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  1. Maybe this is the actual reason why Sinclair wanted Tribune? Also if it is called Marquee, I could probably see "Marquee Sports" or "Marquee Sports Network" as a more natural name.
  2. World Taekwando Grand Slam Series using a recreation of the previous OBS/Olympics graphics (London/Sochi). Honestly these look better than the original only because they're at least using a font other than Arial Narrow.
  3. Just noticed that KELO switched to the standard Nexstar CMS rather than the locally-developed ones they had been using before.
  4. Around the Horn is getting a new look and augmented reality wizardry
  5. Is it me or is ESPN suddenly using more of the Saturday Night Football-specific graphics on non-primetime college football games? (particularly the blue and white/diamond stuff)
  6. So now that Comcast owns Sky and Sky Sports, do you think we might see some synergies with NBC for their international event coverage? I can easily see the Premier League and golf having obvious crossover potential.
  7. CBS renewed its PGA Championship rights, but ESPN has nabbed the cable rights beginning 2020. A unique feature? ESPN+ will be able to offer supplemental coverage during CBS's broadcast windows. I'm sure if CBS tries to use the same template they use for the Masters on ESPN (i.e. largely a CBS production but with some ESPN personalities sprinkled in), this might not be that bad.
  8. ESPN adjusted their updated college football scoreboard, extending it down a bit to move the timeouts and win/loss counters, and re-arranged the clock area to a stacked layout where the clock is bigger when the down count is hidden. A bit cleaner but still thought the old vertical one was better [MEDIA=twitter]1040371902869630977[/MEDIA]
  9. The ticker is awful But Saturday Night Football got some new insert graphics based on the CFP package too.
  10. US Open world feed has retouched graphics this year (different font and new color scheme for the new logo), but it's still arguably better than the actual ESPN graphics (unchanged, which is surprising given that they've gone back towards using dedicated looks for flagship events) [MEDIA=twitter]1034121025280065538[/MEDIA] (old) [MEDIA=twitter]638376123534065664[/MEDIA] Hilariously the video review still uses graphics based on the old 2006 CBS package.
  11. [MEDIA=twitter]1032982153871679488[/MEDIA] Off-model but a very good clone
  12. In other news, we're getting a new ticker soon. Despite its looks, it uses the same amount of screen space as the classic one. Which means TSN will still be able to cover it up with the even older red glossy one they're still using.
  13. The UGN one is very cheap (just a stock BG). A slightly newer iteration is also included for comparison (with use of the "splash" elements of the Start Here branding. Their current logo puts cheap Photoshop gloss on the 10 to make it match the current ABC logo)
  14. They have Lakana now but the layout is actually slightly different from the normal Nexstar layout.
  15. Bell's doing more layoffs to its local stations; particularly sportscasters, and particularly in Toronto.
  16. The Loney Bowl (Atlantic Canada's conference championship college university football championship, which itself got delayed due to some drama, but the team who originally won by default won anyway) appears to have ripped off Fox's old NFL scoreboard. [MEDIA=twitter]930541580829814791[/MEDIA] Also, on the same topic, the Canadian Bowl (our national junior football championship) ripped off ESPN's College Football logo (and I mean the current one) for its actual game logo.
  17. Gray is suing a pair of internet comedians who duped WEAU's morning show (and others) with their fake strongman act Chop and Steele
  18. It looks nice for cookie-cutter stuff, but it's still cookie-cutter. Though the Media General-esque elements on the WWNY version redeem that particular implementation.
  19. Found on a different forum, but this was Telemontecarlo (now La 7) when they were owned by Globo (yes, the one from Brazil). The fun part is where the CGI was re-used from; the intro of Globo's newsmagazine Fantástico (with a lot less dancing, of course)
  20. In comparison, how they look now is stunning. They had one package in between that (dare I say) reminds me of WKBW.
  21. They look a bit ... Media General-ish. Doesn't look like one of the "generic" Nexstar looks.
  22. I think it's more "walk up to a designer and say 'hey, we like this new CNN look. Think you could make the same thing but blue?'" Meanwhile KQDS did change ... a bit
  23. TVA/LCN in French Canada got a new look this year that seems very familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Actually, no. It's pretty easy to figure it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl8QSjzhBks
  24. The All-New ASN is going to be called Stadium, apparently.
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