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  1. Reporters have always said “Channel 8 News.” Nothing wrong with revamping a news station. Welcome to DFW, it works for WFAA. Now if only KTVT would get it’s act together.
  2. Many of WFAA’s still images come from this local photographer: [MEDIA=instagram]BinoFNehHHD[/MEDIA]
  3. From what I heard, WFAA still refers to its news as “News 8.”
  4. WFAA has actually been improving in ratings. Daybreak is now #2 in the mornings, which is a pretty big deal. Though I can see why many may not like the whole play button logo, at least WFAA is trying something different. I like it, something you don’t typically see in a market full of corporate O&O stations.
  5. New WFAA Brand Rollout: [MEDIA=instagram]BiAd5oOnJju[/MEDIA]
  6. I would not be surprised if they incorporated “WFAA” into the news brand. All of the social media accounts for anchors/reporters were recently updated with new headshots and hashtags. The station lately has been VERY heavy on promoting WFAA into news, weather, and overall station image. Traditionally, the news has always been “News 8.” I have not seen the newsroom lately. Would be interested to see if it all has been updated as well with new logo.
  7. It does. Hope they don’t turn it into what KING has. Interesting to see what they do, considering how much space they have.
  8. We shall see. They have been doing random broadcasts from there as of lately. Big test will be tomorrow morning’s newscast.
  9. WFAA has been using the ABC logo since the debut of the last Belo graphics.
  10. Thought this was interesting: [MEDIA=instagram]BhAss5DFljM[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=instagram]Bg9QAkWHDAr[/MEDIA] The “WFAA” logo has been featured in many promos over the past few months now.
  11. Who knows what WFAA will do, they could easily use the logo on their website for broadcast. I noticed awhile ago they changed all the monitors in studio to the WFAA 8 logo, rather than the News 8 logo. With “WFAA Originals” and the whole “We are WFAA” campaign, they could be pushing the WFAA brand more these days.
  12. I still think there are some stations without the new graphics, using story pieces with the new graphics (Tegna’s graphic hub probably already doing work with new graphics to distribute to all). But eventually these stations will finally switch. WFAA has been using the new graphical elements for its “We are WFAA” and “WFAA Originals” promos/stories.
  13. These are not the new graphics for morning. WFAA has had these morning graphics for awhile now.
  14. Can't believe in a market the size of DFW, 3 stations (KDFW, KTVT, WFAA) will all share ONE helicopter.
  15. Here is all the stuff from the KTVT/KTXA creative team: http://www.youtube.com/user/1121CreativeServices

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