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  1. Or they can just keep them as they are, and update them a bit with the new logo. Nothing has to change completely.
  2. Yikes. So close, but... Missed it by that much.
  3. The images look amazing. Can't wait to see it for real. Congrats on securing the exclusive.
  4. No. That was Supergirl and Charmed. Whose Line reruns later aired on the night in mid-summer.
  5. The CW's 2021-2022 season schedule has been revealed. Whose Line is it Anyway? and World's Funniest Animals are the inaugural Saturday shows.
  6. Here's video. It debuted Monday. It looks incredible.
  7. Goodbye Studio 57, hello Times Square (and GMA). CTM is moving to a new set at the former TRL studio at ViacomCBS headquarters. https://deadline.com/2021/05/cbs-this-morning-times-square-studio-1234761371/
  8. Nexstar will stay in business with The CW for a long while. 37 stations in as many markets will continue to air the network's programming (and will get a taste of the revenue from Saturday programming).
  9. As if his presence wouldn't be important enough in the merging process and beyond, Zaslav is staying on as President and CEO until the end of 2027.
  10. Executives at AT&T and Discovery Inc. are in active discussion of combining assets for a merger between the latter company and the former's WarnerMedia. An announcement may come within the coming days, with unidentified sources close to the talks pointing to a done deal. https://deadline.com/2021/05/att-discovery-warnermedia-merger-media-assets-hbo-max-streaming-1234757836/ UPDATE (5/17): The merger is officially announced. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/05/17/att-to-combine-warnermedia-and-discovery-assets-to-create-a-new-standalone-company.html UPDATE 2 (
  11. Money and fan adoration make good therapy.
  12. It's a live second hour, but some stations preempt it until 10 for local newscasts (e.g. WPVI).
  13. What a surprising turn. I don't think originals on Saturday will get even decent ratings either, but I can see why that isn't the execs #1 priority (and those of its affiliate companies) as their shows do great on streaming anyway, or else why would they announce expanding to that night in the first place. Congrats to all at The CW on making history and I wish them and the affiliates that air it.
  14. When they say "Trust is Earned", they mean it. Such a well-deserved accolade.
  15. After the controversy surrounding the show about its "toxic environment" last year, this doesn't at all surprise me. I can care less what Ellen does next, but she left quite a legacy in the talk show industry that can't be denied - even if she had her staff walk on eggshells carrying the load of the legacy on their backs while she got the spotlight most of the time. I used to love watching the show when I was younger, but lost interest several seasons ago after getting negative vibes from DeGeneres' on-screen humor and antics and some running gags that got less funny as it continue

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