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  1. ...and now the switcheroo is complete as Lopez will officially join Access and Access Live -- scratch that, Access Daily.
  2. Not surprising. No matter what changes the network gives to its weekday news programs, the ratings always drop soon after the debut. I believe things will probably change a bit for the better later on, but at this point it feels a bit sad. (And sadly I know it'll happen when Norah begins her tenure at the Evening News next month.)
  3. Sad to see her leave from CBS3, but very happy to her she's staying in the Eye's picture. Good luck to Chelsea on her next career destination.
  4. It was a pretty good show in Philly. I was there and had a great time (cold-as-shit rain and winds aside). Even got to meet, greet and snap pics with Robin and George. The set looked awesome too. This Pop Up Stop summer tour is gonna be a great long-awaited event stunt for GMA.
  5. Fμcking ridiculous. Kids, can you say "homophobic"? They should've kept it up. I don't care how many "people" are uncomfortable about one FB picture; those like them shouldn't have the power to sway a big 4 TV station who has that much of a more open mind than them to take down a simply innocuous photo celebrating the LGBTQ+ community -- especially when they air a program that also supports the LGBTQ+ community. Yeah sure, viewership, but when they say "I'm not watching anymore" because of one photo, do they really mean it?
  6. Tegna and CBS have renewed their affiliation deal, continuing the the Eye's airing on 11 stations across the country.
  7. Tegna and CBS have renewed their affiliation deal, continuing the the Eye's airing on 11 stations -- including WUSA.
  8. Jeff Glor is staying with CBS News.... as he will now be the co-anchor of... CBS This Morning...   :Saturday.  He has also become Special Correspondent. (ehh, well it fits his talents well. I'm just very happy he'll stilll be on TV at least.)
  9. Just because you're the face of a certain news program (or any TV show for that matter) that doesn't mean leaving from a "toxic environment" will immediately give you better options and not face something similar elsewhere. In Scott's case, I assume, it's 60 Minutes. Would you rather stay for that show, doing what you love, getting paid handsomely for it and be a face of the most prestigious American news program ever made (which also has its own staff, btw), or deflect to another network doing the same reports under the eyes of people watching to see it all possibly fall but realize it's not the same, or even sit on your butt doing essentially nothing for more or less the same paycheck? And in many other cases, other TV personalities who went through the same thing don't have many a choice of leaving for other networks or leaving the business entirely, so they deal with it until they finally had enough.
  10. Scott Pelley has a(n un)surprising account of his "dismissal" from the Evening News during his interview with CNN's Brian Stelter. He says he was let go for reporting a "hostile work environment" to division executives. This was really scummy on the executives' part IMO.
  11. I don't think it's fair to question Sharon's chances at moving to a higher-market station just because she so happened to share a studio with a certified conspiracy nut at one point in her career, something the producers should be blamed on. I'd rather go on her own merits.
  12. Yep, I think Sarah is perfect for the 5 too. She very much deserves the promotion.
  13. Rick's Noon co-anchor and Sunday evening co-anchor Sarah Bloomquist filling in at 5 tonight.
  14. Agreed. I said it in my post: -I really like the L3s, but dislike the font. -The teaser is a mixed bag, but I really like the L3 of it. ...and it still stands. The Avenir type used in the last several packages worked because its light lettering and shaping complemented the the L3 very well, and it was consistently utilized. This type mix makes this one look somewhat sloppy. If Avenir stayed for this this package, I would've liked it much more -- or even loved it.
  15. I'm speechless. I wish Monica all the best wherever she goes next, and the happiest of times with her family. But right now I will miss her on-air and everything that made her an icon in Philly TV news.  Again, I'm speechless.
  16. Damn! And I thought we all thought CNN would drop the ball with those sets. Again... masterpieces.
  17. -I really like the L3s, but dislike the font. I also like the bug animation to change between the name and the abbreviation. - The desk still looks great, but I miss the extensions. -The simpler Eye graphic on the screens are great. -The teaser is a mixed bag, but I really like the L3 of it. Overall, I'll get used to parts of it, but I very much like (if not love) the new look of CTM.
  18. Wow! This one's awesome. A much needed refresh of the old set -- which I loved. Honestly, I'm glad the newsroom set came first, because while I really like it, these other sets are masterpieces in comparison. CNN has done it visually in my book.
  19. Source or nonsense. Feud has had its best ratings ever under Harvey (at times beating Wheel and Jeopardy!). The producers would be straight-up morons to willingly replace him after the years of growth and success he's given the show (and even an Emmy win this year). But we'll see where this rumor goes -- hopefully to the trash.
  20. Not surprising. While I have enjoyed it under Chris Harrison, Millionaire just wasn't the same after Meredith Vieira left (no matter what changes happened under tenure). Good to see RTM will return in the fall.
  21. While I agree what we saw in the preview is at least tacky flawed and underwhelming (I do like the solid yellow Eye), I'm willing to wager there is more to it officially that isn't any of the three (at least I hope so). And I believe CTM won't stray from what made them unique and praised in the first place. We shall see.
  22. "RELAX" Okay, @iron_lion (Ironically, I was relaxed when I wrote it.) Nah, I'm good.
  23. If by "tries to have decent programming", you mean "still has popular, acclaimed, decades-long-running programming", then yeah you're on the ball.
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