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  1. news89

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    Just look right above Danielle's shoulder you can see what I call the Elevator3 logo.
  2. Might as well bump this thread. WYTV has started to phase in the WISH/WHTM package with weather. https://www.wytv.com/weather/watch-rain-chances-fade-wednesday-return-later-this-week/
  3. I was listening to Fusion and you can hear the WJW calls in the signature. Since they did commission it in 2002.
  4. Once again the wizards at Dick Goddard Way did some wonderful things. I felt like I was watching WGN only without Larry, Robin and Tom Freaking Skilling.
  5. Beyond, Beau Weaver is in along with fox Tribune graphics. https://www.facebook.com/74758790293/posts/10162485712610294/
  6. news89

    Out & About

    Jerry Revish to retire from 10tv Eyewitness News.
  7. Here is the sneak peek of the new set at WJW. Built by BDI and same set up as WGN. Also getting the Tribune Fox graphics. Thanks tjt24 for the heads up on the video.
  8. I believe it will be the same for WJW.
  9. Yeah. At least they have desk and curtain. Lol.
  10. Might as well add WYTV to the mix as well. They are on a temporary set. 33 Daybreak Facebook live
  11. news89

    Out & About

    Even WSAZ has been #1 for many years. Under Lee Enterprise, Emmis and Gray.
  12. Here is a screenshot from the Facebook live from the other day. Well someone left a handout in the weather center.
  13. news89

    Out & About

    I am shocked Ogden didn't step in to offer to buy or Gatehouse. Ogden already owns Tribune Chronicle and also all 3 newspapers in Columbiana County. Gatehouse would have been tited with Canton Repository, Alliance Review and The Dispatch. Ogden also owns 7 springs, and the pirates. Overall this is truly a sad for the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley to loose the Vindy.
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