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  1. news89

    WSAZ getting a new set

    Has a WNDU set feeling to it. Very cool to have the GM on Facebook live.
  2. news89

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Remember it's and KD+You. Lol
  3. news89

    WSAZ getting a new set

    Set demo starts tomorrow morning after the morning newscasts.
  4. news89

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    Former WCHS/WVAH chief meteorologist is filing lawsuit against Sinclair. https://wvrecord.com/stories/511653823-former-wchs-wvah-meteorologist-accuses-stations-sinclair-of-age-discrimination
  5. news89

    WSAZ getting a new set

    WSAZ has been at the corner of 5th Avenue and 7th street since December 1971 in downtown Huntington. The WSAZ Charleston separate feed no longer exists. I asked Amanda Barren about it on Twitter back earlier this year. I noticed in April the WSAZ Charleston bug no longer appears on air when I was that area. Amanda is still based in Charleston while Tim is still in Huntington.
  6. news89

    WSAZ getting a new set

    After 12 years a new set finally. Looks like the hallways and other area's are getting update.
  7. news89

    Out and About

    60 years of broadcasting in Western NY and Southern Ontario from 7 Broadcast Plaza. https://www.wkbw.com/about-us/60th-anniversary/miss-our-60th-anniversary-special-watch-it-in-full-here?fbclid=IwAR2SZ6EMbRdBJmbQ6rI1b7-iTZeiq3eDGllH4gQcjGWaYoDUaOXkHuQHoTQ
  8. Such sad news to hear tonight from Chris Bradley. Thoughts and prayers to Chris, his family and TV family at 10TV (Eyewitness News) and the viewers.
  9. news89

    Out and About

    Meanwhile in the Youngstown market after 30 years at WFMJ Mike Ackelson the weekend sports reporter is leaving his last day is Sunday Nov 25th. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=710369259346394
  10. news89

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    Talk about a good throwback. I will upload the newscast this weekend.
  11. news89

    Out and About

    Meanwhile in Youngstown. Local news anchor leaving baby alone in running SUV. http://www.wfmj.com/story/39471629/boardman-man-accused-of-leaving-baby-alone-in-unlocked-running-suv
  12. news89

    Video Thread (2008-present)

    WUAB TV turned 50 this year so what do you to celebrate? Bring back the original 10 Clock news to anchor the news. Minus the late Gib Shanley. Enjoy the retro open rewind.
  13. news89

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    Here is the short video of Spectrum News 1 Ohio.
  14. news89

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    It will be on Ch1, 364 and 1364 in Ohio
  15. news89

    Video Thread (2008-present)

    Good Morning and afternoon from Youngstown, OH Just fyi some of the video maybe out sync I am using a new editing program. WFMJ (WFMJ Today) WYFX (First News on Fox Morning Edition) WKBN (27 First News at Noon Open/Close) WYTV (33 News Daybreak)

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