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  1. I very much like Gray's new gfx package(s) all around, but this new one from WAVE is the very best. Incredible overall.
  2. I'll take blue and flat any day. That is a fantastic package. Drop the text crawl-like thing over the L3s, and it's perfect. I don't care if it looks Tegna-like or whatever, I'm just happy the last package will finally bite the dust.
  3. Well, I guess that's official. Time now to settle in. And the successors/replacements are very good at what they do, so I won't fret for very long.
  4. Same. I think the image could make a good Fox logo, but the logo is so iconic and recognizable that it's best to just leave it as is.
  5. Sad to see searchlights officially go after all these years (even though Fox hasn't used them for the past years) ; but since licensing fees are a pain, Fox had to visually evolve anyway. And I find this a great evolution based incredibly on and around its logo, which definitely isn't going anywhere. The abstract look and feel really works to the network's advantage, especially now that it isn't tied to partial namesake Hollywood studio anymore. I've seen promos lately on WTXF featuring the look and the abstract logo, but I seriously doubt the latter will be used in the stations' identities. Since the kite logos have used for over a decade, it really is time to retire them, since it's use has been downgraded in the last several years.
  6. As an NBR fan since childhood, this news saddens me. During this period, it was my only television source for the latest news in business and finance, and the hosts were always a joy to watch. Oh well, it did last 40 years and that's a major achievement. Cheers to the staff throughout the years for a job well done.
  7. And it gets even more interesting... The current line-up has been dropped after under a year on-air. And... Karl Stefanovic is returning.
  8. I'm afraid I agree. The only change-up that (could've) worked was upgrading Sarah to 5pm anchor - and nothing else. They have everything else right with everyone else in the same place (and have been for years). And a new co-anchor for Walter would've been their only other conundrum they would've sorted out immediately. If official (which we still haven't had a word from the station yet), it's gonna take a while to settle with this line-up.
  9. Maybe but we don't know for sure yet. We'll see. All I can say is congrats to Rick for the upgrade from noon to 10, and congrats to Brian for becoming the afternoon anchor (I'll miss him at 10pm). I just wish the station announced these pairings beforehard to end the madness. I hope too. Also, agree on Jeanette or Maggie getting a slot someday. They are fantastic behind the desk. Christie too, but them more.
  10. Just finished watching the 6pm with a tease for the 10pm on WPHL. Rick is featured with Sharrie, Adam and Ducis.
  11. I would too. Shep would be perfect for any high-power gig, but a CBS gig like Evening News would be his best career move, period.
  12. hmmm... I wonder why. Because she genuinely cares about the victims of the scandal... or because she has a vendetta with NBC News despite her show - and her time with it - were absolute failures (and the Brinks truck-load of cash she walked away with after the fact).  Either way... Stay classy, Meg.
  13. Damn. It's really sad to find yourself in a stupid inter-company "war" with (an)other worker(s), and even more so when you lose thanks to the company siding with (and boosting) the moronic "opposition". Carlson and Hannity are even more loathsome to me now, and Shep really didn't deserve all this.
  14. Wow, I'm legit shocked. I've pondered recently about Shep leaving Fox someday, but not this soon. I wish him all the best. Dunno for sure, but I feel the former (and the MAGA master himself) at play. I know one thing: IMO they'll be worse off without Shep. They certainly can't qualify as "Fair and Balanced" without him on the roster anymore. At least they'll still have Chris Wallace...
  15. Wow, 10 years. Because he already was anchor of This Week, I didn't think he would have the stamina to do a two-hour daily morning show - and then both years later. Boy was I (happily) wrong. He joined at the right time, adapted very well, was - and still is - an incredible anchor of both, and definitely was/is a part of GMA's most successful era.
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