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  1. Viper550

    Out & About

    WFXT changed their L3s a bit; they're no longer the old WFTV ones, and the font is giving me WSVN vibes.
  2. Viper550

    Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

    SaskTel is streaming some all-star "showcase" games between Manitoba and Saskatchewan's junior A hockey teams. This scoreboard looks eerily reminiscent of Sportsnet's, kinda in between the one they had before the 2014 graphics/new NHL deal, and the current one.
  3. Viper550

    New Fox Sports graphics (2017 Edition?)

    So when the Miami Heat use their Miami Sunset Vice jerseys, even the scoreboard changes their color to pink.
  4. Viper550

    New Golf Channel Graphics

    Well, Golf Channel got new graphics. Still has lineage to the previous ones, but the style is now flat and boxy, with some soft gradients and slick animations. The only things bugging me are two things: 1. Mixing in a serif font out of nowhere. You could probably get away with this on the Open Championship version (in fact the world feed version of the Open actually uses NBC's graphics, except with the player name changed from the NBC font to one from the tournament's branding) and 2. Apparently Golf Channel now feels the need to constantly remind us what the player is shooting for. In particular, it's part of the sometimes-seen animation for the nameplate, and there is also a bug when the nameplate goes away too. Although this honestly looks not too bad
  5. Viper550

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    And the Thursday Night Football motifs keep coming. Although those patterns are really giving me vibes of the "premium" (Saturday Night/CFP bowls) version of ESPN's college football look.
  6. Viper550

    New Fox Sports graphics (2017 Edition?)

    PBA bowling is now on Fox, and they've got an interesting thing for it called StrikeTrack Honestly, Fox's current graphics work better when they do info-heavy things like this.
  7. Viper550

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    In my opinion this is probably one of the best titles someone had ever given such a special.
  8. Maybe this is the actual reason why Sinclair wanted Tribune? Also if it is called Marquee, I could probably see "Marquee Sports" or "Marquee Sports Network" as a more natural name.
  9. Viper550

    Network Ten Re-launch

    10 Boss was forced to rebrand as 10 Bold due to a trademark issue with a publication now owned by one of its rivals.
  10. Viper550

    Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

    World Taekwando Grand Slam Series using a recreation of the previous OBS/Olympics graphics (London/Sochi). Honestly these look better than the original only because they're at least using a font other than Arial Narrow.
  11. Viper550

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    Both RSNs in Seattle have experience with the NHL, but Root is potentially tied up under the Mariners' ownership stake.
  12. Viper550

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    I guess I'll add NBA in here too since it's the same general time of year. NBA TV appears to have gotten new graphics for their games. They're actually pretty nice (they kinda follow the Turner "let's imitate CBS since we're their March Madness buddies" flat trend with some of their existing typography, but everything's slightly translucent).
  13. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    The NFL unveiled a logo for its centennial celebration next year, and its quite dull. They honestly put more effort into their "let's make everything gold for Super Bowl 50" campaign than this. The Bears will also hold their own commemorations, and their logo for it is just a recolor of said NFL 100 logo.
  14. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    The MNF game in Mexico City has been cancelled and moved back to Los Angeles. The stadium it was supposed to be at looked like this a few days ago, and they weren't able to repair it all in time. [MEDIA=twitter]1062399578073456640[/MEDIA]
  15. Viper550


    Just noticed that KELO switched to the standard Nexstar CMS rather than the locally-developed ones they had been using before.

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