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  1. This ranks right up with WPEC/WGFL and the American Sports Network set in the "sports studios temporarily being used for local newscasts" department. The only overtly-baseball related thing is the platform the desk is on.
  2. Atlantic University Sport really likes Fox's old NFL scoreboard. In fact it's rather interesting to see on basketball...
  3. Honestly if they do anything, I bet they'll just take the new O&O graphics and paste their existing colors into it (I still think they have the best look in the entire market so I don't think they should mess with it too much).
  4. I begin to wonder if they could just go back to the name "FSN" but not have the F stand for Fox...
  5. Chris Matthews just announced that he is retiring from Hardball.
  6. Sportsnet got a new L-bar for its trade deadline coverage: they are continuing to phase in flatter graphics (first the MLB scoreboard/inserts, then NHL promos), but still not throwing the switch on a full-on redesign yet (which is quite awkward given their existing graphics were starting to already look dated when they debuted)
  7. SNY has new graphics for Mets games and, honestly, they feel a lot more NBC-like than in the past (specifically the fonts). Honestly, I wouldn't mind if this were to just become the NBC Sports default with some tweaks,
  8. As someone who's had to watch the Blue Jays, I'm used to having a scoreboard along the bottom (though Sportsnet switched to a corner box last season). They seem to have some of the WGN "DNA" here and there. Also judging from pictures on Twitter, ticker but no bug. The ticker is bright silver too, which is a bit worrisome.
  9. The Fox/ESPN coverage of the Wilder Fury II prelims looks more ESPN than Fox, graphics-wise.
  10. And those weird CGI sequences.
  11. Though stacking that on top of the BottomLine is a little excessive... There's a reason why it's disabled during NFL games
  12. It was confirmed the Super Bowl LIV graphics were going to be used for Fox's games. Meanwhile on ESPN, it looks like they're branching off the MNF graphics. Besides the clock (which still appears to use the exact same layout/everything as MNF), this honestly looks better (the lack of lime green probably helps). The betting stats in-game are going to be interesting, though. https://frntofficesport.com/xfl-espn-abc-betting-lines/
  13. Meanwhile ESPN Australia gets the game with the MNF commentators and graphics, for better or worse
  14. It looks an awful lot like ESPN's CFB design
  15. Noticed NBA TV got a new ticker and of course it does that thing now too. Putting it on the left doesn't make it any more original.
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