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  1. So it seems as if Sportsnet may be backing away from the "only use Sportsnet logos on Hockey Night in Canada" thing or there was a slight mix-up in the truck: the HNIC logo is back on the scoreboard on the Flames/Oilers game (although the Canadiens/Senators game earlier had a Sportsnet one). Replay bug was still the Sportsnet logo though
  2. Nothing new on NBC for the Winter Classic. Except the ad banner on their ticker is even wider. I know ripping off ESPN is the thing to do, but now you're just overdoing it.
  3. We haven't had a consortium-based boxing PPV supercard in a while: Fox + ESPN = Wilder vs. Fury II.
  4. The College Football Playoff contract ends in 2025. It's a little forward-looking, but CBS could go for it in the future In terms of power 5 conferences, I'm pretty sure every one of them is locked up in some way for the long haul. The Pac-12 conference contract is up in 2024, but they've been struggling.
  5. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/SB-Blogs/Breaking-News/2019/12/SEC.aspx Big shocker from the college football world; wanting to "aggressively focus on other important strategic priorities moving forward" (likely renewing the NFL contract, among other things). CBS had made a bit of $300 million just for the flagship Saturday afternoon package, which will more than likely be conglomerated into ESPN's slurry of a portfolio...
  6. After unceremoniously dropping the CFL a long while ago (we'd rather forget their final few seasons), football is back on the CBC with a new contract to air the Vanier Cup - the country's college university football championship. the culmination that had the CFP formula down down perfectly before it even existed (although the fact we only really have four conferences simplifies things). Their scoreboard is actually pretty nice, though the clock/downage is a little oddly-arranged (but kudos for being different)
  7. MAJOR news in the world of NHL broadcasting Don Cherry has been all but fired (the president used "immediately step down") from Sportsnet/Hockey Night in Canada after, basically, complaining based on his own observations during Coach's Corner about immigrants that don't wear poppies on Remembrance Day.
  8. Is ESPN basically finding some way to change its scoreboard every season? Now it's a silver/"normal" colored version of what they used during the finals.
  9. In Canada, you would have seen a red emergency alert screen as soon as it was issued. Canadian networks never do this kind of coverage to begin with, and even if they do, they still have to immediately and officially pass all alerts specifically designated for broadcast. They can't pick and choose, or pass things via the news departments instead.
  10. Bits and pieces of it have promise (especially that map motif), but it feels like they're trying to be Nexstar on a budget (especially with that ugly "Local 32" for the Fox sister) .
  11. Looks like the graphics are staying the same but they're transitioning them to the new CTV imaging font they've been using since last year. Plus the L3s from the local update have also been using that font too. Guess we're not getting new news graphics any time soon. Global has some interesting flat graphics, perhaps they may make their way to newscasts?
  12. I have a possible reason for why Sportsnet may not have updated their NHL graphics: their contracts with the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are up after this season, and given how cheap our networks are in this department, they probably don't want to make new intros for regional broadcasts if there's a chance one of them will only be used for a single season. Conveniently, the current graphics also meet this criteria, as they had acquired rights to the Canadiens as well. I'm expecting the Oilers to renew with Sportsnet, though. Rogers is a major team sponsor and the naming rights holder of their current arena, so I fully expect them to keep it. But the Flames present a potential opportunity for TSN.
  13. This is what the Raiders network had at the Winnipeg game, and it doesn't quite match up (different font, and the tail is square rather than V-shaped. The Rams looked like the same one with a different font.
  14. So last month TSN had a rather strange graphics glitch during one of their CFL games. In particular, they actually had on-field down/distance graphics. However, TSN doesn't use on-field downage graphics. Plus, they had NFL team logos on them! Given the quality of that graphic, it feels like one of TSN's trucks had errant graphics from an NFL preseason broadcast in its system (the Rams did play the Raiders, but I checked highlights from both teams, and their graphics didn't match up);. Perhaps this may be the reason why TSN doesn't use them. (CFL has a lot of on-field advertising)
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