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  1. I missed this (mainly cause Hockey Night in Canada Sportsnet on CBC only uses Sportsnet feeds at this point) but NBC got a new intro and a slew of new insert graphics for the conference finals. Lots of diamonds, and very sharp and technological. It also looks a bit different from the mysterious "new" inserts we had been seeing (which reminded me more of ESPN's College Football Playoff sub-graphics). However, everything else is still the 2015 NBC graphics, which do not seem to align with these. Also, the Toronto Raptors game 7 buzzer beater is already being replayed a million times up here: Sportsnet 360 aired a montage of reactions to it from ESPN and FS1's studio shows. Does everyone on FS1 really yell like they're on CNN that much? Historically, Canada hasn't had as many talking head shows, and they tend to be a bit more serious.
  2. It'll be interesting to see what they do once we get to the finals. Either way this feels more like "Sportsnet on CBC" than it did in the past At the same time (likely due to the arrangement of this sublicense), the Canadian Premier League games on CBC are taking the OneSoccer feed bug and all in a similar means.
  3. Darn it https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/sinclair-disney-regional-sports-network-deal-1203204685/ is the link
  4. New tidbits not mentioned here: New owner is called Diamond Sports Group (perhaps they might be rebranding FSN with some sort of Diamond-based name? A diamond is a type of Stadium), and Entertainment Studios has an equity stake as a "content partner". Bryon Allen has been hitting some unexpected home runs recently.
  5. My observation regarding the Sportsnet/CBC simulcasts no longer appear to be an error. It feels intentional. But ... why?
  6. Minor odd detail of note: even the games airing on CBC have a Sportsnet logo on the scoreboard/going to commercial, rather than the Hockey Night in Canada logo (previously, barring the first season where it depended on the network, they had consistency used the HNIC logo on these games, although the replays/other logos had always had a co-branded emblem).
  7. KOMO has them now. Bug has a tacky black extension for the KOMOnews.com URL below it, and "WeatherWarn Team" does not have the same ring "Forecast Team" had, but otherwise still better than the previous ones.
  8. NBC appeared to be experimenting with taking a Sky Sports feed (though with NBC's scoreboard overlaid on top of the Sky one) on its Premier League streaming. Also led to this, but It's not like Canada puts up with promos like this slipping through too (honestly TSN, given Bell owns the HBO channel here, would also be likely to plug Crave for this too)
  9. It looks like, despite it actually being illegal to do so in Canada if you're at a "Standstill", TVA Sports did get pulled from Bell. Steve Faguy's blog (he's a media writer for the Montreal Gazette) has a massive breakdown of the situation. Bell has been retaliating, even though one of them surely benefits its main English rival: The affected subscribers are getting Sportsnet's three main networks (regionals, One, and 360) for free for the duration of the dispute (which have the English coverage) TSN has suddenly added a few more Montreal Impact matches to its MLS schedule (their French "regional" package is with TVA Sports)
  10. Nothing new for NBC or SN it seems
  11. The Masters got their "once every 8 years or so" graphics redesign. They finally went flat and boxy, They match up with elements of the graphics NBC was using for the Women's Amateur the other day (except those graphics seemed to graph elements of these onto the current Golf Channel templates), but do not have any lineage to what CBS currently uses besides being flat and boxy (in fact I wouldn't mind if CBS actually used these layouts for its main graphics, even if it did get DIN and gradients painted over it). The leaderboard design is a nice touch, as it actually matches the real-life physical leaderboard (not unlike how NBC's Open Championship graphics match up with their yellow physical leaderboard)
  12. Although outright pulling channels in a carriage dispute is actually illegal in Canada, Quebecor is getting into U.S. style mudslinging over its disputes with Bell over carriage of its TVA Sports channel (which competes with Bell's RDS, the French TSN, but is on a worse tier than RDS on Bell satellite)
  13. Last night was Bob Cole's final game. The game itself was pretty much meaningless (the Canadiens were out of contention already, and Toronto already made it into the playoffs), but it didn't stop it from actually being entertaining. For the playoffs we're also on new graphics watch again, given NBC's constant teasing of TNF-esque visuals (now would be the second-best time for an overhaul, with Indy coming up too), and Sportsnet beginning to refresh things on its Blue Jays.
  14. CBC seems to be undergoing a rebrand with a new wordmark (is that Gotham? The sports department seemed to have been favouring Gotham since the 2015 Pan-Am Games). CBC Sports had updated its logo, I saw a promo for CBC News with a similar style logo, and some of their regional social media outlets have been using it too They had phased in new local graphics based on the CBC News Network refresh. But could something based on The National's current design work well locally? Oddly enough this new Sports logo reminds me a lot of their red/blue logo from the 90's.
  15. As predicted, NBC is using a similar pared-down production for the new Augusta Women's Amateur as CBS does for the Masters. Honestly, I think they look a little better than the default Golf Channel graphics
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