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  1. I totally doubt it. Considering he worked closely with her many times during his decade+ with CBS (as said in the linked article), my guess is she more than probably won't and he'll last longer than that.
  2. Adam Verdugo has been named the new executive producer of the CBS Evening News. He replaces the retiring interim EP Al Ortiz.
  3. New President Chris Licht says he wants to cut down on using the "Breaking News" chyron. Personally, I support this completely.
  4. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will officially join MSNBC this fall, with a show on The Choice (on Peacock), appearances across its lineup & NBC News programs and a role during coverage of the next midterm and presidential elections.
  5. Pete Williams will retire from NBC News as its long-time justice correspondent in July.
  6. Totally looking forward. I might even subscribe to ESPN+ just for this.
  7. Per Variety and Deadline, Judy Woodruff has announced to staffers that she will depart the anchor desk of the PBS NewsHour at the end of this year (she will anchor coverage of the midterm elections) and transition to special projects and long-form reporting for WETA. Her successors are (confirmed by two internal sources) expected to be correspondents and fill-in anchors Amna Nawaz and Geoff Bennett; official word might come this fall.
  8. It's alright but extremely basic and limited. For a studio this spacious, there really should've been much more to it.
  9. Honestly I'd rather they just not. Just look at their last attempts to bolster programming (... if you can remember them).
  10. Either way; that's why I said it'll probably happen. Terrible that those employees might lose their jobs soon though.
  11. Well, that was fast. Since it will shut down now, I'll now say this: I also signed up for CNN+ to try out its offerings then leave after a while, and I actually largely enjoyed what I saw. When I heard about the reports of its low subscriber base and viewership, I hoped (in agreement with some other members here) that these programs can move over to a dedicated CNN(+) tab on HBO Max (and at least move 5 Things with Kate Bolduan and Go There to YouTube as they fit much better on a free platform and not behind a paywall). Now that it's (probably) happening, as an HBO Max subscriber, I couldn't be more happier.
  12. And now Jeopardy! too has a new executive producer replacing Mike Richards -- Michael Davies, former EP of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  13. WBD held a town hall earlier today. Highlights include Zazlav and Oprah Winfrey discussing how the merger came to be, staff cuts, and the future of CNN under Chris Licht.
  14. This week, the XFL began preparations for its return during its 2023 season with a brand new look, feel and drive, including a new logo that deviates from the logos of the Vince McMahon era, and signifies the new Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital era. (Wow, needs some color.) Here's the mission statement.
  15. The leadership structure at WBD is set, with mostly Discovery executives in head roles. WB TV Group Chairwoman Channing Dungey, Warners Charman Toby Emmerich and HBO & HBO Max Chief Casey Bloys remain in their post-WarnerMedia roles.
  16. Six more execs have departed: - CFO Jennifer Biry - Jason Kilar’s right hand corp comm person Christy Haubegger who is also the Chief Inclusion Officer - EVP Chief Human Resources Officer Jim Cummings - EVP Chief Revenue Officer Tony Goncalves - EVP General Counsel Jim Meza - Chief Technology Officer Richard Tom
  17. More exits ahead of the merger: - HBO Max head Andy Forssell - Studios & Networks Chief Ann Sarnoff
  18. NOW DailyMailTV has been cancelled. Its run will officially wrap this summer.
  19. WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar has left the company ahead of its merger with Discovery.
  20. The Drew Barrymore Show has been renewed for next season.
  21. Agreed. It was especially a disappointment that the second version didn't last, and Tong & Blackmon weren't moved over to the other weekday timeslots (and Tamsen Fadal was).
  22. Wheel of Fortune has tapped a new executive producer to replace Mike Richards -- Bellamie Blackstone. She previously worked on other game shows including “Press Your Luck,” “Deal or No Deal,” and “1 vs. 100.”
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