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  1. That throwback to their early-90's design is way better than the "I just learned how to use Photoshop 2.0" logo they had before, which I'm shocked they kept for that long.
  2. Well, it's not a screen-wasting monstrosity. Has a similar feel to ESPN's seventeenth NBA scoreboard from a few seasons ago.
  3. NCAA tournaments are getting a new graphics scheme Though, I don't know how much of this will be used in-game; they've typically used the inserts in parallel with whatever their "default" graphics were (i.e. the old white boxes one; the FCS college football tournament and the women's basketball tournaments have just used whatever the CFB/CBB package is)
  4. And unsurprisingly, that new NFLN scoreboard I caught on the Senior Bowl is the World Feed scoreboard.
  5. It appears NFLN finally stopped using the old Thursday Night Football graphics for the odd college games they air (the Senior Bowl; it looks like they quietly dropped out of their apparent Conference USA deal).
  6. Viper550

    In Memoriam

    Warren Woods, a Saskatchewan sportscaster (previously with STV/Global Regina) and radio host, died from COVID-19 complications yesterday at the age of 66 https://awfulannouncing.com/international/canadian-sportscaster-warren-woodsy-woods-passes-away-at-66-after-battle-with-covid-19.html
  7. NBA got the new graphics too for Raptors games; basically the same layout as before, but moved to the bottom-left. That placement isn't very good, to be honest, but at least it's not a monstrosity like the American Mothership
  8. Meanwhile north of the border, TSN is finally rolling out a new insert graphics package, and unlike last time they had a major graphics update (last decade, where it took at 2-3 years for them to actually roll out every element since they only seemed to update the scoreboards at first, and then only use the new L3s/etc. around the 2013 Grey Cup, and then on SportsCentre after they got a set update). Unsurprisingly, it's flat and boxy, and we also have "pane" L3s too. The World Junior Hockey Championships pre-tournament games tonight appear to be the first in-game use of them. The s
  9. Major waste of space. If they just laid it out like the CBB one this actually wouldn't be too bad.
  10. We're getting new college football graphics this season, it seems And it's more like the MNF graphics than ever, it seems.
  11. And the PGA Championship looks like it's pretty much CBS on ESPN like the Masters, but this time it's straight-up CBS graphics (unlike the Masters having gotten its own dedicated, network-agnostic look) But then they did one of the weird Monday Night Football CGI interludes.
  12. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29546814/sources-marlins-cancel-game-virus-spreads And ... on a non-media standpoint, things are beginning to fall apart.
  13. TBS moved their scoreboard to the bottom-left. Haven't seen that in a while.
  14. This has a chance of looking good on TV. I begin to wonder if they'll put in the digital ad replacement on the boards like they did during the All-Star Game.
  15. NESN barely changed its still-dated graphics...

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