promo graphics era had been available on YT until now, and that era was the only set of opens that KOKH has used since its current news department began in 1996 that was missing.
  11. KSHB didn’t change everything to the new branding: its YouTube channel is still using the 41 Action News branding and the five-uploads-a-day headlines clips are still being titled “41 Action News Latest Headlines”.
  12. That said, KRTN-LD and KUPT-LD don’t necessarily fit in to NBCU’s portfolio since it’d be difficult to integrate them as repeaters of KASA, since it has enough repeater coverage already. KRTN-TV and (the full-power) KUPT likely would be converted into KASA satellites (or a standard satellite in KUPT’s case, since it already simulcasts KASA on a sub), though KRTN-LD (a MeTV affiliate) and KUPT-LD (a Movies! affiliate) seem like they could be candidates for being spun-off to Weigel.
  13. To be fair, YouTube’s COPPA moderation system is pretty broken. There’s thousands of videos and some entire YT channels not specifically intended for kids that its AI-based COPPA moderation system mistakenly marked as being for kids and have commenting, download, in-app miniplayer and sharing features accordingly disabled as a result; a glaring example of why social media companies shouldn’t rely on AI for content moderation unless its fool-proof against false positives. One similar example is the YT channel of the Lawrenceburg, Tennessee-based Tennessee Valley Weather service (both the stream
  14. Actually, I’d counter that the new lower-thirds were designed in the style of the L3s from Today’s previous graphics package.

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