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  1. I love this new look of the streaming network. The graphics look simple but great, the new music sounds amazing and the set looks fantastic (and the desk finally has a regular home). This whole new look is very well done and better than both ABC and NBC by far.
  2. I have the O&Os from the top 4 markets on my device. Since summer 2020, I infrequently watch only the morning newscasts on all, and the quality is really good. I stick to WPVI, and saw the streaming replays of previous broadcasts around Jim Gardner's final 11pm broadcast. I've watched sometimes ever since, but I asked myself then what took them so long.
  3. Wolf Blitzer will anchor a primetime program titled The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer. According to the network, it will be “hitting the headlines you need to know on this traditional evening news show with a sleek, modern twist. The old-school nostalgic approach featuring original reporting from around the world, investigations, and consumer focused stories that matter help put the latest headlines in perspective.” He will continue anchor The Situation Room on CNN proper.
  4. That's nice. No thanks, I don't want to; I gave it a rest hours ago. I just wanted to finish my piece and move on. If you do, fine. I apologize that you felt that way.
  5. Whatever, bud. Good to know. I admit yes, and that's my fault; apparently twice is often to you, but no that's not the reason. And you too have a nice day.
  6. Okay, you relax. Not everyone does 2.5 hour TV news shifts every weeknight. That's the thing. And that's also commonplace. I didn't see a big deal or difference either until earlier. That's just my opinion. I'm done here.
  7. I will say again, I said two hours a night. Mornings is one completely different thing. Since Jim and Jackie does more, that's their prerogatives. But I'm referring to Rick. Don't put words in my mouth.
  8. It was mentioned at the end of the show.. He said he'll be back from time to time to cameo. Sorry, I should've made that clear in my last post. I mean why should he stay at 10pm? I wouldn't want to spend more than 2 hours to a night if I were him.
  9. The announcement of Rick as new 11pm anchor was mentioned at the end of the 10pm earlier tonight. I'm very happy for Rick, and he's very deserving as Jim's successor. Now, I'm very curious about who'll succeed him at 10pm.
  10. Jeez. While the logo with the city's name looks great and inviting, the initialism isn't... well, the Queen's English. If I lived there, I'd hate to have that represent it, me and the other residents, even if it's supposed to be innocuous instead of provocative.
  11. Not if citizens of either city never knew it beforehand. Not that they'd care much if they did.
  12. We have a sneak peek at the new set of the soon-to-be-rebranded-CBS News. 938557305_Screen_Recording_20211225-191034_VideoPlayer_1.mp4
  13. I'm honestly very excited for the revival of WWJ's news operation and will be watching during its first week. I don't know where things go from there within it and this new era of CBS News Local, but I'll keep an open mind as all this (along with the details) makes me even more excited.
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