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  1. The College World Series is using the current MLB scoreboard now
  2. CTV and Cityty's coverage is routed through TSN and Sportsnet respectively. Everyone else is doing it through their news departments.
  3. And THEY DID IT! CBC, CityTV, and Global in Toronto are in breaking news mode (though CBC has since delegated the coverage to the mountain time edition of The National, which it's airing at midnight), and CBC was running a breaking news ticker on all other affiliates directing viewers to CBC News Network and their website.
  4. Congratulations St. Louis on your first Stanley Cup! But could we have another first-time champion in a major sports league in two days tonight? Game 6 has been upgraded to the main CTV network too Much like the old ESPN NFL theme, TSN has dug out the old NBA on CTV theme a couple of times for promos (and a retrospective in another game that was randomly simulcast by CTV), but I'm quite shocked they haven't made it their main music just for the occasion...
  5. Although Sportsnet on Game 1 had good viewership, all of the broadcasts on TSN appear to have had higher viewership numbers than Sportsnet so far, one-upping it as the most-watched NBA telecasts in Canadian history (Game 4 had 4.631 million viewers) Game 5's numbers will be a different story, but the ball is in TSN's court if the Raptors clinch on Game 6.
  6. NBC still cannot seem to make up its mind in the graphics department. The new inserts from the conference finals got replaced by a completely different set that doesn't match up with anything.
  7. Unsurprisingly, Sportsnet and TSN are splitting the finals, with Sportsnet going first. Plus, CTV2 will be simulcasting the ABC broadcasts of games 2, 4, and 6 (no word on whether Citytv will follow suit). CKVR rimshots Toronto so they'll be getting the simsub for sure.
  8. And now the Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Unlike MLB, the NBA has been happy to recognize Sportsnet and TSN as rightsholders in such a way that it's been able to do its own "regional" telecasts of playoff games. The broadcasting arrangements are going to be interesting for sure: I won't be surprised if Citytv and CTV mess with itheir schedule to simsub ABC's broadcasts. Typically the finals have been exclusive to TSN, but this is a different situation altogether.
  9. On a related note, AHL playoffs are going on too, San Diego vs. Chicago, and NHL Network appeared to be simulcasting a game from KSWB It's also using the Fox graphics, so I guess Fox Sports San Diego is producing.
  10. I'll be curious to see if they drag out the ancient silver Thursday Night Football graphics again, something new, or get a co-production going
  11. School as in college sports, that is. You probably remember that time, around the end of the last decade, when NFL Network toyed around with picking up a few bowl games. Now, they've picked up Conference USA games for the 2019 season under a four year deal. I believe this is the first regular-season rights deal they've had.
  12. I missed this (mainly cause Hockey Night in Canada Sportsnet on CBC only uses Sportsnet feeds at this point) but NBC got a new intro and a slew of new insert graphics for the conference finals. Lots of diamonds, and very sharp and technological. It also looks a bit different from the mysterious "new" inserts we had been seeing (which reminded me more of ESPN's College Football Playoff sub-graphics). However, everything else is still the 2015 NBC graphics, which do not seem to align with these. Also, the Toronto Raptors game 7 buzzer beater is already being replayed a million times up here: Sportsnet 360 aired a montage of reactions to it from ESPN and FS1's studio shows. Does everyone on FS1 really yell like they're on CNN that much? Historically, Canada hasn't had as many talking head shows, and they tend to be a bit more serious.
  13. It'll be interesting to see what they do once we get to the finals. Either way this feels more like "Sportsnet on CBC" than it did in the past At the same time (likely due to the arrangement of this sublicense), the Canadian Premier League games on CBC are taking the OneSoccer feed bug and all in a similar means.
  14. Darn it https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/sinclair-disney-regional-sports-network-deal-1203204685/ is the link
  15. New tidbits not mentioned here: New owner is called Diamond Sports Group (perhaps they might be rebranding FSN with some sort of Diamond-based name? A diamond is a type of Stadium), and Entertainment Studios has an equity stake as a "content partner". Bryon Allen has been hitting some unexpected home runs recently.
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