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  1. In comparison, how they look now is stunning. They had one package in between that (dare I say) reminds me of WKBW.
  2. They look a bit ... Media General-ish. Doesn't look like one of the "generic" Nexstar looks.
  3. I think it's more "walk up to a designer and say 'hey, we like this new CNN look. Think you could make the same thing but blue?'" Meanwhile KQDS did change ... a bit
  4. TVA/LCN in French Canada got a new look this year that seems very familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Actually, no. It's pretty easy to figure it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl8QSjzhBks
  5. The All-New ASN is going to be called Stadium, apparently.
  6. In another rare sports example, the IIHF U-18 tournament in Slovenia is actually using a knock-off of TSN's old scoreboard. [MEDIA=twitter]852962699487178752[/MEDIA] The possible reason? TSN actually does the world feed production for some of the IIHF tournaments (particularly the U20 championship and Women's world championship) with their own graphics, so someone probably had ideas. Either way, those bevels are ugly, and what did you do to our freaking flag?!
  7. About that "ASN is shutting down and giving its sports rights to Campus Insiders" rumor? Well, the part about Campus Insiders being involved is true, but it's not being shut down: ASN is being re-launched in partnership with the owner of said website. This may get interesting...
  8. An update on ASN; it's not actually dead. Apparently they're preparing some restructuring, and part of this involves, likely, moving the headquarters out of WPEC's studio. Anyone wanna bet that Tennis Channel may be involved?
  9. Sinclair has made another buy ... but this time it's something to boost Tennis Channel; Tennis magazine and Tennis.com. http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2017/03/01/sinclair-broadcast-acquires-tennis-com-magazinefor.html
  10. New Zealand's TV3 ... I mean +HR=E, got a new name and branding. Not many people seem to like it. I'm a little mixed, but their previous logo looked a bit dated and serious. This feels energetic and young, but the logo is a little off.
  11. John Kucko's Excessively Large String of Mic Flags is probably the best new Super Bowl tradition of the decade: Last year: [MEDIA=twitter]697656255108685824[/MEDIA] And now, consolidation is weighing him down even more this year. [MEDIA=twitter]826093988524470272[/MEDIA]
  12. Conspiracy theory, or actual glitch?
  13. Here4Columbus? ColumbusHomePage? DiscoverColumbus?
  14. [MEDIA=twitter]760829345250238464[/MEDIA] Okay now they're ripping off ESPN instead of CBS.
  15. It's coming up with the new one for me. It kind of reminds me of Sinclair's and Gray's designs fused together. Overall, it's actually bland.
  16. WXIN sports anchor Charly Arnolt is moving ... to "wrestling"?! (Wrestling is in quotation marks for a reason. WWE is more soap opera than an actual interpretation of a sport)
  17. To go with WBBH's "take" of Look F, sister station WZVN got an actually not too bad version of KABC's old/KGO's graphics. It's clear that Fort Myers, besides the Fox station, is a market full of knock-offs.
  18. As seen here, at the Philippine Basketball Association on Sports5 (could've made that bug a bit less huge?), something looks a bit familiar (and eew, Impact?!) http://deadspin.com/ivan-johnson-got-banned-for-life-from-playing-basketbal-1758982714?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  19. Well, KQDS isn't using the KDVR ripoff anymore. But they now seem to now be using a knock on the current Fox O&O graphics on at least the L3s. Is it me, or does it look a bit better with the fade and the flipped layout?
  20. On a related note, the Yankees are coming back to WPIX this season.
  21. I think Quincy does have a somewhat standardized package that they, presumably, put more than $60 into. Though it does look a little old by now; betting there will probably be a new standardization for all their stations post-merger.
  22. http://www.northlandsnewscenter.com/news/St-Louis-County-Attorney-Duluth-Officer-involved-shooting-justified-285228521.html Not sure if lower-budget take on CBS O&O Look Mach II or simply influenced. I see Gotham and similar L3s about.
  23. It was sort of a "they're doing it like Nexstar, but thankfully they're not doing that" remark, for the record.
  24. Inergize seems to be letting its clients use the Nexstar templates.now; Morris Multimedia seems to be shifting some of its sites to it. http://www.41nbc.com/home http://www.wtvq.com/home Ironically, two of Morris's former stations (WDHN and KARK) are owned by Nexstar. Thankfully they didn't get their silly domain names (LexingtonHomepage? MaconMatters?). I still think those navbars need to be restyled a bit (bolder font?), it looks too plain.
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