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  1. Natalie Morales confirms she's leaving Access. (There is expectation that Mario Lopez and Billy Bush will be switching newsmagazines, the latter making his return to the format on Extra.)
  2. I was a baby when UPN was in it's infancy, and by 2003 or 4, I can remember watching several of its shows -- The Parkers, Girlfriemds, Half & Half, One on One, Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us and Eve among it's sitcoms, Veronica Mars and SmackDown. I was very lucky to watch UPN as young as I was, loved the programs it aired when I was able watch (despite my going to bed at 8 outside of summer) and later watch in reruns and always appreciated the racial diversity of it and it's programming. I was saddened to see it (and The WB) go but did welcome The CW with open arms. But UPN will always have a big place in my television memories.
  3. Good for him. I felt he did great as rotating anchor of the Overnight News. I wish him well.
  4. Kevin Hunter has [reportedly] been fired from The Wendy Williams Show as executive producer (as he should be).
  5. I dunno. I haven't watched it since the move to WPSG.
  6. Wow, I dunno who I think that sucks for more: those who don't watch golf but watch the news, SM and FTN, or those who do, but aren't morning people. Oh well.
  7. Fascinating. Actually, it would be so awesome if that happened. Hunter deserves all the heat for his infidelity -- including losing his stake in Williams' show. And since The Wendy Williams Show has reached 10 seasons (a landmark for any show), these are the perfect reasons to start fresh.
  8. Great. I enjoy DailyMailTV, and although I don't watch it as much anymore since it moved to Noon on WPSG last fall, I'm kinda happy (and really fascinated) The Doctors also got another pickup. Face the Truth OTHO is a waste of air-time, concept (one that already exists and is more successful on Maury) and even Vivica A. Fox's presence. It says a lot that a timeslot of 9AM on KYW would only partially lead to its downfall.
  9. Wow. Like some sort of strange testament to Oz, it really says a lot that -- even in its tenth season -- it still gets passed around between stations like a joint at Coachella.
  10. Sure no doubt, but IMO I'd see it as more than speculation and call this "an obviously forgone conclusion" as one show will no doubt be jettisoned for a still-successful proven megahit. Now we know which one. Agreed. It certainly was a well-done, unique take on the format that I thought would've lasted a while. But since what already works is what kept most shows on air today, it just wasn't to be, I guess.
  11. Signs also point to consistently low ratings, which didn't improve throughout this season. Oh well, too bad. I did find the show and its hosts entertaining. At least they have their day jobs to fall back on.
  12. Logo: Impressive. Graphics: Amazing. Overall, quite the visual improvement for WOIO.
  13. One day later, and already there's a small tweak to the set's main video screen's backrgoud (after many viewers reacted negatively to it).
  14. I like the new set. Adds so much to build on the last look (which felt empty to me, what with just a desk and a few varied video screens). I do agree that a few changes can be made to make it better though.
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