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  1. She had such a sweet, bubbly personality and 100-watt smile that made even the reports of bad weather seem good to hear. She will most definitely be missed in Market #4, but all the best to her in L.A. Thank you, Melissa Magee.
  2. As announced at the end of the 6pm news, meteorologist Melissa Magee will make her last report at WPVI later at 11 tonight. It was revealed that she will return to her hometown of Los Angeles to be closer with her family.
  3. I have no shame in saying I've been watching and enjoying KYW a lot recently, but I must agree. Them second over WCAU and WTXF in household ratings at 11pm is quite an eyeopener (no pun intended).
  4. Well wishes to Vai on his upcoming retirement (here's to him living the best life). And congrats to everyone else on moving to their new timeslots. Well-deserved and very sensible IMO.
  5. I know all that; it's still hella absurd.
  6. Seven. More. Seasons. Byron Allen court show America's Court has been renewed. For SEVEN! MORE. SEASONS. G*ddamn. https://deadline.com/2020/09/americas-court-with-judge-ross-renewed-seven-more-seasons-byron-allen-entertainment-studios-1234576199/
  7. Bumping because, for some reason, The 700 Club is airing today on both WPSG & WPHL. I don't know if it is moving from the former to the latter, or another reason. Just pointing this out.
  8. Very surprised to hear the last Jennings-era theme make its return (even though it's a bit different), but also very happy by it's return. Great new open and gfx update too.
  9. I like the logo well enough; It's concept is better than the last logo (which was very busy on the eyes), and even reminds me fondly of the original. But the final design is much more basic and limited than its predecessor, in which I actually (almost) miss the busyness.
  10. Great to hear that things are slowly going back to normal. It's been said Live will go back to the studio for its newest season (the premiere on Monday will be held outdoors). No word as of yet on The View.
  11. I'm loving what I'm seeing. So well done, polished and impressive. Add me to the group that thinks - as long as the quality and hard work stay great - this could go on for years. This is going to be appointment television for me for a while.
  12. So? Some viewers will still skip it and go straight for Ellen.
  13. I doubt it. Many markets have both shows in different timeslots, and I picture some viewers watching the first week or even just the premiere before switching back. Some viewers still watch/love Ellen regardless of her and her producers being a vile snakes to her staff (and thanks to some frequent guests recently defending her as a kind, charitable, relatable person [andnotbecausetheyrerichandfamouslikeher]), and that won't change overnight.
  14. Yeah... So do I... That's the point.
  15. I'm sure the folks at the station know what they're doing, and it makes sense as the age of digital and streaming continues to strengthen. While television and radio as a whole are not dying off right now, it's best for media companies to expand their reach to internet platforms in this age. Their continued success really depends on digital content now. Oh thank God. Even anyone who doesn't live in Beantown know what that logo is (creepy-ass sting and all) and it's way too iconic to retire. I'll even go as far to say keeping it around longer is a smart idea.
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