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  1. KING might be moving to the Home Plate Center, an office complex near Safeco Field, in 2015. We might also be getting a streetside studio out of the deal too.
  2. KUTV seems to be phasing in the new graphics on weather segments, but everything else is still using the blue/red package from before. Also I must agree; those weather icons need to be re-done. Personally I'd make the suns match the orange-yellow on the subheading. They also got the Sinclair "responsive" template on their site now too.
  3. WCHS colluded to censor coverage of West Virginia congressional nominee Ed Rabel because he was involved in an op-ed criticizing local news Yeah, that's fair coverage. /sarcasm
  4. Do you like early-2000's-grade renditions of the Fox O&O look? WFQX has you covered
  5. I'll tell you one thing; some people might not like how Nexstar runs their stations, but they have developed a good knack for making them look good, however.
  6. Personally, I'm reminded of how WJRT managed to backport the old ABC O&O design into WorldNow after they got sold to SJL (they now, unfortunately, use the stock layout. Boring) but yeah, the stripes on the sections are a little mis-aligned.
  7. Miranda; wasn't Belo supposed to be standardizing around them with that aborted KHOU package? Maybe they ported the new Gannett system to be compatible with it?
  8. It's official now: KING's got the Gannett graphics now. Good time for a change: the old Belo look wasn't aging very good (it looked about 2006-quality). It's different, to say the least. Its fitting that it has that Windows 8 vibe to it, given it's Seattle.
  9. The uploader, who used to work for a Citadel station, said that basically their internal motto is "get the cheapest people and equipment we can and try to make it look like New York City."
  10. Now Nexstar is buying EndPlay. Why are they hoarding up broadcast CMS providers? What's next, are they going to buy WorldNow? Oh wait, maybe Sinclair will at this rate.
  11. Speaking of KYTX; they seem to have used the old CBS News graphics (Katie Couric-generation) at some point.
  12. Delaware's Cozi/MNTV station WRDE is switching to NBC, according to MCN. There will be more details tomorrow; they are moving the current programming to their second subchannel; this is going to be Delaware's first major network affiliate ever.
  13. Meanwhile, this also happened http://30fps.mocksession.com/2014/01/06/governor-pat-illinois-everyone/ I'm pretty sure your governor is not named Pat Illinois.
  14. And your coverage is just using ESPN graphics too, so that all makes sense (Given this is effectively ESPN2 on ABC7) But your Live Video page may be a clue at something else... http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/live It looks completely different from the main site...
  15. Well, at least they dumped that unneeded "A GANNETT COMPANY" tag from all the logos.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roypdLA22_A Well, pretty much the only Hawaiian-sounding thing in there was a steel drum signature, but I like the water effects they got going in the graphics.
  17. http://www.wsbt.com/ got its new Internet Broadcasting site... and a new logo too it seems (I don't really like it, to be honest)
  18. "It'll probably be a cold day in Hell (and I'm not talking about Hell, MI) before McGraw-Hill decides to sell its stations." -2009, and look at them now.
  19. Let me present to you the horror that is, NBC North Dakota. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3ZbAqIyItg Even Look A would have been better than this; it's still in a bargain bin at a dollar store somewhere, I know it!
  20. That was in 1999. You've got to be joking me, Wikipedia. That quality looks like 1989. Or worse
  21. Oh, Bruins are probably all "Hey! Look what the Red Sox did to Toronto! Let's do it too!"
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