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  1. It definitely sounds like a cool and fascinating concept, and ripe for a high subscriber base and great success if done right (on-sceen and consistently). Even if it is KRON (and has an unbelievably strange name in KRONon, I'm still willing to give it a shot (with the trial of course). And if I like it, it has a subscriber in me (for a few months or a year depending on how much I like it).
  2. Eyewitness News-man

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    I like it too. Simple, yes; flat, absolutely; but it does it's purpose well. I'm sure it'll animate better when it makes it's on-air debut.
  3. Eyewitness News-man

    Good Morning America

    Surprising at first, but I very much like this new title (and not just because I really disliked the former). The new set looks really great (even if is on stage left of the studio in comparison). Strahan and Haines have become a great hosting duo from the day the show started and has become appointment daytime TV for me since, so this new title is much deserving (for them and us).
  4. Eyewitness News-man

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    Ehh... While I still like the station logo (yes, still), I do agree the NBC peacock feels strangely placed alongside. And I won't lie, this is much better, and I do hope the logo will be amended to something like this in a few years (If not one).
  5. Eyewitness News-man

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Did you?? That's nice. I did too...just not in the mornings or weekend.
  6. Eyewitness News-man

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    I don't know. I was a kid back then. Cartoons mattered to me at those tines.
  7. Eyewitness News-man

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Damn, I wish I watched that; Would've been odd but fascinating. This reminds me of when Anita Brikman once filled in for Rob Jennings over a decade ago.
  8. Eyewitness News-man

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    The logo looks like WPIX's logo from the mid-90s to mid-2000s. I like it too. Looks like something that could work today and last for the next decade or two.
  9. Eyewitness News-man

    WPIX - PIX11 News

    Nope, probably not,
  10. Eyewitness News-man

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Congrats to him. I liked him a lot as World News Now and America This Morning co-anchor and this to me is a big promotion to a much more desirable position and timeslot. Great pickup by MSNBC.
  11. Eyewitness News-man

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    Really now? I'm obviously not from Cali, so this would factor to my opinion, but even if I was, I would find car chase coverage dumb, boring, pointless and a waste of the actual important news stories in the area to show -- and the hard work by reporters by extention (except for KTLA which has half a day to do them both). The fact that SN1-SoCal wouldn't cover them alone would give me enough reason to watch that instead, no matter how "out of touch" they are.
  12. Eyewitness News-man

    KTLA's Chris Burrous dead at 43

    Man. Truly devastating. My condolences to his family and KTLA colleagues
  13. I've watched Stadium a few times in pieces before. It has a pretty good product and looks like a legit sports network. And Marquee is a perfect name for an RSN based in Chicago on account of one big bright red sign. Sinclair is a shitty station owner, no doubt; but don't underestimate their owned TV networks. They know what they're doing there.
  14. Eyewitness News-man

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Wow. I grew up with Extra on WCAU. But I'm not sad because it'll still have a home next year on WTXF, and on more Fox stations too. I do think it'll make for a perfect companion to TMZ on TV like it was to Access on most of the NBC stations. Plus 25 years on the air [with mostly NBC] is an incredible feat that deserves celebrating. This news (along with Steve also leaving the group for Kelly Clarkson) got me excited for what's to come in syndication in 2019.
  15. Eyewitness News-man

    Today Show

    It's revealed that the Third Hour will be leaving Studio 6A in the new year. Reasons are logistics -- i.e. running from one studio to another [both in separate buildings] in time for the show, not appearing in the last quarter of the main show and using a studio/set forever trapped in infamy. Makes ssense to me, but I'll miss this verison in front of a studio audience.

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