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  1. They're 35 years late on the draw for that, aren't they? That's about how long its been since they became an O&O through the CapCities/ABC merger, and WABC, KABC, WLS and KGO had been using the "Circle 7" pins even then.
  2. Also, while Fox News performs well in the ratings with right-wing pundits, it's increasingly becoming less profitable to run conservative commentary shows because of the toxicity tied to their content. Once Fox News decided to go down the rabbit hole of using racism as a propaganda and fear tactic, they've been losing sponsors left and right for their prime time shows. The only reason why they haven't changed course is because of the audience they're able to pull. For some reason though, Fox is not valuing revenue and trying to balance it with the audience: instead of being seen as necessary equals, audience trumps revenue for them. When any other network realizes its programming is unprofitable, they would dump the content that's not working in favor of something else. OANN likely is being passed by major advertisers for the same reason as well as for the bad reputation it gets for commentary that is absent logic and reason, to put it nicely. For CNBC to go down that route would end up resulting in the network not being able to, as one of its slogans says, "Profit from It" down the line.
  3. They're not the only ones. I saw a report on KWTV's noon news today, in which the reporter's mask appeared to have a sticker of the station's logo on the left side.
  4. Whether Shepard Smith identifies as Conservative is unclear, and considering he never really felt the need to succumb to the propaganda that Fox News put out on the regular, if he is, he's an old-school Republican (of the ilk who doesn't wade into that kind of thing) or more likely, he's an Independent. Oddly, not everyone who works as journalists at conservative media outlets actually is right-wing, even though you'd think it need to be a prerequisite; OAN[N] is an example, as discussed in a recent Politico article... and suffice it to say, many of the liberal and progressive employees who thought working at the network was a way to shortcut their elevation to larger-market TV stations are regretting working there. I also should add that CNBC has aired a straight newscast before with... Wait for it!... The News with Brian Williams, after MSNBC dumped it from its schedule in 2002. It ended two years later.
  5. The logo apparently was changed in May 2019, shortly after the Cordillera-Scripps purchase closed. Granted the old logo was dated (it screamed '70s), but they could have done better with the design of the logotype on the new one.
  6. NBC News correspondent Morgan Chesky has tested positive for COVID-19.
  7. Which would be quite ironic, considering that those stations are all owned by Gray Television, which owns KTBS rival KSLA. Also, when I stumbled upon the videos used for this particular thread, I wasn't familiar with KTBS 3 News Texarkana. Is it a reformatting of the 6:30 half-hour of its 6:00 p.m. newscast? Is it exclusive to the KTBS 24-Hour News channel? I couldn't find it in their listings. (It should be noted it would be the second Texarkana-focused newscast on one of the Shreveport stations, since KTAL - which is actually licensed to Texarkana, Texas - produces two half-hour weekday newscasts centered on the Arkansas/Texas border city for KSHV.)
  8. KTBS ditched their Giant Octopus graphics on Friday (July 3). Along with their new package, the station has switched from 360's "Breakthrough" to Stephen Arnold's "Guardian". It also ditched the rounded, gold background behind the call letters, although it still appears in the "Mega 3 Storm Team" logo. (Weather graphics have not been changed. carrying over the look from their previous package.)
  9. Well, the morning newscast kept the Wake-Up News title throughout WITI's first run under Fox Television Stations, so... of course, it's gonna stick around. That should be a given.
  10. I just read about this. It sounds a lot like WGN America’s upcoming News Nation.
  11. I’d argue that the ABS-CBN shutdown makes the Philippines effectively an authoritarian regime, considering it checks the second of the two biggest red flags that a country is falling into authoritarianism: the successful coercion, seizure or shutdown of independent media and the arrest of political opponents for arbitrary reasons. Duterte’s government had the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission try to shut down Rappler, which was openly critical of his war on drugs that effectively became a genocide, and had ordered the arrest of its founder/editor-in-chief Maria Ressa (twice), and now their telecommunications agency ordered ABS-CBN (which Duterte accused of refusing to run his campaign ads) in compliance with efforts to muzzle the network that have been going on since February, using the expiration of its license (which had its renewal held up for quite a while in the National Telecommunications Commission and their Congress, which is majority represented by pro-Duterte politicians). To explain the issues with press freedom in that country, take this excerpt from Rappler’s Wikipedia article:
  12. They also changed the “4”’s coloring. It had been yellow since the mid-1980s (when it was still a tri-lined design), now it’s white. I’m not sure it translates well on-screen.
  13. George Stephanopoulos revealed on GMA Monday morning that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. He states, however, that he is currently asymptomatic and only has experienced mild symptoms: what he described as back pain that he thought was due to strenuous exercise and, for a time, a relatively diminished sense of smell. George had been working from home since his wife, Alexandra Wentworth, tested positive a few weeks ago, with somewhat more severe symptoms. (IIRC, when he discussed Alexandra’s diagnosis last month, he said he, at the time, didn’t use masks or other precautionary measures when tending to her. Apparently since then, he had started to do so; it should be noted that he is one year shy of the age group of highest complication risk [yes, he’s 59!].)
  14. It appears that KIVI will be the next to get the new graphics. On Monday (April 13), the station is dropping the “6 On Your Side” branding (again), in favor of Idaho News 6, coinciding with the launch of the Magic Valley-focused newscasts it will begin producing for Twin Falls repeater KSAW (original post about that in the Scripps general discussion thread: https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/topic/13768-scripps-general-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=243782). The logo has already been pushed out on its social media accounts, which have changed handles from “IdahoOnYourSide” (Twitter) and “6OnYourSide” (Facebook and Instagram) to “IdahoNews6”/“idahonews6”. (As of this post, KIVI’s website still links to the old social handles for all three pages.)
  15. KIVI will begin producing separate local newscasts for its Twin Falls repeater KSAW-LD, starting Monday (April 13). KIVI/KNIN anchor Roland Berres and chief meteorologist Scott Dorval will helm the weeknight 5:30 and 10:00 broadcasts, which will feature three multimedia journalists based in Twin Falls conducting local field reports. (KSAW currently airs a simulcast of KIVI’s 5:00 p.m. newscast, World News Tonight at 5:30 [which will likely replace the 5:00 news from Boise, if not move to 6:00] and a double run of The Big Bang Theory at 6:00.) KIVI’s Good Morning Idaho, and its weekend 5:30 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts will continue to be simulcast on KSAW.
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