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  1. Probably because no one at all would want to watch it (or even want it) to begin with.
  2. The other news orgs have merch around their shows too. https://www.nbcstore.com/pages/nbc-news https://www.cbsstore.com/collections/cbs-news https://shopabctv.com/collections/good-morning-america
  3. Do you? Do you? You don't seem to prove this. I'm not being neutral about this. So why are you hitting back at just me? I never called for anyone to be fired in this situation (or even never heard of Camile Edwards before), or said literally anything about this topic until earlier today. This long post equates to almost nothing to me. You have your right to defend them and I (and all else who did) have the right to criticize them. Don't like it? Too bad. So is this not ostracizing??
  4. That is caca, and you know it. And I won't even wanna ask for proof too.
  5. If these are the new graphics, then they are not great. If this is an update, it's not bad; it's alright.
  6. What a development. I'm totally excited and so looking forward to what's to come here. It's gonna be quite a summer, fall and beyond to behold.
  7. "It's a Great Day for America, Everybody. -Craig Ferguson (Yeah I know, again, but it's the best I can give today cause damn all this is unexpected and incredible!)
  8. "It's a Great Day for America, Everybody." -Craig Ferguson
  9. CNN's airing of Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? is moving to Fridays at 10pm for its third season, starting April 28th. It previously aired on Sundays at 7pm.
  10. Agreed. John deserves back in the evenings. The moves the higher-ups made for (read: in spite of) him in recent years were an utter travesty.
  11. Good. Finally! And after so long too. Shirley is a (near-)perfect, talented and well-deserved replacement, and I find her rapport with Kori professional yet refreshing and enjoyable. I wish her a tenure in the evenings as long as (if not longer than) Tamsen.
  12. Wow, that Eagles green looks great; way better than it has any right to be. Certainly blows Black-and-Gold out of the water for personalized GFXs colors in my eyes.
  13. EXTRA EXTRA!! Read all about it! Syndicated newsmagazine will return for its 30th season and will reach 9,000 episodes.
  14. Damming indeed. That is some gross, salacious, embarrassing and unconscionable behavior lead by an inflated ego and a self-serving drive for more airtime. And the fact that executives at the time of these communications just let him off the hook each time is just as terrible. If this won't lead to his termination or resignation from the network, nothing will.
  15. I've been looking forward to WPVI getting these graphics since I first saw WLS using them, and they are as breathtakingly incredible here as they are there. Agreed about the new 7-Day; it hits different to me but looks so great nonetheless that they'll grow on me.
  16. The Other Site has a complete article about the new set.
  17. Steve Wilkos will help more guests and throw more chairs as his talk show will charge on for a 17th season. https://deadline.com/2023/03/the-steve-wilkos-show-renewed-17th-season-1235304709/
  18. Great to see the old set back in use, and in almost* the same condition. (*the EYE2 logo is covered for obvious reasons).
  19. The set is incredible, the graphics are great (though the last ones had touches that I liked a bit more), and the presentation looks near perfect -- bright, colorful and refreshed. Just like KTLA, WPIX nailed it.
  20. A reboot of classic game show I've Got a Secret is in the works for syndication and GSN.
  21. Karamo Brown's talk show will be back for a second season.
  22. CNN will launch its dayside lineup News Central in April. https://deadline.com/2023/03/cnn-daytime-lineup-cnn-news-central-1235275556/
  23. Lemon will not appear on Monday's show. UPDATE: Or on Tuesday's show. Sara Sidner will fill in. He was absent on Friday due to a pre-planned vacation that will now extend. He will return on Wednesday.
  24. Decades has changed its format and on-air schedule a few times across its history (including into what it is at its end), so it doesn't surprise me much. I enjoy the sitcoms reruns it airs and The Binge though, and I'm excited they will carry over to the new network, along with the new pickups I love.
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