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  1. To me, it feels kinda weird that all this came out of the blue. It feels like watching TV back in the day - sans the VO teasers from the staff announcer of course. All-in-all still, a huge treat.
  2. Do we know for sure that Cuomo does not have the virus? No, we don't. Just because he's a famous, well-known cable news host, and that they have easier access to testing (they actually don't), doesn't mean they can't catch the virus as easily as regular people can. The virus doesn't care what you are. But yeah sure, let's keep it real - if you were in their position and started showing symptoms - or saw someone else showing symptoms - in the workplace, (to take care of yourself and your family) you'd wanna stay away and work from home too.
  3. As much as I'll miss them, I see no problem with losing the General Threads. They served their purposes, but the forum is evolving for the better and this new floor plan sounds like it.
  4. Yep. It originally came from the Sourh Carolina Dem Debate, then went to D.C. for the Evening News and Super Tuesday I coverage. That desk sure is going places.
  5. Nope. Soap operas cost way more than talk shows. They're extremely expensive and need to be a hit out of the gate - with the actors, writers, directors, producers and BTS staff needing to be paid to do this stuff every day in advance of their airings. Meanwhile, a talker host could say corny jokes, interview B-listers and shill women's products for half with interns for staff (hyperbole). Exhibit A: The TOLN Revivals of All My Children and One Life to Live.
  6. The third hour still has good ratings (and still makes bank for the network). Replacing it with a syndicated talk show that has a bigger chance of cancellation and smaller chance of earning revenue more than possibly won't work. Why should Hoda and Jenna's show be named after a failed expansion in the late '90s that everyone's forgotten by now or a name that (IMO) would turn most away, when their names and chemistry will bring in viewers in droves?
  7. Safe to say the bidding war for Tegna is on another level. And I'm intrigued. Other than the fact that he'll have a free fast track for his brood of court shows et al, this bid does look pretty good and may definitely get approved by the FCC. We shall see.
  8. Would've made much more sense to just expand the broadcast to an hour, which I thought happened when I noticed it just now.
  9. And I thought Sinclair's failed acquisition of Tribune was a mess. Gray taking over Tegna could reach it. In either case, the industry eating continues.
  10. It looks incredible. Can't wait to see it in use across the ABC programs taped there.
  11. I'm entitled to admit when I'm wrong.
  12. I guess Norah got tired of standing at the top for 30 seconds too. This desk looks real nice. Maybe they'll keep the Eye/glass desk for the roundtable segment on Meet the Press Face the Nation.
  13. Even if it was against his employer, Wright had every right to speak his mind on how news and synergy should be done these days. And his opinion is right on the money. ABC is always promoting their reality shows on GMA and the overnight shows to a near extreme and - to be honest in my opinion - annoying extent. Yes, GMA is a morning show but when people want the hard news straight for an hour - and not after a live tease of DWTS or The Bachelor/Bachelorette or five, I think they should tone it down a bit. I don't think Wright will be back on ABC soon after his suspension. If so, he deserves better elsewhere. If they take him back, that'll be a shock - but great all the same. I'm open to criticizing the other Big 3 networks for this too. They do this a lot too, but their cross-promoting is normal In comparison. ABC has lost its mind if they put their promotion practices over their journalists, and them giving Veritas a easy win is utterly embarrassing twofold. Project Veritas is a joke. Simply put. Everything they do ruins journalists at the wrong times with the hidden camera/gotcha crap, when they could've caught journalism at its worst and received genuine praise for their efforts if their political bias wasn't on their sleeves.
  14. Congrats to Rob and wife for the birth of their child. I wish them the best and smoothest of parenthood.
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