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  1. The National Desk is already getting a prime time edition. Sinclair has announced it will add an evening version of the program (airing live from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET) starting September 27, primarily airing on the 68 CW and MyNetworkTV stations already showing the morning edition as well as on STIRR and Sinclair station websites. It will likely act to compliment existing prime time newscasts on some of the slated carrier stations. It should be noted that some of the CW stations slated to carry the evening National Desk are in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, where it wi
  2. It doesn’t give them every market in Missouri. The Meredith deal will add Kansas City and St. Louis to Gray’s properties in Springfield, Kirksville-Ottumwa and Cape Girardeau, but Gray will still lack properties in Joplin (occupied by Morgan Murphy and Nexstar), St. Joseph (occupied by Heartland and NPG) and Columbia-Jefferson City (affiliate ownership there is occupied by NPG, Sinclair and the University of Missouri-Columbia) once the deal is closed.
  3. I see your "FITZ! SANCHEZ!", and raise you a "FITZ! SANCHEZ! DANIELS! LOVETT!":
  4. We talking in the vein of Joel Cheatwood's "if it bleeds, it leads"?
  5. This newscast has a different video headshot of Steve Alvarez (at 0:44) than the version I've seen elsewhere on YT. Compare the Summer/Fall(?) '91 version to the one of him seen (at 0:52) in this newscast from May '92, with him giving a friendlier smile: I'm guessing viewer reaction to the first version of his talent open headshot might not have been favorable, prompting it to be reshot; the way Alvarez grins in the '91 version looks inadvertently like how you'd think a serial killer or Bond villain would smile.
  6. So... what was the point, then, of shutting down Ion Plus and Qubo? Knowing it was in the planning stages of launching two additional diginets, Scripps management should have kept Ion Plus and Qubo operational temporarily until its new networks bowed, and repurposed their transponder space to transmit DefyTV and Doozy. At this rate, it seems like the only place to put Defy and Doozy on the Ion/INYO stations is on the slots housing HSN or QVC, or just cut deals for the new networks to replace the duplicate Katz Networks affiliations on the non-Scripps and non-INYO stations in market
  7. And connected to this, WTGS (which hubs its newscasts out of WPDE) also switched:
  8. And you'd be right. This summer, according to the Twitter video. BTW, it probably would have made more sense to keep the WGN America branding until all syndicated content was purged from the lineup (or at least from daytime). It makes less sense for a network evolving from a rerun farm to a news channel to use a universal news-centric name than it does for a local station that just offers news, syndies and network shows to use such a brand on a generalized basis. Also, technically NewsNation would be offering eight hours of news per day starting in March, on account of
  9. KPTV has switched to the graphics: Interestingly, I noticed the WSMV/Meredith package looks basically like a derivative of the previous KPTV/WHNS/WGCL package that Hothaus also developed... to the point where it's a bit hard but also sort of easy at the same time to tell the difference.
  10. The deal is apparently tied to an agreement that will bring Nexstar-owned-and/or-operated ABC affiliates back to Hulu, which removed those stations back in October. This leaves Sling (for obvious reasons, given its parent company's issues with Nexstar), Philo and TVision as the only remaining vMVPDs that have yet to add WGN America. (AT&T TV was the first such provider to add the channel in October 2019.) BTW, why are the YTTV, Hulu and Fubo contracted to start in mid-January, instead of January 1 or sooner?
  11. Seems strange that CBSTVS elected to have WWJ be a 3.0 participant, but not have WKBD sign on a 3.0 signal as well.
  12. Or for that matter, like with Native Americans, serving groups that aren't represented much in television news reporting.
  13. Basically, it's the area that is otherwise known as Southeast Georgia, encompassing cities like Valdosta, Brunswick and Waycross and other areas on the northern regions of the Jacksonville and Tallahassee markets. There are some places within the Albany DMA that use the term as well.
  14. NewsNet has apparently started a video wire service for TV and radio stations, newspaper websites, and online publications. Honestly, if they realize that NewsNation isn't working on WGN America, I could see Nexstar eventually buying NewsNet, integrating their staffs (offering NewsNet staffers to relocate to Chicago to expand the NewsNation staff), and putting the network on Nexstar's stations and station websites (maybe even going the route of ABC News Live, NBC News Now and CBSN by inking deals with AVOD live streamers like Pluto TV, Xumo and Samsung TV Plus).
  15. Pluto TV is now making all ten CBS Local services available nationwide. Previously, users could only access CBSN New York and CBSN Los Angeles, while the other eight services were geolocked to their respective markets due to limited channel space allocated to Pluto's news tier. To make room for the Chicago, Bay Area, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, Denver, Minnesota and Pittsburgh services, Pluto created a dedicated "Local" tier, currently occupying channels 1021-1031 (with 1028 unused, given CBSTVS hasn't launched CBSN services in Baltimore, Sacramento and Miami yet). Unl

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