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  1. Kentucky Derby and USFL have been using the new logo as a bug. Sticks out like a sore thumb on the default graphics too
  2. YES Network has new graphics, but the scoreboard itself remains unchanged.
  3. Bally is showing the pitch clock as an overlay on the diamond graphic. Not a bad spot.
  4. CTV News Channel got new graphics. They're ... OK. Their last update was a harbinger for a new local news package, and that ticker is very ESPN TSN BottomLine (right down to the size of the banner ad slot)
  5. CCHA college hockey bringing us a very close recreation of Sportsnet's 2014-2021 (though besides the fonts/colors, the main difference is that SN put the scores adjacent to each other instead of like this)
  6. ESPN appears to have iterated from the XFL 2020 graphics. Still a similar design based off the MNF graphics, but the scoreboard is much flatter and brighter (in fact it was blinding until they put the ticker up)
  7. Taking this with a grain of salt because this image looks off... Why would the down indicator be that small, unless this was captured mid-animation? Where's the timeouts? It looks like something you'd see on a kitschy preseason broadcast. In fact, the Steelers pretty much did this exact design earlier not too badly.
  8. Prepare for something obnoxious or disappointing:
  9. A bit more on it from SVG, complete with some examples/mocks from the agency actually showing English graphics. Again, I could see some variant of this becoming NBC's default; the templates themselves aren't too far off from the current look. https://www.sportsvideo.org/2023/01/27/world-cup-2022-how-gameday-creative-built-telemundos-eye-popping-graphics-package/
  10. Nickelodeon has updated the graphics they use for their simulcast games to be closer to the current CBS package (if they weren't pretty much an early teaser of them); also definitely ripped a page from Fox with the "cartoon" player portraits
  11. A post on that other site mentioned that the inserts from these graphics will be the standard Telemundo Deportes graphics going forward. Given it is a branch of NBC Sports, I can definitely see how this could replace the 2015 graphics on the English side (the 2018 inserts were pretty much the NBC Sports default but with the shapes from that year's World Cup branding).
  12. ITV scoreboard isn't too bad. It's custom but the BBC's gives off "what if Fox just used the standard black graphics they're phasing out for the World Cup?"
  13. The world feed one is basically that but with the clock to the left and without the jersey colors. It's ugly. Also why are we still doing that tab,? You could have squeezed in Group A under the bug (or just shortened the tab to just say just "Group A"); it's redundant to the bug.
  14. With Canada being in the tournament for the first time since 1986, TSN has an on-location presence for the first time; usually they've done the studio segments from their main studio in Toronto (which debuted its current design during the 2015 Women's World Cup). Judging by their preview show, TSN's graphics seem to be an evolution of what they used for 2018, but more gold, black, and navy blue (for 2018 it was more white, red, and gold).
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