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  1. Hmmm... an even bigger and free reach for OAN to peddle their fascist, propagandist garbage? Bring it on. Just an even larger excuse to mock and ridicule them.
  2. The last time I alluded to Fox News not being an actual news source (jokingly when their new newsroom debuted), I got screamed, cried and moaned out of the room. My opinion since hasn't changed; in fact, it's been amplified. You can have news and opinion shows co-exist on the same schedule and some (read: few) of its hosts and news stories over the years are great, knowledgeable and objective. But despite its billion-dollar flashy and style-over-substance look and feel, Fox's laughable slant and obvious and dangerous propaganda make it an untrustworthy joke and attack on true journ
  3. I hope the door didn't hit them on the ass. Okay, I lied. I really hope it did.
  4. I know... right? I'm just more surprised no one who knew mentioned it here either.
  5. That was not mentioned in the article. I just thought the move was on the way from how it was written.
  6. Bumping: This TV is coming to the ABC Owned Television Stations. https://deadline.com/2021/04/this-tv-expands-abc-owned-stations-deal-byron-allen-1234728196/amp/
  7. I can't find many words to say about this updated logo. But I feel generic, dull and unwarranted are good enough. And I don't like the bigger ABC logo too. (I do like the 7 News brand though.)
  8. I like these. A lot of efforts looks to have been put into them and animate well and cleanly. And the use of the logos of the shows are another highlight in places. I enjoyed the last few packages and I will enjoy this one too.
  9. Well, I'm totally looking forward to watching the Super Bowl on ABC again. That network gave me my first experience, and I'll never forget watching The Who performing at the Halftime Show.
  10. Wow. Remember the Bell-CTVglobemedia deal? This is as much of a big deal to me as that. The media industry in Canada is getting bigger yet smaller -- and that is eye-opening.
  11. CTM scored its first ever ratings win over GMA and Today, thanks to... that interview. "The show garnered 4.79 million viewers, including 1.03 million in the 25-54 demographic. That was a boost of 74% and 54%, respectively, from the same day a week earlier."
  12. Roger Mudd, former anchor and correspondent for CBS & NBC, passed away of kidney failure on Tuesday (March 9) at his home in McLean, VA. He was 93. https://deadline.com/2021/03/roger-mudd-dead-cbs-news-nbc-news-1234710383/

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