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  1. Meanwhile north of the border, TSN is finally rolling out a new insert graphics package, and unlike last time they had a major graphics update (last decade, where it took at 2-3 years for them to actually roll out every element since they only seemed to update the scoreboards at first, and then only use the new L3s/etc. around the 2013 Grey Cup, and then on SportsCentre after they got a set update). Unsurprisingly, it's flat and boxy, and we also have "pane" L3s too. The World Junior Hockey Championships pre-tournament games tonight appear to be the first in-game use of them. The score box isn't that much different from what they had before.
  2. Major waste of space. If they just laid it out like the CBB one this actually wouldn't be too bad.
  3. We're getting new college football graphics this season, it seems And it's more like the MNF graphics than ever, it seems.
  4. And the PGA Championship looks like it's pretty much CBS on ESPN like the Masters, but this time it's straight-up CBS graphics (unlike the Masters having gotten its own dedicated, network-agnostic look) But then they did one of the weird Monday Night Football CGI interludes.
  5. https://deadline.com/2020/06/fox-ssports-sells-rights-united-states-golf-association-u-s-open-nbc-sports-1202972535/ That didn't last long. US Open is back on NBC.
  6. ESPN's picked up some Korean baseball, airing nightly throughout the season. Of course their very first game is in a rain delay... They appear to be using the MLB graphics for studio inserts, but in-game seems to be some sort of world graphics that actually look pretty sharp too
  7. Noticed NBC changed up the graphics they've been using for the COVID coverage, MSNBC included. They look a lot more like the election graphics, and I honestly wouldn't mind if they kept this look full-time because its pretty sharp.
  8. Those WSB graphics are giving me a real sports vibe for some reason. Probably the BIG ITALIC FONTS a la Fox/ESPN
  9. This ranks right up with WPEC/WGFL and the American Sports Network set in the "sports studios temporarily being used for local newscasts" department. The only overtly-baseball related thing is the platform the desk is on.
  10. Atlantic University Sport really likes Fox's old NFL scoreboard. In fact it's rather interesting to see on basketball...
  11. I begin to wonder if they could just go back to the name "FSN" but not have the F stand for Fox...
  12. As someone who's had to watch the Blue Jays, I'm used to having a scoreboard along the bottom (though Sportsnet switched to a corner box last season). They seem to have some of the WGN "DNA" here and there. Also judging from pictures on Twitter, ticker but no bug. The ticker is bright silver too, which is a bit worrisome.
  13. The Fox/ESPN coverage of the Wilder Fury II prelims looks more ESPN than Fox, graphics-wise.
  14. Meanwhile ESPN Australia gets the game with the MNF commentators and graphics, for better or worse
  15. It looks an awful lot like ESPN's CFB design
  16. We haven't had a consortium-based boxing PPV supercard in a while: Fox + ESPN = Wilder vs. Fury II.
  17. After unceremoniously dropping the CFL a long while ago (we'd rather forget their final few seasons), football is back on the CBC with a new contract to air the Vanier Cup - the country's college university football championship. the culmination that had the CFP formula down down perfectly before it even existed (although the fact we only really have four conferences simplifies things). Their scoreboard is actually pretty nice, though the clock/downage is a little oddly-arranged (but kudos for being different)
  18. Is ESPN basically finding some way to change its scoreboard every season? Now it's a silver/"normal" colored version of what they used during the finals.
  19. In Canada, you would have seen a red emergency alert screen as soon as it was issued. Canadian networks never do this kind of coverage to begin with, and even if they do, they still have to immediately and officially pass all alerts specifically designated for broadcast. They can't pick and choose, or pass things via the news departments instead.
  20. Rugby World Cup is here, which means that NBC got to raid the pantry for a Sky rugby reporter to join them in Connecticut. Their graphics scheme for the tournament is rather flat and funky, and doesn't really scream "rugby", in my opinion (and is then immediately contradicted by NBC's glossy defaults). But how would I know this? TSN is also taking their feeds as a whole rather than doing their own studio show like they did last time. When most of your games are on in the overnight hours, I can see why this is likely cheaper (but also a bit disappointing given we're actually in this tournament).
  21. Okay, so we all noticed that mysterious new ticker they introduced on the NFL coverage this year. Looking closer, at it, I did notice one thing: the IndyCar races have been using a slightly different design for the leaderboard tally than NASCAR (for one, always using the vertical one. The NASCAR coverage seems to flip-flop), a darker green flag color, and bits and pieces of this one graphic (particularly the title/lap count. Everything else still uses the normal fonts) use a font that is not otherwise used anywhere else in NBC's current package but is on that new ticker.
  22. ACC Network launched; I noticed from the clips that their studio insert graphics are different from the existing stock ESPN graphics, plus these motion graphics can be best described as "weirdly satisfying".
  23. The Open is on, and Golf Channel shockingly didn't update its Open-specific graphics to match the new flatter package it started using this season. Though they also don't seem to be using their own coverage: I think they're using Sky commentators but with GC graphics. It just feels less bespoke than how they did it in the past. Rather low quality for a major.
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