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  1. Okay... That's sweet of her. Very charitable.
  2. Yikes. This makes the logos of WEWS, KGTV, KMGH, KTVH, WCPO WFTS and KNXV look like multi-award-winning masterpieces.
  3. Man, I wish these pins could be sold online. I would definitely rock one when I go out on the town.
  4. I'm totally looking forward to Shep's return to cable news. And with him at the editorial helm, this may be appointment television for me. Congrats to CNBC for what really is a great pickup and brilliant investment.
  5. Action Newsroom


    CNBC is getting a familiar face finally returning to cable news in the evenings: Shepard Smith.
  6. About time. The kite logos did not age well -- particularly considering they debuted during the gaudy Myspace-inspired "myFox" era. They should've been updated years ago.
  7. Can't admit something I already know and agree with. That's nice. Oh no, I do watch all of them; I'm sorry you seem to think I watch only CBS and don't know or notice literally anything else. But believe it or not, some people would rather have the bland coffee than the espresso or iced latte. Especially when you (amusingly) just said before this that you can't watch GMA or Today (or WNT for that matter) for what they are right now. I just wanted iron_lion to further explain what he meant in their post. But thanks a bunch for responding.
  8. Please elaborate, because the only thing I see it lacks is high ratings.
  9. Obviously, I never got to watch his work throughout his career, but watching clips of the shows he fronted on YouTube shows he truly was one of the most multifaceted personalities in American TV history and one of a kind. News (Today), newsmagazine (20/20) and game shows (Concentration) - he did them all and he did them all well. Many who aspire to reach his caliber or just work in the industry, and his fans will bo doubt be devastated. My condolences to his family and many colleagues. May he rest in peace.
  10. That's a big come-up for Calvi, and a big get for IE. Congrats to both.
  11. There's a new report that Joy Ann Reid is moving back to weekdays... in Chris Matthews' old timeslot.
  12. My only gripe is that it isn't longer than an hour or was a docuseries of a sort. Other than that, I'm super excited to watch.
  13. Drop the last hour of primetime on the most watched network in America for a #3 rated newscast? Not gonna happen.
  14. If either Evening News or This Morning is dropped, would this fix anything? Would a replacement actually get better ratings? Would they fix the layoffs problems? No. Would expanding CBSN's presence on the network help? I think it could. They've done wonders with the Weekend News. I watch CBS News regularly and I want them to have higher ratings as much as the next person, but imma be realistic. Any suggestions of replacements or changes will not help. All we and the CBS execs can do is accept that ratings will not change for the better in comparison to the other Big 4 networks (World News Tonight is the number one show in America right now) and just put out a quality product no matter who is watching. This is a bit overblown IMO.
  15. It's probably the white hair and stache that did it for you.
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