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  1. Damn. It's really sad to find yourself in a stupid inter-company "war" with (an)other worker(s), and even more so when you lose thanks to the company siding with (and boosting) the moronic "opposition". Carlson and Hannity are even more loathsome to me now, and Shep really didn't deserve all this.
  2. Wow, I'm legit shocked. I've pondered recently about Shep leaving Fox someday, but not this soon. I wish him all the best. Dunno for sure, but I feel the former (and the MAGA master himself) at play. I know one thing: IMO they'll be worse off without Shep. They certainly can't qualify as "Fair and Balanced" without him on the roster anymore. At least they'll still have Chris Wallace...
  3. Wow, 10 years. Because he already was anchor of This Week, I didn't think he would have the stamina to do a two-hour daily morning show - and then both years later. Boy was I (happily) wrong. He joined at the right time, adapted very well, was - and still is - an incredible anchor of both, and definitely was/is a part of GMA's most successful era.
  4. Ehh... Could've been worse. Could've been better too.
  5. I did. It's pretty much the main show's second hour now extended to a sixth day, minus the studio audience and twice the fluff.
  6. Absolutely loving the presentation of SmackDown's Fox era. The set, lighting and graphics are awesome, breathtaking and unparalleled. The use of augmented graphics is out of left field but ups the level of awesome. And I love the new logo; looks like both a reminder of Ad's earlier logos and a throwback to WWE programming of the 80s and early 90s. So far so good.
  7. This logo is perfect... if NESN is an electric and energy consortion or animal preservation group or music company that shills re-recorded easy listening compilation albums. I'll wait until I see it motion, but for now this creation doesn't fit this network's brand of local sports one bit. (Golf, maybe, but not everything else).
  8. Maybe because it's a pretty popular show...?
  9. They really deserve a new package. And - despite looking like Fox News' twin - it looks excellent. The logo looks fresher than the last iteration (looking similar to yet different from FNC's). At the time of its debut and thereafter, the old package was better than Fox News hodgepodge of packages (before they debuted their excellent current look). But as the years pass, FBN's awkward and flashy gold on-air image aged badly (to the point where [current] FNC looked better). So this refresh is needed and very well-done. The only gripe here is that the network and FNC are visually one and the same now. Also... Clever. Very Clever.
  10. It really isn't; it's very impressive. Looks slick, fresh and nicely made. I hope the package is utilized very well.
  11. Replacing Action News at 10 is like playing in a minefield. If Nexstar wants to in-house WPHL's 10pm (and thus think they'll still have the #1 newscast in Market 4 long-term), good luck with that.
  12. I'll give 'KYC props - It takes guts to put up such a dull, bare-bones, unimpressive logo across the building as if it'll last long
  13. Well... it's been real. It's been a great run. Toodle-oo, Tribune.
  14. Wendy Williams has announced - during the 11th season premiere - that (despite the rumors) her talk show has been renewed through 2022.
  15. Agreed. I like that they're trying something new with their news programs that don't look or sound monotonous (not a dig at stations that do have uniformed news program names as many are iconic) and I wish them luck. And the names aren't that bad (or rather bad at all) to me either. On the other hand... That is bad. It reminds me of the first logo of The U.K.'s Channel 5. But their logo works because it's a station where news isn't it's main focus. This station's logo does not work, because news is.
  16. Going back to UPN? Dope! Changing to something like that? As if. I personally like The CW as a name, but you're (both) right. Seconded on the logo. And if and when ViacomCBS takes 100% ownership, I hope (whatever they choose to name it) goes back to airing both sitcoms and dramas that cater to everyone, and not just hour-long shows that mostly cater to only upscale white teenagers. (Yeah, I know it works, but variety can work too).
  17. Extra is going back to its original title, making the extra "Extra"... extraneous. And extra pointless.
  18. ^^ Wow. This station has a crazy turnover rate for meteorologists in the past several years. Hopefully one of their other meteorologists will slide in her smoothly in her slot soon. I'll miss Katie. She was as sweet and bubbly as she was talented and greatly-focused with the craft. And I wish her the very best wherever she goes and with her lovely family.
  19. Nope. We'll know for sure from Monica when she feels it's right.
  20. That third hour show is getting yet another name: GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke (with Keke Palmer officially promoted to co-host after a successful stint as guest co-host during Sara's maternity leave).
  21. Jerry Springer is already cancelled -- It's in rerun mode at this point. Maury looks like he wants a few more years at most.
  22. I can handle 90 minutes of Access (spread apart of course) -- I do like and enjoy Access Live-- uhh Daily, but this is going overboard. But at least it's airing only on NBC O&Os for now, and I can't wait for its new co-host (Mario Lopez) and new set (even though I loved the last one).
  23. Just on the same day as KYW introduced Tiffany Savona as the a meteorologist, they have a new anchor/reporter: Howard Monroe - who previously worked as a reporter at WISH and anchor at WJZY. Here's his bio and his LinkedIn account.
  24. Philadelphia is the #4 market. Unless you meant either she went up 8 markets or the list updated and I just didn't know.
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