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  1. While Nightly News has made itself comfortable at its home inside Studio 1A, it's previous space of Studio 3C (now designated as a portion of 3A) has a new tenant -- Ayman Mohyeldin's new weekend show on MSNBC.
  2. Ayman Mohyeldin's new weekend show debuted this past Saturday from a very familiar space: The set formerly utilized by NBC Nightly News inside part of Studio 3A.
  3. CBS Saturday Morning debuted earlier. Includes a great segment of its history (includimg a mention if cartoon and live-action programming on the network before that).
  4. That's shocking, considering it hasn't been on its current set at 3C for very long (going on over 4 years since July 2017). I too would think this is temporary as work is still being done with 3A at this point (and possibly 3C), but not 100% sure. I will say NN always looked great from 1A during the past few election years looks great tonight with the updates to it
  5. To no surprise, the Morning News also has a new look and sound similar to Mornings -- along with a much shorter intro. The former's refresh debuted the day after the latter's debut. It too looks amazing.
  6. This bug looks much more suitable if you're streaming one of its shows on Hulu. Otherwise, it really is too small and at times indistinguishable for regular broadcast. Personally, I like its look and new placement, but hopefully, it'll get updated for primetime in time for the start of the new season.
  7. Personally, I genuinely enjoyed the relaunched program. - I appreciated that the 7am hour is still dedicated to the important news stories from the previous day (and the report on the COVID-era overcrowded hospital crisis being the top story was a brilliant editor's decision). I enjoyed almost all of day one's segments and the consistent tone in both hours. - The graphics are alright (didn't love them at first, but I feel they'll grow on me after a while). Love the use of white, black and yellow though. Meanwhile, I love the new set now in action (the smooth warm lighting, balance o
  8. Today marks David Murphy's final broadcast as weekday morning meteorologist. The rest of the team have done a fantastic job of celebrating him and his 30-year career at Action News, and the clips they featured from the rest of the AccuWeather team were very sweet. I grew up with the whole team since I was still in elementary school, and Murph's weather reports always made me smile before getting out the door. I will miss him for sure, but he definitely deserves retirement. I wish a great, fun, lasting and... restful next chapter.
  9. WPVI already has "Mornings" in the title of the morning broadcasts of Action News, so I guess it's highly unlikely right now in Market 4.
  10. I didn't ask that, but I totally agree.
  11. What do you think becomes of it? Just curious.
  12. I guess save it for other CBS News programs until it serves no purpose anymore? I agree that it aged great after almost a decade of service.
  13. Good. It made no sense when Richards chose himself as host of Jeopardy!, and even less sense was made when he chose to stay on as EP after he resigned as J! host. I hope both it and Wheel find either a fine EP from the outside or a suitable successor from inside.
  14. Here's video announcing the reformat, along with a version of Sunday Morning's theme as its theme and pics of the set -- which I think looks amazing (and yes, there is a rooster sculpture; say what you will). It's all growing on me already.

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