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  1. We're getting new college football graphics this season, it seems And it's more like the MNF graphics than ever, it seems.
  2. And the PGA Championship looks like it's pretty much CBS on ESPN like the Masters, but this time it's straight-up CBS graphics (unlike the Masters having gotten its own dedicated, network-agnostic look) But then they did one of the weird Monday Night Football CGI interludes.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29546814/sources-marlins-cancel-game-virus-spreads And ... on a non-media standpoint, things are beginning to fall apart.
  4. TBS moved their scoreboard to the bottom-left. Haven't seen that in a while.
  5. This has a chance of looking good on TV. I begin to wonder if they'll put in the digital ad replacement on the boards like they did during the All-Star Game.
  6. NESN barely changed its still-dated graphics...
  7. So it seems as if the home team's RSN will be doing the video for all ESPN games. Noticed we got a generic replay wipe with the MLB logo.
  8. Sportsnet is going to be doing the host production for the Stanley Cup games from Edmonton, while NBC will be doing Toronto - a decision that has understandably ruffled some feathers by those expecting everything to be handled by Canadian producers given they're doing it all in Canada.
  9. https://deadline.com/2020/06/fox-ssports-sells-rights-united-states-golf-association-u-s-open-nbc-sports-1202972535/ That didn't last long. US Open is back on NBC.
  10. Sportsnet just made a big hire: Chris Cuthbert. He used to be TSN's lead NHL commentator, and also did CFL games. He used to be with CBC and Hockey Night until 2005, so this is somewhat of a return for him.
  11. Upon further review (of highlights I've seen from other games), those "world" graphics actually are used by one of the domestic broadcasters: from what I read, the owners of SPOTV are producing the feeds ESPN is using, and this is also affecting their choice of games (since it's drawing from the games they've been allotted domestically). SPOTV itself has a black version of them, but SPOTV 2 is the one the ESPN graphics are based on.
  12. Yeah, the "world" scoreboard appears to be a lighter/more colorful version of Fox's basic design (though with the Asian broadcasters' preference for using dots for the count instead of numbers).
  13. ESPN's picked up some Korean baseball, airing nightly throughout the season. Of course their very first game is in a rain delay... They appear to be using the MLB graphics for studio inserts, but in-game seems to be some sort of world graphics that actually look pretty sharp too
  14. Noticed NBC changed up the graphics they've been using for the COVID coverage, MSNBC included. They look a lot more like the election graphics, and I honestly wouldn't mind if they kept this look full-time because its pretty sharp.
  15. Those WSB graphics are giving me a real sports vibe for some reason. Probably the BIG ITALIC FONTS a la Fox/ESPN
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