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  1. thanks for one last memory. Boy, were they so upfront about it.
  2. ^^Oh yeah. I've seen it before and I also found it pretty cool. You should see more of this dude's work. He's fantastic at this stuff.
  3. Finally someone else who feels the same way. I hate the way the L3 graphics come in and out. It takes like a second for them to come, while other stations' graphics come in 1/2 a second faster. That annoys me. Even more grating when the come in late.
  4. Oh, it is, alright. There was a moment where Scott asked producers if they have a tape of a bit on deck. They do, but that clearly indicated that this show is live.
  6. To me, that makes no sense. They just signed off for the news and then took it to the Sports Desk. It's separate from the news. It needs it's own end and sign-off. Seems more traditional than what you did.
  7. Wow. I get used to that on GMA, but cutting a half hour of repeat programming on ABCF for that isn't going to work for me. I give it five months, if not four..
  8. ...oh and that song? It's back too... (Da-da-da-DAA-DAAAAA...DA-da-da-DAAAAAA)
  9. Many broadcasters text and tweet during commercials of broadcasts as of late. Lots of people do that. You probably didn't notice the music and the fade to black, but they were going to a break. And the the video took place a year ago too. You really must not like Tamsen Fadal. Oh and by the way. The station has new graphics now. May the snarking begin...
  10. Did you all notice that WPVI finally changed its station IDs after promos for its programs? It looks really nice, in a way.
  11. I was just watching WPVI not too long ago, and noticed something during the live cut-in. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202780971197644&set=a.10202685458169878.1073741840.1601287227&type=3&theater Yep, another update to the set. Right behind Amy Robach. I don't know why they keep doing this, but to each his own.
  12. I know you mean ABC, so it would be very interesting if and when it makes a steal from NBC. The most (or least) surprising would definitely be Ann Curry. Let's see where things go from here on out.
  13. GMA debuted a new part of its really small studio today called the "#SocialSquare", a "groundbreaking new digital studio engaging viewers on a daily basis with the broadcast and social conversation". More info is at the show's Yahoo page: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/social-square-unveiled-gma-120059753--abc-news-tv.html?vp=1 Okay, who else thinks this is a ripoff of Today's Orange Room? (other than this having a cooler name and great features)
  14. Today;s the day...and I feel good.
  15. I just heard it straight from Mike and Sheinelle: Starting tomorrow, FOX 29 will expand its morning news broadcast to 4AM and name it The FOX29 Morning News. It will air from 4-7 before Good Day, and will probably feature the same anchors and reporters as before. This isn't a test or special airing for the snowstorm coverage. This is permanent. So let me be first to say this: 4:25 was a stupid idea.
  16. Just a quick mention: I was watching AC Saturday Morning when Matt O'Donnell anchored. It seemed odd to me Has there ever been a time when a weekday morning anchor did the news on a Saturday?
  17. I was very surprised at this too, as I'd never thought someone like Robin (who I thought could be straight as an arrow and married for all I know). I read about it at the NY Daily News website and couldn't believe it. I didn't think of this scenario as quickly as I did with the bone marrow transplant and recovery thing, but this pretty much makes sense, as GMA is #1 and is pretty much game for nearly anything to stay #1. I hope this doesn't happen. Too sad and sickening.
  18. If Today has its own topic thread, so should GMA (and CBS This Morning too, but not the point here.)
  19. Since it's been a few months since Rob Jennings retired from Action News, does anyone here have any thoughts on who should (or might) be his successor on weekend evenings? My guess is either Rick Williams or Walter Perez.
  20. Wow, I haven't seen much reaction to something here since the time I thought CNN was changing its logo.
  21. Sunday marks 2 years & 1 month since joining TVNT! Why this milestone, because I miss the 2yr mark.
  22. Since we are talking about things moving around here, let me talk about the "out and about" in Philadelphia: On CBS-owned KYW, The Dr. Oz Show will be leaving the station on September 5, and will be replaced by the new Anderson Cooper talk show Anderson on September 12. During that time, KYW will air fellow health-oriented talk show The Doctors in its place. Dr. Oz will move to Fox-owned station WTXF, which also airs Inside Edition, another program that moved to WTXF from KYW in March (it aired IE in a late-night time slot.
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