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  1. news89

    Out & About

    I am shocked Ogden didn't step in to offer to buy or Gatehouse. Ogden already owns Tribune Chronicle and also all 3 newspapers in Columbiana County. Gatehouse would have been tited with Canton Repository, Alliance Review and The Dispatch. Ogden also owns 7 springs, and the pirates. Overall this is truly a sad for the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley to loose the Vindy.
  2. Yes and hopefully the OSI music will be retired as well. Very tight shot of the desk at the close of the newscast. They had some audio issues with microphones.
  3. news89

    Out & About

    Meanwhile at 13th and Lakeside. WKYC Tom Meyer is retiring on June 30th.
  4. The anchor desk, durtans wall and big Fox8 logo made the move into studioB. The lighting seems to be 100% better than what studioA had.
  5. Studio B has the New Day Cleveland setup with kitchen, and soft set area. It is a smaller studio the station moved part of the 97-07 set into the studioB. This was in 2007 when the soon to be old set was being built. Fun fact 07-97 set is the almost the same set design as the old WJZ set. (Same set design company)
  6. From what I understand demo will start at midnight. If I understood correctly tomorrow morning news will be on the main desk . Then the current desk and durtans behind the desk will move into studioB. I watched Andre IG video just few minutes ago and he said they will no longer have a Chroma key wall moving to LED wall.
  7. It is official after almost 12 years on the Fox O&O set it is finally going to be retired. Now let's go to the video of the announcement. WJW New Set Announcement
  8. news89

    Out & About

    KDKA's Jon Burnett is retiring at the end of May. KDKA Jon Burnett
  9. I agree Today's WFMJ and Vindy local ownership will be around for awhile. That is why they are locally owned, locally connected.
  10. Wow this looks so nice. That logo wall is so neat. I'm glad two things live on at WOOD TV. 24 hour News8 branding and Primetime News music.
  11. I'm sure we will see these for awhile.
  12. My Spectrum Guide has it updated as well. Looks like it starts at 430am. Don't mind me I am watching Mama's Family lol based on the picture on guide.
  13. news89

    Out & About

    Nicole Livas returns to the Hampton Roads. But not at WAVY.
  14. news89

    Out & About

    Meanwhile at 5800 Dick Goddard Way.
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