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  1. "Grown as a brand", "for adults only"? They sound about the same to me.
  2. Honesly not surprised about Ion Plus -- it's basically Ion Television 2, and they can easily spread the few shows it airs across its networks -- specifically and especially Ion. I'm more focused on Symson's thoughts on Qubo. I'm honesly surprised he would think that Qubo doesn't fit his vision of Scripps networks as "mature" when Laff is one of them (just watch it's promos--they scream [funny but] immature). I mean no, duh Qubo's not mature - it's a network for children. Qubo is a network that still can succeed across the kids demographics and (more importantly) still make them mon
  3. At this point, considering the unannounced changes to the Noon, 4, 5 and 10pm lineups last October and Jeanette Reyes' also-unannounced departure back in November, I wouldn't be surprised. It's just as well that this is the new 4pm team and that they want us to just go with it like it's nothing new.
  4. Nah. With this weak, tiny, static amount of programming catered to one small demo and not much information to write home about it at the moment compared to Pluto's, ViacomCBS should not. If they did, there'd be way more planning and advertising surrounding it.
  5. Well, that sounds exciting. I remember watching Monday Night Football on ABC and the last Super Bowl the Alphabet aired. It'll feel so good if/when a deal is struck and MFL will return to ABC.
  6. I'd say go for it too. Not only would moving to Times Square give CTM a breath of fresh air in several ways like studio-wise and design-wise (including a bigger window for passersby to look into), it would also give the Broadcast Center space for another TV show (or at least CBS [News]) to do production. A straight-up win-win for everyone.
  7. I dunno. It might not succeed where you live, but that doesn't mean it won't work everywhere. (Plus, Bounce is still here too.)
  8. According to this Deadline article, Light TV will be rebranded on MLK Day weekend as The Grio.TV (based on the popular black-centric news website) with a transistion to African American-focused content spanning TV, film, lifestyle and news.
  9. Thank God. He deserves to be punished for the atrocities he committed during his tenure. Such a worthless pile of crap.
  10. I'll bet the Trump trial ratings will make the OJ trial look like it aired on NBC in the Fred Silverman era... or (to tie to this thread) the Jeff Zucker era.
  11. Interesting. Agreed. SNF is still doing gangbusters for NBC. Disney should move MNF back to ABC (or simply do a simulcast with ESPN). Or, in a from-left-field situation, if ABC/ESPN gets the SNF package, NBC gets MNF just because.
  12. I dunno, is that so? Sounds wonderful. Sarah. No contest. Sharrie has settled in as 5 & 10 at this point, and Alicia is better still as features reporter (although she's great as a fill-in). I could be wrong; don't quote me on this though.
  13. Wow. She was a really good anchor and reporter where she was, but morning anchor fits her much better. I'll miss her at WPVI, but I wish her a long, happy, successful tenure at WTTG.
  14. Unless the two companies make a syndication or licensing deal, both networks' schedules are getting blown up and reworked. Most probably with those dime-a-dozen court and talk/magazine shows.
  15. A brilliant idea CBS to have its election night coverage in MTV's old TRL studio - for reasons more than just the parent company owns both again. And the set looks great - even as it's essentially the current Evening News set on steroids.
  16. She had such a sweet, bubbly personality and 100-watt smile that made even the reports of bad weather seem good to hear. She will most definitely be missed in Market #4, but all the best to her in L.A. Thank you, Melissa Magee.
  17. As announced at the end of the 6pm news, meteorologist Melissa Magee will make her last report at WPVI later at 11 tonight. It was revealed that she will return to her hometown of Los Angeles to be closer with her family.
  18. I have no shame in saying I've been watching and enjoying KYW a lot recently, but I must agree. Them second over WCAU and WTXF in household ratings at 11pm is quite an eyeopener (no pun intended).
  19. Well wishes to Vai on his upcoming retirement (here's to him living the best life). And congrats to everyone else on moving to their new timeslots. Well-deserved and very sensible IMO.
  20. I know all that; it's still hella absurd.
  21. Seven. More. Seasons. Byron Allen court show America's Court has been renewed. For SEVEN! MORE. SEASONS. G*ddamn. https://deadline.com/2020/09/americas-court-with-judge-ross-renewed-seven-more-seasons-byron-allen-entertainment-studios-1234576199/
  22. Bumping because, for some reason, The 700 Club is airing today on both WPSG & WPHL. I don't know if it is moving from the former to the latter, or another reason. Just pointing this out.
  23. Very surprised to hear the last Jennings-era theme make its return (even though it's a bit different), but also very happy by it's return. Great new open and gfx update too.

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