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  1. Looks incredible and breathtaking! Nexstar really came through for KTLA, as they deserve a set much higher-quality than those "desk-in-a-corner" sets they're known for.
  2. As confirmed during a investment firm conference earlier today, Nexstar will use the proceeds -- $155 million of net cash -- from the sale of its Chicago property the Freedom Center (to Bally's for a future billion-dollar casino on the site) to invest in operations of The CW. (The pending sale was already publicly disclosed recently.) https://deadline.com/2022/11/nexstar-cw-investment-funded-by-proceeds-from-sale-chicago-property-casino-1235173891/
  3. Judy's last day on PBS NewsHour is confirmed for December 30. She will then embark on a two-year reporting project on American political division.
  4. Here's your first look at the teams:
  5. An excellent choice. His pickup of Schitt's Creek for Pop TV (along with its subsequent surge in popularity on Netflix) and especially its cleanup at the 2020 Primetime Emmys for its final season make him a perfect candidate.
  6. How pathetic. She was once on 60 Minutes. What a fall from grace if I've ever seen it.
  7. Oh wow. I'm gonna miss it; I used to love watching it for the quick forecasts and (especially) the music.
  8. It is. There is a South African version, but the one I usually see on TV is the Canadian original.
  9. I've aired my grievance before about Brenda Blackmon and Kaity, and I'll say something similar about Muller. It's a disappointment that his tenure in the evenings didn't last (while Tamsen Fadal's still there) and that he was pushed off to weekends (and she wasn't). They should've kept John on weekdays and demoted her. I previously found Tamsen an okay anchor, but now I must ask... What do they see in her? Why is she still where she is? And what is so important about her that the execs insist she's their main face of their news op -- when better is right in front of them? Does she have an ironclad contract or something?
  10. This new graphics package looks incredible and blow the last one out of the water; it's not even close. The video updates in the set took my breath away too; all of this make the program look much better. Well done to everyone involved.
  11. This open looks much better than I previously thought, and I was looking forward to it from the get-go. Great to hear the '87 theme once again as well; sounds as great as the last times.
  12. Wow. This is a huge deal. I like this. I'm sure the stations do too.
  13. Ryan Kadro, former EP of CBS This Morning (and the successor of now-Chairman and CEO Chris Licht), is joining CNN as SVP of Content Strategy and Development. One of his first roles is overseeing a new or revamped morning show, according to a source. https://deadline.com/2022/08/ryan-kadro-cnn-content-strategy-1235095805/
  14. I'm aware and I alluded to that. I'm also aware, thanks. I actually thought about the branding (the history of which I'm too aware) this morning before and after the news and totally agree. They don't even have to get a new logo; just freshen up that very one.
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