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  1. Okay, noted. I just went by what the call sign and city of license were to my knowledge: Charlotte, North Carolina. I didn't know about the second version about it representing both Carolinas.
  2. I really like the WBTS set, but I like it the least and agree it's sterile and basic compared to WNEU and NECN - which I like a bit more; the former because it's design and use of color on home base and the latter for design, large curved screen and the bright, warm, colorful vibe.
  3. I really like the logo as well, but... Seconded. If you want to utilize this method in your logo, at least let the call letters representing the broadcast city or state stand out over the other two - three letters. This almost seems like a disservice to the state.
  4. This is unsurprising to me, because at some point Disney would drop the Fox name on the companies the former now owns - mostly to distinguish them from New Fox. At least literally everything else is staying - that's a smart move and a great thing. Imma guess... 20th (Century) Television?
  5. Looks and sounds like a great plan. And with WGN as HQ, this'll be a great neutral news show. Hope it lasts a while.
  6. He could fit right in. Even Newsmax is a better place for him now than Fox. ...and that's them being generous.
  7. Two thumbs way up. Great look overall.
  8. As if Trump's increasing hunger for praise, adoration and bootlicking - and circle-jerking from his sycophants and supporters - couldn't get anymore desperate and pathetic. I see this transaction going through thanks to his picks in the courts and maybe a rebrand to something like Trump TV.
  9. I'm actually gonna miss Abby. I wasn't a fan of hers at first because her opinions didn't make sense or add much to the show. Not to mention her being on the panel because her father John is a politician. But as her tenure progressed, her points became more coherent and sensible - to the point where I do enjoy her presence and pay attention to her views (some of which I do agree with). I wish her all the best.
  10. I'm sure they'll be fine taking Amtrak. ???
  11. If I watched this live while half-asleep, I would've freaked the hell out like a pothead watching The Wall for the first time (the movie? the game show? you decide).
  12. Old news. Already announced two weeks ago.
  13. Sharrie Williams reunites with Brian Taff at 10 tonight.
  14. Glad to have it back. Was definitely missed for way too long.
  15. I agree with everyone so far on the "I'm cool with Xmas decor on-set but not too much" front. Poinsettias and garland are perfect enough.
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