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  1. Viper550

    The ESPN Thread

    It's barely 3 months old, but ESPN has already re-upped its UFC contract into a seven-year deal. Plus, UFC pay-per-views will be exclusive to and only sold to ESPN+ subscribers (I can see this potentially backfiring: how long until they have to decouple it, but conveniently provide a small discount to subscribers? Though the UFC has been a major help for ESPN+'s growth...) In other news, ESPNU accidentally leaked the Women's NCAA tournament bracket via errant L-bar graphics during its Bracketology this afternoon.
  2. Viper550

    International Out and About

    Eurosport unveiled its logo for its 2020 Olympics coverage Let's just say they went in a very different direction over NBC.
  3. We got more Sky cross-pollination this week, this time with Golf Channel and, ahem, "Sky Sports The Players" (usually known as Sky Sports Golf), for the, well Players. Sky appears to be producing the "On the Range" program airing tomorrow afternoon.. However, I expect things to really get interesting once we get to the Open Championship...
  4. This past Sunday, the BBC launched a new part-time channel (read: semi-satellite of BBC Two during daytime, dedicated lineup in primetime) known as BBC Scotland. The idents are rather interesting... The channel also hosts its own newscast, The Nine. The look and feel is giving me strong CBC vibes, but also goes in its own direction.
  5. Viper550

    2019 AAF Season

    TSN's SportsCentre has acknowledged this league's existence, so at least they're getting attention. Plus, talking about nerves or not, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be caught muttering this on-air...
  6. Viper550

    Out & About

    Canadian parliament broadcasts got some new graphics Little bit more intrusive but definitely doesn't feel like an upscale relic of the early 2000's now.
  7. Viper550

    2019 AAF Season

    Given the L3 there, I will not be surprised if the NFLN games are white-label CBS productions.
  8. Viper550

    2019 AAF Season

    I'm curious to see how the production will be (will there be consistency between the various broadcasters, or will NFL Network get to drag out its ancient old Thursday Night Football package outside of the Super Bowl world feed and college all-star games once again?) Edit: Unless they somehow do something different we didn't see at the Super Bowl, it looks like normal CBS everything (though the fact they're special enough to get their own mic flags and logo bug says something. If they're worthy enough to get the normal NFL scoreboard rather than the college one they also use on Arena Football) Amendment to said edit: No, they're not.
  9. Viper550

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    Mike Tirico gets to add NHL play-by-play to his resume a few Wednesdays from now.
  10. Viper550

    Out & About

    TownNews seems to be growing in adoption: Cowles' stations (such as https://www.khq.com/ ) are using it for their websites now instead of Worldnow
  11. Viper550

    Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

    So the current version of this PC football game series Axis Football has a scoreboard reminiscent of the current Fox graphics On the other hand, the 2017 version seems to take after CBS Either way, the older you get, the more they start to look like preseason.
  12. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    Literally the only changes people have noticed are just details. There are most certainly some special inserts/etc., but the core is pretty much the same. Which is a shame, cause the actual L3s/etc. have always been a bit underwhelming to me. Speaking of old graphics, the world feed still uses the now-ancient pre-CBS Thursday Night Football graphics apparently
  13. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    Firstly, for the first time since Super Bowl LI (I'll consider chickening out at the last minute as counting), we have a broadcaster using their same graphics for two Super Bowls in a row Since you were expecting such a recap... LIII - CBS 2016 --- LII - SNF '18 (Debut) LI - Fox 2014 (Final event + they chickened out on using a boxy red and white reskin of it) 50 - CBS 2016 (Debut) --- XLIX - NBC 2015 (Debuted in playoffs) XLVIII - Fox 2010/vertical scoreboard (Final event) XLVII - CBS 2013 (Debut) --- XLVI - NBC 2012 (Debuted in playoffs) XLV - Fox 2010 XLIV - CBS 2006 refresh (Debut) And also if you live in Australia and actually wish to do this, you can watch the Super Bowl with the MNF crew.
  14. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    Nothing new yet, but thenagain this was a pre-game show for the pre-game show's pre-game show that normally airs on CBSSN so I wasn't expecting much. They were, however, doing this very nice looking AR video screen during one segment that seems to align with that promise of "close-up" AR with a handheld camera. WBZ is understandably doing a two-hour edition of Patriots Gameday. The only people disappointed are those who actually did want to watch Road to the Super Bowl
  15. Viper550

    2018 NFL Season

    On the question of what CBS will have in store tomorrow from a visual standpoint, let's play another game of "See If You Can Spot Anything In The Behind The Scenes Photos" This still looks like the current graphics style (and not a scoreboard, since I can make out "Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, GA" under it, so I guess this is just for establishing shots), but it also answers the question from the other thread about which team colors they'll use (looks like black or very dark blue for the Patriots, and blue for the Rams)

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