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  1. Yes Is....is´╗┐ that Impact V7?? Commissioned by a DMA 125 station??? They did commished version 7 of Impact. I know KSBY commished Tower V6. Yes it does. I was stunned when I was reading about it this afternoon on wkbn.com about they commished updated music. This is a major upgrade to Newswatch27.
  2. I'm sure someone else will get a better capture of it than what I got for the 6pm close. https://youtu.be/Hmn9UF5G27U
  3. https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/wkbn-debuting-new-studio-during-5-p-m-news/
  4. Wkbn has the standard Nexstar set without the delka desk. For the first ever the weather center is in the studio. WKBN has commissioned version7 of Impact. https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/wkbn-debuting-new-studio-during-5-p-m-news/
  5. WKBN will debuting new set today at 5pm. Along what sounds like Impact V7.
  6. news89

    Out & About

    Meanwhile in Johnstown. Someone is heading to One Gateway Center. https://twitter.com/MaryOursWX/status/1183787797385302016?s=19
  7. news89

    The "3" Thread

    Elevator3 and Lotteryball5 together.
  8. Meanwhile at 13th and Lakeside Elevator3 News says hello.
  9. news89

    The "3" Thread

    Just look right above Danielle's shoulder you can see what I call the Elevator3 logo.
  10. Might as well bump this thread. WYTV has started to phase in the WISH/WHTM package with weather. https://www.wytv.com/weather/watch-rain-chances-fade-wednesday-return-later-this-week/
  11. I was listening to Fusion and you can hear the WJW calls in the signature. Since they did commission it in 2002.
  12. Once again the wizards at Dick Goddard Way did some wonderful things. I felt like I was watching WGN only without Larry, Robin and Tom Freaking Skilling.
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